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The secret of how life on Earth began

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Today life has conquered every square inch of Earth, but when the planet formed it was a dead rock. How did life get started? By Michael Marshall How did life begin? There can hardly be a bigger question. For… The secret of… Read More »

Mark Carney writes his own departure script

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The governor of the Bank of England said he will step down in June 2019. By FRANCESCO GUERRERA LONDON — Mark Carney is going but not until after Brexit. Like all superstars, the photogenic governor of the Bank of England scripted his own exit from the U.K. political stage. After keeping politicians, investors, and… Mark Carney writes his… Read More »

Westpac and Thrive Partnership to Help Refugees Start Businesses

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Banking giant Westpac and refugee microfinancing charity Thrive have joined forces in a $2 million partnership to support refugees to establish their own businesses in Australia. Pro Bono Australia Lina Caneva Westpac has also seconded a chief operating officer (COO) to develop all elements of Thrive’s operations, from credit policies to loan documents, and help establish it as a stand-alone entity. Westpac said it would provide funding without… Westpac and Thrive Partnership to… Read More »

Asylum seekers face lifetime ban from entering Australia if they arrive by boat

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New law to include refugees and will apply to any adult sent to Manus Island or Nauru since July 2013 Gareth Hutchens The Turnbull government plans to ban asylum seekers who arrive by boat from ever being allowed into Australia. The ban will apply to any adult who has been sent to… Asylum seekers face… Read More »

Icelanders vote for stability as Pirates fall short of expectations

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Icelanders opted for stability in a general election, results showed on Oct. 30, with the anti-establishment Pirate Party falling short of expectations and the junior partner in the outgoing government emerging on top. REYKJAVIK – Reuters With voters still angered by the 2008 financial crisis and the naming of several government figures in an… Icelanders vote for… Read More »

Slogan in Turkey During Erdogan’s Rally: ‘Armenian Bastards Cannot Deter Us’

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Turkish president Recep Tayyip Erdogan recently held a rally at the airport in the northern Turkish city of Trabzon. By Robert Jones During his speech, the crowd started chanting: “Armenian bastards cannot deter us.” Erdogan did not warn or condemn the crowd as they repeated their ugly… Slogan in Turkey… Read More »

Syria: The Next U.S. President’s First 100 Days

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America’s goal should be ending the civil war, not regime change. Amitai Etzioni According to the Washington Post, there is already a lively debateamong Secretary of State Hillary Clinton’s foreign-policy advisers about what is to be done in Syria if she becomes the next president. Arguments are between those who… Syria: The Next… Read More »

African Powers Must Support Democracy in DR Congo

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African leaders meeting in Luanda this week got part of the way to solving the Democratic Republic of Congo’s (DRC) political crisis, endorsing a proposed sixteen-month delay for the DRC’s presidential election. Richard Moncrieff But to ensure the frustration of the DRC opposition and popular anger does not spill over into more violence, they must do much more to make sure the… African Powers Must… Read More »

Kristalina Georgieva to quit Commission for World Bank job

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A source said the Bulgarian was frustrated with the ‘poisonous’ influence of Jean-Claude Juncker’s chief of staff. By RYAN HEATH Kristalina Georgieva resigned Friday as vice president of the European Commission to take a job as CEO of the World Bank, after becoming frustrated by the… Kristalina Georgieva to… Read More »

An American chopper patrols over the skies of Baghdad. (DVIDSHUB, Flickr) Inside The Invisible Government: John Pilger On War, Propaganda, Clinton And Trump

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A silent war continues, led by the west, ignored by the media, writes John Pilger. By John Pilger  The American journalist, Edward Bernays, is often described as the man who invented modern propaganda. The nephew of Sigmund Freud, the pioneer of psycho-analysis, it… Inside The Invisible… Read More »

Lofty ambitions confront reality in Turkish Stream pipeline

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Russia and Turkey signed an agreement to build a gas pipeline early this month, provoking worry that the Turkish Stream pipeline could render Ukraine obsolete as a gas conduit to Europe. By Josh Kovensky Ankara appears to have ambitions to become a gas transit hub connecting Central Asia, the Black Sea region and the… Lofty ambitions confront… Read More »

World’s largest marine protected area declared in Antarctica

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Delegates from 24 countries and the European Union have agreed that the Ross Sea in Antarctica will become the world’s largest marine protected area (MPA). Some 1.57m sq km (600,000 sq miles) of the Southern Ocean will gain protection from commercial fishing for 35 years. Environmentalists have welcomed the… World’s largest marine… Read More »

If we’re serious about gender equality, we need more women in leadership roles

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Women still believe there are greater benefits to being male, according to new research, despite significant improvements in gender equality. Melissa Wheeler Victor Sojo This finding may come as something of a surprise, because it many ways women are doing better than… If we’re serious… Read More »

Victoria appoints Marlo Baragwanath first female government solicitor

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The first woman to be appointed Victorian government solicitor says it is “about time” a female is given the job. Marlo Baragwanath is the first woman to officially hold the senior legal position, leading the office that provides legal advice to the Victorian Government and… Victoria appoints Marlo… Read More »