Two and a half minutes to Midnight

Finally the telephone has rung and Gentiloni, after a long and nervous wait, managed to hear the voice of the new US President, Donald Trump. Manlio Dinucci Voltaire The thrust of the telephone call – informs Palazzo Chigi – [is] the “historical friendship and collaboration between Italy and the US”, in the context of “Nato’s fundamental importance”. However, the Italian… Two and a half… Read More »

Donald Trump should not be allowed to speak in UK parliament, says Speaker

Government sources describe John Bercow’s comments about US president as ‘hugely political and out of line’ Anushka Asthana , Jessica Elgot, Rowena Mason The Guardian Donald Trump is unfit to address MPs, according to the Speaker of the House of Commons, who said that he would refuse to invite the US president to speak at Westminster because of… Donald Trump should… Read More »

Trump and May can do it. The EU? Not so much

Brussels can only dream of swift, decisive action. And that’s probably for the best. Tim King Politico While Donald Trump gives a jaw-dropping demonstration of the executive powers of a U.S president and Prime Minister Theresa May shows how little the U.K. parliament constrains her powers, the EU’s ventures into new… Trump and May… Read More »

We need to think now about our solar power revolution

Given the lack of regulations governing solar power, Kieran Hartley argues that we need to rethink how we want to use it to meet our energy needs in the future… Kieran Hartley Irish Examiner THE lack of planning guidelines governing the hundreds of applications for solar farms, or Utility Scale Solar Photovoltaic’s (SPV’s), will leave consumers out of pocket and lead local communities to protest. Ireland is on the… We need to think… Read More »

Ukraine Flare-Up Lays Bare Fears in Europe’s East

Renewed fighting in eastern Ukraine is quickly turning into a litmus test of Russia’s intentions in backing Ukrainian separatist rebels, and the real willingness of the West, in particular the… Magdalena Grono ICG Fears over Washington’s wavering may also cause positions to harden in the… Ukraine Flare-Up… Read More »

Dutch government: ‘British diplomats should stop spreading false Nexit rumours’

It has been a tumultuous week for the European Union; talks of Grexit, Italy is likely to leave the Eurozone, the Hungarians like Putin more than their own EU-allies, and now rumours of The Netherlands leaving the EU (Nexit) are… By Benjamin de Wolf Gatestone Europe According to a Dutch member of parliament, Michiel… And apparently these… Dutch government: ‘British… Read More »

Why Donald Trump Is Right – And Brave – To Get Rid Of The Johnson Amendment

When the Archbishop of Canterbury Robert Runcie asked worshippers at St Paul’s Cathedral in a service intended to mark Britain’s victory in the Falklands War to pray for the dead of both sides, the right wing erupted in fury. Ruth Gledhill Christian Today His sermon was seen as meddling in politics and an attack on Prime Minister Margaret Thatcher. If Britain had its… Why Donald Trump Is… Read More »

Britain reveals Brexit plan in ‘white paper’

Negotiating aims will adhere to Theresa May’s 12 principles in securing a good EU exit deal, which would then be put before both houses of parliament, says Arj Singh. Arj Singh Irish Examiner The British government has set out its negotiating strategy for the UK’s withdrawal from the EU. Launching the keenly Britain reveals Brexit… Read More »

Prepare for the worst: this inequality rift will tear our society apart

The biggest rise in inequality since Thatcher is on its way, bringing economic instability, poverty, poor health, increased violence and fear among neighbours Richard Wilkinson and Kate Pickett The Guardian Homelessness and child poverty have risen, the NHS is in dire financial straits, understaffed prisons have record suicide rates, the elderly lack social care – yet the rich continue to get richer, and continue to avoid taxes. This is an expression… Prepare for the worst… Read More »