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Victims hail ‘great day’ as big banks front Senate over financial advice

For Merilyn Swan, it was a great day. The Age - Judith Ireland, National political reporter Merilyn Swan and Jeff Morris at the Senate inquiry. Photo: Sean Davey For six years, she has been seeking help for her parents Robyn and Merv Blanch, who invested $260,000 in 2007. Following advice from the Commonwealth Bank’s financial planning arm, by 2009 the self-funded retirees’ funds had plummeted to $92,000. The ... Read More »

FBI admits decades of forensic hair analysis evidence was wrong, hundreds of criminal trials to be reviewed

The Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) has admitted decades of forensic hair analysis used as evidence in criminal trials was wrong. ABC - By Bridget Brennan An investigation looking at hundreds of court cases has revealed nearly every examiner in an FBI hair forensic unit gave flawed testimony. PHOTO: An FBI review found in 95 per cent of cases experts gave ... Read More »

ANZAC Parade

“Australian soldiers, sailors and pilots saw columns of Armenian, Assyrian and Greek women and children being forced along the countryside in death marches. They saw their pitiful, bedraggled state. The homes, churches, monasteries and schools of these people became the prison camps of the captured Anzacs and their allies.” Cherie Burton, Member of the Legislative Assembly of NSW, 30 November ... Read More »

Ataturk’s ‘Johnnies and Mehmets’ words about the Anzacs are shrouded in doubt

The heartfelt speech attributed to Ataturk about Turks and Australians in Gallipoli is historically dubious, extensive research shows The Guardian – Paul Daley The reported words of Mustafa Kemal Ataturk on a wall on the Gallipoli Peninsula. Photograph: Mike Osborne/AAP Those heroes that shed their blood and lost their lives … You are now lying in the soil of a friendly ... Read More »

China and other big emitters challenge Australia over its climate change policies

China now the world’s biggest emitter: Local analysts say Australia is unlikely to reach its 5 per cent target by 2020 as the direct action policy stands. Photo: Reuters EXCLUSIVE The Age - Adam Morton and Tom Arup * The world’s biggest greenhouse gas emitters, including China and the US, have questioned the credibility of Australia’s climate change targets and “direct ... Read More »

‘Tiny hearts’ and ‘balls of steel’. Is this really what the world thinks of Australia?

Katie Hopkins has held Australia up to the world as some kind of racist role model for our violent treatment of asylum seekers. And why wouldn’t she? The Guardian – Julian Burnside @JulianBurnside An empty Australian lifeboat that carried turned-back asylum seekers is docked at Pangandaran wharf in western Java island. Photograph: AFP/Getty Images Australians have “tiny hearts and whacking great gunships”. ... Read More »

80 per cent of Missouri town’s police quit after election of first black mayor

The city attorney, city clerk and water-treatment supervisor also resigned The Independent – PAYTON GUION, New York    The election of the first black mayor in a small Missouri town has prompted an exodus of city employees, with 80 per cent of the town’s police force resigning before Mayor Tyrus Byrd even took office. The Parma, Missouri city attorney, city clerk ... Read More »