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Moulitsas: Shifting on migrants

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Over the course of many years, polling has consistently shown that the bulk of Americans — including sizeable numbers of conservatives — believe in legalization of our… Markos Moulitsas TheHill For example, Pew Research has consistently found that that at least 64 percent of Americans supported “creating a… Moulitsas: Shifting on… Read More »

What Turkey will be looking for when Trump calls Erdogan

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ISTANBUL — When President Trump speaks to President Recep Tayyip Erdogan in a much-anticipated phone call late Tuesday, Erdogan is certain to press his counterpart to reject Pentagon proposals to arm Kurdish fighters in Syria and… Kareem Fahim and Karen DeYoung The Washington Post Trump may want to change the…Meeting either demand could be problematic for the… What Turkey will… Read More »

How Trump will save Europe

epa05739216 Protesters with an anti-Trump signs during the Women's March near the Eiffel Tower in Paris, France, 21 January 2017. Protest rallies were held in over 30 countries around the world in solidarity with the Women's March on Washington in defense of press freedom, women's and human rights following the official inauguration on 20 January of Donald J. Trump as the 45th President of the United States of America in Washington, USA.  EPA/IAN LANGSDON

It’s not too late to turn the tables on its populist shake-up. Mark Leonard and Vessela Tcherneva Politico In his first weeks in office, U.S. President Donald Trump has demonstrated that the threat he presents to European interests has not been overstated. There is good… How Trump will… Read More »

Russia hacked the US election. Now it’s coming for western democracy

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Vladimir Putin wants to extend his influence beyond the ballot box and into the very fabric of our public life. Robby Mook The Guardian We must take action before it’s too late The Russian hacking… Russia hacked the… Read More »

Two and a half minutes to Midnight

FILE - In this Sept. 8, 1945 file photo, an allied correspondent stands in the rubble in front of the shell of a building that once was a movie theater in Hiroshima, Japan, a month after the first atomic bomb ever used in warfare was dropped by the U.S. on Monday, Aug. 6, 1945. In a moment seven decades in the making, President Barack Obama this month will become the first sitting American president to visit Hiroshima, where the U.S. dropped an atomic bomb during World War II, decimating a city and exploding the world into the Atomic Age.  (AP Photo/Stanley Troutman, File)

Finally the telephone has rung and Gentiloni, after a long and nervous wait, managed to hear the voice of the new US President, Donald Trump. Manlio Dinucci Voltaire The thrust of the telephone call – informs Palazzo Chigi – [is] the “historical friendship and collaboration between Italy and the US”, in the context of “Nato’s fundamental importance”. However, the Italian… Two and a half… Read More »

Study finds troubling consequences for anti-Muslim and anti-Mexican attitudes and actions

Eurek Alert

When Muslims and Mexican immigrants feel dehumanized by Americans, they are more likely to exhibit hostile responses, including support for violent over nonviolent collective action and unwillingness to assist counterterrorism efforts University of Pennsylvania Eurek Alert The President’s recent Executive Order is attempting to close U.S. borders to citizens of seven Muslim-majority countries, with the rationale that it would make Americans safer against the threat of terrorism. But new research… Study finds troubling… Read More »

Why Not Make Economics a Science?

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Economists have come to rival even journalists and politicians in lack of public… Editorial Board  Bloomberg That might be partly because so many economists seem as interested in journalism and politics as in advancing their… But there’s also a deeper problem: Far from advancing, the science of economics has been… Why Not Make… Read More »

‘Worse than death’ Nauru: A mother’s story


Another shocking first-hand account of the appalling conditions in offshore detention, this time on Nauru. Sarah Smith reports. Sarah Smith Independent Australia MARIE* AND I have a lot in common. We are both… ‘Worse than death… Read More »

ACT Law Society defends claims it discriminated against black lawyer

ACT -  Canberra

The ACT Law Society and its professional standards manager have successfully defended claims they discriminated against, vilified and victimised a black Canberra lawyer. Alexandra Back The Canberra Times The claims of Emmanuel Tam Ezekiel-Hart, a solicitor who came to Australia from Nigeria more than a decade ago, centred around an alleged incident at the society’s office and its decision to refuse him a practising certificate. On February 23, 2016… ACT Law Society… Read More »

A Quiet Giant of Investing Weighs In on Trump

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He is the most successful and influential investor you have probably never heard… Andrew Ross Sorkin  The New York Times His writings are so coveted and followed by Wall Street that a used copy of a book he wrote several decades ago about investing starts at $795 on Amazon, and a new copy sells for as much as… Perhaps that’s… A Quiet Giant… Read More »

Society is changing fast. Where do you fit in?

Society - The Examiner

Perhaps the most shocking thing about Donald Trump is his continued ability to shock. Hanna Conal The Examiner Disbelief piles on top of disbelief. First his victory in… Society is changing… Read More »

Why Americans Shouldn’t Normalize The Hijab

Hijab - The Federalist

The endgame of hijab culture in Islam is totalitarian. Luma Simms The Federalist For all their talk of ‘renegades,’ Playboy and The Huffington Post are hawking the banal conformity of this age: Anything but Western Christendom. In an article on… Why Americans Shouldn’t… Read More »

Donald Trump should not be allowed to speak in UK parliament, says Speaker

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Government sources describe John Bercow’s comments about US president as ‘hugely political and out of line’ Anushka Asthana , Jessica Elgot, Rowena Mason The Guardian Donald Trump is unfit to address MPs, according to the Speaker of the House of Commons, who said that he would refuse to invite the US president to speak at Westminster because of… Donald Trump should… Read More »

US-based Turkish businessman urges solid action against Islamophobia

Activism - Daily Sabah

Murat Güzel, a Turkish-American businessman, has urged officials to take more concrete action against Islamophobia and its negative repercussions, while highlighting the need for strengthening U.S.-Turkey relations for a more effective fight against Daesh terrorists. Daily Sabah Güzel made the remarks while addressing the annual convention of the “innovative” wing of the U.S. Democratic Party, on Sunday. Attending the meeting of… US-based Turkish businessman… Read More »