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Teaching Is Not a Business


TODAY’S education reformers believe that schools are broken and that business can supply the remedy. Some place their faith in the idea of competition. Others embrace disruptive innovation, mainly through online learning. Both camps share the belief that the solution resides in the impersonal, whether it’s the invisible hand of the market or the transformative power of technology. Neither strategy ... Read More »

Scott Morrison to appear before inquiry into children in immigration detention

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Immigration minister will face Australian Human Rights Commission inquiry on 22 August and give evidence under oath  Jump to comments The immigration minister, Scott Morrison, will give evidence at the national inquiry into children in immigration detention on Friday 22 August at a public hearing in Canberra, the Australian Human Rights Commission (AHRC) has confirmed to Guardian Australia. Morrison will ... Read More »

Child asylum seekers’ rights on Nauru ‘systematically violated’, inquiry told

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Anonymous Save the Children workers submit to inquiry 53-page document which includes details of shocking case studies  Jump to comments Forensic evidence of the “systematic violation” of child asylum seekers’ human rights on Nauru has emerged in a compelling 53-page document written by a group of anonymous Save the Children workers on Nauru and submitted to the national inquiry into ... Read More »

The Spread of the Caliphate: The Islamic State (Part 1)

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Published on 7 Aug 2014 Subscribe to VICE News here: The Islamic State, a hardline Sunni jihadist group that formerly had ties to al Qaeda, has conquered large swathes of Iraq and Syria. Previously known as the Islamic State of Iraq and Syria (ISIS), the group has announced their intention to reestablish the caliphate and declared their leader, the shadowy ... Read More »

Young Prodigies Dazzle The Art World


Published on 18 Sep 2012 Meet art prodigies Victoria Yin, age 14, and her younger sister Zoe, age 11, who were painting before they could walk. Both sisters have created hundreds of paintings, exhibited their artwork internationally, and have sold their pieces for tens of thousands of dollars. In this episode of PRODIGIES, Victoria and Zoe attend a gallery show ... Read More »

I saw children broken by the grim tedium of immigration detention

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I remember those endless days in detention: we experienced only misery, self-harm, and sometimes violence. Children were in the midst of all this  Jump to comments Scott Morrison, the immigration minister, may continue to dispute the mental health of children in detention but as a former detainee, I know that the grim tedium of detention broke the strongest adults, let alone the kids. ... Read More »

Asylum Seekers Are Having Abortions To Avoid Raising Children In Australian Detention Centres


The Australian public is by now used to hearing horror stories about conditions in detention centres, from self-harm and suicide to the murder of 23-year-old Iranian asylum seeker Reza Berati on Manus Island. Reports of women choosing to have abortions rather than try to bring up their babies in indefinite detention might prove a bit harder to ignore. Australian women choose to have abortions ... Read More »

Shai Reshef: An ultra-low-cost college degree


Published on 4 Aug 2014 At the online University of the People, anyone with a high school diploma can take classes toward a degree in business administration or computer science — without standard tuition fees (though exams cost money). Founder Shai Reshef hopes that higher education is changing “from being a privilege for the few to a basic right, affordable ... Read More »

Jake Chapman: Taking children to galleries is a ‘waste of time’


British artist Jake Chapman has said taking children to art galleries is a “total waste of time”. He told The Independent parents were “arrogant” for thinking their children could understand artists like Mark Rothko or Jackson Pollock. Standing a child in front of a Pollock work is “like saying… it’s as moronic as a child”, said Chapman, adding “children are not human ... Read More »