Genocide goes on globally despite international efforts


There are many actions the international community can take to prevent or stop genocide but many of these are difficult, controversial or costly International communities have been focusing on preventing genocide since the second world war where millions of people were systematically killed. However, the ongoing massacres in the Middle East and Africa bring the question of the effectiveness of these international ... Read More »

PM Erdoğan stresses ‘shared pain’ in statement on Armenian issue

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Turkey has issued a first-ever statement offering condolences to the descendants of slain Ottoman Armenians just a day before of 99th anniversary of the mass killings of Armenians at the hands of the Ottoman Empire during World War I. Prime Minister Recep Tayyip Erdoğan highlighted the “shared pain” endured during the 1915 events in a historic statement April 23 on ... Read More »

Obama to Japan: Yes, the U.S. Will Defend You


The U.S. President is kicking off his four-nation Asia trip with a state visit to Japan, where he has said, for the first time in a press conference, that islands in the East China Sea claimed by both Japan and China come under Washington’s security pact with Tokyo Just how low would he go? In November 2009, as Barack Obama ... Read More »

Behind Turkey’s Roaring

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Turkey’s refusal to submit flight plans for its military airplanes is consistent with its doctrine of preemptive strike when the time is ripe. Turkey’s doctrine developed from the fact that not only it went unpunished for a number of rogue actions that it perpetrated against Greek interests especially after it joined NATO, but it was additionally rewarded for the same ... Read More »

Chagos Islands dispute: court to rule on UK sovereignty claim

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Success of case could lead to return of hundreds of exiled islanders who were forced to leave archipelago – Jump to comments Britain’s sovereignty over the Chagos Islands and America’s lease for the Diego Garcia military base could be thrown into doubt by an international court hearing due to open in Istanbul on Tuesday. It is considered of such importance ... Read More »

Forgotten Ottoman legacy: Armenian intellectuals

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The Young Turks and the Young Ottomans are the most popular Ottoman intellectuals. Namık Kemal, İbrahim Şinasi, Ziya Paşa and Abdullah Cevdet are renowned intellectuals who are considered Young Turks. These are names we are familiar with; however, there are also some leading figures most of us do not remember: Ottoman-Armenian intellectuals. One of these intellectuals attempted to translate the ... Read More »

Did removing lead from petrol spark a decline in crime?


Many Western nations have experienced significant declines in crime in recent decades, but could the removal of lead from petrol explain that? Working away in his laboratory in 1921, Thomas Midgley wanted to fuel a brighter tomorrow. He created tetraethyl lead – a compound that would make car engines more efficient than ever. But did the lead that we added ... Read More »

Holy fire ceremony draws thousands in Jerusalem as celebration of Easter continues

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THE dark hall inside Christianity’s holiest shrine was illuminated with the flames from thousands of candles on Saturday as worshippers participated in the holy fire ceremony, a momentous spiritual event in Orthodox Easter rites. Christians believe Jesus was crucified, buried and resurrected at the site where the Church of the Holy Sepulcher now stands in the Old City of Jerusalem. ... Read More »

Chlorine: From toxic chemical to household cleaner


Few chemicals are as familiar as table salt. The white crystals are the most common food seasoning in the world and an essential part of the human diet. Sodium chloride is chemically very stable – but split it into its constituent elements and you release the chemical equivalent of demons. The process is brutal. Vast amounts of electricity are used ... Read More »