Global Issues

UN human rights watchdog orders Saudi Arabia to stop stoning children

People over 15-years-old in the Kingdom are tried as adults and can be executed Matt Payton   Independent The United Nations has called on Saudi Arabia to repeal laws that allow stoning, amputation, flogging and execution of children. Children over 15 years are tried as adults and can be executed, “after trials falling short of guarantees of due process and a fair trial”, according to the report by the UN Committee on the… UN human rights… Read More »

Obama says Colombia president ‘right pick’ for Nobel Prize

Juan Manuel Santos wins the Nobel Peace Prize for his efforts to end the 52-year war with rebels, an accord Colombians then rejected in a referendum. By AGENCE FRANCE-PRESSE and REUTERS Nobel Peace Prize winner Barack Obama on Friday hailed the courage of this year’s laureate, Colombian President Juan… Obama says Colombia president… Read More »

Russia mulls restoring military bases in Vietnam and Cuba

Russia is considering plans to resume its military presence in Vietnam and Cuba where Moscow earlier had military bases, Russian news agencies quoted Russian Deputy Defense Minister Nikolai Pankov as saying on Oct. 7. “We are dealing with this issue,” the agencies quoted Pankov as saying in the State Duma lower house of… Russia mulls restoring military bases in… Read More »

Gary Johnson: My Foreign Policy Vision

Show me an America with less debt, greater economic strength, and robust trade relationships across the globe, and I will show you a safer, more secure, America. Gary Johnson I recently delivered a major foreign address at the University of Chicago, in which I highlighted the… Gary Johnson: My Foreign… Read More »

End child stonings, UN tells Saudi Arabia

A UN watchdog wants Saudi Arabia to get rid of laws that allow children to be stoned, amputated, flogged and executed. Source: AAP A UN human rights watchdog has called on Saudi Arabia to end discrimination against girls and repeal laws that allow the End child stonings, UN… Read More »

Moroccans vote amid worries about jobs, extremism

Associated Press RABAT: Millions of Moroccans hit the voting booths on Friday, with worries about joblessness and extremism on many minds as they choose which party will lead their next government. Adultery scandals and thwarted election-day attacks have marked… Moroccans vote amid worries about… Read More »

Norwegians laugh at new fence on Russian border

“We don’t want this fence,” says taxi driver Syvonne Tucker. “We want to have this relationship with Russia in the same way we’ve been having for all these years.” By Howard JohnsonBBC News, Kirkenes, Norway Heading on the E105 highway towards the Norwegian border, she says she many other residents in her town of Kirkenes in the… Norwegians laugh at new fence… Read More »

Polish parliament rejects near-total abortion ban after protests

Following protests by tens of thousands of women, Polish lawmakers on Oct. 6 rejected plans for a near-total ban on abortion, in a hastily arranged vote that marks the first major domestic setback for the conservative government. WARSAW – Reuters The ruling Law and Justice party (PIS) unexpectedly withdrew its support for draft… Polish parliament rejects near-total… Read More »

Sturgeon: I’ll back firms who refuse to list foreign workers

Scottish firms which ignore new UK rules on revealing how many foreign workers they hire have been told they will have the backing of Nicola Sturgeon. By SCOTT MACNAB The First Minister says she will stand “full square behind” any Scots company which snubs the… Sturgeon: I’ll back firms who refuse to… Read More »

North Korea’s DMZ: NBC News Gets Rare Access to Frozen Frontier

PANMUNJOM, North Korea — Most roads in rural North Korea are little more than dirt tracks, unpaved and constantly maintained by workers shoveling earth to fill ruts and holes. by BILL NEELY Not this one. Just south of Pyongyang, the paved highway suddenly grows to the… North Korea’s DMZ: NBC News Gets Rare Access to… Read More »

Confrontation in Zimbabwe Turns Increasingly Violent

Abductions, assaults by pro-government thugs and anti-government demonstrations met by tear gas and water cannon all signal rising levels of violence in Zimbabwe. Piers Pigou The situation is aggravated by the government’s failure to implement proposals for reform and… Confrontation in Zimbabwe Turns… Read More »

Ashraf Ghani’s gamble with ‘butcher of Kabul’

For the Afghan president, a deal with Gulbuddin Hekmatyar is a political win, but it may not bring political stability. by Najib Sharifi Last week, the Afghan government signed a peace deal with the notorious warlord and… Ashraf Ghani’s gamble with… Read More »

Reassembling Colombia’s Rejected Peace Deal

Three interlocking sets of negotiations can still end Colombia’s 52 years of civil war, even after a 2 October referendum voted down a 26 September peace deal. But success will need energetic new engagement by all sides – especially in the region. Reassembling Colombia’s Rejected… Read More »

Why is globalisation under attack?

Free trade and globalisation seem to be under siege from a broad and loud range of opponents. By Mark Broad, Economics reporter, BBC News For decades there has been a strong consensus that globalisation brought more jobs, higher wages and lower prices – not just for richer countries but also for developing and… Why is globalisation under… Read More »