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Quarter of Britons say ‘all immigrants should leave’

David Barrett
A quarter of all new EU citizens were in Britain Photo: REX

A quarter of Britons believe all immigrants should be returned to their home countries, according to a new poll by a think-tank. A survey conducted for British Future found 25 per cent of people agreed that the government should “insist that all immigrants should return to the countries they came from, whether they’re here legally or illegally”. A small majority ... Read More »

The Twelve Greek Apostoles

Dean Kalimniou
12 Apostoles AU 1a LLL

My octogenarian great aunt, my grandmother’s sister, is a most formidable woman. Possessed of a steely brow, piercing eyes and thick hair, carefully restrained within a plait the thickness of a handspan, that reaches all the way to her knees, she is renowned within the family and beyond for her practical, no nonsense approach to life, an approach that can ... Read More »

Greens senator Sarah Hanson-Young slams government’s Cambodia refugee plan as ‘madness’

Luke Hunt in Phnom Penh and Lindsay Murdoch in Bangkok
Sarah Hanson Young 10 A LLLLLL Reuters

The Abbott government has found its “partner in crime” in Phnom Penh, outspoken senator says of “secretive” refugee resettling program. Australian Greens senator, Sarah Hanson-Young, says she has hardened her opposition to the Abbott government’s resettlement of refugees in Cambodia after touring slums in the riverside capital Phnom Penh, declaring the plan “madness, absolute madness”. Shunned by Cambodia’s leaders during ... Read More »

‘The Adolescent Country': A Peculiar Meld Of The Obvious And The Obviously Untrue

Richard King *
Peter Hartcher 1a LLLLL

Peter Hartcher’s recent paper argues Abbott’s foreign policy successes have rightly earned him a domestic dividend. Richard King begs to differ. As someone who is always in the market for irony, I’ll admit to having felt slightly giddy when I first read that the Abbott government had utilised Australia’s seat on the UN Security Council to formulate a recovery mission ... Read More »

Local activists are paying with their life to protect their forests in Peru

Alex Soros
Edwin Chota 1a LLLL

Developed world’s greed for hardwood, palm oil, natural gas and beef is killing people on environmental frontiers Jump to comments Edwin Chota was killed in the forest he had fought to protect. The Peruvian environmental activist had appealed to his government for help after receiving death threats from the illegal loggers that plagued the area around his village, deep in ... Read More »

Erdoğan vows to teach Turkish children Muslim discovery of Americas

Tr etc 1a

President Recep Tayyip Erdoğan has instructed Turkey’s educational institutions to adopt a policy of highlighting the contribution of Islam to global science and arts, including the discovery of the American continent by Muslim sailors some 300 years before Columbus. “I have to be clear that there is an important responsibility falling on the shoulders of our Education Ministry and YÖK ... Read More »

Athens Biennale Won the ECF Princess Margriet Award 2015

Athens Biennale 1a LLL

The European Cultural Foundation (ECF) has announced that the Athens Biennale is one of two winners of the ECF Princess Margriet Award for 2015, along with Kiev’s Visual Culture Research Center. According to the ECF, the jury met in October 2014 “and agreed unanimously to give the 2015 edition of the Award to these two courageous cultural initiatives”. The Award, which ... Read More »

A new indigenous Stolen Generation

Jenna Price, Columnist for The Canberra Times.
Aboriginal children dancing 1a LLLLLLLL

Don’t ever sit comfortably in your armchair and describe the stolen generation as a thing of the past. Don’t do that. At this moment, there are 14,000 Aboriginal babies and children in foster care, out-of-home care, or residential care. The attempted annihilation of the First Peoples continues. Karen, a Kuku Yalanji woman, was the proud grandmother to a new baby. ... Read More »