UK cinemas ban Lord’s Prayer ad before Star Wars

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London: The Church of England said on Sunday it was “bewildered” by the refusal of some of Britain’s biggest cinema chains to show an advert featuring the Lord’s Prayer. The Canberra Times The 60-second advert, which shows a variety of Christians including a police officer, weight lifter and school children each saying one line of the prayer, had been due to be shown next month before screenings of the new Star Wars film “The Force Awakens”. Digital Cinema Media, which provides ... Read More »

Hate crime against Christians under-reported, says Vatican representative

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Hate crime against Christians in Europe is under-reported, a Vatican representative yesterday told a security group yesterday. Christian Today – Harry Farley Junior Staff Writer The Holy See delegation to the OSCE (organisation for security and co-operation in Europe) made a statement on hate crimes, highlighting the “poor attention given to hate crimes committed against majority communities.” This, plus “the fact that hate crimes motivated by religious bias or prejudice are under-reported and under-recorded …imply that the hate crimes against ... Read More »

Obama’s Rejection of Keystone XL Is Victory, But That’s Not the Whole Story

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‘The black snake, Keystone XL, has been defeated and best believe we will dance to our victory!’ Common Dreams – by Common Dreams staff President Obama’s official rejection of the Keystone XL pipeline on Friday was met with grand applause from those who opposed the project and organizers who worked tirelessly, despite long odds, to force the adminstration’s hand. However, even as celebrations were enjoyed and an evening rally was scheduled outside the White House, there’s more to this story ... Read More »

Calls for Trans Pacific Partnership to be independently assesed


After years of negotiations details surrounding the highly-anticipated Trans Pacific Partnership have been released to the public. SBS – By Manny Tsigas The government says they prove just how beneficial the deal will be for Australia, but critics are still concerned about provisions on health, intellectual property and the environment. Video Thousands of pages have been published online showing plans to remove nearly all tariffs on everything from energy and resources to food and manufactured goods. “It’s been obvious to us all ... Read More »

Mum Refusing To Leave Refugee Protest Evicted By Police While Breastfeeding Child

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An act of civil disobedience led to an amazing image, and left one radio shock jock furious. Max Chalmers reports. New Matilda – By Max Chalmers When police started removing protesters from a Department of Immigration building yesterday, Jill Sparrow refused to budge. Sitting and breastfeeding her 22-month-old son Manning, Sparrow was one of the 50 odd people who convened at the Department’s Melbourne office to express their disapproval for the treatment of refugees. The ‘pram jam’ had blocked lifts at ... Read More »

Iran’s regime joins campaign against actress who posted images without wearing a hijab

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Sadaf Taherian fled to the United Arab Emirates after she was criticised for sharing images without the Muslim head covering The Telegraph – By Ahmed Vahdat Iran’s regime has joined the campaign against a leading actress who released photographs of herself without a veil, questioning the woman’s mental balance and calling her an “offender”. Sadaf Taherian was forced to flee to the United Arab Emirates last week after being criticised for publishing pictures on social media showing her without the ... Read More »

Indonesia is burning. So why is the world looking away?

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A great tract of Earth is on fire and threatened species are being driven out of their habitats. This is a crime against humanity and nature The Guardian – George Monbiot @GeorgeMonbiot I ’ve often wondered how the media would respond when eco-apocalypse struck. I pictured the news programmes producing brief, sensational reports, while failing to explain why it was happening or how it might be stopped. Then they would ask their financial correspondents how the disaster affected share prices, ... Read More »

Department backs school over national anthem furore

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The Education Department has thrown its support behind a school that invited students to leave assembly during the singing of the national anthem. Brisbane Times – Henrietta Cook, Education Reporter at The Age Cranbourne Carlisle Primary School recently told Shiite Muslim students that they could excuse themselves from singing Advance Australia Fair because it was a religious month of mourning. The move infuriated Lorraine McCurdy, who has grandchildren at the school and told 3AW radio that up to 40 students ... Read More »

Activist stunts make good headlines, but no long-term difference

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If we want to avoid an endless cycle of protest and corporate resistance, then campaigners need to aim for long-term collaboration with their foes The Guardian – Deborah Doane Imagine the scene: the chairman of Shell UK, Erik Bonino, sitting alongside Lee-Anne Barraclough, Shell’s VP of communications, over a Pret a Manger takeaway at Shell’s offices in London. They look out the window at the giant mechanical polar bear that’s been parked there since the morning, “I think we need ... Read More »

Hillary Clinton’s support for Australia’s gun buyback angers National Rifle Association

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Los Angeles: US presidential candidate Hillary Clinton has drawn fire from the US gun lobby after she said Australia’s gun buyback program was worth considering. Ms Clinton was asked at a town hall meeting in New Hampshire about how Australia responded to the 1996 Port Arthur massacre. “Australia managed to take away tens of thousands, millions of handguns and in one year, they’re all gone. Can we do that?” a man in the crowd asked Ms Clinton on Friday. Ms Clinton ... Read More »

Did Turkey’s Regime Just Kill Its Own People at a Peace Rally?

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Turkey’s government would have you believe that Kurdish terrorists killed more than 100 Kurdish party faithful at a peace rally. It’s clear the Erdogan regime thinks the world is pretty stupid to believe that. Amazingly, Western leaders are buying it. The Huffington Post – John A. Tures *, Political science professor, LaGrange College in Georgia That bomb blast, this time in Ankara, is the third recent Kurdish party (HDP) peace rally to be attacked with explosives (the others were at ... Read More »

Jews are being killed simply for being Jews

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The murders of Israelis on a bus yesterday continue decades of violence by Arabs against the innocent The Telegraph – By Eitan Na’eh * On Tuesday, several Israelis were shot and stabbed on a bus in Jerusalem, with three confirmed dead. Many others were left in a critical condition. When such horrific events occur, it is natural to try to make sense of them, and to ask: “Why did this happen?” My family has been asking this question for generations. ... Read More »

The Ankara Massacre and the State as a Serial Killer in Erdogan’s Turkey

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Shortly after the news of the Ankara massacre started circulating on social media, a video surfaced, showing the very moment of the first explosion, foregrounded by a group of young peace rally participants on a line of halay. Jadaliyya – by Emrah Yildiz  The protesters were singing and dancing to prominent ozan Ruhi Su’s “Ellerinde Pankartlar,” composed to commemorate the bloody May 1 Labor Day celebrations in Taksim Square in 1977—when at least 42 people were massacred and more than ... Read More »

Mexican government releases files on missing students

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The Mexican attorney general has made public the file on last year’s disappearance of 43 student teachers who clashed with the police. BBC – Arely Gomez Gonzalez released more than 80 volumes of material. The case has prompted protests across Mexico, increasing pressure on President Enrique Pena Nieto. Relatives dispute his government’s account that police in Guerrero state handed the students over to a gang who killed them and burnt the bodies. The attorney general’s office said the document had ... Read More »

Berlin protest against TTIP trade deal draws thousands

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BBC – Thousands have protested in the German capital Berlin against a planned free-trade deal between the EU and US. Organisers said 250,000 people took part in the rally; police put the figure at around 100,000. Opponents of the Transatlantic Trade and Investment Partnership (TTIP) say it is undemocratic and threatens consumer and worker rights. But supporters of the deal, which lowers trade barriers, say it would boost economies and create jobs. Hundreds of buses shuttled protesters to Saturday’s demonstration ... Read More »

Police Commissioner vows to defend religious freedom as anti-Islam protests loom

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Victoria’s reputation for warmth and generosity is increasingly at risk from a new wave of intolerance. The Age – Graham Ashton * Police defend migrants as mosques brace for protests Australia, the lucky country. Regardless of what the author Donald Horne might have intended, I think most people would agree: We are indeed fortunate to live in a very special corner of the world. What makes us the envy of other countries? There are many reasons. Now … is the time ... Read More »