‘We can and must push back against the tide of fascism,’ says Arab-Israeli MK Tibi


As Israel’s General Election approaches on 9 April, MEMO interviews candidates, current and former, about their hopes for the future of Israeli politics.

  • Rebecca Stead
  • The Middle East Monitor

Ahmad Tibi is, in many ways, the face of Palestinian politics within Israel.

Boasting 20 years’ service as a Knesset Member (MK), he sees no reason why he shouldn’t one day become Israel’s Prime Minister.

Yet with only days to go until the General Election, Tibi must battle anti-Palestinian rhetoric, an increasingly-emboldened right-wing and disillusionment among the Arab-Israeli community to secure his re-election to parliament.

True to form, he has some strong words to say on the matter.

Tibi holds the number two slot in an…

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