Study: Christian population in the Mideast is dropping rapidly

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Studies show the remaining Christians in most – but not all – of the Middle East are in dire straits. By Haaretz The dire fate of the Christian communities in the Middle East has become headline news lately. The murderous civil war in Syria; the rise of the Islamic State; the turmoil in countries such as Iraq, Libya, and in ... Read More »

MHP removes Halaçoğlu from office after remarks on CHP’s ‘atheism’

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The Nationalist Movement Party (MHP) has stripped one of its deputy parliamentary group chairs of his post days after controversial remarks in which he intimated that the public views the Republican People’s Party (CHP) as “irreligious and non-believing.” Hurriyet -  “Having considered the requirement, MHP Kayseri deputy Yusuf Halaçoğlu has been relieved of his deputy parliamentary group chair post,” MHP ... Read More »

Huge crowd attends Pope’s final Mass in Paraguay

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BBC – Hundreds of thousands of people have attended the final Mass celebrated by Pope Francis during his visit to Paraguay. The Pope urged Christians to “embrace hospitality” and reject the “logic of selfishness”. Pope Francis leaves Paraguay on Monday, after an eight-day tour of some of South America’s poorest countries. During his previous stops in Bolivia and Ecuador, he ... Read More »

Pope calls unfettered capitalism ‘the dung of the devil’

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Pope Francis, who is visiting South America, says Christians are victims of genocide as he also begs forgiveness for crimes committed by Catholic church during colonial conquests The Telegraph – By Agencies Pope Francis on Thursday launched a blistering attack on the “new colonialism” of austerity, describing unfettered capitalism as “the dung of the devil” and apologising for the Catholic ... Read More »

US Supreme Court decision really takes the cake

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A salutary example of how legislation for homosexual “marriage” will affect those with conscientious objections is the plight of Aaron and Melissa Klein, owners of Sweet Cakes by Melissa bakery in Portland, Oregon. OnLineOpinion – By Babette Francis State Labor Commissioner, Brad Avakian, the state’s top labor official, ordered them to pay a lesbian couple for emotional and mental suffering ... Read More »

Can Religion and Science Coexist?

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A new book by the evolutionary biologist Jerry Coyne tackles arguments that the two institutions are compatible. The Atlantic Jeffrey Tayler In May 1988, a 13-year-old girl named Ashley King was admitted to Phoenix Children’s Hospital by court order. She had a tumor on her leg—an osteogenic sarcoma—that, writes Jerry Coyne in his book Faith Versus Fact, was “larger than ... Read More »

The Status of the Status Quo at Jerusalem’s Holy Esplanade

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ICG – Middle East Report N°159 – This report is also available in: Hebrew EXECUTIVE SUMMARY With the Muslim holy month of Ramadan underway and Jewish high holidays soon to follow, tensions have started to rise, if only slightly, at the Holy Esplanade – the Temple Mount (har habayit) to Jews, the Noble Sanctuary (al-haram al-sharif) to Muslims. In mid-2014, ... Read More »

Buddhists and Catholics travel to the Vatican to talk about the ‘mystery of life’

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Representatives from the Buddhist and Catholic communities in the US are holding an interreligious dialogue this week near Rome and will meet with Pope Francis today. The five-day meeting, which began on Tuesday is on the subject of ‘Suffering, Liberation and Fraternity’. Christian Today - Lucinda Borkett-Jones The 46 American representatives have gathered at the headquarters of the Focolare movement ... Read More »

Are churches playing Big Brother?

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The Times reported that some churches are using facial recognition technology to track attendance by their members. OnLineOpinion - By Mal Fletcher As yet only a small number of churches are using CCTV cameras in this way, matching photos with their internal databases using platforms like Churchix, a surveillance software system devised in Israel. Churches in the US, Portugal, Spain, India and Indonesia are ... Read More »