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Bao Zhuoxuan, teenage son of prominent Chinese human rights lawyer, is missing

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Teen bound for Melbourne school stranded after Chinese authorities arrest parents ​Beijing: The teenage son of a detained human rights lawyer blocked by Chinese authorities from attending high school in Australia has gone missing in Myanmar while attempting to flee China. The Sydney Morning Herald – Philip Wen, China correspondent for Fairfax Media Bao Zhuoxuan, 16, was ... Read More »

US starts to pull Patriot missiles from Turkey at critical time

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The U.S. has started to pull its Patriot missiles stationed in Turkey, despite a recent appeal from Ankara to its NATO allies to keep the air and missile defense units at a delicate time on the border with Syria. HATAY – Doğan News Agency – Hurriyet Patriot missiles were initially deployed at the Gaziantep 5th ... Read More »

Parramatta Mosque chairman Neil El-Kadomi to tell Islamic extremists to go back to where they came from

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Counter-terrorism raids in Sydney Gunman Jabar kept a low profile “If you don’t like Australia, leave it.” The Canberra Times – Eryk Bagshaw, Education Reporter These are the words Parramatta Mosque chairman Neil El-Kadomi will utter when he stands before his congregation on Friday for the first time since the Sydney terror attack last week. ... Read More »

The High Court has confirmed what we already knew: human genes are not inventions

Luigi Palombi, ABC
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Opinion The company Myriad had intellectual property rights for 20 years in Australia over genetic material the High Court now recognises it never invented. This won’t happen again, writes Luigi Palombi. ABC – TheDRUM – By Luigi Palombi Almost two and a half years ago, I wrote a piece for The Drum on the subject ... Read More »

Nobel Prize in Chemistry Awarded to DNA Repair Researchers

GEN News Highlights, GEN News Highlights
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Recipients of the Nobel Prize in Chemistry were announced today acknowledging three scientists that  made fundamental contributions to the study of how cells repair DNA and maintain genomic integrity. GEN – Each day our DNA is damaged by UV radiation, free radicals, and other carcinogenic substances. However, even without such external attacks, a DNA molecule ... Read More »

Turkish defense firms ‘deployed’ in Qatar for better trade

Ali Kayalar, Hurriyet
Tr army trucks 1a exhibition LLLLL

Currently engaged in wide-ranging military cooperation that expands from operations against ISIL to training soldiers together, Turkey and Qatar are now looking to further tighten defense-industry ties, as dozens of Turkish defense companies flocked to Doha on Oct. 6 to display their new products. Hurriyet – Ali Kayalar – DOHA Independent Industrialists’ and Businessmen’s Association ... Read More »

Iraqi Museum Discovers Missing Lines From the Epic of Gilgamesh

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One of the world’s first great stories just got a new chapter – By Marissa Fessenden It’s not unusual for fantasy epics to endure for years. (Right, Game of Thrones fans?) But even George R.R. Martin would be shocked to learn about the century-and-a-half wait for a new chapter of the Epic of Gilgamesh, one ... Read More »

This Is What Russia REALLY Fears in Syria

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“Putin has been extremely concerned about the expansion of radical Salafism and Wahhabism into Russian heartland, potentially affecting the ideology of the growing number of Russian Muslims.” The National Interest – Robert G. Rabil * The ongoing Russian air strikes against mainly Syrian opposition groups not affiliated with the Islamic State have not only taken the ... Read More »

What more can Australia do to end the death penalty worldwide?

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Foreign Minister Julie Bishop has initiated a parliamentary inquiry into Australia’s efforts in campaigning against the death penalty. The Joint Standing Committee on Foreign Affairs, Defence and Trade has sought submissions with regard to: … reviewing how Australia currently engages internationally to promote abolition of the death penalty, and further steps Australia could take to ... Read More »

China free trade agreement to invite wave of Chinese workers, drive down wages: report

Joanna Howe 1a Dr LLLLL

Exclusive If the China-Australia free trade agreement proceeds without labour market protections, the Turnbull government will “effectively surrender autonomy over its migration laws” and invite a wave of Chinese workers into Australia, driving down local wages and conditions, a new report has found. The Age – Heath Aston, Political reporter The politically-explosive findings are contained ... Read More »

Detainees on Nauru may have been ‘released’, but they are not free

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News of the Nauruan government’s decision to turn its Australian-funded detention centre into an “open centre” started circulating among detainees on Sunday afternoon. Their immediate response was one of deep anxiety and foreboding. The Conversation – Suvendrini Perera * and Joseph Pugliese * A wave of fear swept through the women in the camp in ... Read More »

George Osborne’s changes to business rates: Q&A

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Everything you need to know about the chancellor’s decision to let councils keep £26bn raised from business rates The Guardian – Larry Elliott How big a change is this? It is the biggest change to local taxation in more than a quarter of a century and involves devolution of political power from Whitehall to local ... Read More »