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Obama takes ‘biggest step’ on US climate policy: experts react

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US President Barack Obama has unveiled what he describes as his biggest and most important climate policy yet. The Clean Power Plan, to be run by the Environmental Protection Agency, will see greenhouse emissions from US power stations cut by 32%, relative to 2005 levels, by 2030. The Conversation – Authors: * The policy has been hailed as a crucial ... Read More »

Authorities issue warning as young girls vanish during ‘cutting season’

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EVERY year around June, thousands of girls disappear from homes and schools for extended holidays never to return the same again. New.Com.Au – It’s a part of the annual “cutting season” where girls younger than 15 are sent to visit relatives only to have their genitalia mutilated using knives, scissors or pieces of glass and sometimes sewn up using thorns. ... Read More »

The West has a big Turkey problem

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There’s a newly active coalition partner taking the fight to ISIS: Turkey. That might seem like good news. But really, it ought to be a dark reminder of how messed up the Middle East really is. The Week - James Poulos In the waning decades of its centuries-long run, the Ottoman Empire was derisively known as the Sick Man of ... Read More »

Nauru mocked by media bullies

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AS regional neighbours, Australia and Nauru share a close history that includes solidarity during wartime, and we share the same journey towards a peaceful existence. Baron Waqa * – The Daily Telegraph However while many Australians have heard of Nauru, most know little about us. To understand our country — and other Pacific island nations — it is important to ... Read More »

Australia walks away from Trans-Pacific Partnership trade deal talks

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The trade minister, Andrew Robb, says 98% of agreement is finalised but the difficulties lie with the big four economies of US Canada, Japan and Mexico The Guardian - Australian Associated Press and Reuters The world’s biggest regional trade deal – Trans-Pacific Partnership (TPP) – is still within reach despite Australia walking away empty-handed from the latest talks, the federal ... Read More »

Asylum seeker dreamed of a better future with his family

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Asylum seeker dies in detention An Afghan asylum seeker who died on Friday at a West Australian detention centre was dreaming of a better future with his wife and two children, a detainee has said. The Sydney Morning Herald - Neelima Choahan, Lisa Cox The comments come as Immigration Minister Peter Dutton was accused of being missing in action for failing to respond to ... Read More »

Teen bound for Melbourne school stranded after Chinese authorities arrest parents

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EXCLUSIVE Beijing: Bao Zhuoxuan was a bundle of nerves and excitement as he and his father prepared to board their flight en route to Australia from Beijing. The Age – Philip Wen, China correspondent for Fairfax Media It was the beginning of a new adventure in a new country: the 16-year-old was due to start Year 10 as an international student ... Read More »