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Turkey’s ruling AKP to live on for many centuries: FM Davutoğlu

Davutoglu 1a LLLLLL

Turkish Foreign Minister Ahmet Davutoğlu asserts that the ruling AKP is not merely a political party but a ‘great historical movement’ that will ‘continue to exist through the centuries’ The ruling Justice and Development Party (AKP) is not just a political party but is also a “great historical movement” that it will “continue to exist through the centuries,” Turkish Foreign ... Read More »

Cumbrian nuclear dump ‘virtually certain’ to be eroded by rising sea levels

Rob Edwards
Cumbrian coast 1a LLL

One million cubic metres of waste near Sellafield are housed at a site that was a mistake, admits Environment Agency – Jump to comments (480) Britain’s nuclear dump is virtually certain to be eroded by rising sea levels and to contaminate the Cumbrian coast with large amounts of radioactive waste, according to an internal document released by the Environment Agency ... Read More »

The haunting human face of drug addiction, homelessness and poverty: Photographer captures poignant series to uncover the world of those shunned by society

Lizzie Parry

  Photographer Lee Jeffries has made it his mission to reveal the human face of addiction, poverty and homelessness His latest project took him to Overtown, a district of Miami, Florida where he captured these haunting images He met Margo Stevens, a former porn star living in an abandoned garage with five other homeless women Jeffries said: ‘She is a ... Read More »

Marine Le Pen accuses Nigel Farage of slander over antisemitism claims

Paul Owen
Marine Le Pen 1a LLL

Spat between leaders of Ukip and French National Front follows Farage’s rejection of European coalition offer The French Front National leader, Marine Le Pen, has accused Nigel Farage of slander after the Ukip leader called her party antisemitic. Farage this week rejected a suggestion from Le Pen that Ukip could join a coalition with the FN in the European parliament ... Read More »

Science funding cuts are vandalism

Pen & case 1a old LLLLLLLLLLLLLL

Sixty years ago, the then prime minister Robert Menzies was hailing the achievements of the CSIRO as ”miracles”. In 1953, Menzies used the CSIRO to illustrate the point that some in society who contributed substantially to progress were most often unrecognised. The context for Menzies’ comments was the part the CSIRO had played in assisting the economy through breakthroughs in ... Read More »

Did removing lead from petrol spark a decline in crime?

Dominic Casciani

Many Western nations have experienced significant declines in crime in recent decades, but could the removal of lead from petrol explain that? Working away in his laboratory in 1921, Thomas Midgley wanted to fuel a brighter tomorrow. He created tetraethyl lead – a compound that would make car engines more efficient than ever. But did the lead that we added ... Read More »

Acceptance rates at elite U.S. colleges decline

Larry Gordon

Stanford’s acceptance rate was just 5% this year as other prestigious colleges and universities see rise in number of applicants. Throughout the arduous college application process, Brown University was on the top of Madeline Anderson’s wish list. So when the Long Beach high school senior received a rejection from the Ivy League campus, she was disappointed but also knew she ... Read More »

Dementia, it’s all in the mind

John Elder
Overworked mind 1a LLL

Everyone forgets things – even premiers. But those middle-aged memory lapses do not necessarily presage the onset of dementia. Is it possible, from a scientific point of view, that former NSW premier Barry O’Farrell had a ”senior moment” when he forgot about the $3000 bottle of wine he received as a gift? Kind of. At 56,   O’Farrell is deep into ... Read More »

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