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High-risk offenders out on extended supervision orders are monitored by Corrective Services, police and psychologists

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The phone calls rapists and murderers make can be a real mixed bag. The Sydney Morning Herald - Emma Partridge One of them calls to inquire about swing-dancing lessons; another asks if he can spend half an hour in a $2 shop: one feels like killing again. Some ring to say they are late for the 501 bus to Bi-Low, others ... Read More »

Standing Somewhere With Greece

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“From Melbourne to Greece, for justice, for peace,” came the faint, puerile, unenthusiastic cry of the small gathering. “Let Greece breathe,” “Ellas, Ellas, Eleutheria,” and even, bizarrely enough, “Ellas, Ellas, Makedonia,” were some of the chants with which the barely audible organisers of the “Melbourne Stands with Greece” Rally, on the steps of State Parliament last Saturday, tried vainly for ... Read More »

Singular Logic and the Big Brother

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We imagine and we hope that the government of our country has taken all the necessary measures for the appropriate, strict control of the private company Singular Logic, which, if we are not mistaken, it’s not even of Greek ownership, in order to count rightly and accurately the outcome of tomorrow’s referendum. By Dimitris Konstantakopoulos We have nothing against this ... Read More »

Can Religion and Science Coexist?

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A new book by the evolutionary biologist Jerry Coyne tackles arguments that the two institutions are compatible. The Atlantic Jeffrey Tayler In May 1988, a 13-year-old girl named Ashley King was admitted to Phoenix Children’s Hospital by court order. She had a tumor on her leg—an osteogenic sarcoma—that, writes Jerry Coyne in his book Faith Versus Fact, was “larger than ... Read More »

India’s climate pledge ‘critically important’, says UN climate chief

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Christiana Figueres says Delhi’s promise of ambitious cuts and plans to help 400m energy poor will be vital to getting a binding deal in Paris The Guardian – Arthur Neslen A strong pledge to curb carbon emissions by India, the world’s third largest polluter, will be “critically important” to a meaningful deal at the crucial UN climate summit in Paris ... Read More »

Crying Greek pensioner: the story behind the poignant photo

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Yahoo - Thessaloniki (Greece) (AFP) – Retiree Giorgos Chatzifotiadis had queued up at three banks in Greece’s second city of Thessaloniki on Friday in the hope of withdrawing a pension on behalf of his wife, but all in vain. When he was told at the fourth that he could not withdraw his 120 euros ($133), it was all too much ... Read More »