Abbott should face court, says prominent lawyer

Julian Burnside 31 08 2014 AAP photo 1a LLLLLL in the street Good Photo

Human rights advocate and lawyer Julian Burnside has told protesters in Melbourne they can look forward to seeing Tony Abbott in the dock in an international court. Today’s protest against the federal government’s policies and budget drew around 10,000 people, although organisers put the figure closer to 20,000. Mr Burnside criticised the government’s policy on refugees. “The way they are ... Read More »

Australian immigration protesters march in silence for 300km

Sil 2b

Changing the Tide group highlights treatment of asylum seekers by staging nine-day Sydney to Canberra walk For over a week now, a group of people including former immigration detention workers, refugees and others have been slowly walking in silence from the Villawood detention centre in Sydney to Canberra, protesting against the treatment of asylum seekers across Australia’s detention network. The ... Read More »

Golden Dawn visit dismays Australia’s Greek community


Greek Australians vow to stop neo-fascist party from spreading hate as extremist group steps up efforts to tap diaspora for support A planned visit to Australia by members of the European parliament representing Greece’s neo-Nazi Golden Dawn party has been met with embarrassment and dismay by leading members of the country’s Greek community. Days after the extremist group announced that ... Read More »

Security guard fired for anti-coal sign: Brisbane woman Kym Garrick banned from Port of Brisbane job over ‘Coal Dust Free’ car sticker

Kym Garrick 1a LLLLLLLLLLL

The Port of Brisbane has banned a security guard for displaying an anti-coal industry sign in her car. Kym Garrick’s employer Corporate Protection Australia Group fired her from her job at the port earlier this month, telling her it was because she displayed a sign that read “Coal Dust Free Brisbane”. Ms Garrick said she was warned about the sign ... Read More »

Local Children React to Protests: State of Emergency – Ferguson, Missouri (Dispatch 4)

VICE News Missouri

Published on 23 Aug 2014 Subscribe to VICE News here: The August 9 killing of Michael Brown — and the days of protests and police presence that followed it — transformed Ferguson, Missouri from a quiet, peaceful suburb into a flashpoint for the country’s racial tensions. It also turned the lives of local children upside down. Kids and families ... Read More »

Baku Slams US, France over Condemnation of Villager’s Death

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BAKU—The Azerbaijani government in a statement on Friday criticized Washington and Paris for their condemnation of the Azerbaijani authorities’ killing of Karen Petrosian, an Armenian border villager who had wandered into Azerbaijan. Baku’s authorities maintained that the man, killed in captivity on Aug. 8, was an “Armenian saboteur” insisting that he had crossed the border as part of a “commando ... Read More »

A Fox News Tantrum And A Split-Screen: A Metaphor for The Decline Of White America

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A split-screen and a news anchor’s tantrum provide the perfect metaphor for the gradual decline of conservative white America. Chris Graham explains. In took just a few seconds for Fox News anchor Megyn Kelly to sum up Fox News’ twisted ideology better than anything Jon Stewart, Stephen Colbert, John Oliver or any of the other great satirists could ever do.Kelly, ... Read More »

Conflict Alert: Protecting Pakistan’s Threatened Democracy

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A little over a year ago, Pakistan entered an unprecedented second phase of democratic transition, with one elected government handing power to another by peaceful, constitutional means. This fragile transition will be gravely threatened unless a fast-escalating political crisis is urgently defused. The protests rocking Islamabad threaten to upend the constitutional order, set back rule of law and open the ... Read More »

Ineos buys fracking rights around Grangemouth and Firth of Forth

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News of Ineos’s move into shale gas extraction comes amid nationwide protests against companies involved in fracking  Jump to comments Ineos, the company at the centre of last year’s bitter dispute with unions at its Grangemouth petrochemical plant, has bought the rights to explore fracking for shale gas in a 127 square mile area around Grangemouth and the Firth of Forth. The company, ... Read More »