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The man hired to have sex with children

In some remote southern regions of Malawi, it’s traditional for girls to be made to have sex with a paid sex worker known as a “hyena” once they reach puberty. The act is not seen by village elders as rape, but as a form of ritual “cleansing”. However, as Ed Butler reports, it has the potential to be the opposite of cleansing – a way of spreading disease… Source: The man hired to have sex with children – BBC News Read More »

Creationism Banned From UK Schools

The United Kingdom government has banned the teaching of creationism as a scientific theory in free schools and academies, which are the equivalent of a ‘public’ school in the United State. The move was done in the interests of having a “broad and balanced curriculum,” according to UPI. The remarkable decision was part of a document published on June 9th that laid out new clauses for church academies and stated that creationism is not widely accepted as a scientific theory. ... Read More »

French Australian Preschool’s plea to safeguard its future

The French Australian Preschool is calling on the community to help raise a $1 million shortfall needed to safeguard its future. The privately run preschool and its vast outdoor play area hold 40 years of fond memories for thousands of graduates and 128 current students… Source: French Australian Preschool’s plea to safeguard its future Read More »

Why Every Child Needs To Be A ‘Stretchy Thinker,’ An Interview With Phyl Georgiou, Founder And CEO Of Tiggly

Phylll 1a

What is a “stretchy thinker?” I had the opportunity to chat with Phyl Georgiou, Founder and CEO of Tiggly, who talks about this unique term and how it applies to 21st-century learners. 1. Tiggly is a company that is considered within a new line of “TABLET toys.” These toys combine real-world objects with virtual play and mobile applications. Can you tell us about the background story of Tiggly? How and… Source: Why Every Child Needs To Be A ‘Stretchy Thinker,’ ... Read More »

The number of homeless children reached 2,177 in May

Number of minors in emergency accommodation rose by 79% in a year.. The number of homeless children and families continues to increase with the latest figures for last month showing there were 2,177 homeless children in 1,054 families homeless across the State last month. This represents a 79 per cent increase in the number of children in emergency accommodation since May 2015, and an 86 per cent increase in families… Source: The number of homeless children reached 2,177 in May Read More »

‘Doe v. Lhamon’ and the Standard of Proof in Campus Rape Cases

A new lawsuit takes aim at the Department of Education’s push to force colleges to decide sexual misconduct charges based on “a preponderance of the evidence.”.. CONOR FRIEDERSDORF A college student is accused of rape or sexual harassment by a classmate and denies the allegation. A campus investigation follows. At the end of the process, the presiding administrator must judge whether the charges against the accused have… Source: ‘Doe v. Lhamon’ and the Standard of Proof in Campus Rape Cases ... Read More »

The Chilling Effect of Fear at America’s Colleges

Fete 2b

The coddling of students’ minds has resulted in grave restrictions of free speech on campus—but academic leaders are also to blame. Jonathan R. Cole The Atlantic No great universities exist in the world without a deep institutional commitment to academic freedom, free inquiry, and free expression. For the past 60 years, American research universities have been vigilant against external and internal attempts to limit or… The Chilling Effect… Read More »

Rahmani, Neda

Neda Rahmani

A child of the revolution, born in Iran to Persian and Mauritian Parents. Neda grew up in Australia enjoying the freedom to perform and develop as one of Australia’s strong live female performers. A seasoned percussionist and natural performer, she is also now establishing herself as an actress and story teller. Her main band is called Neda – All Colour Project. She is Melbourne Festival’s and Multicultural Arts Victroria’s Cultural ambassador and her career has been in collaborating and delivering ... Read More »

The Children Of Crisis | Kailash Satyarthi

For the first time ever, the international community will come together in Istanbul for the World Humanitarian Summit on 23-24 May, 2016, to discuss the serious humanitarian crisis that the world is facing. At the summit, the Kailash Satyarthi Children’s Foundation, along with our partners, will bring together leaders at a discussion on protecting children. Through a high-level panel, we will aim to build a strong political will to bring the issues of child labour, slavery and deprivation from education ... Read More »

Colombia’s FARC agrees to remove child soldiers from ranks

Colombia’s Marxist FARC rebels agreed May 15 to remove child soldiers from their ranks as part of the peace deal they are close to signing with the government. The Revolutionary Armed Forces of Colombia (FARC) agreed to “implement departure of those under 15 years of age as soon as terms are agreed upon,” the parties said in a statement from Cuba, which is hosting peace negotiations… Source: Colombia’s FARC agrees to remove child soldiers from ranks – AMERICAS Read More »

The Princess Revolution

A new generation of parents is shopping with the idea that pink and blue—along with robots, bunnies, dinosaurs, and unicorns—are for every child.. Pink is for boys and blue is for girls. That was the rule for dressing infants back in 1893, as one woman explained itthat year to The New York Times. “Of course,” she said. “Why, if everyone chose a different color, baby clothes would be all mixed. Always give pink to a boy and… Source: Princess Awesome, ... Read More »

White flight in schools: it’s not about racism

The idea that smart kids should sacrifice their own education to drag up their peers from non-English speaking families is simply obnoxious.. What are they playing at, these smug, middle-class families deserting their local state school just because it’s next to commission housing? (White flight: race segregation in Melbourne state schools) How… Source: White flight in schools: it’s not about racism Read More »

Green, Hilda

Hilda Green 1a L

Hilda Green graduated from the University of Melbourne with a major in Business Strategy and Development. To futher her skills she also completed a Graduate Certificate in Web Development from the Royal Melbourne Institute of Technology. With extensive experience working on marketing, communication and fundraising campaigns for some of Australia’s leading organisations (Liberty Victoria, Australian Red Cross, beyondblue, Amnesty International), Ms Green has carved out a unique skill base. Included in her set of experience is website development, graphic design, ... Read More »

Malawi empowers children to fight sexual abuse

Rape is Malawi’s most reported crime. Ujamaa initiative is helping schoolkids defend themselves against perpetrators. Chimoya, Malawi –  Small fists fly towards throats, knees jerk from under pinafore dress hems up to groin level and two-pronged fingers shoot for the… Source: Malawi empowers children to fight sexual abuse – Al Jazeera English Read More »

1 In 8 Babies Was Born In A Conflict Zone This Year: UN

Their chances of reaching their 5th birthdays have been drastically reduced. One in eight babies was born into a conflict zone this year, putting them at heightened risk for fatal complications that would otherwise have been avoided under normal circumstances, UNICEF reported on Thursday… Source: 1 In 8 Babies Was Born In A Conflict Zone This Year: UN Read More »

What happened to Nigeria’s lost girls

Xask 1a

“WHAT’S your name? Is that the name your parents recognise? Where were you taken from?” Those are the chilling words uttered by an unseen man behind the camera in a video of the Nigerian schoolgirls who vanished exactly two years ago… Source: What happened to Nigeria’s lost girls Read More »