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Ukraine crash highlights risks of standalone systems for Ankara

Buk M2 missile system in Russia 1a LLLLL

Turkey’s intentions to build a Chinese long-range anti-missile system may pose security risks, analysts say, claiming the tragic shooting of a Malaysian jetliner by pro-Russian Ukrainian rebels reveal the dangers of a stanalone system that is not connected with central radar systems Military experts agree that the rebels in Ukraine who shot down a Malaysian jetliner, killing 298 people, may have made ... Read More »

An open letter from a reluctant refugee

Thu-Trang Tran
You won't be settled in Australia 1a LLLLLLL

For years I was a closet refugee in Australia, and have watched as that word took on a cruel meaning: queue jumper, liar, terrorist. We need a new way to define us refugees, writes Thu-Trang Tran. This flurry of words has been in the making for two decades. They poured as I read story after story of our Government’s ruthlessness. ... Read More »

Israel and Hamas trampling on humanitarian law in Gaza conflict

Ben Saul *
Smoke in Gaza 1a LLL

A legal propaganda war surrounds the sickening violence of the real war in Gaza and Israel. Israel righteously says it is defending itself against Hamas’ rockets and tunnels. Hamas likewise claims it is defending Gaza from Israel’s crushing blockade, and Israel’s occupation and illegal settlements of the West Bank. Apologists for Israel and Hamas live in parallel moral universes. Looking ... Read More »

When It’s Cool To Have Nothing


Ditching your possessions is hip right now. The “tiny house” is popular enough that it has its own conference — the next one, in Portland, Ore., promises to be “the biggest Tiny House Conference yet.” An environmental science professor recently gained Internet fame (and some ridicule) for his decision to sell most of his belongings andlive in a Dumpster. And Joshua Fields ... Read More »

7 Actions Australia Can Take To Create $109 Billion By 2033 From Tech Startups

Jason Lim, Contributor *
Jason Lim 1a

Australia must take affirmative action to invest and support technology and innovation for the sake of its economic future and global competitiveness. If it doesn’t, it will continue to be overtaken by developing countries and be known for squandering a massive opportunity to capitalize on high growth industries of science and technology. StartupAUS, is a not-for-profit organization that has a ... Read More »

Mesmerizing Interiors Of Iran’s Mosques Captured In Rare Photographs By Mohammad Domiri


Mohammad Domiri, a talented architectural photographer from northern Iran, takes stunning photos of grandiose mosque architecture throughout the Middle East. Middle Eastern architecture is often recognized by its elegantly curved arches and spiraling columns, which feature heavily throughout Domiri’s photos. Many of the historic sites Domiri shoots are decorated with colorful stained-glass windows, geometric decorations and painstakingly detailed mosaics, so ... Read More »

Hong Kong’s pro-democracy movement is about inequality. The elite knows it

Toby Carroll
Hk 1a

What prominent tycoons really fear is a pro-democracy movement which will convert demands for increasing suffrage into robust demands for redistribution  Jump to comments Popular analyses of burgeoning political agitation around universal suffrage in Hong Kong often side-step an inconvenient reality – that the underlying story is not simply about relations with the mainland or concerns over its authoritarian ways, ... Read More »

Cabinet Reshuffle, Legal Aid Residence Test and DRIP – the Human Rights Roundup

Celia Rooney
HR Roundup 1a UK drops in water blue LLLL

Welcome back to the UK Human Rights Roundup, your regular fracktastic frisson of human rights news and views. The full list of links can be found here. You can find previous roundups here. Links compiled by Adam Wagner, post by Celia Rooney. In recent weeks, the Prime Minister’s cabinet reshuffle has sparked fears of human rights reform, while Parliament has come under fire ... Read More »

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