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Previously Uncontacted Tribe Have Contracted Influenza

isolated indians 2

Earlier this month, Brazil’s National Indian Foundation (FUNAI) confirmed that an Amazonian tribe that had never before had contact with the outside world had made voluntary contact; a rare event that is usually brought on by threats of violence. Rather than be excited to learn more about the group’s ways and customs, anthropologists have been fearful that the tribe would ... Read More »

40 Trees in 1: The Tree with 40 Kinds of Fruit

Image: Sam Van Aken

This tree is a little peculiar to look at. It’s because this isn’t an ordinary tree, one might argue that it’s actually closer to 40 trees all wrapped up into one. Indeed, when this tree is in full bloom (as shown in the picture), you can find about 40 different types of fruit on its branches, from peaches to plumbs, ... Read More »

Giant Rubber Duck Vanishes in Chinese Flood

Hendrik Hansson

A giant rubber duck designed by Dutch artist Florentijn Hofman has disappeared amid heavy storms in China’s southwestern Guiyang City, the Wall Street Journal reports. The 54-foot-tall, 2000 pound  inflatable artwork was perched upon a floating metal platform, tethered to the bottom of the Nanming river by steel wires. The work has toured the world since 2007 and has been on display in the ... Read More »

Free Tibet exposes fake Twitter accounts by China propagandists

Jonathan Kaiman
One of the fake Twitter accounts used to spread the Chinese line on Tibet

Images of Pink Floyd’s Syd Barrett and actor Erica Durance among those used in accounts to promote Beijing’s line on Himalayan region What do the late Pink Floyd vocalist Syd Barrett, the Canadian actor Erica Durance, and Brazilian model Felipe Berto have in common? They all suddenly appear to be big supporters of China‘s policies inTibet. Not that they had any ... Read More »

The Netherlands Says the Murder of Dutch Citizens on MH17 Was a War Crime

Sophie Kleeman

The news: Dutch prosecutors are launching a new investigation into the crash of Malaysia Airlines Flight MH17 — and are now calling the murder of all on board a war crime. The majority of the victims in the July 17 crash — 193 out of 298 total passengers — were Dutch citizens. To underline just how sobering that number is, Vox outlined that MH17 claimed a bigger share of the ... Read More »

Malmstrom Visits New Migrant Centre

Cecilia Malmstrom & Varvitsiotis & Kikilias in Lesvos 1a LL

Visiting European Home Affairs Commissioner Cecilia Malmstrom expressed satisfaction with the conditions of the new migrant reception centre, on the eastern Aegean island of Lesvos, on Monday (July 21). She also spoke to migrants being held there “about their fears and anxieties.” “I have come to Greece six times and we are working very hard with the Greek government to manage the great pressure from ... Read More »

World’s first three-parent baby could soon be born in UK, as Government approves treatment

Kashmira Gander
A scientific researcher works on an IVF treatment in a laboratory

The Government plans to legalise IVF treatment to prevent inherited diseases The world’s first baby with three genetic parents could soon be born in the UK, after the Government announced plans to legalise a controversial technique to help prevent children inheriting diseases. In response to a consultation launched by ministers three months ago, the Department of Health has announced plans ... Read More »

Rouhani: More negotiations only solution for nuclear deal


President’s remarks were his first on four-month extension until November of talks agreed last week after two sides said progress made so far was still short of a final breakthrough. TEHRAN – More negotiations are the only solution to Iran’s decade-long nuclear standoff with the West, President Hassan Rouhani said Tuesday. Rouhani’s remarks were his first on the four-month extension ... Read More »

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