Falling in love with concrete

ADB report says the developing region will need to invest a total of US$22.6 trillion, or US$1.5 trillion a year, into infrastructure spending Anthony Rowley Asia Times Pouring concrete, laying tarmac, and putting down cable and rail tracks is not typically the stuff of headline news, but a convergence of trillion- dollar global announcements suggests “infrastructure spending” is the buzz term we… Falling in love… Read More »

A warning from the Middle East

AFTER LIVING in Turkey for years, I concluded that Turkish democracy was deeply enough rooted so that no demagogic leader could throw it off track. Stephen Kinzer Boston Globe I was wrong. Now I believe… A warning from… Read More »

Turkish fighter jets buzz southern coast of Cyprus

Five Turkish fighter jets entered Cyprus airspace on Wednesday and patrolled 30 miles off the southern coast of the island in what is seen as yet another provocation by… in.cyprus At around 10am on Wednesday morning, five Turkish fighter jets on patrol entered Cyprus airspace and maneuvered around the area of Apostolos… According to date from the… Turkish fighter jets… Read More »

Breakdown of China’s plan to tackle pollution

Steel and aluminum producers in 28 cities are told to slash output in winter and government begins moves to ban truck transport for coal Reuters Asia Times China has ordered steel and aluminum producers in 28 cities to slash output during winter and required coal transport by rail instead of truck in Tianjin and Hebei province, in Beijing’s latest effort to crack down on pollution. A 26-page document… Breakdown of China’s… Read More »

IS supporters free to return to Australia despite tough law changes

AUSTRALIA faces the return of some of the world’s most radical terrorists after tough laws to keep them out of the country… SHARRI MARKSON, The Daily Telegraph The Herald Sun Intelligence experts have warned the federal government nothing is stopping more than 100 homegrown terrorists — including those who have been fighting with Islamic… IS supporters free… Read More »

Europe eyes to replace US as China’s prime foreign partner

Last Tuesday, Rex Tillerson, the US Secretary of State, received in Washington the top Chinese diplomat Yang Jiechi, in an effort to establish a “regular high-level engagement” with China, after President Donald Trump has practically destroyed the until recently multiple channels of problem solving and interaction between the two super powers. Dennis Kefalakos European Sting Obviously, Tillerson felt he had to urgently invite State Councilor Yang to the US to sort out the mess between the two countries. Reportedly, the ... Read More »

Erdogan Exploits Islam For Personal And Political Gain

Anyone who follows Turkish President Erdogan’s political career cannot escape the conclusion that he has carefully and systematically crafted policies framed in Islamic… Alon Ben-Meir Institute He uses religion to present himself and his political agenda as if it is being sanctioned by a higher authority, surreptitiously uses Islamic symbols to indoctrinate the… Erdogan Exploits Islam… Read More »

A strategy for China’s imperial overstretch

Not withstanding the facile talk of China’s “gains” from Donald Trump’s imagined withdrawal from the world, Beijing is no position to lead the world. Dan Blumenthal AEI Instead it is very close to imperial overstretch. A new U.S. strategic… A strategy for… Read More »

What the Saudi King Salman seeks in Asia

Riyadh’s economic ambitions paired with its historic political goals leave ties with Asia-Pacific states non-optional. Ankit Panda Al Jazeera In the final days of February, Saudi Arabia’s King Salman bin Abdulaziz Al Saud, flanked by a 600-strong delegation, embarked on a month-long tour of the Asia-Pacific, where he is visiting Malaysia, Indonesia, Brunei, Japan, China… What the Saudi King… Read More »

Merkel slams ‘bitter’ detention of German journalist in Turkey

Reporter Deniz Yucel has been placed in jail pending his trial on terrorism related charges. Deutsche Welle Scores of opposition journalists have been arrested amidst a crackdown on dissent by the government of… The outrage over the imprisonment of Turkish-German journalist Deniz Yucel prompted… Merkel slams ‘bitter… Read More »

Suu Kyi falls short of great expectations

Many in Myanmar expected miracles when Aung San Suu Kyi’s elected government took office after decades of military misrule. Bertil Lintner Asia Times The political reality has been more prosaic Myanmar’s first genuinely… Suu Kyi falls short of… Read More »

China dominates global art market

In a year when global art auction sales were down 22 percent from 2015 numbers, 2016 will be remembered as the time that China established itself as the clear superpower of the art world. Agence France-Presse Asia Times Global art sales plunged in 2016 as the number of high-value works sold dropped by half, while China regained its status as the world’s top market, Artprice said in an annual report released Monday. Art auctions worldwide… China dominates global… Read More »

People’s Bank of China Devalues Yuan By 0.23%

China again devalued the yuan, setting the rate at 6.8814 yuan per… Sputnik BEIJING (Sputnik) — The People’s Bank of China on Monday once again devalued the yuan, setting the rate at 6.8814 yuan per…The new midpoint rate is 0.23 percent weaker than Friday’s rate of 6.8655 yuan per… People’s Bank of… Read More »

Opposition leader detained in Kyrgyzstan

A veteran opposition leader in Kyrgyzstan was arrested on corruption charges, security services said yesterday, as political tensions mount in the Central Asian country ahead of a November presidential… Hurriyet BISHKEK, Kyrgyzstan – Agence France-Presse The State Committee for National Security (GKNB) said Omurbek Tekebayev, who leads the nominally socialist Ata-Meken party, was detained yesterday after landing at the country’s… Opposition leader detained… Read More »