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Child soldier recruitment soars in Central African Republic: Save the Children

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A new report by aid agency Save the Children estimates there are as many as 10,000 active child soldiers fighting in the Central African Republic (CAR) – a four fold increase since a violent civil war broke out two years ago. ABC – Africa Correspondent Martin Cuddihy Recruitment there started when violence broke out in 2012 between majority Christian and Muslim ... Read More »

Handwriting vs typing: is the pen still mightier than the keyboard?

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Computers may dominate our lives, but mastery of penmanship brings us important cognitive benefits, research suggests The Guardian – Anne Chemin In the past few days you may well have scribbled out a shopping list on the back of an envelope or stuck a Post-it on your desk. Perhaps you added a comment to your child’s report book or made a ... Read More »

Locked in limbo: Australia’s forgotten asylum seeker babies

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They are the forgotten babies – born in Australia, but ignored in the deal done to release asylum seekers into the community. The Sydney Morning Herald – Adam Morton, Society and Science Editor, The Age Instead, they are sentenced to indefinite limbo in a camp overseas. As government ministers Scott Morrison and George Brandis last week trumpeted that all asylum seeker children ... Read More »

Online Learning: It’s Time To Pause And Think

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The move by higher education institutions towards online learning is not the panacea many believe, writes Richard Hil. Techno-centrism, techno-imperialism/colonialism, digital chauvinism – call it what you will – today’s universities are in the grip of planners and administrators who insist that the old didactic order is fast giving way to a new era of virtual higher education. Online platforms, ... Read More »

The State Where Giving Birth Can Be Criminal

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Tennessee is arresting new mothers for having used drugs in pregnancy—but in a cruel Catch-22, many can’t get the treatment they need. Rosa Goldensohn and Rachael Levy At around midnight on November 13, Tonya Martin slipped out into the yard that separated her trailer from the one in which her grandparents live on a lot in the eastern hills of ... Read More »

Child sex abuse a national health epidemic, government adviser warns

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Expert appointed to inquiry says there could be up to 11 million victims in the UK and calls for better support Press Association – The Guardian There could be as many as 11 million victims of sexual abuse in the UK – constituting a “national health epidemic” – an expert appointed to a government inquiry has said. Graham Wilmer, founder ... Read More »

Children, Youth and Families Amendment Bill Exposure Draft

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Submitted To: Victorian Department of Justice Liberty Victoria is one of Australia’s leading human rights and civil liberties organisations. It is concerned with the protection and promotion of civil liberties throughout Australia. As such, Liberty is actively involved in the development and revision of Australia’s laws and systems of government. Further information on our activities may be found at Overview ... Read More »

Remains Of One Of Mexico’s Missing Students Identified: Official

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MEXICO CITY (AP) — At least one of 43 college students missing since September has been identified among charred remains found several weeks ago near a southern Mexico garbage dump, two government officials confirmed Saturday. The two could not provide more details on how many of the students might have been identified. They agreed to speak about the development only ... Read More »

Yazidi girls train to take on ISIL from Sinjar mountain

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Mount Sinjar, Iraq // Seventeen Yazidi girls stream out of the wedding hall that serves as their military training camp and line up for inspection. The National - Jonathan Krohn, Foreign Correspondent Their blemished faces highlight their youth: many appear no older than 13, though their instructor claims they are all between 15 and 22. The young trainees are learning to ... Read More »

Thailand’s parliament votes to ban commercial surrogacy in wake of Baby Gammy case

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Bangkok: Thailand’s military-dominated parliament has voted overwhelmingly to ban commercial surrogacy three months after Fairfax Media revealed the plight of Baby Gammy. Legislators voted 177 in favour and two against to ban surrogacy except in cases involving a relative, with violators facing up to 10 years in jail. Lindsay Murdoc South-East Asia correspondent for Fairfax Media The Sydney Morning Herald Eighteen ... Read More »