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Stories of Armenian survivors of 1915 compiled in new book

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The stories of Armenians who survived the mass killings of the late Ottoman era have been gathered in a book titled “100 years… Real Stories.” Hurriyet The 47 stories inside the book – which were collected as part of the “Turk Who Saved Me” project supported by the U.K. Foreign and Commonwealth Office and realized by the Armenia-based Armedia Agency ... Read More »

Fifa World Cup report: Michael Garcia findings to be released

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Fifa executives have unanimously agreed to publish a “legally appropriate version” of a report into allegations of World Cup bidding corruption. BBC So far only a disputed summary of Michael Garcia’s 430-word report into the bidding process for the 2018 and 2022 tournaments has been published. Releasing the full report – likely be heavily redacted to preserve witness anonymity – ... Read More »

Post Sydney siege idea over gun laws is absurd

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Editorial If the government cannot protect individual Australians from evil acts of the sort that occurred at Sydney’s Martin Place on Monday, then it ought not to stand in the way of a rational discussion about the practical right to self-defence, Senate crossbencher David Leyonhjelm said on Thursday. The liberalisation of Australia’s gun laws, for that is what Senator Leyonhjelm ... Read More »

War’s many victims

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Atrocities, culture and religion Erasmus, Religion and public policy / Τhe Economist – BY B.C IF YOU know anything about the laws of conflict, you probably know that destroying or stealing the cultural and spiritual heritage of an enemy or an occupied land can be a war crime, especially if it’s done in a systematic way. That principle is laid out with ever-growing clarity in every modern document that aspires to ... Read More »

The most important charts to watch in 2015

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After some wild swings in equities, currencies and commodities over the past months, next year is shaping as another pivotal one for financial markets. The Sydney Morning Herald – Lucy Cormack, Jens Meyer. Charts by Remi Bianchi and Mallory Brangan While the economic recovery in the United States is gaining pace, putting the first rate rise by the Federal Reserve in ... Read More »

On guns, David Leyonhjelm is neither a champion nor a villain. He’s a libertarian

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How can David Leyonhjelm support marriage equality on one hand and want us all to be armed on the other? His libertarian world view is alien to most Australians The Guardian - Eleanor Robertson Australian progressives tend to have a love-hate relationship with Senator David Leyonhjelm, a “purist libertarian” who won his Senate race thanks to enviable luck and the psephological ... Read More »

Eastern Ukraine: A Dangerous Winter

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Winter in Ukraine is injecting further uncertainty into an already volatile conflict. After well over 5,000 deaths and eight months of war, eastern Ukraine – particularly the separatist-held parts of Donetsk and Luhansk – now runs the risk of a humanitarian crisis. ICG All parties involved in the conflict should refrain from offensive operations, concentrating instead on helping the population ... Read More »

Mosque’s land in Istanbul to return to Greek-origin citizen

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A precious plot on Istanbul’s Anatolian side, where a mosque is now located, has been returned to the 92-year-old sole heir of former Fener Greek Patriarch Maximus V, daily Milliyet reported on Dec. 18. Hurriyet Turkey’s Supreme Court of Appeals approved the decision to return the area, located in the Kadıköy district near the shores of the Marmara Sea, to ... Read More »