Looming Dangers One Year after Nagorno-Karabakh Escalation

One year after Nagorno-Karabakh’s violent flare-up in April 2016, the danger of even more perilous fighting remains… Further hostilities risk a larger regional conflagration with far… Magdalena Grono ICG Crisis Group’s Europe and Central Asia Program Director, Magdalena Grono, assesses risks in… BAKU, Azerbaijan — The room… Looming Dangers One… Read More »

The Trump Administration’s Potentially Constructive Objectives for NAFTA

After a campaign in which presidential candidate Donald Trump(link is external) vilified the North America Free Trade Agreement (NAFTA) as one of the worst trade deals in history, the… Jeffrey J. Schott (PIIE) Photo Credit: REUTERS/Eric Thayer In a few areas, as expected, new US goals sharply deviate from past US practice and the provisions of the… These need clarification and… But in a draft letter… The Trump Administration’s… Read More »

Once upon a time: a brief history of children’s literature

­ April 2 is International Children’s Book Day and the anniversary of the birth of one of the most famous contributors to this genre, Hans Christian Andersen. Susan Broomhall ­Joanne McEwan ­Stephanie Tarbin The Conversation But when Andersen wrote his works, the genre of children’s literature was not an established field as we recognise… Adults have been writing for children (a broad definition of what we… Once upon a… Read More »

Nick Xenophon’s proposed bill to ban gambling ads during sports broadcasts in doubt

If you are a parent who was hoping those incessant gambling ads would be banned during sporting broadcasts, and were pinning your hopes on senator Nick Xenophon’s private member’s bill to ban them — well, bad luck. By national sport correspondent Mary Gearin ABC The bill has been all but killed off by a Senate Estimates Committee, with the Coalition and Labor recommending against the reforms. The senator and his NXT party had proposed the ban, as well as the establishment ... Read More »

UW professor: The information war is real, and we’re losing it

A UW professor started studying social networks to help people respond to disasters. But she got dragged down a rabbit hole of twitter-boosted conspiracy theories, and ended up mapping our… Danny Westneat / Columnist The Seattle Times It started with the Boston marathon bombing, four years… University of Washington professor Kate Starbird was sifting through thousands of tweets sent in the… UW professor: The... Read More »

Pro-Erdogan Turkish daily calls on the country to obtain nuclear weapons and hints that it should stop fighting ISIS

The column appeared in the Tayyip Erdogan-supporting Yeni Safak newspaper Ibrahim Karagul, the daily paper’s editor, wrote the article for Monday’s edition In it, he criticizes the western world and reserves special mentions for Germany ‘Global showdown’ is nearing and a weak nation without weapons won’t survive By Gareth Davies For Mailonline Daily Mail Online A pro-government Turkish newspaper has called on the country to obtain nuclear weapons and hinted it should stop fighting ISIS. In is column on March ... Read More »

The ups and downs of Africa’s online gambling boom

Gambling is a multitrillion-dollar industry and Africa is one of the newest, most exciting players to sit at the table. The East Africa Monitor Kenya, Nigeria and South Africa are the fastest growing markets on the continent, according to research by PricewaterhouseCoopers, while Uganda and… It’s not only the casinos that are driving Africa’s gambling boom either, but the rise of online sports betting that’s gripping people across the continent. There’s serious money to be made for innovators in the industry and, ... Read More »

Supporting Syrian refugees not only an act ‘of generosity’ but also of ‘enlightened self-interest’ – UN chief

Visiting the Zaatari refugee camp in Jordan that is hosting about 80,000 Syrian refugees, the United Nations chief urged the parties to the conflict in Syria and the countries that have influence over… UNnewsCentre “This is the moment for all countries that are involved, directly or indirectly in the conflict, to put aside their differences and… Supporting Syrian refugees… Read More »

The 100 best nonfiction books: No 60 – On the Origin of Species by Charles Darwin (1859)

Darwin’s revolutionary, humane and highly readable introduction to his theory of evolution is arguably the most important book of the… Robert McCrum The Guardian When Charles Darwin first saw On the Origin of Species by means of Natural Selection, or The Preservation of Favoured Races in the Struggle for Life in book form, he is said to have remarked that he… Actually, the book, composed in a hurry to forestall his… The 100 best… Read More »

Third of Australian youth have no job or are underemployed, report finds

Youth jobless rate rises to 13.5% and underemployment to 18%, hitting highest level in 40… Helen Davidson The Guardian Almost one-third of Australian young people are unemployed or underemployed, the highest level in 40 years, according to a… The rate of underemployment – now at 18% – has become an entrenched feature of the… Third of Australian… Read More »

The Last 21 km Of Fenceline Between David Pocock And His Wildest Dreams

The Wallabies star is making a real difference on his sabbatical, as we knew he… Anthony Sharwood HuffPost Last time we spoke to David Pocock, he was just about to take his six month sabbatical from top level rugby and hook up with conservation group WildArk. Well that’s all happening right… His mission? It’s pretty simple. WildArk has acquired its… The Last 21… Read More »

Dystopian dreams: how feminist science fiction predicted the future

From Mary Shelley to Margaret Atwood, feminist science fiction writers have imagined other ways of living that prompt us to ask, could we… Naomi Alderman The Guardian Margaret Atwood’s evergreen dystopian novel The Handmaid’s Tale is about to become a television drama. Published in 1985, it couldn’t feel more fresh or… Dystopian dreams: how… Read More »

Population decline on remote islands a problem for Japan

TOKYO — Japan is launching an urgent drive to shore up the population of 148 remote islands as it tries to head off new territorial disputes with China and… TODAYonline According to officials working on the plan, the government will legally designate the islands as inhabited border territories next month, with 71 singled out for special help due to their isolation and the… Population decline on… Read More »