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Asda owner Walmart faces protests over Chinese workers’ pay

THE retail giant Walmart is facing a backlash over pay from its Chinese workforce, according to reports. Express Danny Backland Four of its stores were subject to wildcat strikes earlier this year and around 20,000 workers – about a fifth of its staff in the country – have joined an online forum to complain about their schedules and share protest slogans. Walmart, which owns the… Asda owner Walmart faces… Read More »

Thousands of refugees left in cold, as UN and EU accused of mismanagement

United Nations refugee agency and EU’s Echo aid department accused of failing to properly ‘winterise’ camps The Guardian Patrick Kingsley The UN refugee agency and the EU’s aid department have been accused by other aid groups of mismanaging a multimillion-pound fund earmarked for the most vulnerable refugees in Europe, leaving thousands sleeping in… Thousands of refugees left… Read More »

Reflections on 2016, with an eye toward 2017

As 2016 comes to a close, I am reflecting on how thankful I am to be a part of the AEI community. AEI Arthur C. Brooks While every year offers uplifting moments and disappointments, surprises and banalities, this year provided my colleagues an unusual amount of fodder for policy and political commentary. Our scholars reflected on the… Reflections on 2016, with… Read More »

Mexico fireworks market blast kills at least 31

About 70 injured in the huge explosion – the third in a decade to hit the popular San Pablito marketplace in Tultepec. Al Jazeera News A massive explosion decimated a fireworks market outside the Mexican capital,  leaving it a charred wasteland and killing at least 31 people with dozens more injured. Television images showed a flurry of… Mexico fireworks market… Read More »

Productivity Commission re-ignites copyright wars by recommending ‘fair use’

The Australian Government has just released the Productivity Commission’s report into Australia’s Intellectual Property Arrangements. The Conversation Nicolas Suzor and Shereen Parvez It’s a move that appears to have been designed to avoid some of the controversy of the copyright wars by releasing the report just before most Australians settle into their summer break. The report does something… Productivity Commission re-ignites… Read More »

Gazan girl turns walls into canvas for giant paintings

GAZA CITY, Gaza Strip — On a hilltop in the Shajaiya neighborhood in the eastern part of Gaza City, which was extensively damaged by the Israeli war on the Gaza Strip in July-August 2014, lives Ansam Raed Saleh al-Wadiya. Al Monitor Nirmine al-Jadi The teenager has turned the walls of her house into murals in an expression of her emotions and imagination, attracting visitors despite the piles of stone and rubble they must pass in the streets to get there. The eyes of Ansam… Gazan girl ... Read More »

Interview-Only a new law will guarantee Indian women have rights to land – scientist

Granting women equal rights to land would help boost food production, says father of India’s “Green Revolution” Thomson Reuters Foundation News Rina Chandran CHENNAI, India, Dec 21 (Thomson Reuters Foundation) – India must pass a law granting women equal rights to land as men if the country is to ensure more food is grown for its more than 1 billion people and greater respect for… INTERVIEW-Only a new law will… Read More »

Channeling love instead of fear

The antidote against politicians peddling hatred and fear is to listen with tolerance, respect and an open heart, writes Dr Geoff Davies. Dr Geoff Davies Independent Australia MANY Americans and Brits are struggling to come to terms with the votes for Trump and Brexit. We haven’t had the same shock in Australia, but we have a creeping version of the same disease. Chip Giller, the… Channeling love instead… Read More »

The Turkish assassin is a product of Tayyip Erdogan’s incitement

The murder of Andrew Karlov by an off-duty policeman in Turkey shocked the world. It was the first assassination of a Russian ambassador since 1829, when a mob egged on by Muslim clerics sacked the Russian embassy in Iran and shot Ambassador Alexander Griboyedov. AEI Michael Rubin Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan spoke to his Russian counterpart Vladimir Putin after the incident, and both agreed that they would not allow the incident to derail their rapprochement. Karlov’s murderer was… The ... Read More »