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Sturgeon: I’ll back firms who refuse to list foreign workers

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Scottish firms which ignore new UK rules on revealing how many foreign workers they hire have been told they will have the backing of Nicola Sturgeon. By SCOTT MACNAB The First Minister says she will stand “full square behind” any Scots company which snubs the… Sturgeon: I’ll back firms who refuse to… Read More »

Archbishop Desmond Tutu: When my time comes, I want the option of an assisted death

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Throughout my life, I have been fortunate to have spent my time working for dignity for the living. By Desmond Tutu I have campaigned passionately for people in my country and the world over to have their… Archbishop Desmond Tutu: When my time comes, I want… Read More »

Standoff between Brandis and solicitor-general threatens the rule of law

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On Wednesday, a Senate committee took evidence in an inquiry investigating the issue of a direction from Attorney-General George Brandis to the solicitor-general, Justin Gleeson. Gabrielle Appleby By the end of the day, the shadow attorney-general, Mark Dreyfus, was… Standoff between Brandis and… Read More »

North Korea’s DMZ: NBC News Gets Rare Access to Frozen Frontier

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PANMUNJOM, North Korea — Most roads in rural North Korea are little more than dirt tracks, unpaved and constantly maintained by workers shoveling earth to fill ruts and holes. by BILL NEELY Not this one. Just south of Pyongyang, the paved highway suddenly grows to the… North Korea’s DMZ: NBC News Gets Rare Access to… Read More »

Confrontation in Zimbabwe Turns Increasingly Violent

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Abductions, assaults by pro-government thugs and anti-government demonstrations met by tear gas and water cannon all signal rising levels of violence in Zimbabwe. Piers Pigou The situation is aggravated by the government’s failure to implement proposals for reform and… Confrontation in Zimbabwe Turns… Read More »

Ashraf Ghani’s gamble with ‘butcher of Kabul’

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For the Afghan president, a deal with Gulbuddin Hekmatyar is a political win, but it may not bring political stability. by Najib Sharifi Last week, the Afghan government signed a peace deal with the notorious warlord and… Ashraf Ghani’s gamble with… Read More »

On National Poetry Day we should be championing the artform’s diversity

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Despite women and people of colour dominating poetry slams, it’s still white men who get most of the paying gigs and festivals Bridget Minamore When it comes to the diverse range of people championing poetry in the UK, we seemingly have a lot to celebrate this National Poetry… On National Poetry Day we should be championing the… Read More »

Reassembling Colombia’s Rejected Peace Deal

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Three interlocking sets of negotiations can still end Colombia’s 52 years of civil war, even after a 2 October referendum voted down a 26 September peace deal. But success will need energetic new engagement by all sides – especially in the region. Reassembling Colombia’s Rejected… Read More »

New UN chief warns of ‘huge challenges’ ahead

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The man set to become the next United Nations secretary-general has said he faces “huge challenges” and hopes to see unity and consensus during his term. Antonio Guterres praised the UN Security Council for its swiftness and unity in approving him by acclamation in a… New UN chief warns of ‘huge… Read More »

Senator Nick Xenophon moves to bring down ‘dangerous’ drone rules recently introduced by CASA

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Independent senator Nick Xenophon has pledged to move an “urgent disallowance motion” to change new rules that allow people to fly light drones without a licence or training. The Civil Aviation Safety Authority (CASA) recently changed rules governing the use of commercial drones. The new… Senator Nick Xenophon moves to… Read More »

Why is globalisation under attack?

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Free trade and globalisation seem to be under siege from a broad and loud range of opponents. By Mark Broad, Economics reporter, BBC News For decades there has been a strong consensus that globalisation brought more jobs, higher wages and lower prices – not just for richer countries but also for developing and… Why is globalisation under… Read More »

Can Women Be Trusted on Abortion? Two Men Weigh In

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Well, that was painful. What with the cross talk, interruptions, insults, sneers and overly rehearsed zingers, the vice-presidential debate on Tuesday surely bewildered more voters than it enlightened. By KATHA POLLITT There was one area, though, in which both Senator Tim Kaine and Gov. Mike Pence were crystal-clear and decidedly different: abortion… Can Women Be Trusted on… Read More »

Read With Raf October: The Fighter by Arnold Zable

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The Read With Raf book for October is Arnold Zable’s ‘The Fighter’, a biography of Henry Nissen, champion boxer and youth social worker. Grab the book from your local library, or buy a copy from your local bookstore and read along with Raf and Alicia Sometimes this month. Author Arnold Zable is an award-winning Australian writer and storyteller, who garnered widespread acclaim for his 1991 memoir ‘Jewels and… Read With Raf… Read More »

Ode to Lesbos, the villagers who helped refugees – in pictures

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Pulitzer Prize winning photojournalist Daniel Etter, whose images from Kos touched the hearts of millions last year, returned to Greece this September to photograph the islanders who feature in the new documentary short Ode to Lesvos, created by Johnnie Walker® to shine a light on the inspirational acts of compassion shown in response to the refugee crisis. Daniel Etter Ode to Lesbos, the villagers who helped… Read More »