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Barry O’Farrell’s Liberal machine as rotten as Labor’s

Waleed Aly
Illustration dog & bees etc 1a LLL

Perhaps the most telling aspect of the now infamous thank-you note that ended Barry O’Farrell’s premiership this week is that it was sent so soon after his bone-crushing election victory. This was a man who swept to power thanks largely to the insufferable stench of corruption that had engulfed NSW Labor. Thus was Labor’s position apparently unrecoverable, and O’Farrell apparently ... Read More »

Australian self-interest through Asian eyes

Rob Burgess
Asylum applications Top 10 2012 & Asylum seekers recognised as refugees Top 10 2012 1a LLLLL

As many Australians prepare for a holiday marking the most important Christian festival of year, it’s worth remembering that Jesus of Nazareth began life as a refugee, taken to Egypt to escape King Herod’s slaughter of male infants. The refugee family eventually went home, so there was no need to transfer the infant to an offshore detention facility – I ... Read More »

It’s high time for a national corruption commission

Lee Rhiannon
Barry O' Farrell 1a LLL

For federal party leaders looking to demonstrate their support for clean politics, the place to start is by backing an Australian Greens bill for a national Icac – Jump to comments Premier Barry O’Farrell’s resignation was supposed to indicate a break between the old-style way of doing politics in NSW and the state Liberal Party, but it has emerged that ... Read More »

Stateless Refugee Caught In Legal Limbo

Miran Hosny
Yongah Hill Immigration Detention Centre 1a sing LLLLL

Ahmad Alhaj, born in Saudi Arabia but ethnically Chadian, came to Australia seeking asylum. Virtually stateless, his only hope for protection is ministerial intervention, reports Miran Hosny Ahmad Alhaj, a 30-year-old refugee who is virtually stateless, is one of the refugees moved interstate from Villawood in NSW to Northam in Western Australia. Ethnically Chadian but born in Saudia Arabia, Alhaj ... Read More »

Saudi intelligence chief Bandar bin Sultan removed

Prince Bandar bin Sultan 1a LLL

Saudi Arabia’s intelligence chief, Prince Bandar bin Sultan, has been removed from his post “at his own request”, state media report. Prince Bandar, King Abdullah’s nephew and a former ambassador to the US, recently returned to Riyadh after two months abroad for medical treatment. The 65 year old has been replaced by his deputy, Gen Youssef al-Idrissi. His departure comes ... Read More »

Losing Hearts and Minds in Kenya

Cedric Barnes
Somali 2 women arrested 1a LLLLL

The Crackdown on Somalis Will Probably Backfire The round-up and mass detention of Somalis in Nairobi, which began in earnest on 31 March, deliberately conflated immigration issues with counter-terrorism and has widened dangerous communal divides. Al-Shabaab and its extremist allies in Kenya will be very satisfied. What the attack on Nairobi’s Westgate mall last September failed to do – sow ... Read More »

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