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The Morrison Apologia – Children in Detention

Dr. Binoy Kampmark
Chil 4d

Detaining children in makeshift, harsh facilities has become a feature of global political practice. The grounds are common – inadequate or no documentation; irregular or ‘illegal’ arrivals with their parents.  Despite the high minded rhetoric of child protection that surrounds government and civic group initiatives, the mobile child, the refugee minor, is considered a nuisance of policy. The Global Campaign ... Read More »

Tolerance is bigotry’s counterpart in keeping Muslims divided

Mohamad Tabbaa
Muslims praying 1a AAP LLLL

Every time a controversy plays out, more conditions are added to our being ‘tolerable’. We deserve our rights – including to places to practice our faith without political interference  Jump to comments Everyone knows the game. It’s called “asking the Muslim question”. We’ve been playing it a lot this year. Can Muslims be trusted with a mosque in Bendigo? Are ... Read More »

No more Cuban-style policies?

French politics
Francoc 1a

IN MANY respects, the new French government, which was unveiled today, looks a lot like the old one. The reformist Manuel Valls is still prime minister. Laurent Fabius stays on as foreign minister; Michel Sapin continues as finance minister; Jean-Yves Le Drian keeps his job at defence; Ségolène Royal remains in charge of the environment and energy; Bernard Cazeneuve stays ... Read More »

Families can help with home-grown terror defence

Cov 1a

THE most important part of the federal government’s new range of counter-terrorism measures is also the least expensive. While the government is investing more than $60 million in advanced counter-terrorism tactics, including more than $11 million to create two Australian Federal Police investigation teams to stop Australian extremists fighting overseas, Prime Minister Tony Abbott has called on families and communities ... Read More »

Federal Government to spend $13 million on Muslims at risk of becoming radical jihadists

Ellen Whinnett
Khaled Sharrouf and boys believed to be his sons 1a LLLLLLLL

THE Abbott Government will spend more than $13 million on education, youth activities and employment programs for young Muslims at risk of ­becoming radical jihadists. Prime Minister Tony ­Abbott said the move was ­designed to combat home-grown terrorism and deter Australians from joining overseas terror activities. “We need to understand that this is a very significant issue and it is ... Read More »

Construction sector plagued by phoenix tax, pay dodges

AM business editor Peter Ryan
Construction worker on scaffolding on a building site 1a Canberra photo by ABC LLLLLLLLLL

Some of Australia’s biggest construction projects are being probed by regulators in relation to claims of corruption and tax avoidance. The Australian Tax Office (ATO) and the Australian Securities and Investments Commission (ASIC) are paying special attention to what is known as phoenix activity in the construction sector, where companies go into liquidation to avoid paying entitlements to their staff. ... Read More »


Dean Kalimniou

I have always idly entertained the implausible theory that Cypriots have some manner of connection with the subcontinent. I base this absurd hypothesis on the generally darker hue of the Cypriot skin and the undulating lilting tone of their accent, which reminds on of spoken Gujarati. Yet I believe I have of late, discovered the final, incontrovertible piece of evidence ... Read More »

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