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Britain will not contribute £50bn to EU budget if no Brexit deal is reached, says Lords report

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‘The UK appears to have a strong legal position in respect of the EU budget post-Brexit and this provides important context to the… Ashley Cowburn The Independent Britain will not be legally obliged to contribute towards the European Union’s budget if no exit deal is reached, according to a… The report from the Lords also claims that calculations of the… Britain will not… Read More »

Strategy in the Age of Superabundant Capital


For most of the past 50 years, business leaders viewed financial capital as their most precious… Michael Mankins Karen Harris David Harding Harvard Business Publishing They worked hard to ensure that every penny went to funding only the most promising… A generation of executives was taught to apply hurdle rates that reflected the high capital costs prevalent for most of the… Strategy in the… Read More »

Federal Ban Is Barring Access To Medical Marijuana For Veterans

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Medical marijuana laws are expanding in states across the U.S., but veterans are still struggling to access programs due to the continued… Steve Birr The Daily Caller A growing chorus of veteran groups are petitioning the government to ease restrictions on federal marijuana… The continued classification of marijuana as a… Federal Ban Is… Read More »

Kim Jong-nam assassination: Malaysia expels North Korean ambassador Kang Chol

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Malaysia has expelled the North Korean ambassador to the country, asking him to leave within 48 hours and declaring him “persona non… ABC The move came nearly three weeks after the estranged half brother of North Korean leader Kim Jong-un was murdered at Kuala Lumpur’s airport with a… US and… Kim Jong-nam… Read More »

Women prisoners avoid reoffending with help of mentoring program

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A newly established Women’s Justice Network is calling on the corporate sector to throw a lifeline to women prisoners and support mentoring programs that reduce reoffending. Philippa McDonald ABC The programs, run by the Women in Prison Advocacy Network since 2008, which match prisoners with volunteer mentors, have reduced recidivism by 93 per cent among those who complete a mentoring course. Ally Colquitt, 33… Women prisoners avoid… Read More »

The US, Turkey and the Kurds

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Ankara is challenging Washington’s approach to the Kurds. Eric Czuleger GPF Washington and Ankara appear to be reaching a resolution on their long-standing conflict over the Syrian Kurds. The tension between their conflicting views of the Kurds came to a head on March 2 when Turkish Foreign Minister Mevlüt… The US, Turkey… Read More »

Why We Believe Obvious Untruths

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How can so many people believe things that are demonstrably false? Gray Matter The New York Times The question has taken on new urgency as the Trump administration propagates falsehoods about voter fraud, climate change and crime statistics that large swaths of the population have bought into. But collective delusion… Why We Believe… Read More »

From bread lines to hunger marches: street photography in the 1930s

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Throughout this troubled decade, people took to the streets to seek fair treatment, the right to work – or just some scraps of food Don’t miss the first of the Guardian’s special 1930s supplements, free with Saturday’s newspaper Read more: Are the 2010s really like the 1930s? Plus: What the Great Depression reveals about our future The Guardian From bread lines… Read More »

In places where it’s legal, how many people are ending their lives using euthanasia?

Euthanasia - The Conversation

The Victorian Parliament will consider a bill to legalise euthanasia in the second half of 2017. Andrew McGee The Conversation That follows the South Australian Parliament’s decision to knock back a voluntary euthanasia bill late last year, and the issue has also cropped up in the run-up to the March 11 Western Australian election. With the issue… In places where… Read More »

Asia’s precarious rise

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Since Japan’s emergence as an economic juggernaut in the 1970s, experts have predicted the arrival of an “Asian century.” Michael Auslin AEI We should get ready, they say, for a tectonic shift in global power as U.S. influence declines, Europe’s discontents mount, and the countries of the Indo-Pacific come to dominate world politics, economics and security. Images of Asia’s… Asia’s precarious… Read More »

Nuclear Weapons: Trust But Modernize

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The United States is planning to modernize its nuclear deterrent over the next 25 years, an effort already two decades late in implementation. Peter Huessy The Daily Caller That delay, a procurement holiday, resulted in all elements of our nuclear enterprise—the warheads, the communications, the submarines, the land based missiles and the bombers and their associated cruise missiles… Nuclear Weapons: Trust… Read More »

A New Era In Pakistan-Turkey Relationship

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On November 17, 2016, there was pin drop silence in Pakistan’s Parliament as the country’s most respectable guest rose to deliver a… Kaswar Klasra ValueWork He was none other than Turkish President Recep Tayyip… “Honorable National Assembly Speaker, Honorable Chairman of the Senate, esteemed Members of the… A New Era… Read More »

Kenya: Avoiding Another Electoral Crisis

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Political tensions are rising in Kenya ahead of elections in August for the presidency and other senior… Murithi Mutiga ICG Measures taken now can avert the risk of a repeat of electoral violence that killed hundreds of people in… Kenyans go to the polls in August, and fierce contests are likely in the race for the… Kenya: Avoiding Another… Read More »

Fatima Bhutto on Indian partition film Viceroy’s House: ‘I watched this servile pantomime and wept’

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Gurinder Chadha’s film is a glossy imperial version of India’s traumatic partition that scandalously misrepresents the historical reality Fatima Bhutto The Guardian Gurinder Chadha’s Raj film Viceroy’s House begins with an ominous warning: “History is written by the victors.” It sure is. The empire and its… Fatima Bhutto on… Read More »