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What the break-up of the British Empire can tell us about Brexit

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The art of leaving A generous payment here and there can go a long way The Economist IF THE current crop of Whitehall mandarins think they have their hands full negotiating an exit from the European Union, they should spare a thought for their… Britain’s withdrawal from its empire in the What the break… Read More »

Unless It Changes, Capitalism Will Starve Humanity By 2050

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Capitalism has generated massive wealth for some, but it’s devastated the planet and has failed to improve human well… Drew Hansen Forbes • Species are going extinct at a rate 1,000 times faster than that of the natural rate over the previous 65 million years (see Center for Health and the Global Environment at Harvard Medical School). Since 2000, 6 million hectares of… Unless It Changes… Read More »

Eva Cox’s wisdom: dare to be difficult

Eva Cox 1a The Guardian

In a lifetime of pushing the boundaries, from her birth in 1930s Austria and through her postwar life in Australia, the feminist, academic and activist Eva Cox has never shied away from being difficult. David Fanner and Lucy Clark The Guardian Video In fact, she sees it as her duty. ‘Don’t worry about being called difficult. It shows you’re making a difference… We need the stirrers, we need the outsiders, we need the people who change things’ Eva Cox’s wisdom… Read More »

Bill Frist: The Case for Keeping America’s AIDS Relief Plan

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Among global public health advocates, there is a growing concern that President Trump may cut back, or even eliminate, programs that have played a critical role in fighting diseases… Bill Frist The New York Times While every administration should strongly review our nation’s overseas commitments, and… Bill Frist: The… Read More »

Scores of state lawmakers took trips subsidized by controversial Turkish opposition movement

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Who’s Calling the Shots in State Politics? Gulen groups are connected to U.S. charter school network overseen by legislators Liz Essley Whyte Center for Public Integrity Just why exactly would 151 state legislators from places like Idaho and Texas accept subsidized junkets from a Turkish opposition group now blamed by that… Scores of state… Read More »

South Africa Zuma: Violence at State of Nation address

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Punches have been thrown in South Africa’s parliament as opposition MPs tried to disrupt the State of the Nation address by President Jacob… BBC Members of the radical Economic Freedom Fighters’ party (EFF), all dressed in red, scuffled with security guards who ejected them from the… Mr Zuma had… South Africa Zuma… Read More »

UN alarmed at reports of forced deportations of Manus asylum seekers

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The United Nations refugee agency has expressed alarm at reports that Papua New Guinea has begun forced deportations from Australia’s offshore detention centre on Manus… Michael Koziol, Michael Gordon The Age An attempt to remove two Nepalese asylum seekers from the island was made early on… It is understood one of the… UN alarmed at… Read More »

Romanian justice minister resigns after angry anti-corruption protests

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Plan to decriminalise offences and issue jail pardons prompted hundreds of thousands of Romanians to take to the… Kit Gillet in Bucharest The Guardian Romania’s justice minister has resigned following the largest street protests in the country since the fall of communism in… Florin Iordache was one of the… Romanian justice minister… Read More »

Machines Can Replace Millions of Bureaucrats

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When it comes to robots displacing humans from the job market, government bureaucrats are generally not what springs to… Leonid Bershidsky Bloomberg The recent McKinsey report on the future of jobs estimates the automation potential of administrative jobs at just 39 percent, far less than the… And yet the… Machines Can Replace… Read More »

Ecuador presidential candidate promises to evict Julian Assange from embassy

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Main opposition candidate said WikiLeaks founder’s asylum expensive and not justified. Gašper Završnik Politico WikiLeaks founder Julian Assange will be asked to leave the Ecuadorian embassy in London within a month if the country’s main opposition candidate Guillermo Lasso wins the… Ecuador presidential candidate… Read More »

May gets green light to trigger Brexit as Labour splits deepen

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MPs have given ministers the go-ahead to begin the taking the UK out of the EU by passing legislation to trigger Article 50 of the… Paris Gourtsoyannis The Scotsman The House of Commons voted by 494 to 122 pass the European Union (Notification of Withdrawal) Bill, giving Theresa May the… Ministers succeeded in rushing the… May gets green… Read More »

Newton Emerson: Time for the Sinn Féin crocodile to be fed

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Stormont’s veto system has worked so far, but the next generation will expect more… Newton Emerson The Irish Times Broadly speaking, Arlene Foster is correct. Feed the Sinn Féin crocodile and it will just come back for more. Republicans intend to settle for nothing less than a united Ireland, implicitly recognised by … Newton Emerson: Time… Read More »

Kenya’s high court declares move to close the world’s largest refugee camp illegal

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A Kenyan court has ruled that the government must not close the world’s largest refugee camp and send more than 200,000 people back to war-torn… ABC The decision that eases pressure on Somalis who feared the camp would close by the end of… Kenya’s Internal Security Minister abused his power by ordering the closure of Dadaab camp, Judge… Kenya’s high court… Read More »

What will Donald Trump mean for America’s half a million homeless people?

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Bad weather has been forecast — high winds and freezing rain — but today Daniel is lucky: he has the sun on his face and a spot at the entrance to the famous Santa Monica Pier, one of LA’s premier beachside… RN – By Antony Funnell ABC It’s a commanding view, but Daniel’s not there for the sightseeing, he’s there to beg. What will Donald… Read More »