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Sony hack: George Clooney slams Hollywood for failing to stand up to cyber threats

George Clooney & Amal Alamuddin 1a LLLL

Los Angeles: Film star George Clooney has slammed the Hollywood movie industry for failing to stand up against the cyber threats that prompted Sony Pictures to cancel release of the movie The Interview. AFP - The Canberra Times Clooney, one of the most influential figures in the US movie industry, said in an interview that fellow celebrities and industry figures ... Read More »

Xi Jinping defends ‘one-China’ principle during Macau visit

Xi in Macau 1a LLLL

Chinese President Xi Jinping is visiting Macau to mark the 15th anniversary of the former Portuguese colony’s return to China. BBC He urged people in the territory to respect the “one-China” principle. Like neighbouring Hong Kong, Macau is a special autonomous region and has experienced protests by pro-democracy activists this year. Correspondents say officials in Beijing do not want to ... Read More »

Israel launches Gaza air strike on ‘Hamas target’

Bombed field in Gaza 1a LLLL Reuters

Israeli aircraft have bombed a site in Gaza, in the first such action since the declaration of a truce in August. BBC The air strike was carried out on a Hamas facility in response to a rocket fired earlier from Gaza, a statement from the Israeli military said. Residents of the Khan Yunis area in Gaza reported hearing two explosions, ... Read More »

Tony Abbott commits to free vote on euthanasia

Abbott skeftikos & afirimenos 1a LLLLL

Prime Minister Tony Abbott has promised a dying man that he will allow Liberal Party members to vote with their conscience on a euthanasia bill being developed by a Greens senator. The Age – Kate Hagan Peter Short, 57, said receiving the commitment during a half-hour phone conversation with the Prime Minister on Friday was like reaching “the top of a ... Read More »

Julie Bishop and the empathy deficit

Julie Bishop 2b LLLLL

Julie Bishop’s status as the rising star of the Abbott government was enhanced in the popular media this week when she toppedWho magazine’s list of the “most intriguing people” of 2014, just one month after our ownGood Weekend magazine pondered in a cover story whether she might one day be prime minister. Brisbane Times – Michael Gordon, Political editor, The Age In ... Read More »

NASA Just Emailed A Wrench To The International Space Station

BaWi 1a

For the first time ever, hardware designed on the ground has been emailed to space to meet the needs of an astronaut. IFLScience | Janet Fang From a computer in California, Mike Chen of Made In Space and colleagues just 3D-printed a ratcheting socket wrench on the International Space Station. “We had overheard ISS Commander Barry Wilmore (who goes by “Butch”) mention ... Read More »

Tony Blair gets sweaty over Wendi Deng question

Tony Blair upset 1a LLLL

The former Prime Minister denies any impropriety when asked about the affair rumours The Telegraph – Rosa Silverman Tony Blair has said he will never discuss the nature of his relations with Wendi Deng, the ex-wife of Rupert Murdoch. The former Prime Minister lost his cool when questioned on the subject in a recent interview, banging his coffee cup “so loudly ... Read More »

Homeless man ‘overwhelmed’ after student Dominique Harrison-Bentzen raises $56,000 for him

Dominique Harrison Bentzen 1a LLLL

Preston, England: A homeless man who offered a woman his last pennies to get home when she lost her purse is “overwhelmed” after she raised more than £29,000 ($56,000) to help him. The Age – Nicola Harley - Telegraph, London Dominique Harrison-Bentzen, 22, slept rough on the streets to raise money for homeless man Robbie after he offered to give her his ... Read More »