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Mathematics should be compulsory during all of high school, ADMA says

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Mathematics should be compulsory during all of high school to help address a skills gap in analytics in the marketing industry, according to Association of Data-driven Marketing and Advertising chief executive Jodie Sangster. Brisbane Times – Max Mason, Media Reporter Ms Sangster, who also represents the Institute of Analytics Professionals of Australia (IAPA), said there has been constant feedback from members who are having problems filling jobs with people who have the right skill sets in data and marketing. “The outcome ... Read More »

Queensland youth justice reforms don’t go far enough: legal and family groups

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The Palaszczuk government’s plan to overhaul youth justice laws, including removing the Newman government boot camp orders, has been met with approval from the legal and community sectors – but the government has still drawn fire for not addressing Queensland’s policy of sending children to adult prisons. Brisbane Times – Amy Remeikis, Queensland political editor Attorney-General Yvette D’Ath promised a review of youth justice in Queensland during the election, following the former LNP’s changes to the act, which included boot camps, naming and ... Read More »

Rite & Reason: Catholic schools are unfairly criticised over admissions

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Only 5 per cent of such schools in Dublin restrict admission on religious grounds The Irish Times – Bishop Brendan Kelly Faith schools exist because there are parents who wish to have their children educated in accordance with their religious convictions. Catholic primary schools are embedded in parishes and communities throughout Ireland. All surveys demonstrate a very high level of parental satisfaction with the service provided by these schools. Some of the recent comment on them makes a caricature of their ... Read More »

Migrant crisis: More than 10,000 children ‘missing’

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More than 10,000 migrant children may have disappeared after arriving in Europe over the past two years, the EU’s police intelligence unit says. BBC Europol said thousands of vulnerable minors had vanished after registering with state authorities. It warned of children and young people being forced into sexual exploitation and slavery by criminal gangs. Save the Children says some 26,000 child migrants arrived in Europe last year without any family. It is the first time Europol has given a Europe-wide ... Read More »

More than 930 academics call for children to be released from detention

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An impassioned plea by more than 900 Australian academics for the government to release children from detention centres has been dismissed by a former government frontbencher as being “a sad disassociation from practical considerations”. The Age – Bianca Hall The academics wrote to the government before Christmas, and again on Monday night, urging the government to free children detained in Australia and on Nauru as a matter of urgency. Signatories included experts on child psychology, human rights, public policy and the law, from universities across ... Read More »

IBYT International Basketball Youth Tournaments – Marathon 2016

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If you are interested in participating in an International Basketball Tournament for youth athletes that combines basketball, vacation and Greek culture, the commission of I.B.Y.T. ( IBYT International Basketball Youth Tournaments, Organization of Athletic & Cultural Events) is glad to invite you to the “First International Basketball Youth Tournament” held this summer in Greece, under the auspices of the Municipality of Marathon. This tournament aims to promote healthy competition through various not only athletic, but also cultural activities. Young athletes, coaches, and ... Read More »

Islamic State: Gynaecologists help escaped Yazidi sex slaves restore physical virginity

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A non-government organisation in northern Iraq’s Kurdish region is teaming up with local gynaecologists to restore the physical ‘virginity’ of women who have escaped from the Islamic State terrorist group. ABC – By Jessicah Mendes It has been more than a year since Islamic State (IS) militants swept through northern Iraq, kidnapping as many as 7,000 ethnic Yazidi women, and forcing them into sexual slavery. Since then, many have escaped and most have been deeply traumatised by the rape and ... Read More »

Low paid workers $10,000 worse off under Turnbull parental leave cuts: research

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New parents in low-paid jobs stand to be $10,500 worse off under a Turnbull government paid parental leave plan intended as a compromise on cuts proposed by Tony Abbott, according to new university research. WAtoday – Fergus Hunter The research, commissioned by women’s group Fair Agenda and conducted by the University of Sydney’s Women and Work Research Group, shows mothers who work in healthcare, teaching and retail could lose between $3942 and $10,512 under the compromise policy. In the 2015 budget, the Abbott government unveiled changes restricting 80,000 ... Read More »

Church funds priest on the run

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Catholic Church spent millions providing for paedophile priests The archdiocese of Melbourne funnelled nearly $200,000 to a suspected paedophile after he fled overseas, funding his “retirement” for nearly a decade while he was hiding from authorities. The Age Chris Vedelago, Cameron Houston Father Ronald Pickering, who is known to have abused at least 16 children, successfully evaded justice in Australia and died in Britain in 2009. In early 1993, Pickering “retired” from his Melbourne parish and fled to England in the face ... Read More »

Casimira Tipiloura first student to graduate year 12 with an ATAR on Tiwi Islands

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In primary school Casimira Tipiloura never dreamed of finishing year 12. No one in her family had completed their schooling and until recently there wasn’t even a high school on the Tiwi Islands where you could study the Northern Territory’s equivalent of the HSC. WAtoday – Phoebe Moloney Now Casimira is the first Tiwi student to graduate with an ATAR, attending her local high school in Wurrumiyanga​ on Bathurst Island, 80 kilometres north of Darwin. While students on the Tiwi Islands have ... Read More »

Detention is torture

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David Isaacs has published a compelling piece in the British Medical Journal  titled “Are healthcare professionals working in Australia’s immigration detention centres condoning torture?” You can read it here So this is how the rest of rthe world sees us. And don’t forget what we are doing to little children. by Julian Burnside | Read More »

Scotland Yard spent nearly £5m on three child abuse inquiries in 2015

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Freedom of information disclosure of cost of investigations prompts MP Nigel Evans, who was cleared of sex offences, to call for review of police operations The Guardian – Josh Halliday Scotland Yard has spent nearly £5m this year on three separate investigations into allegations of historical child sexual abuse by celebrities and politicians, the Guardian can disclose. The Metropolitan police spent nearly £2m this year on its Operation Midland inquiry into claims that a so-called Westminster paedophile ring murdered three boys ... Read More »

Minister calls for new laws for unbaptised pupils

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O’Sullivan wants denominational schools to set aside places for non-Christian children The Irish Times – Carl O’Brien Minister for Education Jan O’Sullivan has called for new laws to ensure denominational schools set aside places for local children who are not baptised. At present the Equal Status Act permits schools to discriminate in favour of children on the basis of religion in order to protect their ethos. However, Ms O’Sullivan said legal advice she has received indicates that schools’ religious ethos would be ... Read More »

More than 100,000 students unable to attend school due to conflict in Southeast

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Around 114,000 students have been denied the right to schooling in Turkey’s conflict-ridden Southeast, as many districts in large provinces such as Diyarbakırare still subject to long curfews, sometimes reaching weeks in duration. Today’s Zaman – SİNAN YILMAZ / DIYARBAKIR As the conflict between the terrorist Kurdistan Workers’ Party (PKK) and Turkish security forces spills into urban areas, sometimes taking the form of street skirmishes, tens of thousands of children are being denied the opportunity to go to school and receive ... Read More »

The Taliban’s construction of a child suicide bomber

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“O ye who believe!… [do not] kill yourselves, for truly Allah has been to you most merciful.  If any do that in rancour and injustice, soon shall We cast him into the Fire…”   – Qur’an 4:29-30 War Policy Catalogue – Mark Lewek Deep within the tribal areas of Pakistan reside numerous Madrassa’s, Saudi sponsored Islamic schools run by Taliban. These schools resemble something much closer to a military camp, conditioning up to hundreds of young boys at a time for the ... Read More »

A grandfather’s dream come true: proud Aboriginal elder dances with granddaughter at graduation

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Aboriginal elder Gali Yalkarriwuy Gurruwiwi has travelled from a remote island north-east of Arnhem Land to Victoria, to perform a special dance with his granddaughter. ABC – By Margaret Burin Gali Yalkarriwuy Gurruwiwi speaks limited English, mostly conversing in traditional language of the Galpu clan. He says “proud” as he touches his heart. His wife Jane Garrutju translates the rest. “It was his dream, to dance with his granddaughters here,” she says. He has flown down from remote Galiwin’ku on ... Read More »