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Asylum Seeker Self Harm Coaching Claims Weakened By Greens Leak Of Secret Report

Sarah Hanson Young in senate 1a speaking LLLLLL

New Matilda – Greens Senator Sarah Hanson-Young has used parliamentary privileged to release details of a secret immigration detention report. Max Chalmers reports. * A secret report prepared by immigration detention service provider Transfield Services has been thrust into the public spotlight after it was read into Hansard by Greens Senator Sarah Hanson-Young late last night. The report is at ... Read More »

Mass arrests of refugees on Nauru, as 183 are locked up for protesting against exclusion from Australia

Refugee protesters inside jail on Nauru 3c LLL

The Nauruan government has compared the arrests of protesting asylum seekers on the island’s main street to arresting protesters blocking Sydney’s busy Pitt Street. The Age – Sarah Whyte, Immigration correspondent Refugees arrested in protest over access to Australia The number of refugees who have been arrested for ongoing protests on the small Pacific island has soared to 183, which is nearly ... Read More »

Abbott’s Forgotten Children: Little Febrina Wastes Away On Nauru

Febrina 2b LLLLLL

The Tamil Refugee Council urges the Abbott government to back up its words in parliament and release, and rehabilitate, all children, including four-year-old Febrina, who are being seriously damaged by incarceration on Nauru. Febrina (pictured, above, a year ago) was one of 157 Tamils, including 37 children, apprehended at sea last July by Australian authorities and secretly detained for a ... Read More »

Senator Leyonhjelm calls constitutional recognition of Indigenous people ‘racist’

Aboriginal flag at an Aboriginal tent embassy protest set up on an island in the Swan River in Perth 1a LLLL

Senator David Leyonhjelm has spoken out against a push for Indigenous recognition in the Constitution, labelling it racist and divisive. SBS – By Stephanie Anderson Prime Minister Tony Abbott has previously committed to a referendum to recognise Indigenous people in the Constitution, telling advocates that he was “prepared to sweat blood”. Speaking in 2014, Mr Abbott hinted that he would hope “that ... Read More »

Andrew Chan and Myuran Sukumaran’s plight raises questions about Australia’s ‘Stop the Boats’ policy

No Hope No Mercy 1a Illustration by Matt Golding LL

The death penalty and the indefinite detention of asylum seekers are both two examples of the cruel maxim “the ends justify the means” The Canberra Times – Simon Longstaff I write this as the lives of Andrew Chan and Myuran Sukumaran hang in the balance. Sentenced to be shot to death by an Indonesian firing squad, they may be dead by ... Read More »

Intergenerational report: climate change silence in 2015 a stark contrast to 2010

Christine Milne 1a LLLL

This year’s IGR is mostly silent on the economic effects of climate change, which the 2010 report declared a ‘severe’ threat to the economy The Guardian – Lenore Taylor political editor @lenoretaylor Five years ago the 2010 intergenerational report declared that “climate change is the largest and most significant challenge to Australia’s environment. If climate change is not addressed, the consequences for ... Read More »

Julian Burnside: Independent media for reality’s sake

Julian Burnside 10 B LLLL

Human rights advocate and barrister Julian Burnside AO QC talks about his disenchantment with newspapers and the vital need for more than just two voices in Australian media. Independent Australia – Julian Burnside I DON’T READ NEWSPAPERS all that much, but when I do I’m disenchanted. It was some years ago, I guess, that I started doing cases the media were interested in and ... Read More »

The Myth of the West’s Threat to Russia

Tank & flogovolo 1a LLLL

Much Western thinking about the causes of the Russo-Ukrainian War is rooted in a myth. It posits that the West—or, more specifically, NATO—attempted to wrest Ukraine from Russia’s sphere of influence, thereby forcing Vladimir Putin to defend Russia’s legitimate strategic interests by going to war with Ukraine. RealClearDefense – By Alexander J. Motyl The logic is impeccable. The only problem is that ... Read More »