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Victoria youth crime: Statistics raise questions about calls to deport youth offenders

Youth violence - ABC

Youth crime has been a hot topic in Victoria recently, with regular stories of violent carjackings, aggravated burglaries and riots in youth justice facilities. ABC Sarah Farnsworth Commentators have linked a recent spate of crimes to the so-called Apex gang, heightening anti-migration rhetoric, but police statistics show most home invasions, car thefts and aggravated robberies are committed by people born in Australia. Data from the Victorian Crime Statistics Agency shows… Victoria youth crime: Statistics raise questions about… Read More »

Young South Sudanese ‘constantly stopped’ by police, as community grapples with Apex stigma

South Sudanese - ABC

Deng Maleek, a university-educated youth worker, was on his way to meet with police to discuss issues facing the South Sudanese community, when he was pulled over and asked to provide his registration papers. ABC Sarah Farnsworth The young South Sudanese man said the officers who stopped him implied he was an Apex gang member, an experience he described as not uncommon amongst his peers. “Young people of Sudanese background find… Young South Sudanese ‘constantly stopped’ by… Read More »

Canadian military to get guidelines on dealing with child soldiers

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Excerpts of the new guidelines say the “aim is to provide the interim guidance required to address and mitigate the broad challenges posed by the presence of child soldiers in areas where we may undertake missions.” The Star By Tonda MacCharles, Ottawa Bureau reporter OTTAWA—Canada’s top soldier is issuing the first-ever guidelines for Canadian military to… Read More »

Tyrone Unsworth death shines harsh light on poofter-bashing

Tyrone Unsworth - SMH

I was only eight years old when I realised I was straight. SMH John Birmingham Of course, I didn’t think of it like that. My thoughts ran more along the lines of… Tyrone Unsworth death shines harsh light on… Read More »

Youth detention riots: Victorian Government backs down on decision to move teens to Barwon Prison

Barwon Prison - ABC

The Victorian Government has backed down on its plan to transfer Indigenous teenagers involved in recent riots at a youth detention centre to a maximum-security prison. ABC Emma Younger It has settled a legal case lodged by the Victorian Aboriginal Legal Service on behalf of Aboriginal teenagers moved to a segregated wing of Barwon Prison. The Government had planned to… Youth detention riots: Victorian Government backs down on… Read More »

Child sexual abuse scandal rocks English football as former players allege existence of paedophile rings

Child Abuse football - ABC

A child abuse scandal is threatening to engulf professional football clubs in England, with former players alleging the existence of paedophile rings that operated unchecked. ABC Lisa Millar Several former professional players have come forward to reveal they were abused as children while playing for their clubs. Andy Woodward was the first to… Child sexual abuse scandal rocks English football as… Read More »

Why female genital mutilation still exists in modern Singapore

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Female genital mutilation is carried out by communities around the world. But though it is not commonly associated with modern, cosmopolitan Singapore, it is quietly happening all the time, as the BBC’s Yvette Tan writes. By Yvette Tan BBC News Zarifah Anuar didn’t find out she had been circumcised as a child until she was 23. She was just two weeks old when her… Why female genital… Read More »

Adoption laws in Queensland changed to allow same-sex couples to become parents

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Same-sex couples, single people and couples undergoing fertility treatment will now be able to adopt a child in Queensland. By Gail Burke The Palaszczuk Government passed the Adoption and Other Legislation Amendment Bill 2016 last night with the help of the three independent MPs. The LNP and… Adoption laws in… Read More »

Paid parental leave: Young mum unpacks experience as a ‘double dipper’

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I thought maternity leave would be a retreat of sorts. Opinion By Emily Bourke I planned on reading an impressive pile of books, of cooking gourmet meals for my husband and wowing the step-children with home-baked treats. I wanted to turbo charge my… Paid parental leave… Read More »

Girl under 15 married every seven seconds, says Save the Children

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One girl under the age of 15 is married every seven seconds, according to a new report by Save the Children. The study says girls as young as 10 are forced to marry much older men in countries including Afghanistan, Yemen, India and Somalia. Save the… Girl under 15 married every seven… Read More »

Parents protest refugee children starting school in Greece

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Police in a northern Greek village escorted refugee children to school, as local parents protested the launch of a national programme to educate migrant youngsters. Source: AFP Around 100 police formed a corridor to enable some 40 puzzled-looking children from Syria and Afghanistan to enter the… Parents protest refugee… Read More »

Live stream child sex abuse among rising cybercrime, says Europol


Live streaming of child sexual abuse and so-called “revenge porn” is on the rise on the internet, Europe’s police agency warned Sept. 28, saying vulnerable children are increasingly falling victim to sexual predators. “Live distant child abuse is… being reported as a growing threat,” Europol said in its latest annual cyber organized crime threat… Source: Live stream child sex abuse among rising cybercrime, says Europol – EUROPE Read More »

Breda O’Brien: Zappone has got it wrong on childcare

Incentivising people to send children to a crèche ignores many other options Breda O’Brien According to a recent ICTU (Irish Congress of Trade Unions) study of its members, just under 30 per cent of parents rely on relatives for childcare, about 30 per cent on childminders in their own or the… Source: Breda O’Brien: Zappone has got it wrong on childcare Read More »

5 tips for dealing with workplace sexual harassment

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Hayley Boswell is one of those “good people” who started law because she genuinely wanted to help others. By Hayley Pearson She’s always been a champion for the most marginalised and disadvantaged people in Adelaide. Before she became “legally brunette” in her legal career, Hayley was a… 5 tips for… Read More »

Educate refugee children or lose them forever

Children forced to flee their homes also end up missing out on schooling. by Bassam Khawaja As world leaders gather for US President Barack Obama’s Leaders’ Summit on Refugees on September 20, they should urgently address how to get the… Source: Educate refugee children or lose them forever – Al Jazeera English Read More »

S Africa: Black students protest ‘racist’ hair rules

Teachers at South African high school accused of racism for forcing black girls to follow a discriminatory hair code. By Anealla Safdar High school students in South Africa have protested against black girls being forced by teachers to arrange their hair differently, alleging that they are being made to follow strict style rules that are  racist and… Source: S Africa: Black students protest ‘racist’ hair rules – News from Al Jazeera Read More »