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$24 million payment for Fairbridge Farm abuse victims

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Comment: we must change the way child abuse claims are handled Adults who were physically and sexually assaulted as children at the notorious Fairbridge Farm School in central western NSW have been awarded $24 million in the largest compensation payment for survivors of institutional child abuse in Australian legal history. The Canberra Times - Rachel Browne, Social Affairs Reporter More ... Read More »

How to guard your career against rapid technological change

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Disruptive technologies are nothing new. From the development of steam power in the early 1800s to today’s digitally-enriched world, the impact of technology on the employment landscape has been substantial. The Conversation – Rob Livingstone * What is new is the speed, extent and unpredictability of modern digital technology-induced disruption, and that this rate of change is dramatically increasing. More importantly, ... Read More »

Women Are Being Arrested and Jailed for Self-Abortion

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In 2007, Anna Quindlen wrote a column in Newsweek titled “How much jail time?” asking the anti-abortion movement what sort of punishment women who terminate their pregnancies should receive if abortion is criminalized. The Nation – Michelle Goldberg In response, National Review convened an online symposiumof anti-abortion leaders on the question, who largely dismissed the idea that women who have abortions ... Read More »

Lord Janner: Scottish police investigating new child sex abuse claims

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Detectives looking into fresh historical allegations against Labour peer at centre of controversy over 22 alleged offences in England The Guardian - Damien Gayle @damiengayle The Labour peer Lord Janner is under investigation in Scotland over new historical claims of sexual abuse. Detectives are looking into claims that Janner took a teenage boy with him to Scotland in the 1970s and sexually ... Read More »

Why I Defaulted on My Student Loans

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ONE late summer afternoon when I was 17, I went with my mother to the local bank, a long-defunct institution whose name I cannot remember, to apply for my first student loan. My mother co-signed. When we finished, the banker, a balding man in his late 50s, congratulated us, as if I had just won some kind of award rather ... Read More »

Same-sex marriage: Catholic bishop warns marriage equality could see children of gay couples become ‘next Stolen Generation

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A Catholic bishop has issued a warning about legalising same-sex marriage, saying children of gay couples will see themselves as another Stolen Generation because they have been denied a mother and a father. ABC – The World Today, By Natalie Whiting South Australian Bishop of Port Pirie Greg O’Kelly is one of a number clergy who have spoken out against same-sex marriage ... Read More »

The dirty secret of our criminal justice system

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In my 1998 book Cleary Independent, I wrote of feeling “a shock wave of apprehension when a Christian Brother opened the door one night at a retreat and asked, ‘Do you need to be tucked in?’ The same bloke had earlier taken me to the presbytery for what he called a ‘vocational talk’. When he inquired as to the level ... Read More »

Fifa presidential election to go ahead despite corruption arrests


BBC - The Fifa presidential election will still go ahead despite the launch of two damaging corruption investigations. Seven Fifa officials were arrested in dawn raids on charges of receiving millions of US dollars in bribes. A separate criminal investigation into the how the 2018 and 2022 World Cups were allocated was also launched by Swiss authorities. Sepp Blatter faces Prince ... Read More »