The Status of the Status Quo at Jerusalem’s Holy Esplanade

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ICG – Middle East Report N°159 – This report is also available in: Hebrew EXECUTIVE SUMMARY With the Muslim holy month of Ramadan underway and Jewish high holidays soon to follow, tensions have started to rise, if only slightly, at the Holy Esplanade – the Temple Mount (har habayit) to Jews, the Noble Sanctuary (al-haram al-sharif) to Muslims. In mid-2014, ... Read More »

Buddhists and Catholics travel to the Vatican to talk about the ‘mystery of life’

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Representatives from the Buddhist and Catholic communities in the US are holding an interreligious dialogue this week near Rome and will meet with Pope Francis today. The five-day meeting, which began on Tuesday is on the subject of ‘Suffering, Liberation and Fraternity’. Christian Today - Lucinda Borkett-Jones The 46 American representatives have gathered at the headquarters of the Focolare movement ... Read More »

Are churches playing Big Brother?

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The Times reported that some churches are using facial recognition technology to track attendance by their members. OnLineOpinion - By Mal Fletcher As yet only a small number of churches are using CCTV cameras in this way, matching photos with their internal databases using platforms like Churchix, a surveillance software system devised in Israel. Churches in the US, Portugal, Spain, India and Indonesia are ... Read More »

Angry US Republicans tell Pope Francis to ‘stick with his job and we’ll stick with ours’

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The US right will launch pre-emptive attacks on the pope’s stance on climate change The Guardian – Suzanne Goldenberg US environment correspondent Leading figures on the American right are launching a series of pre-emptive attacks on the pope before this week’s encyclical, hoping to prevent a mass conversion of the climate change deniers who have powered the corps of the conservative ... Read More »

60 Minutes brands Catholic Church ‘out of touch’

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George Pell critic Peter Saunders asked to withdraw ‘false allegations’ made on 60 Minutes Current affairs program 60 Minutes has launched a scathing attack on the Catholic Church, saying senior officials are “out of touch” and have alienated victims of sexual abuse by issuing statements in support of Cardinal George Pell. The Sydney Morning Herald – Georgina Mitchell As the program opened ... Read More »

Pope in Sarajevo, urges lasting ethnic and religious peace

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Pope Francis urged Bosnians on June 6 to seek lasting ethnic and religious harmony to heal the deep, lingering wounds of the 1992-1995 war that devastated the former Yugoslav republic. Hurriyet – SARAJEVO – Reuters “The cry of God’s people goes up once again from this city, the cry of all men and women of good will: war never again,” he ... Read More »

Same-sex marriage: Catholic bishop warns marriage equality could see children of gay couples become ‘next Stolen Generation

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A Catholic bishop has issued a warning about legalising same-sex marriage, saying children of gay couples will see themselves as another Stolen Generation because they have been denied a mother and a father. ABC – The World Today, By Natalie Whiting South Australian Bishop of Port Pirie Greg O’Kelly is one of a number clergy who have spoken out against same-sex marriage ... Read More »

Adelphopoiisis: Same Sex Partnerships In The Orthodox Church

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“For their joining together in union of love and life, we pray to the Lod.That the Lord our God unite them in perfect love and inseparable life, we pray to the Lord.” Sinai Euchologion, twelfth century. Dean Kalimniou Primate of the Greek Orthodox Archdiocese of Australia, Archbishop Stylianos has recently made some important observations in relation to the debate about ... Read More »