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‘How could this happen in Australia?’: Cairns cafe worker responds to customer’s racial slur

A Queensland cafe worker who was racially vilified by a customer who refused her assistance because of the colour of her skin, says she’s appalled that such an incident could still happen in Australia. By Peter Theodosiou Former refugee Josie Ajak, 20, was on shift last week at the busy Gloria Jeans cafe in central Cairns when a female customer refused her assistance, instead requesting her to ‘get a… * ‘How could this… Read More »

How retro storytelling can help boost imaginative capacity

Everyone loves a good story. It’s a vital part of human experience. There’s an element of story in just about every form of popular culture, and also in the sciences and arts. Faye Miller  Stories began as the earliest form of oral folklore shared around the campfire and have evolved into interactive e-books. There is now renewed appreciation of the… How retro… Read More »

Chinese Communist Party readies crackdown on Christianity

China’s governing Communist Party is set to launch a nationwide crackdown on Christianity. Chinese Communist Party readies crackdown on Christianity – ABC News (Australian Broadcasting Corporation). Correspondents Report By China correspondent Matthew Carney Correspondent Matthew Carney travels through the country and speaks to churchgoers who are worried they could soon be arrested. The Communist Party has just enacted much tougher… Chinese Communist Party readies… Read More »

PNG villagers teach ancient practices to celebrate culture, protect environment

Some of Papua New Guinea’s most isolated villagers are being encouraged to celebrate their culture to balance the negative impacts of resource extraction and development. By Papua New Guinea correspondent Eric Tlozek Dancing, costume-making and natural oil harvesting have all been demonstrated at one of PNG’s most remote cultural events — the… PNG villagers teach ancient practices to… Read More »

When race and class collide, the biggest challenge is using your voice

For a new series from the Australia Indonesia Centre, four writers and thinkers – two Australian (Alice Pung and Susan Carland), two Indonesian (Leila Chudori, Eliza Vitri Handayani – were invited to reflect on key issues facing their societies • Read more about the Australia Indonesia Essay Series Alice Pung When you are seven months pregnant, your husband and… When race and class collide, the… Read More »

Read With Raf October: The Fighter by Arnold Zable

The Read With Raf book for October is Arnold Zable’s ‘The Fighter’, a biography of Henry Nissen, champion boxer and youth social worker. Grab the book from your local library, or buy a copy from your local bookstore and read along with Raf and Alicia Sometimes this month. Author Arnold Zable is an award-winning Australian writer and storyteller, who garnered widespread acclaim for his 1991 memoir ‘Jewels and… Read With Raf… Read More »

Ode to Lesbos, the villagers who helped refugees – in pictures

Pulitzer Prize winning photojournalist Daniel Etter, whose images from Kos touched the hearts of millions last year, returned to Greece this September to photograph the islanders who feature in the new documentary short Ode to Lesvos, created by Johnnie Walker® to shine a light on the inspirational acts of compassion shown in response to the refugee crisis. Daniel Etter Ode to Lesbos, the villagers who helped… Read More »

Japanese politicians wear ‘pregnancy’ vests to urge men to help at home

In Japan, where women do five times as much housework as men, three male politicians have donned “pregnancy” vests in a campaign urging men to help out more at home. TOKYO – Reuters In a video titled “The Governor is a Pregnant Woman,” the three men, all governors of southwestern prefectures, put on a 7.3 kilogram (16 pound) vest that simulates a… Source: Japanese politicians wear ‘pregnancy’ vests to urge men to help at home – ASIA Read More »

Bulgaria parliament bans full-face veils in public

Under the law, the garment will be banned in public institutions, schools, areas of administrative and public services. Bulgaria’s parliament has approved a nationwide law banning the wearing of face-covering veils from most public places. Source: Bulgaria parliament bans full-face veils in public – News from Al Jazeera Read More »

Explainer: why blackface (and brownface) offend

Last week, Polynesian activists accused Disney of promoting “brownface”after it advertised a full body children’s costume depicting the tattooed Pacific demi-god Maui. Marion Gray  Weeks earlier, a Perth mother who painted her son’s skin black so he could dress for a school parade as his “idol”, AFL footballer Nic Naitanui, was… Source: Explainer: why blackface (and brownface) offend Read More »