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Chapecoense plane crash: Bolivia blames pilot and airline

A Bolivian investigation into a plane crash that killed 71 people last month, including dozens of Brazilian football players, has concluded that the pilot and the airline were directly responsible, an official says. BBC News The plane, operated by Bolivian airline LaMia, plunged into a mountainside near the Colombian city Medellin. Only six people… Chapecoense plane crash… Read More »

The strange inspirations behind Greek myths

There are many strange stories in Odysseus’s long journey home after the sack of Troy, but where do they come from? BBC News Ella Davies Many of us know the well-told ancient Greek story with the wooden horse, but how well do you know its sequel? Homer’s Odyssey recounts what happened after the sack of Troy, specifically Odysseus’s epic voyage home. It might be fictional but… The strange inspirations… Read More »

UN raises alarm on hunger in Kenya and Eastern Africa

Persistence of severe drought is likely to push the number of hungry Kenyans beyond the 1.3 million already considered “food insecure,” a United Nations agency has warned. Daily Nation Kevin J. Kelley “Based on the latest predictions, the impacts of the current drought in the southern part of the country will lessen by mid-2017, but counties in the north — in particular Turkana, Marsabit, Wajir and Mandera — will steadily get… UN raises alarm on hunger in… Read More »

What’s triggering gunfire at Indian weddings?

Dozens of celebrations have ended in tragedy this year, but the strangely feudalistic practice of ‘happy fire’ shows no sign of abating in North India Asia Times Anusha Venkat Earlier this month, Kamal Chauhan took his own life with the same revolver that had snuffed out that of young Rishabh Gupta two days earlier. Chauhan couldn’t bear to live after he accidentally killed the 20-year-old Amity… What’s triggering gunfire… Read More »

Supreme Court finds Government acted unlawfully in transferring children to Barwon jail

In a landmark case, the Supreme Court this morning held that the Victorian Government’s decision to transfer children to Barwon maximum security adult jail was unlawful. HRLC The Court also found that the Government failed to properly consider the Victorian Charter of Human Rights. Ruth Barson, Director of Legal Advocacy at the Human Rights Law Centre, said that this is a significant outcome for upholding children’s rights in Victoria. “Jailing children in an adult prison is wrong. This is why ... Read More »

How far would you really go for the Syrians?

The atrocities unfolding in Aleppo over the past few weeks have resulted in a reinvigorated outpouring of global grief. On Line Opinion Marieke Jacobs Images of bloodied and lifeless bodies flood our socials, while the hashtags #prayforaleppo, #saveallepo, and #savesyria coalesce into a collective narrative of horror, compassion and despair. We have taken to the streets to… How far would you really go for… Read More »

If Brexit means liberation, why does it feel so dull and joyless?

The dismal project of leaving the European Union is without art or poetry. It is entirely lacking in the cultural depth on which nation-building depends The Guardian Rafael Behr The opening number in Tim Minchin’s brilliant adaptation of Roald Dahl’s Matilda features one of my favourite lines from the musical repertoire. It is sung by a teacher… If Brexit means liberation, why does… Read More »

(Another) Christmas crisis in Northern Ireland

Unionist leader under pressure to quit over botched energy project. Politico Peter Geoghegan BELFAST — On Monday, lawmakers in Northern Ireland were supposed to discuss a draft budget. Instead, there were farcical scenes including two walkouts by opposition MPs and the Northern Irish first minister, Arlene… (Another) Christmas crisis in… Read More »

Sticks And Stones May Break Israel’s Bones, But It’s Words That Really Frighten

The ‘Democratic State of Israel’ has decided to go ‘full North Korea’ and threaten to not renew an Australian Jewish journalist’s press visa for… wait for it… asking a question at a media event. New Matilda Chris Graham Chris Graham explains. Living in a free and democratic society is… Sticks And Stones May Break… Read More »

Rethinking Trump’s policy options for North Korea

Strategic patience, as exercised by the outgoing Obama administration, is highly unsustainable as a long-term policy Asia Times Jana Hajzlerova and Michael Raska In 2016, North Korea has conducted two nuclear tests, multiple missiles tests, and staged a rare Workers’ Party of Korea congress signaling the “official start to Kim Jong-un’s era” with no changes in its political course. At the same time… Rethinking Trump’s policy… Read More »