Sexual harassment in the media

The departure of The Age’s editor-in-chief due to workplace impropriety highlights the ongoing hypocrisy of the media as moral arbiter. The Saturday Paper Martin McKenzie – Murray The story emerged as Australian journalists converged in Brisbane for their profession’s highest honours, the Walkleys. The editor-in-chief of The Age, a past… Sexual harassment in the… Read More »

Facebook Struggles to Put Out Online Fires in Israeli-Palestinian Conflict

JERUSALEM — When fires raged across Israel last month, Anas Abudaabes began to type on his laptop. The New York Times Peter Baker What came out would land him behind bars and ignite a debate over whether he had tried to fan the flames of hatred, in this case literally. On his Facebook page, Mr. Abudaabes wrote that… Facebook Struggles to Put Out Online Fires in… Read More »

Where to for migrants and minorities?

The dust is yet to settle on Brexit and Donald Trump’s presidential victory but Australia’s own deplorables are already out in force beating their chests. On Line Opinion Saeed Khan Banking on political discontent, racism, and lack of unity among minorities, alarmists think we are ripe for pickings. They openly troll the web and organise around social media to Where to for migrants and… Read More »

First Contact: Poverty Porn And Trauma TV, With Bonus Celebrities

The latest iteration of SBS’s exploration of ‘racism’ boldly goes where every other mainstream media outlet has already been, and none of it helps, writes Amy McQuire. New Matilda Amy McQuire Last night the first episode of SBS’ ‘First Contact’ aired – the second incarnation of the series, this time featuring non-Indigenous ‘celebrities’, rather than a random selection of racists from around the country. The synopsis though is the same – apparently one in… First Contact: Poverty Porn And… Read More »

How tribal thinking has left us in a post-truth world

In light of Brexit, and the United States election campaign that gave us President-elect Donald J Trump, Oxford Dictionaries has declared “post-truth” its 2016 word of the year. The Conversation In keeping with the disdain for veracity that it embodies, the word of the year is not even one word, but rather two. British conservative politician and Brexit supporter Michael Gove got… How tribal thinking has left us in… Read More »

Existence of ‘pivotal’ letter from Scott Morrison on boat turnbacks revealed

Document sought in FoI case purports to authorise possibly unlawful return of asylum seekers to Indonesia The Guardian Christopher Knaus The existence of a “pivotal” letter purporting to show the immigration minister’s authorisation of possibly unlawful asylum seeker turnbacks has been revealed in the closing stages of a long-running freedom of information case. The case began in early 2014 when the then… Existence of ‘pivotal’ letter from… Read More »

News, news everywhere, but not a word of it is real

Publishing fake news has proven a lucrative business model — with very real consequences. Crikey Myriam Robin Did you see the heartwarming story that the founder of Corona beer left millions of dollars to everyone in his small town in his will? It was widely reported — the perfect story for sharing on Facebook. The problem is that, like the story of… News, news everywhere, but not a… Read More »

The era of post-truth

How dangerous things have become in an era marked by post-truth. As opposed to appeals to the heart, objective facts are no longer able to influence public opinion. On line opinion Kellie Tranter Look no further than Australia’s offshore detention program in post-truth terms. It is difficult to fathom how a system could be touted publicly as an… The era of post-truth… Read More »

Murdoch And The ABC Need Each Other, And We Need Both More Than Ever

With the rise of fake news, the pull and push of traditional media is more important than ever, writes Mike Fewster. New matilda Mike Fewster I am in shock finding that I am writing this, but the world is spinning very fast at the moment. A few weeks ago, I argued that Murdoch’s approach to Murdoch And The ABC Need Each… Read More »

Amazon TV ad features imam and vicar exchanging gifts

Online retailer says campaign in US, UK and Germany is about ‘selflessness and thinking of other people’ Mark Sweney Amazon is launching a TV ad in which an imam and a vicar exchange gifts, before the Black Friday shopping bonanza during which consumers will spend billions with the… Amazon TV ad… Read More »

Media Sauce: Why is The Australian fixated on 18C?

There’s plenty of bigotry about and a lot of it flows from the pages of the News Corp media, especially The Australian, says political editor Dr Martin Hirst. Martin Hirst Why does The Australian want the right to be bigoted? I’VE BEEN wanting to catch up with The Australian’s recent and ongoing campaigning about freedom of speech, press freedom and… Media Sauce: Why… Read More »

Turkey detains top staff of Cumhuriyet daily

At least 12 Cumhuriyet employees affected by decision described by government as arising from probe launched in August. Turkish police have detained at least a dozen people working for the opposition Cumhuriyet newspaper, according to news-media reports. Cumhuriyet said that along with Murat Sabuncu, the… Turkey detains top… Read More »