Not All Jews Support Israel


To both Jews and non-Jews the idea of an anti-Zionist Jew can sound like a contradiction in terms—an abuse of Rabbi Hillel’s most famous ethical aphorism, “If I am not for myself, who will be for me.” But for Sam Weinstein, and for around 30 others, me included, tucked together in a small Jewish bloc at Saturday’s Gaza demo in ... Read More »

Israel’s Bloody Apartheid: What Happened And Why You Should Be Outraged

Gaz 2b

Israel’s latest assault on the people of Gaza has failed to move most Australians. Michael Brull explains what happened, and why we should be outraged. READER WARNING: This story contains images of an extremely graphic nature. On July 8, I wrote about the military escalation between Israel and the Palestinians. I noted that when Israel killed Palestinians, nothing happened, and no one ... Read More »

Protestors Claim Victory In Round One To Save The Block

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Opposition to the construction of commerical housing at the iconic Block in Redfern is building. Max Chalmers reports. Aboriginal activists in Sydney have claimed a victory – however short term – in the most recent skirmish over plans to redevelop the iconic area of Redfern known as ‘The Block’. Over 150 activists, tenants, elders and students gathered early Monday morning ... Read More »

Indigenous Australians Are Uniting Against A New Stolen Generation


In February 2008 the then Prime Minister, Kevin Rudd, issued a public apology to the Indigenous peoples of Australia. The apology acknowledged the policies of successive federal and state governments that led to the Stolen Generation—tens of thousands of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander children forcibly removed from their homes and placed in out-of-home care from the late 1800s right ... Read More »

We Demand Justice for Cyprus

We demand justice for Cyprus 1a Melbourne protest LLLLLL

The refusal to accept what was done to Cyprus in 1974—the refusal to accept the legitimization of what was done—has a value beyond Cyprus, for it shows that acquiescence in injustice is not “realism”, but a betrayal of the most sacred principles of justice and human rights. In July 1974, Turkey invaded Cyprus, divided the island by force, and ethnically ... Read More »

Clashes spill into Israel over teen ‘burned alive’

Palestinian protesters & tear gas 1a LLLLLL

Clashes sparked by the murder of a Palestinian teenager have spread from east Jerusalem to Arab towns inside Israel, with autopsy reports showing he was burned alive. Plugins 5Rocket fire targeting Israel from Gaza also increased on Saturday, raising fears of an escalation with the Islamist Hamas movement which controls the Palestinian enclave. Mohammed Abu Khder, 16, was abducted from ... Read More »

Police in Hong Kong arrest more than 500 protesters after massive pro-democracy rally

Protester in Hong Kong arrested 1a LLLLLLLLLLL

Police in Hong Kong have arrested more than 500 people at a sit-in that followed a huge pro-democracy rally in the city centre. Organisers say 500,000 people took part in the march through Hong Kong’s central business district to demand electoral freedoms from China. Afterwards, they vowed to remain overnight to ‘occupy’ a street in the city’s financial district. More ... Read More »

Protesters picket Facebook’s London office

Above: The so-called Syria Campaign activist group protesting outside Facebook's London office.
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Human rights activists have a beef with Facebook. Hundreds of people affiliated with the protest group called the Syria Campaigngathered outside Facebook’s London office this morning to demand the social media giant return money spent by Syrian tyrant Basher Al-Assad’s regime for sponsored posts that promoted elections in the war-ravaged nation, activists claimed. The brief protest featured activists dressed as Facebook ... Read More »

Peru now has a ‘licence to kill’ environmental protesters

Peruvia security forces hiting protester 1a LLL

Law exempts soldiers and police from criminal responsibility if they cause injuries or deaths  Jump to comments Some of the recent media coverage about the fact that more than 50 people in Peru – the vast majority of them indigenous – are on trial following protests and fatal conflict in the Amazon over five years ago missed a crucial point. ... Read More »