Protesters and investigators arrested as Malaysian PM Najib Razak cracks down

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Kuala Lumpur: Malaysian Prime Minister Najib Razak has widened a crackdown on his critics as he fights to hold on to power amid explosive corruption allegations. The Canberra Times – Lindsay Murdoch, South-East Asia correspondent for Fairfax Media Police arrested the leaders of protest rallies scheduled for the capital Kuala Lumpur at the weekend and took pre-emptive action on Saturday ... Read More »

Settlers clash with Israeli police in West Bank

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Jewish settlers clashed with Israeli police on July 28 as authorities took control of homes being built in the occupied West Bank, after a court ruled that the illegal structures must be demolished. Hurriyet – JERUSALEM – Agence France-Presse The Israeli High Court last month ordered the two structures in the Beit El settlement north of Ramallah to be razed ... Read More »

Study: Christian population in the Mideast is dropping rapidly

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Studies show the remaining Christians in most – but not all – of the Middle East are in dire straits. By Haaretz The dire fate of the Christian communities in the Middle East has become headline news lately. The murderous civil war in Syria; the rise of the Islamic State; the turmoil in countries such as Iraq, Libya, and in ... Read More »

Thousands lodge submissions to the Senate inquiry into arts cuts

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Australia Council cuts six-year funding in wake of Brandis budget cuts More than 2260 individuals and groups have lodged submissions to the Senate inquiry into cuts to arts funding, showing the depth of feeling around the issue, which could see smaller companies “die of asphyxiation”, according to the head of Australia’s peak arts body. The Age – Debbie Cuthbertson, Arts Editor, The ... Read More »

Reclaim Australia group and protesters clash in Sydney

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Protesters have clashed violently in Martin Place as Reclaim Australia rallies and counter-rallies continued on Sunday. The Sydney Morning Herald – James Bullen Several men wearing Australian flags were chased by protesters at about 10.20am. The counter-rally was to interrupt the rally by Reclaim Australia, a far-right nationalist group who were protesting  against what they call the “Islamisation of Australia”. Protesters shouted “Nazi ... Read More »

Suffering For Cyprus

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This photograph of a sorrowful young refugee holding his missing parents’ wedding photograph has haunted me ever since I first saw it, at the age of five. When in my youthful imagination I could barely just conceive of the idea of being abandoned or losing one’s parents, I would become overwhelmed with fear and cry. Agora Dialogue - Dean Kalimniou ... Read More »

Thousands of Iranians march in annual pro-Palestine rallies

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Tens of thousands of Iranians chanted “Down with America” and “Death to Israel” during annual pro-Palestinian rallies nationwide on July 10, as a top leader said the U.S. would be making a “strategic mistake” if it pulled out of ongoing negotiations on the country’s nuclear program. Hurriyet – TEHRAN, Iran – The Associated Press The “Al-Quds Day” rallies took place ... Read More »

Thai students arrested for anti-coup rallies won’t be released before facing military court, army chief says

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Fourteen Thai students who were arrested after staging anti-coup rallies must face military court and will not be released beforehand, Thailand’s army chief says, despite growing calls for charges to be dropped. The students were arrested last month after holding peaceful demonstrations in Bangkok calling for an end to military rule. Thailand’s junta, which calls itself the National Council for ... Read More »

Concentration Camps in the Dominican Republic?

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Regarding the pending expulsion of Dominicans of Haitian descent, which I’ve written about hereand here (based on original reporting by Rachel Nolan, here in Harper’s) and which is scheduled to start later this week: The Dominican Republic is sending mixed messages. The Nation – Greg Grandin Andrés Navarro, the country’s foreign minister, says they will wait until August to start deporting. ... Read More »