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Protesters and investigators arrested as Malaysian PM Najib Razak cracks down

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Kuala Lumpur: Malaysian Prime Minister Najib Razak has widened a crackdown on his critics as he fights to hold on to power amid explosive corruption allegations. The Canberra Times – Lindsay Murdoch, South-East Asia correspondent for Fairfax Media Police arrested the leaders of protest rallies scheduled for the capital Kuala Lumpur at the weekend and took pre-emptive action on Saturday ... Read More »

Manus Island: Rejected asylum seekers told they will be deported; stateless face possible transfer to ‘correctional institutions’

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Asylum seekers who have had their claims and appeals rejected on Manus Island have been told to prepare for deportation. ABC – By Papua New Guinea correspondent Liam Cochrane Anyone found to be stateless will remain at the Australian-funded detention centre or be transferred to “any location, including correctional institutions”. In documents obtained by the ABC, Papua New Guinea Immigration ... Read More »

Ghosts of Gallipoli formed on wall at Australian War Memorial

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Take a look at this photograph from the Hall of Memory at the Australian War Memorial. The Sydney Morning Herald - Tim Barlass, Senior writer Can you see the ghostly shapes of three soldiers? It doesn’t take much imagination to see the legs of three servicemen with what looks like rifles or their kit by their sides. Philip Gordon made a recent visit to the ... Read More »

Refugees flee ISIS to Iraqi Kurdistan, ‘the Israel of the Arab states’

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With “sandals on the ground” in the regional capital of Iraqi Kurdistan, the “Magazine” visits the historic Old City and meets refugees fleeing the Islamic State. JPost – By LAURA KELLY I had been asleep for nearly 13 hours when I saw the text from my mom. “I need to talk to you ASAP.” I knew what it was about; ... Read More »

Will Japan Survive Its Great Big Debt Disaster?

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“The Japanese economy is in a race between the need to increase economic growth, which seems to be gradually taking hold, and the pressing urgency to control debt.” The National Interest – Scott MacDonald Greece, China, Puerto Rico. Is Japan the next hotspot on the financial wall of worry? Probably not. But the world’s third-largest economy faces substantial challenges, and ... Read More »

Under Western pressure, Kosovo to put war crimes court to new vote

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Kosovo’s government asked parliament on July 31 to reconsider its rejection of an ad hoc court to try ethnic Albanian former guerrillas for alleged war crimes including organ harvesting, responding to intense Western pressure. Hurriyet – PRISTINA – Reuters The young Balkan state’s parliament last month voted against creating the court, which many Kosovo Albanians see as an attempt to ... Read More »

Clinton says GOP is clinging to the past on Cuba

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MIAMI — Calling the trade embargo against Cuba a relic of a failed Cold War policy, Democratic presidential front-runner Hillary Rodham Clinton on Friday challenged Republicans in Congress and in the 2016 race to finally do away with it. The Washington Post – By Anne Gearan * “We have arrived at a decisive moment. The Cuban people have waited long enough ... Read More »