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Senate Moves On Foreign Fighters Bill Despite Human Rights Risk

Wendy Bacon *
Brandis 3c

A new report warns the bill could allow breaches of human rights. It may also reverse the presumption of innocence, writes Wendy Bacon. A parliamentary Committee including Coalition, Labor and Greens senators has found that a security bill expected to be passed by the Senate today potentially violates human rights in hundreds of ways and recommends that it needs further ... Read More »

The Pistorius Trial Is a Parable About Celebrity, Not South Africa

Rian Malan

ven as the world’s media began to converge on Pretoria’s High Court for the final act in the Oscar Pistorius drama, officials of South Africa’s National Prosecuting Authority were considering their options in a hauntingly similar case. Pistorius, as we know, was charged with murder after discharging four bullets into a locked toilet cubicle. He believed an intruder was lurking ... Read More »

Today is stop Data Retention Day

Graeme Philipson
L X L 1a

A group led by three senators will gather at Parliament House today to protest against the Government’s plans to force telcos and ISPs to store customer data. The Government wants the data stored so it can be used in criminal and anti-terrorism investigations. The plans, first mooted by Prime Minister Tony Abbott and Attorney-General George Brandis in August, would lead ... Read More »

SA farming group shifts field day into Victoria to trial GM crop varieties

Danielle Grindlay

A South Australian farming group has moved its field day over the border into Victoria, so producers can legally trial genetically modified (GM) crop varieties. A moratorium on GM crops in South Australia has some grain producers concerned they are being left behind in tackling weeds and improving yields. AUDIO: SA farmers express frustration at their Government’s ban of genetically modified ... Read More »

287 Turkish women murdered in first 10 months of 2014

Fevzi Kızılkoyun
Kadin 1a

Some 287 women were murdered in the first 10 months of this year in Turkey, as additional clauses to the law on the protection of families are drafted. Despite changes to laws, court rulings, restraining orders on guilty men, protection granted to exposed women, and the application of a panic button system, the number of murdered women has continued to ... Read More »

UK won’t support rescue missions for refugees in Mediterranean: foreign minister

Nick Miller, Europe Correspondent
Paler 2b

A British Foreign Office minister has fuelled a European row on refugees with a comment that echoes Australian rhetoric on boat people. Baroness Anelay said the UK would not support a new program of search and rescue missions in the Mediterranean, saying they encouraged refugees to risk taking to sea. Asked recently in the House of Lords what naval or ... Read More »

North Korea executes members of Workers’ Party for watching South Korean soap operas

Julian Ryall, Tokyo
Kori 1a

Allies of Kim Jong-un’s ousted uncle among the victims of firing squads, some for watching South Korean television As many as 50 senior members of the North Korean government and military have been publicly executed so far this year, according to South Korea’s intelligence agency. The victims of the purges – which the National Intelligence Service believes are continuing – ... Read More »

A Child’s Drawings Preserved over the Centuries by “Magical Mud”

Nathalie Olah

In one region of Russia, the consistency of the earth is just right that manuscripts dating back centuries emerge almost perfectly preserved. Over the past year, more than 1,000 of these birch bark artifacts from the 11th to 14th centuries have been exhumed from the soil of Novgorod, adding to a growing archive of written history. David M. Herszenhorn recently explained this phenomenon in the ... Read More »

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