Trump’s order barring refugees flies in the face of logic and humanity

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With an irony that hasn’t gone unnoticed, US President Donald Trump signed his executive order Protecting the Nation from Foreign Terrorist Entry into the US on January 27, Holocaust Memorial Day. Geoff Gilbert The Conversation The order’s instructions are harsh and shocking. Not only does it suspend the US Refugee Admissions Programme for 120 days and all refugee arrivals from Syria indefinitely, it suspends all new arrivals from designated countries… Trump’s order barring… Read More »

Does Syria really want to reconcile with Kurds?

A Kurdish fighter from the People's Protection Units (YPG) carries his weapon as he walks at the faculty of economics where a defaced picture of Syrian President Bashar al-Assad is seen in the background, in the Ghwairan neighborhood of Hasaka, Syria, August 22, 2016. REUTERS/Rodi Said - RTX2MKNT

QAMISHLI, Syria — Syrian Kurds are working quietly but feverishly to build a state entity with its own security, economy and sociocultural bodies. Fehim Taştekin Al Monitor But what if Damascus rejects this system and opts for war? I recently traveled through… Does Syria really want… Read More »

Who gets to see CCTV footage? The law favours the operators

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In a recent report, the Australian National Audit Office (ANAO) detailed “significant shortcomings” in the management by the Department of Immigration and Border Protection of contracts for security and welfare services on Manus Island and Nauru. Rick Sarre The Conversation One shortcoming identified by the ANAO was that video records and reports of incidents provided by the department and their service providers between 2013 and 2016 were not always able to be reconciled. “There were records of… Who gets to ... Read More »

All Gambians need to rebuild their country, even members of the old regime

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New president Adama Barrow should not be criticised for reaching out to an ‘enabler’ for former leader Yahya Jammeh Sait Matty Jaw The Guardian How do countries with no history of political transitions survive one when it comes along? How will Gambians endure… All Gambians need to… Read More »

Dutch politics stops minding its language

Dutch prime minister and Liberal party VVD-leader Mark Rutte (L) with Geert Wilders, leader of populist party PVV on  September 6, 2012 prepare for a debate in the Erasmus University in Rotterdam. Liberals and Labour are in close election race-poll, 6 days before the general elections on 12 September. AFP PHOTO/ ROBIN UTRECHT
 netherlands out        (Photo credit should read ROBIN UTRECHT/AFP/GettyImages)

The prime minister is starting to sound like his main challenger, giving a coarse tone to the campaign. Naomi O’Leary Politico AMSTERDAM — Prime Minister Mark Rutte is imitating the brash rhetorical style of opponent Geert Wilders as he tries to fend off the advance of his far-right party ahead of a March election. Wilders’ Freedom Party (PVV) has… Dutch politics stops… Read More »

German Pride Shifts to Angst in Role as Europe’s Reflator

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Germany is feeling cursed by its own economic strength. Carolynn Look Bloomberg For eight years, the nation of 83 million people has been the euro area’s growth driver. Now it’s at the forefront of… German Pride Shifts to… Read More »

Donald Trump Supporters Are Playing With Nationalistic Fire: Welcome To The Age Of Unreason

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In a post-truth world where ‘alternative facts’ are now peddled by leaders and their advisers, the need for a transparent media is greater than ever, writes Johan Lidberg. Dr Johan Lidberg New Matilda Trump in the US, Brexit in the UK, Le Pen in France, Hanson in Australia, racist and xenophobic party gains in Sweden, Norway, Denmark, Finland, Holland, Austria, Poland and Hungary – the common denominators are… Donald Trump Supporters Are… Read More »

Fear deliberately spread on Manus Island

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Crude stories about criminal asylum seekers and cannibal locals were used to foster division and suspicions on Manus Island, aiding Australia’s agenda of obfuscation. Janet Galbraith The Saturday Paper Many in Australia reiterate one story about Manus Island and Manusians. It is a crude story, developed to… Fear deliberately spread on… Read More »

Pope Francis: You cannot reject refugees and call yourself a Christian

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Pope Francis condemned the hypocrisy from Christians who are merciless to refugees and people of other faiths, addressing a gathering of a pilgrimage of Catholics and Lutherans from Germany, reports Catholic News Service. Kenneth Lipp U.S. Uncut Francis rebuked “the contradiction of those who want to… “This is not… Pope Francis: You… Read More »

Twitter reveals the Jewish refugees who were murdered after the US turned them away

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Twitter users are commemorating the many Jewish refugees who were murdered by the Nazi regime after the US refused to grant them visas in the 1930s. SBS In a touching and timely tribute, a Twitter account is commemorating Jewish refugees who were murdered by the Nazis after being refused entry to the US. Many thousands of Jewish… Twitter reveals the Jewish… Read More »

Why Abortion Kills A Person Even If You Don’t Think The Unborn Are People Yet

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When I was 21, someone stole my coat. George Fields The Federalist At that moment, I became an ardent supporter of the pro-life movement. You might say that I have… Why Abortion Kills A… Read More »

Court Rules Against Monsanto, Allows California To Put Cancer Warning On Roundup

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FRESNO, Calif. (AP) – California can require Monsanto to label its popular weed-killer Roundup as a possible cancer threat despite an insistence from the chemical giant that it poses no risk to people, a judge tentatively ruled… The Associated Press CBS Sacramento California would be the first state to order such labeling if it carries out the… Court Rules Against… Read More »

International Holocaust Remembrance Day – in pictures

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Auschwitz survivors gather at the former camp in Poland on the 72nd anniversary of its liberation, as commemoration events are held around the world… The Guardian The main entrance to Auschwitz II-Birkenau concentration camp in Oświęcim, Poland… International Holocaust Remembrance… Read More »

The Environmental Left and Keystone XL

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Why, on every measure, Keystone XL opponents’ arguments don’t hold up… Benjamin Zycher The National Interest Everything old is new again, the latest manifestation of which is the reaction of the environmental Left to the news that President Donald Trump has issued presidential memoranda and an… The Environmental Left… Read More »

When She’s The Boss

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Netflix’s new series, The Crown, is a fascinating portrait of the unusual marriage between Queen Elizabeth and Prince Philip and highlights a cutting-edge marital dynamic: one in which the wife, not the husband, is head of the household. Suzanne Venker The Daily Caller When Elizabeth II was named Queen in 1952, Prince Philip forfeited his naval career to support his wife—which was, as Julie Miller writes in Vanity Fair, “an uncomfortably advanced spousal dynamic, especially for a… When She’s The… Read More »

‘Australia first’ is opportunism – and politicians should be careful where it leads

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Scott Morrison’s echoing of Trump may have been an attempt to keep populism at bay but there is a clear danger in this type of rhetoric Jason Wilson The Guardian Donald Trump’s “America first” inaugural speech found strange echoes in Australia this week. After the newly sworn-in… ‘Australia first’ is opportunism… Read More »