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‘Treated like dogs': Australian Border Force raids Maribyrnong Detention Centre

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Detainees probably shifted to make room before the cancelled Operation Fortitude, refugee advocate says. The Age – Neelima Choahan The Australian Border Force removed about 30 detainees from the Maribyrnong Detention Centre in a raid early on Friday that a witness described as “brutal and intimidating”. A refugee advocate speculated the raid was undertaken to make way for any visa defaulters nabbed in the Melbourne CBD ... Read More »

Only the Greeks Can Put a Stop to the Looting of Greece

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Voters should dump Tsipras and elect a government of national unity with the mandate of rebuilding Greece with its own abilities and wealth The Wire – By Evaggelos Vallianatos The recent resignation of Greek prime minister Alexis Tsipras opens space for a national unity government in the country. Of course, Tsipras quit not because his political failures made life unbearable or ... Read More »

Politics of farce in Turkey

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When I expressed my concerns about the signs of a move from authoritarian rule to fascist political discourse in Turkey (in daily Cumhuriyet last week), I only wanted to underline the danger of ever increasing militarization and “statization” of politics and party in the country. Hurriyet – NURAY MERT The state model, the quest for a homogenous “nation/community,” imperial nostalgia, ... Read More »

Ukraine Has Reached a Debt Deal. Now What?

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The deal has worrying implications for the IMF’s treatment of Russia. The Nation - By James Carden Yesterday, with the announcement that the Ukrainian government had reached an agreement on restructuring its private debt with a consortium of bond holders led by Franklin Templeton, there was much rejoicing. In Kiev, the American-born former State Department official turned Ukrainian finance minister, ... Read More »

World’s biggest coal port joins fossil fuel divestment push

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Newcastle is the seventh council in Australia to announce it will shun fossil fuels, reports the Sydney Morning Herald The Guardian - Amanda Saunders for Sydney Morning Herald, part of the Climate Publishers Network Newcastle city council in Australia has voted to exit holdings in the big four banks if they continue to fund fossil fuel projects. About 80% of ... Read More »