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Spain’s Two-Party System Makeover

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It could be in for a long-overdue democratic renewal. The National Interest – Stan Veuger * Spain woke up on Monday to confirmation that its relatively stable two-party system of the past thirty-five years had been fundamentally transformed. In last year’s European elections, the center-left Socialist Workers Party (PSOE) and the center-right People’s Party (PP) saw their joint vote share reduced from close ... Read More »

Revoking citizenship should be based on conviction, not ministerial decision, former security law monitor Bret Walker says

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Leading barrister and former independent monitor of national security legislation Bret Walker SC has spoken out about the implications of the proposed move to strip dual citizens involved in terrorism of their Australian citizenship. ABC – Lateline – By Steve Cannane He told Lateline there must be a judicial system deciding on charges and convictions, not ministerial opinion based on confidential intelligence that ... Read More »

Call Me..

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In his Honour, Justice Emilios Kyrou’s recently published autobiography: “Call me Emilios,” his Honour describes how ongoing racism at school caused him to try to conceal his ethnic identity by means of adopting a more ‘Anglo’ sounding name, in his case, ‘John.’ Dean Kalimniou The moment of supreme emancipation for him, came on the day he was confident enough to ... Read More »

Exclusive – Walker: We’d Be Sending In Navy To Stop Illegals If They Were Swarming Our Sea Ports Like They Do Southern Border 

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Republican Party 2016 primary frontrunner Wisconsin Gov. Scott Walker told Breitbart News exclusively that if the invasion of illegal aliens that’s currently swarming across America’s southern border were coming in via America’s sea ports, the government would be sending in the Navy to stop it. Instead, the federal government—despite not having to at all—chooses, he says, to leave the U.S. ... Read More »

New York Times can no longer rule Turkey, Erdoğan says

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Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdoğan has continued his salvoes against the New York Times over the U.S. daily’s recent editorial criticizing him. YÜKSEKOVA – Hurriyet Erdoğan joined Prime Minister Ahmet Davutoğlu in another grand airport opening on May 26, this time in the predominantly Kurdish-populated southeastern Anatolian province of Hakkari, issuing strong criticisms against the Peoples’ Democratic Party (HDP). The ... Read More »

Polls close in Suriname general election

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BBC - People in the South American nation of Suriname have voted in a general election. All 51 seats in the National Assembly are being chosen. The new National Assembly will then choose the next president of Suriname’s half-a-million-strong population. Former military ruler Desi Bouterse, who has been convicted of drug trafficking in the Netherlands, said he was confident he ... Read More »

Is this how a civilised country responds to the Rohingya crisis? Nope nope nope

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The Prime Minister says we mustn’t, under any circumstances, encourage people smugglers. International law, the reaction of our neighbours, sheer humanity are all to be subordinated to this imperative, writes Mungo MacCallum. TheDRUM - By Mungo MacCallum Nope, nope, nope – the most negative and illiterate of all Tony Abbott’s three word slogans. His rejection of even the merest consideration of ... Read More »

Green power success stories take the wind out of Tony Abbott

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Comment The Sydney Morning Herald - Peter Hartcher, Sydney Morning Herald political and international editor There was so much, in fact, that the price of electricity actually fell to zero. And the price kept falling. It went negative. There were times on April 17 when wholesale electricity in Germany was selling for minus 14.91 euros for a megawatt hour. So it wasn’t ... Read More »