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Australian FM: Armenian Case Not Genocide

Julie Bishop 2b LLLLL

WASHINGTON, DC – Australian Foreign Minister Julie Bishop informed the Australian Turkish Advocacy Alliance (ATA-Australia) that it was Australian foreign policy not to define the Armenian case as genocide, and that it was unconstitutional for Australian territories to promulgate their own foreign policy. The Foreign Minister’s policy affirmation was in response to the inquiry of Barrister and ATA-Australia Sydney President Ertunc ... Read More »

For Arab Christians and secular Arab nationalists, Isis may be the death knell

William Dalrymple
Iraqi soldier protecting church 1a LLL

In a Middle East rebuilt on intolerant ideologies, there is likely to be little place for beleaguered minorities  Jump to comments The past decade has been catastrophic for the Arab world’sbeleaguered 12 million strong Christian minority. In Egypt revolution and counter-revolution have been accompanied by a series of anti-Copt riots, killings and church burnings. In Gaza and the West Bank Palestinian Christians are ... Read More »

Two MIT Grads Founded A Startup That Almost Exclusively Employs People On The Autism Spectrum

Aaron Taube
Rajesh Anandan 1a LLLLLLLLLL

Mark Leslie is a capable computer programmer who speaks four languages, but until recently the latest entry on his résumé was a retail job he held for six years at a Barnes & Noble in New York City. Like many of the estimated 1.5 million Americans on the autism spectrum, Leslie, who has Asperger’s syndrome, is at a disadvantage in ... Read More »

U.S. Lifts Ban on Flights to Israel as Gaza Death Toll Tops 700

A Palestinian woman sits in a debris-strewn street as she looks at houses damaged in an Israeli air strike that killed two children, Gaza Strip July 24, 2014. Suhaib Salem/Reuters

GAZA/JERUSALEM (Reuters) – Israel won a partial reprieve from the economic pain of its Gaza war on Thursday with the lifting of a U.S. ban on commercial flights to Tel Aviv, as fighting pushed the Palestinian death toll over 700. A truce remained elusive despite intensive mediation bids. Palestinians said residents of two southern villages were trapped by tank shelling, ... Read More »

Gaza conflict takes toll on Hamas rocket stocks and tunnels

Harriet Sherwood
An Israeli military convoy outside the central Gaza Strip. Photograph: Amir Cohen/Reuters

IDF says it has destroyed 30-40% of militant rockets and six tunnel shafts; Hamas has killed 29 soldiers and disrupted flights After more than two weeks of intense fighting in Gaza, both Hamas andIsrael have racked up significant military achievements, albeit at the cost of hundreds of lives. Around 140 militants have been killed in Gaza over the past two weeks, amounting to around ... Read More »

Church serves as shelter for war-hit Palestinians

Fehim Taştekin, GAZA CITY
Palestinians sleep on the floor of a Greek church in Gaza 1a LLLLL hurriyet

Some 400 Palestinians fleeing Israeli raids that have destroyed their neighborhoods have taken shelter in a Greek Orthodox Church in Gaza City. Desperate Gazans escaping from Beit Hanoun and Shejaia, where more than 70 Palestinians – many of them women and children – were killed on July 20, have entered the Church of Saint Porphyrius after Archbishop Alexios opened the door. The church ... Read More »

Global law and decency: our double standards on MH17 and asylum seekers

Suvendrini Perera and Joseph Pugliese
Sol 2b

Following the shocking news of the destruction of flight MH17, foreign minister Julie Bishop wasted no time in boarding a plane for the United Nations in New York. Australian diplomats engaged in intense late-night negotiations over a form of words that would secure unanimous assent for the Security Council resolution calling for an international investigation. Prime minister Tony Abbott appeared on domestic media ... Read More »

UK prime minister David Cameron calls for end to female genital mutilation, child marriages

Genital cutting knife 1a LLLLLLLLLLL

British prime minister David Cameron wants female genital mutilation (FGM) and child marriages to stop globally within a generation, starting with Britain. FGM – the partial or total removal of external female genitalia – is a tradition practised widely in many African and Muslim countries. It is often justified as a means of suppressing a woman’s sexual desire to prevent ... Read More »

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