Elephant poaching deaths reach tipping point in Africa


Africa’s elephants have reached a tipping point: more are being killed each year than are being born, a study suggests. Researchers believe that since 2010 an average of nearly 35,000 elephants have been killed annually on the continent. They warn that if the rate of poaching continues, the animals could be wiped out in 100 years. The work is published ... Read More »

Loss of empire halts Turkish marking of WWI: Historian

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The collapse of the Ottoman Empire might have ushered in the birth of the republic, but the disappearance of the former is nothing to be commemorated, according to historian Orhan Koroğlu. We need to accept that the Ottoman Empire had come to an end but there is nothing to be proud of in it, historian says. Countries around the world ... Read More »

2nd Turkish Invasion Of Cyprus – 14 August 1974 ( Lest We Forget The Horrors )

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Early on Wednesday, 14 August, 1974 Turkish troops swept southwards in an explosive drive which was virtually un-opposed. By this time the Greek officers of the National Guard had returned to Greece and the force itself was ineffective against the vastly out-numbering Turkish force and its superior armour. The Turkish airforce had the freedom of the skies. By 16 August ... Read More »

Archaeologists uncover vast ancient tomb in Greece

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Site dates to end of Alexander the Great’s reign in 4th century BC and may be grave of a prominent Macedonian, say officials Archaeologists have unearthed a vast ancient tomb in Greece, distinguished by two sphinxes and frescoed walls and dating to 300-325BC, the government announced on Tuesday. The tomb, in the country’s north-eastern Macedonia region, which has been gradually ... Read More »

Occupation hypocrisy: Gaza vs. Cyprus

Illustration on the ongoing Turkish occupation of Cyprus by Alexander Hunter/The Washington Times more >

LIMASSOL, Cyprus | Cyprus is a beautiful island, but it has never recovered from the Turkish invasion of 1974. Turkish troops still control nearly 40 percent of the island — the most fertile and formerly the richest portion. Some 200,000 Greek refugees never returned home after being expelled from their homes and farms in Northern Cyprus. The capital of Nicosia remains divided. A 112-mile demilitarized ... Read More »

IS emerges from radical Islamic jurisprudence

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The Islamic State (IS) did not originate from barbaric communities or prehistoric peoples. In fact, instead it is a fundamentalist Islamic group stemming from the core of radical Islamic jurisprudence. The organization adheres literally to the fatwas and dogma of radical Islamist scholars, mainly Sheikh Taqi ibn Taymiyyah (1263-1328). ””” Summary The Islamic State and other radical groups found their religious underpinnings in the ... Read More »

Watch how the centers of Western culture migrated over 2,000 years

How the centres of Western culture migrated over 2,000 years. (Screenshot: Nature)

How the centres of Western culture migrated over 2,000 years. If you want to map cultural hubs throughout time, you can track where history’s most notable figures—like Leonardo da Vinci, Jane Austen, and Steve Jobs—were born and died. That was the thinking of Dr. Maximilian Schich, associate professor for art and technology at the University of Texas at Dallas. Schich and his team took data on ... Read More »

David Bowie exhibition at Museum of Contemporary Art, Chicago debuts Sennheiser technology


CHICAGO, IL.- The David Bowie Is exhibition makes its US debut at the Museum of Contemporary Art Chicago on September 23, 2014, and brings new Sennheiser technology that enables visitors to have a unique, multi-faceted journey of David Bowie’s sound and style. In this partnership, the MCA and the Victoria and Albert (V&A) Museum in London – who curated the ... Read More »