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The Darkest Hours: Power Outages Raise the Temperature in Venezuela

The crippling blackouts across Venezuela are a grim portent of things to come as U.S. oil sanctions kick in and the country’s crisis deepens. Phil Gunson ICG All concerned to end Venezuelans’ suffering should vigorously pursue a negotiated transition leading to a power-sharing deal. On Thursday 7 March, at around five in the afternoon, the lights went out in Venezuela. Within a couple of hours, as the tropical night descended, around 90 per cent of the country was plunged into ... Read More »

Russia’s Next Land Grab Won’t Be in an Ex-Soviet State. It Will Be in Europe.

First he came for Georgia, then for Ukraine. Vladimir Putin’s next target is likely to be a non-NATO nation in the EU. By Mikheil Saakashvili FP Not many observers would consider the world’s coldest shipping lane a geopolitical hotspot. But that may be about to change. Last week, reports emerged that a new Kremlin policy will require all international naval ships to give Russia 45 days’ notice before entering the Northern Sea Route, which connects the Atlantic and Pacific Oceans ... Read More »

Las horas más oscuras: Cortes de energía elevan la temperatura en Venezuela

Los paralizantes apagones en todo Venezuela son un sombrío augurio de lo que vendrá cuando se apliquen las sanciones petroleras de los Estados Unidos y se profundice la crisis del país. Phil Gunson ICG Todos los interesados ​​en poner fin al sufrimiento de los venezolanos deben insistir en una transición negociada que conduzca a un acuerdo de poder compartido. El jueves 7 de marzo, alrededor de las cinco de la tarde, las luces se apagaron en Venezuela. En un par ... Read More »

The Fed Should Buy Recession Insurance

If the United States falls into recession in the next year or two, the US Federal Reserve may have very little room to loosen policy, yet it is not taking any steps to cover that risk. J. Bradford DeLong Project Syndicate Unless the Fed rectifies this soon, the US – and the world – may well face much bigger problems later. BERKELEY – The next global downturn may still be a little way off. The chances that the North Atlantic ... Read More »

US Wants To Change The Law Of The Sea – Analysis

The US is frustrated by North Korea’s continuing violation of UN sanctions by using rogue vessels to import and export banned cargo, sometimes transferring the cargo at sea. Mark J. Valencia Eurasia Review So it wants to interdict suspect vessels on the high seas using force if necessary. The problem is that doing so without the consent of the flag state would violate the international law of the sea. John Bolton, the US National Security Advisor is taking the lead ... Read More »

Picking Up the Pieces After Hanoi

The collapse of last month’s summit between US President Donald Trump and North Korean leader Kim Jong-un was perhaps the inevitable result of a process in which the two leaders dominated, optimistic about their personal relationship and confident in their abilities. Richard N. Haass Project Syndicate The question is what to do now. NEW YORK – When last month’s summit between US President Donald Trump and North Korean leader Kim Jong-un ended without a deal, the result was not surprising. ... Read More »

Les Algériens exigent la démission d’Abdelaziz Bouteflika

Pour la quatrième fois consécutive, les Algériens se sont rassemblés en masse ce vendredi dans les principales artères d’Alger. Ils protestent contre le maintien au pouvoir du président Abdelaziz Bouteflika. Auteur Eric Topona Deutsche Welle Munis de pancartes, les milliers de manifestants, dans une ambiance festive, ont manifesté pacifiquement sous forte escorte policière. “On voulait des élections sans Boutef’, on se retrouve avec Bouteflika sans élections”, a par exemple écrit sur une pancarte un des contestataires. “Les slogans sont toujours presque ... Read More »

Australia has a long history of protests. Our rights should be better protected

We also have a history of governments trying to suppress protest. It’s time this changed Hugh de Kretser The Guardian The deputy prime minister recently told school students they should be in school “learning about Australian history” instead of joining the global student strike for climate action on Friday. Half of what he said was good advice. For if the students researched Australia’s protest history, they would learn that protest has been critical to so many social advances that we often now ... Read More »

‘I can’t go to school, I have to save the planet’

Children and teens across Australia are joining a global strike today against leaders’ inaction on climate change. Here’s what they’re saying. School strike 4 climate By Laura Chung and Charlotte Grieve The Sydney Morning Herald A16-year-old Swedish schoolgirl called Greta Thunberg started a global campaign for student action that led to today’s worldwide protests against inaction on climate change. Children and teenagers in Australia have taken to the streets to add their voices to calls for change. As Finnish educator ... Read More »

A Mass Shooting of, and for, the Internet

Before entering a mosque in Christchurch, New Zealand, the site of one of the deadliest mass murders in the country’s history, the accused gunman paused to endorse a YouTube star in a video that appeared to capture the shooting. Kevin Roose The New York Times “Remember, lads, subscribe to PewDiePie,” he said. To an untrained eye, this would have seemed like a bizarre detour. But the people watching the video stream recognized it as something entirely different: a meme. Like ... Read More »

Christchurch Shooting Updates: 40 Are Dead After 2 Mosques Are Hit

Forty people were killed in shootings at two mosques in central Christchurch, New Zealand, on Friday, in a terrorist attack that Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern described as “an extraordinary and unprecedented act of violence.” The New York Times • Officials said that four people were in custody, and that a number of explosive devices were found attached to vehicles that they had stopped. • A Muslim leader in New Zealand said the attack was especially shocking as it took place ... Read More »

‘This is New Zealand’s darkest day’: Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern responds to Christchurch shootings

Prime Minister Scott Morrison has confirmed the man responsible for the horrific New Zealand mass shooting was Australian-born, labelling him an “extremist, right-wing, violent terrorist”. Shannon Molloy, Townsville Bulletin Addressing reporters in Sydney, Mr Morrison extended his sympathies to all New Zealand people and “particularly those of Islamic faith”, following the Christchurch attacked that claimed at least 40 lives. “Australia and New Zealand — we’re not just allies, we’re not just partners. We’re family. As family members… we grieve, ... Read More »

Music was ubiquitous in Ancient Greece

Now we can hear how it actually sounded Much of what we think of as Ancient Greek poetry, including Homer’s Iliad and Odyssey, was composed to be sung, frequently with the accompaniment of musical instruments. aeon And while the Greeks left modern classicists many indications that music was omnipresent in society – from vases decorated with lyres, to melodic notation preserved on stone – the precise character and contours of the music has long been considered irreproducible. However, the UK ... Read More »

Βόρεια Μακεδονία: Έλληνες στρατηγοί στα Σκόπια – «Πάνε» οι Τούρκοι

Η στρατιωτική συνεργασία της χώρας μας με τη Βόρεια Μακεδονία εξελίσσεται με γρήγορους ρυθμούς. Tribune Η Συμφωνία των Πρεσπών, όπως σας γράφαμε πριν την κύρωσή της, θα απαγκίστρωνε τη Βόρεια Μακεδονία από το στρατιωτικό έλεγχο της Τουρκίας. Η Τουρκία είχε «αρπάξει» τον μικρό στρατό της χώρας σχεδόν από την αρχή της διένεξης με την Ελλάδα. Εκπαίδευσε σε τουρκικά στρατιωτικά σχολεία τους αξιωματικούς της, δημιουργούσε προσωπικές σχέσεις. Η Τουρκία είχε στόχο να μετατρέψει τη Βόρεια Μακεδονία σε… Σε αυτό υπολόγιζε και στους… Βόρεια Μακεδονία: ... Read More »

Α. Συρίγος: Απέχουμε πολύ από το να γίνουμε ισχυρός ενεργειακός παίκτης στη Μεσόγειο

Βρισκόμαστε ακόμη μακριά από το να θεωρήσουμε ότι ο αγωγός East Med αλλάζει τις ισορροπίες στην περιοχή και ότι η Ελλάδα μετατρέπεται σε ισχυρό ενεργειακό παίκτη στην Ανατολική Μεσόγειο, τονίζει στο… Συνέντευξη στον Γιώργο Φιντικάκη Liberal Σχολιάζοντας τις προσδοκίες που καλλιεργούνται ότι με τη συμφωνία αλλάζουν τα γεωπολιτικά δεδομένα, ο καθηγητής του Παντείου απαντά ότι ασφαλώς και αναβαθμίζεται ο ρόλος της Ελλάδας, ωστόσο τα… Αναφορικά με τις πρόσφατες ανακαλύψεις και την ευρύτερη κινητικότητα, ο κ. Συρίγος θεωρεί ότι αναδεικνύουν την «επί τετραετία ... Read More »

Ο άνθρωπος που άλλαξε το DNA του ευρώ και έσωσε την παρτίδα

Στον Μάριο Ντράγκι πιστώνονται πολιτική ευαισθησία, δεξιότητες και αποτελεσματική επικοινωνία. Protagon Ηταν ο άνθρωπος που εισήγαγε το περίφημο QE (που εμείς δεν είδαμε ποτέ) και έσωσε το ευρώ. Ηταν ο τραπεζίτης που βρήκε την ισορροπία με τους Γερμανούς. «Στα μάτια ορισμένων ο Μάριο Ντράγκι έχει κάτι από τη λάμψη ενός αστέρα της ροκ», πράγμα που επιβεβαιώθηκε κατά την τελευταία εμφάνισή του στην Ευρωβουλή – αυτά γράφουν οι Finacial Times, έχοντας κατά νου ότι στις 28 του περασμένου Ιανουαρίου ο πρόεδρος ... Read More »