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Electric skateboards bans in SA prompt call to rethink Christmas shopping list

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A ban on the use of electric skateboards on roads and footpaths in South Australia has prompted a call for parents to rethink their Christmas shopping list. ABC – 891 ABC Adelaide By Sarah Scopelianos, staff Under a recent law change in SA, bike riders of all ages can ride on the footpath. However, the state bans the use of powered scooters, skateboards and mini motorcycles on roads and footpaths. Those caught face hefty fines, including $412 for having an ... Read More »

Religious study in schools can play a vital role in countering violent extremism

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Our young people should be taught about the role of religion in society. The Age – Anthony Bergin and Clare Murphy After the horrific terror attacks in Paris, Australian security and law enforcement agencies will be re-examining how we might respond to a simultaneous, co-ordinated mass-casualty attack and the tactics used when hostages are taken. We should also be focused on the prevention of future attacks by considering our counter-extremism response, including undermining the Islamist ideology that’s fuelling jihadism. Our ... Read More »

Brisbane asylum seeker accepts Year 12 certificate behind detention bars

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An Iranian girl seeking asylum in Brisbane will on Wednesday “accept” her Year 12 certificate from behind the bars of Darwin’s Wickham Point immigration detention centre. Brisbane Times – Tony Moore * Mojgan Shamsalipoor, now 21, will also receive a Rotary Award for her perseverance as a Yeronga State High School student – effectively while studying under armed guard – and where English is not the student’s first language. Ms Shamsalipoor hopes to become a midwife and tonight her Brisbane-based husband, Milad ... Read More »

Children on Nauru break rules to launch Facebook page: ‘We want everyone to hear our voices’

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Refugee and asylum seeker children on Nauru have started a campaign to get off the island, launching a Facebook page they hope will connect them with everyday Australians and give them a face. ABC – By Jessica Longbottom The page, Free the Children NAURU, is curated by a group of children living both in the community and in the detention centre. The administrators of the group want to remain anonymous for fear the page might be shut down, as children ... Read More »

Senate passes legislation requiring expats to repay outstanding HECS, HELP debts

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Australians who move overseas will be required to repay their higher education debts from 2017 onwards, following the Senate’s passing of new legislation closing the loophole. ABC – By political reporter Francis Keany For the past 26 years, Australians living overseas have not been required to repay their HELP or HECS debts. That will change from July 2017, when the loophole will close. The Federal Government claims the move will save more than $150 million over the next decade and ... Read More »

A controversial religious instruction program is being taught at preschool

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Religious instruction scrapped from curriculum Special religious instruction has been scrapped from school classes in Victoria, but a major provider of the controversial program is now entering a new market: childcare. The Age – Timna Jacks, Education Reporter The state’s largest SRI provider, Access Ministries, is offering a religious instruction program called Explore Christianity, at Emmanuel Early Learning in Endeavour Hills. It plans to expand the course to other childcare centres and kindergartens next year. The revelation comes months after the Victorian government banned ... Read More »

Religious children are meaner than their secular counterparts, study finds

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Religious belief appears to have negative influence on children’s altruism and judgments of others’ actions even as parents see them as ‘more empathetic’ The Guardian – Harriet Sherwood Religion correspondent @harrietsherwood Children from religious families are less kind and more punitive than those from non-religious households, according to a new study. Academics from seven universities across the world studied Christian, Muslim and non-religious children to test the relationship between religion and morality. They found that religious belief is a negative ... Read More »

Australian doctors call for Health Minister to attend Paris climate talks

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The “increasingly unmanageable” threat of climate change  on children’s health has prompted an open letter from doctors around Australia to the government, calling for Federal Health Minister Sussan Ley to attend the United Nations Paris climate summit this December. Brisbane Times – Lucy Cormack, Environment Reporter In the letter, from  independent organisation Doctors for the Environment Australia, leading doctors warn of the “health emergency” climate change presents for children, who have the least capacity to act. “More bushfires, floods and ... Read More »

Bill Shorten calls for voting age to be lowered to 16

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The nation’s voting age should be lowered to 16 because young Australians do not see their views reflected in Parliament, according to Federal Opposition Leader Bill Shorten. ABC  – By political reporter Matthew Doran In a speech to the New South Wales Young Labor conference in Sydney today, Mr Shorten said if people aged 16 and 17 could drive, work, pay taxes, join the military and make their own choices about medical treatment, they should also be allowed to vote. ... Read More »

Why persistence is the most important trait to learn as a kid

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Comment The idea for my start-up Canva came about when I was teaching design at university nine years ago. It’s been an exciting ride. We now have more than 6 million users, using Canva to design their own social media posts, presentations, marketing materials and documents. The Sydney Morning Herald – Melanie Perkins * There’s often a myth about start-ups, that things happen overnight. However, this is never the case. Success only comes through determination to achieve your vision despite ... Read More »

Department backs school over national anthem furore

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The Education Department has thrown its support behind a school that invited students to leave assembly during the singing of the national anthem. Brisbane Times – Henrietta Cook, Education Reporter at The Age Cranbourne Carlisle Primary School recently told Shiite Muslim students that they could excuse themselves from singing Advance Australia Fair because it was a religious month of mourning. The move infuriated Lorraine McCurdy, who has grandchildren at the school and told 3AW radio that up to 40 students ... Read More »

If your parents fail to marry you, come to us, PM tells Turkish youth

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Prime Minister Ahmet Davutoğlu said on Oct. 22 that the government would help young people marry if their parents fail to do so, as part of his Justice and Development Party’s (AKP) “employment and entrepreneurship” plans. Hurriyet – ŞANLIURFA Speaking at a rally in the southeastern province of Şanlıurfa, Davutoğlu vowed to assist young graduate entrepreneurs with tax breaks and grants for their projects, saying the only government support left to fulfil would be in marriage. “Once you have a ... Read More »

Engage the mothers to counter Islamic youth radicalisation

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A dialogue that does not engage all members of the community is a dialogue that is incomplete, as will be the solutions developed to address the issue of Islamic radicalisation of Australian youths. The Sydney Morning Herald – Kishwar Rahman * The fatal shooting earlier this month of an Australian Federal Police employee in Sydney by a 15-year-old Australian, who in turn was killed by police, has added fuel to the national dialogue on Islamic radicalisation of Australian youths. However, ... Read More »

How Community Colleges Changed the Whole Idea of Education in America

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Community colleges have been at the forefront of nearly every major development in higher education Time – Sean Trainor,  @ess_trainor In January of 2015, President Obama unveiled his “American College Promise” program – a plan to make two years of community college education available free of charge to “everyone who’s willing to work for it.” In offering the proposal, the president did not just venture a partial solution to the student debt crisis. He joined a growing community of thinkers ... Read More »

Number of homeless children in Dublin doubles in a year

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Data show 1,571 homeless children in 738 families last month – up 81% since January The Irish Times – Kitty Holland The number of homeless children in Dublin has more than doubled in a year, the latest figures show. They also show the total number of homeless people during the week of September 21st to 27th was 4,999. This was made up of 1,571 children, 980 parents and 2,448 adults without children. In January, the total number of homeless persons ... Read More »

Why Beasts of No Nation fails to tell the whole story about child soldiers

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Film critics are enthralled by Idris Elba’s new film, Beasts of No Nation, which gives a vivid account of the life of child soldiers. But those who work in the field are not so thrilled The Telegraph – By Harriet Alexander, New York It wasn’t the 14-year-old’s capacity to kill which most depressed the Lieutenant-General. Not was it the harrowing scenes of senseless violence, with children used by warlords as weapons of war, killing their kin to order. What most ... Read More »