Liberty Victoria welcomes removal of religious instruction from classrooms

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Liberty Victoria has welcomed the Victorian government’s decision to remove Special Religious Instruction (‘SRI’) from scheduled class time at government schools. The government has announced instead that SRI will only be available before or after school or at lunchtime. The government’s move comes just weeks after Liberty Victoria released a detailed report on the SRI programme, available at, on ... Read More »

Religious groups warn students will leave state schools after SRI is dumped

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Axing religious instruction from the Victorian curriculum could drive students away from state schools and into the non-government system, religious providers have warned. The Age – Henrietta Cook, Timna Jacks The state government’s announcement on Friday that special religious instruction would be moved out of regular class times from 2016 was warmly welcomed by the Australian Education Union and many ... Read More »

Christianity has no room for homosexuality

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Rev Dr Peter Catt and Dr Stuart Edser have offered a strange and misleading picture of the Christian faith. Despite claiming an allegiance to Christianity, their thesis has more in common with a late night ‘reality’ television show than with the teaching and work of Jesus Christ. Brisbane Times – Murray Campbell First of all, Catt and Edser would have us ... Read More »

Christian lobby group hails Hilton Hotel for removing on-demand porn from hotels

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Auckland: A decision to banish hardcore porn from Hilton hotel rooms will have its private dissenters but a New Zealand Christian lobby group says it’s high time the chain gave smut the flick. The Age – Family First has praised Hilton Hotels and Resorts for removing all on-demand pornographic videos from its properties, including hotels in Auckland, Queenstown and Taupo. ... Read More »

Turkish atheism association delivers free soup in Istanbul

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Turkey’s first official atheism association has begun supporting the homeless and needy in Istanbul by delivering free soup once a week. Hurriyet – ISTANBUL Every Wednesday, the Atheism Association delivers free soup with the motto of “Soup campaign for you” in the streets of Istanbul. The association is also open to volunteer contributions to support its drive via its Twitter ... Read More »

ISIS Enshrines a Theology of Rape

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Claiming the Quran’s support, the Islamic State codifies sex slavery in conquered regions of Iraq and Syria and uses the practice as a recruiting tool. Written by RUKMINI CALLIMACHI; Photographs by MAURICIO LIMAAUG. 13, 2015 QADIYA, Iraq — In the moments before he raped the 12-year-old girl, the Islamic State fighter took the time to explain that what he was ... Read More »

‘Religious Zionism taking over Israel,’ ex-Shin Bet chief warns

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Yuval Diskin wrote a lengthy post on his Facebook page warning of the impending threat of Jewish extremism. JPost - By JPOST.COM STAFF Yuval Diskin, the former director of the Israel Security Agency (Shin Bet), warned on Friday that “religious Zionism is on its way to taking control of the State of Israel.” In a lengthy post on his Facebook ... Read More »

Study: Christian population in the Mideast is dropping rapidly

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Studies show the remaining Christians in most – but not all – of the Middle East are in dire straits. By Haaretz The dire fate of the Christian communities in the Middle East has become headline news lately. The murderous civil war in Syria; the rise of the Islamic State; the turmoil in countries such as Iraq, Libya, and in ... Read More »

MHP removes Halaçoğlu from office after remarks on CHP’s ‘atheism’

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The Nationalist Movement Party (MHP) has stripped one of its deputy parliamentary group chairs of his post days after controversial remarks in which he intimated that the public views the Republican People’s Party (CHP) as “irreligious and non-believing.” Hurriyet -  “Having considered the requirement, MHP Kayseri deputy Yusuf Halaçoğlu has been relieved of his deputy parliamentary group chair post,” MHP ... Read More »