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Erdogan: Turkish forces are in Syria to end Assad’s rule

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Recep Tayyip Erdogan has said that the Turkish Army entered Syria to end the rule of President Bashar Assad, whom he accused of terrorism and causing the deaths of thousands. RT “We entered [Syria] to end the rule of the tyrant al-Assad who terrorizes with state terror. [We didn’t enter] for any… Erdogan: Turkish forces… Read More »

Standing Rock is the civil rights issue of our time – let’s act accordingly

Standing Rock -The Guardian

The US government sent helpers to protect integration efforts in the 1960s. The Guardian Bill McKibben Why not do more to protect the Dakota Pipeline protesters today? Then John Doar died in… Standing Rock is the civil rights issue of… Read More »

More than 90 Queensland prisoners mistakenly released early, report finds

Prisoners - ABC

A prisoner mistakenly released from jail more than two years early is among 91 Queensland inmates freed before their due date since 2004, the state’s auditor-general has found. ABC Casey Briggs The report, tabled on Tuesday, revealed “frequent” and “significant” errors — at least 329 — made by corrective services between 2004 and 2016. Communication issues, poor data entry and… More than 90 Queensland prisoners… Read More »

Seeing Ms Dhu: how photographs argue for human rights

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Ms Dhu was a 22-year-old Yamatji woman who died in custody in the South Hedland Police Station in August 2014. The Conversation Arrested for unpaid fines, she was already suffering from pneumonia and septicaemia caused by a broken rib, inflicted by her partner some months earlier. She became very ill overnight… Seeing Ms Dhu: how photographs argue for… Read More »

Tyrone Unsworth death shines harsh light on poofter-bashing

Tyrone Unsworth - SMH

I was only eight years old when I realised I was straight. SMH John Birmingham Of course, I didn’t think of it like that. My thoughts ran more along the lines of… Tyrone Unsworth death shines harsh light on… Read More »

Refugees could be given help reuniting with family in US resettlement deal, Government says

Refugees - ABC

Refugees who agree to resettle in the United States could be given help to reunite with their families, the Federal Government says. ABC Dan Conifer The Government earlier this month announced the deal to help resettle people from Nauru and Papua New Guinea’s Manus Island. US Homeland Security officials are set to arrive in… Refugees could be given help reuniting with… Read More »

Domestic violence also has an economic penalty – we need to tackle it

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While Australia has a national conversation on domestic violence, some of the harms of this violence remain in the shadows. The Conversation The ways violence degrades women’s financial status and access to economic resources are particularly poorly recognised. Our research provides evidence for what many… Domestic violence also has an economic… Read More »

Drink and be merry: why alcohol makes us feel good, then doesn’t

Alcohol - The Guardian

With the festive season upon us, many of us will get through a lot of booze. But why do we consume it when it has undeniably negative effects? The Guardian Dean Burnett If someone offered you a glass of mild poison, you’d decline. If they said “drink this, it’ll make it harder to… Drink and be merry: why alcohol… Read More »

Historical gay sex convictions to be wiped under new Queensland law aiming to redress discrimination

Gay marriage - ABC

Draft laws to allow men convicted of historical gay sex offences to apply to have their convictions wiped from the record have been put forward by the Queensland Government. ABC Casey Briggs Under the proposal, men convicted for certain sexual activity once described as “acts of gross indecency” would be able to apply to the director-general of the Department of Justice and Attorney-General to have their convictions expunged. The expungement scheme would also apply to… Historical gay sex convictions to ... Read More »

Why the nude still shocks

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A new exhibition explores art’s long fascination with the naked form. BBC By Sam Rigby Why do representations of the human body continue to cause controversy? Sam Rigby finds out. Why the nude… Read More »

Youth detention riots: Victorian Government backs down on decision to move teens to Barwon Prison

Barwon Prison - ABC

The Victorian Government has backed down on its plan to transfer Indigenous teenagers involved in recent riots at a youth detention centre to a maximum-security prison. ABC Emma Younger It has settled a legal case lodged by the Victorian Aboriginal Legal Service on behalf of Aboriginal teenagers moved to a segregated wing of Barwon Prison. The Government had planned to… Youth detention riots: Victorian Government backs down on… Read More »

Asylum seekers who jumped off a sinking boat drowned, WA coroner finds

News - ABC

The WA coroner has confirmed the drowning deaths of three men who went missing after making a raft to escape a sinking asylum seeker boat. ABC Courtney Bembridge Mohammad Hassan, Mohammad Noor and a man known as Mr Sabibullah were among a group of 16 asylum seekers — mostly from Myanmar — and three Indonesian crew members who left Java in January 2013 to travel to Australia. A coronial inquest earlier this year was… Asylum seekers who jumped off a… Read More »

Trump expected to name financier Steve Mnuchin to Treasury

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President-elect Donald Trump is planning to name investor and former Goldman Sachs executive Steven Mnuchin as treasury secretary, opting for an industry insider with no government experience to helm the agency in charge of the nation’s finances, according to people familiar with the matter. The Washington Post By Ylan Q. Mui and Philip Rucker Mnuchin (pronounced mah-NEW-chin) joined Trump’s whirlwind… Trump expected to… Read More »


The intercept

PIPELINE DEMONSTRATORS INJURED by rubber bullets, tear gas canisters, and water cannons during a wintry nighttime standoff with police last week filed a class-action lawsuit Monday against the sheriff of the North Dakota county involved. The Intercept Alleen Brown The suit describes in new detail the evening of November 20, when more than 200 people protesting the Dakota Access oil pipeline were injured by “less-than-lethal” weapons. The lawsuit alleges that sheriff’s deputies… STANDING ROCK DEMONSTRATORS FILE CLASS-ACTION… Read More »