Lynsey Addario on maternal mortality


Renowned for her fearless coverage of conflicts, Addario reflects on the experience of documenting a silent epidemic of epic proportions

  • Words: Hannah Abel-Hirsch
  • British Journal of Photography

Throughout the Wellcome Photography Prize submission periodBritish Journal of Photography is profiling photographers who are exploring the importance of health in society and the…

In line with theMedicine in Focus category, BJP spoke to Lynsey Addario about her series on maternal mortality in Sierra…

Noor Nisa, eighteen (right), in labor and stranded with her mother in Badakhshan Province, Afghanistan, November 2009. Her husband’s first wife died during childbirth, so he was determined to get her to the hospital, a four-hour drive from their village. His borrowed car broke down and I ended up taking them to the hospital, where Noor Nisa delivered a baby girl.

Lynsey Addario is no stranger to conflict.

The Pulitzer Prize-winning photojournalist has…

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