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RBI relaxes bad loans provisioning rules for banks

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The Financial Express  – By: Reuters | Mumbai | The Governor Raghuram Rajan-led Reserve Bank of India (RBI) on Monday relaxed provisioning rules against bad loans by allowing banks to set aside up to 50 percent of floating provisions from 33 percent. Floating provisions are the amount that banks set aside that are above the mandatory provisioning requirement against bad ... Read More »

Thirsty for a ‘Straya less obsessed with booze

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Opinion TheDRUM – By Dominic Knight I don’t want to be too critical of Warnie, because then I’d violate the Aussie code of being a good bloke. But the tendency to make everything about beer is becoming embarrassing, writes Dominic Knight. Controversy has always come to Shane Warne as effortlessly as that cheeky grin and those huge leg breaks. Last ... Read More »

What makes a life? It’s more than just breathing

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When all the things that we live for are denied us, never to return, we should be able to be assisted to depart. The Age - Julie Landvogt “Dying with dignity” … the idea should be reframed. What about “living with dignity”, and when that is no longer possible, it’s time to make an end. My mother is a Holocaust survivor; ... Read More »

Justice Peter McClellan: Assumptions about victims colour judges’ decisions

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Sexual assault victims’ testimony has been called into question by judges ignorant of relevant psychological research, the chairman of the royal commission into child sexual abuse says. The Age – Jane Lee In a rare and frank appraisal of Australian judges to be presented on Tuesday at an international conference in New Zealand, Justice Peter McClellan said, “Judicial assumptions about human ... Read More »

Iran nuclear talks intensify as key deadline nears

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BBC – Talks have resumed in Switzerland ahead of Tuesday’s deadline for a preliminary nuclear deal with Iran. Foreign ministers from six world powers are meeting their Iranian counterpart, amid hopes of a breakthrough after almost 18 months of negotiations. They want to impose limits that would prevent Iran from producing enough fuel for a nuclear weapon within a year. Iran, ... Read More »

Ebola survivors told to stop having sex

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Monrovia: Liberia called on Ebola survivors on Sunday to strictly observe a period of sexual abstinence after recovering from the disease amid fears the country’s latest case may have resulted from sexual transmission. Brisbane Times – Alphonso Toweh The West African nation suffered a setback in its efforts to end a year-long outbreak of the disease earlier this month when it ... Read More »

Concerns for human rights of suspected poaching vessel’s crew

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EA Shepherd has called on Malaysian authorities who have detained a Nigerian flagged vessel, suspected of illegal fishing in the Southern Ocean, to investigate possible violations of its crew’s human rights. BRUCE MOUNSTER MERCURY The activist group understands that the Viking has been detained in Malaysia with 18 crew on board – one Chilean, two Peruvian and 15 Indonesian citizens ... Read More »

‘Despicable’ behaviour eroded legal profession’s faith in government

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The former president of the Queensland Bar Association has opened fire on the “despotic” actions of the Newman government, labelling former attorney-general Jarrod Bleijie as “incompetent”. Lawyers Weekly – Felicity Nelson In a speech delivered to the Queensland Bar Association on 25 March, Peter Davis QC said he was appalled by the government’s “insidious attacks” on the profession and the courts. He said ... Read More »