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Facebook complies with Turkey page block order

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The BBC has learned that Facebook has complied with a Turkish court order demanding the blocking of a page it said offended the Prophet Muhammad. If the social media platform had refused, the court had threatened to block access to the entire site. The site is believed to have around 40 million members in Turkey. Facebook declined to comment but ... Read More »

Trojan Hearse: Greek Elections and the Euro Leper Colony

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Europe is stunned, and bankers aghast, that the new party of the Left, Syriza, won Sunday’s parliamentary elections in Greece. By Greg Palast for το χωνί (Greece) Syriza won on the promise that it will cure Greece of leprosy. Oddly, Syriza also promises that it will remain in the leper colony.  That is, Syriza wants to rid Greece of the cruelty of ... Read More »

Ending Greece’s Nightmare

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Alexis Tsipras, leader of the left-wing Syriza coalition, is about to become prime minister of Greece. The New York Times - Paul Krugman He will be the first European leader elected on an explicit promise to challenge the austerity policies that have prevailed since 2010. And there will, of course, be many people warning him to abandon that promise, to behave ... Read More »

Dementia ‘linked’ to common over-the-counter drugs

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A study has linked commonly used medicines, including over-the-counter treatments for conditions such as insomnia and hay-fever, to dementia. ( BBC ) All of the types of medication in question are drugs that have an “anticholinergic” effect. Experts say people should not panic or stop taking their medicines. In the US study, in the journal JAMA Internal Medicine, higher doses ... Read More »

Australia Has A Lot Of Growing Up To Do

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Amy McQuire doesn’t celebrate ‘Australia Day’. She does, however, hope one day for a mature conversation about changing the date. New Matilda – Amy McQuire  Every year on January 26th, Australians are given a license to act like immature children, as if to mirror the illusion that Australia really is a “young country” and not an ancient land with 70,000 years ... Read More »

Attorney-General George Brandis says metadata limits jeopardise criminal investigations

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Australian internet firms are wiping some customer “metadata” immediately or within days, causing problems for law enforcement including an investigation into a potential child rape that had to be abandoned. The Age – David Wroe, National security correspondent As it steps up its contentious push to force internet providers to retain metadata, the federal government has provided examples of how metadata is used ... Read More »

India and US seal nuclear deal as Modi hosts Obama

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The US and India have announced a breakthrough on a pact that will allow American companies to supply India with civilian nuclear technology. ( BBC ) It came on the first day of President Barack Obama’s visit to India. The nuclear deal had been held up for six years amid concerns over the liability for any nuclear accident. Indian Prime ... Read More »

Jonathan enters Boko Haram heartland, vows to end insurgency

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Nigerian President Goodluck Jonathan held an election rally Saturday at the epicentre of Boko Haram’s insurgency, vowing to defeat the Islamist fighters as locals mourned another 15 deaths. The president’s visit to Maiduguri, the capital of northeast Nigeria’s restive Borno state, came the day after Boko Haram militants killed 15 villagers in nearby Kambari. “What I can assure you is ... Read More »