Meet the entrepreneur solving pollution and homelessness at the same time

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Waste not, want not might be an old-fashioned axiom confined to the lexicon of finger‑wagging grandparents, but a 34-year-old from Colombia has turned it into his life mission. The Telegraph By Lauren Davidson, property editor Bogota-based Oscar Méndez is, to borrow another saying, killing… Meet the entrepreneur… Read More »

How Iran Hopes the Nuclear Deal Will Revive Its Economy

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Rouhani’s first target is the country’s corrupt banking system. The National Interest Farhad Rezaei From the beginning of his presidency, Hassan Rouhani and his team considered the Joint Comprehensive Plan of Action (JCPOA) negotiated between Iran and… How Iran Hopes… Read More »

City council must fully implement anti-poverty plan: Editorial

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A new study from the United Way shows it costs $4.4 billion to $5.5 billion to ignore poverty in Toronto. The Star City council has a plan, TO Prosperity, in place to combat it. It should fully fund the plan this year if for no other reason than to… City council must… Read More »

Greens call on UK Government to contribute to child sex abuse compensation

Child abuse - ABC

Greens senator Rachel Siewert has said it was “extremely distressing” to hear allegations the United Kingdom government might have continued to send child migrants to Australia after being told they were being mistreated at institutions here. ABC Barbara Miller Senator Siewert said if the allegations were found to be true then the UK Government should offer to contribute to Australia’s compensation scheme for victims of institutional child sexual abuse, announced earlier this month. “If the UK government continued to send ... Read More »

It’s time we Queensland MPs did away with the ‘gay panic’ defence

Gay rights - Brisbane Times

It’s high time, as Queenslanders, that we stood up for our gay brothers and sisters in the state. Brisbane Times Rob Pyne No matter what your opinion is on marriage equality, I think we can all agree that no gay person deserves to be bullied until they take their own life, and no gay person deserves to be murdered. The Queensland Parliament this week has… It’s time we Queensland MPs did away with… Read More »

Cooling-off periods for consumers don’t work: study

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When customers are offered a “cooling off” period, they don’t change their minds, even when the alternative is considered subjectively better, our research finds. The Conversation We also found that some consumers (around 30%) only responded when contacted by the seller and asked if they would still like to opt in. Under current Australian consumer law, Australians have a… Cooling-off periods for… Read More »

Religious extremists not the only terror threat, Victoria Police Commissioner Graham Ashton says

Religous extremists - ABC

Victoria’s top cop has warned terrorism threats are broader than religious extremism, as the likely return of foreign fighters increases the chance of an attack on Australian soil. ABC Sarah Farnswoth The warning came as experts from nine different countries, including the deputy head of French police group RAID, met in Melbourne to share knowledge of countering extremist behaviour. Chief Commissioner Graham Ashton said it was not just… Religious extremists not the only terror… Read More »

My country, my shame


Australia has received an unprecedented amount of negative publicity in recent weeks. Amnesty International has accused us of torturing refugees on Nauru, Their report, titled the ‘Island of Despair’, has provided factual stories of the sufferings that are inflicted on refugees there. On Line Opinion Peter Bowden The ABC Four Corners program highlighted a similar story: The Forgotten Children. That story told us of the abuse this country is inflicting on… My country, my… Read More »

The economy may collapse soon: Daron Acemoğlu

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The Turkish economy may collapse in a couple of years if politicians do not show the West that the economy is trust-worthy, Daron Acemoğlu, Professor at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT), told the daily Hürriyet. Çınar Oskay – ISTANBUL “Economic growth comes from consumption and consumption is encouraged by loans. This is not… The economy may… Read More »

New laws are not necessarily the answer to counter the real threat pornography poses

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Australia has a problem with pornography. The Conversation The Senate reported recently on the harm online pornography inflicts on young people. Additionally, as part of its response to domestic violence, the Turnbull government announced a range of strategies to combat the… New laws are not necessarily the answer to… Read More »

Section 18C ‘debate’: Human rights as a political distraction

Human rights - IA

Repealing Section 18C has the potential to legitimise and magnify the racist hate-speech that Australian people of colour already have to deal with, writes Brooke Murphy. Independent Australia Brooke Murphy RECENTLY, various politicians and media outlets have been contributing to the “debate” surrounding Section 18C of the Racial Discrimination Act 1975. Arguments against Section 18C centre on… Section 18C ‘debate’: Human rights as… Read More »

We need 1000 more cops or the police response delays will get worse: Union

Police Union - Yahoo News

The WA Police Union has outlined an ambitious pre-election demand for both major parties to commit to employing an extra 1000 officers over the next four years. Yahoo News Grant Taylor The push, which the union claimed was vital if WA wanted to keep pace with the growing demands on police resources, will be launched today at its annual conference where party leaders will be urged to “be brave” and “stop making excuses” for rising crime. “Despite the best efforts ... Read More »

WA Police Commissioner at odds with union over push for more officers

WA Police Commissioner - ABC

West Australian Police Commissioner Karl O’Callaghan believes his organisation may need another 500 personnel to effectively combat crime, but he has flatly rejected a union demand for 1,000 more uniformed officers. ABC Andrew O’Connor Mr O’Callaghan told the WA Police Union’s annual state conference the drivers of crime were complex and would not be solved by simply putting more officers on the street. He said his executive had been reviewing… WA Police Commissioner at odds with… Read More »

Poll: Two thirds of Scots back currency union post-independence

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More than two thirds of Scots want to keep using pound sterling if the country votes for independence, a new poll has found. The Scotsman The BMG poll for The Herald found that 64 per cent of those polled would prefer a currency union with the… Poll: Two thirds… Read More »

Court no place for commentary: Chief Magistrate

Court no place for commentary - Brisbane times

Queensland Chief Magistrate Ray Rinaudo says the court is no place for political commentary after a magistrate made supportive remarks to three women charged over a political protest. Brisbane Times Scarlett Squire, Kelly Purnell and Ellen Sargent pleaded guilty in the Pine Rivers Magistrates Court last week and were each fined $100 for unregulated, high-risk activity and obstructing police. The trio scaled Immigration Minister Peter Dutton’s office in… Court no place for… Read More »

Victims caught in legal catch-22s after reporting sexual abuse to authorities

News - ABC

The royal commission examining institutional responses to child sexual abuse has heard from survivors who were caught in a legal “catch-22s” after they reported their abusers. ABC Michelle Brown The inquiry is looking at how aspects of the legal system could be reformed to provide better outcomes for abuse victims, without prejudicing the right of the accused to a fair trial. Two survivors told the inquiry they had spent years trying to… Victims caught in legal catch-22s after… Read More »