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France to ban food waste in supermarkets

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Paris: In a rare show of unity France’s parliament has voted unanimously to ban food waste in big supermarkets, notably by outlawing the destruction of unsold food products. “It’s scandalous to see bleach being poured into supermarket dustbins along with edible foods,” Socialist member of parliament Guillaume Garot, who sponsored the bill, said on Thursday. Under the new legislation, supermarkets will ... Read More »

Sydney Writers Festival: Author Atul Gawande speaks about his book Being Mortal

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Atul Gawande is thinking about death. Which is a funny thing, really, because he’s the type of doctor who gives you the feeling he would definitely save your life. The Sydney Morning Herald - Amy Corderoy, Health Editor, Sydney Morning Herald The 49-year old surgeon and New Yorker staff writer has spent much of his adult life thinking about how we can ... Read More »

UK’s Cameron to hold first talks with EU leaders on reform demands

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Newly re-elected British Prime Minister David Cameron will have his first talks with other European Union leaders on May 22 on reforms he is seeking to the EU before holding a referendum by 2017 on Britain’s membership of the bloc. Hurriyet - RIGA – Reuters Cameron will use a summit in the Latvian capital between the EU and six former Soviet ... Read More »

Amnesty Ambassador of Conscience Award: Joan Baez and Ai Weiwei show power of words in a silent world

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It sometimes feels that the world divides into two sorts of people. International Business Times – By Steve Crawshaw There are those who insist that positive change, through the actions of individuals, is unlikely or unachievable. And there are those who remain convinced that change can – perhaps, somehow, sometime – be achieved, and they will take risks to get there. ... Read More »

The Australian legal centre taking law into its own hands for asylum seekers

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The Refugee Advice and Casework Service lost 85% of its funding in 2014 but found new ways to raise money. Now it’s rewriting the book on legal aid The Guardian – Paul Farrell Julia Steward’s legal clients are queuing out the door well before she arrives at the office. It’s not really the kind of office you’d expect. Babies are crying, ... Read More »

Commonwealth Bank Targeted Over Support For Coal Projects

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Environmental activists say they are willing to be arrested as they continue a direct action campaign against the bank. Max Chalmers reports. New Matilda – By Max Chalmers * The Commonwealth Bank has been targeted by climate campaigners for the second day in a row, as anger over its support for the fossil fuels industry grows and protesters start to move ... Read More »