Ghosts of Gallipoli formed on wall at Australian War Memorial

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Take a look at this photograph from the Hall of Memory at the Australian War Memorial. The Sydney Morning Herald - Tim Barlass, Senior writer Can you see the ghostly shapes of three soldiers? It doesn’t take much imagination to see the legs of three servicemen with what looks like rifles or their kit by their sides. Philip Gordon made a recent visit to the ... Read More »

Lenin, mum and me – my communist childhood

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Jo McMillan was brought up by her communist mother on cold war politics, summer holidays in East Germany and dreams of a socialist future – and then the Berlin Wall fell The Guardian - Jo McMillan For my 25th birthday, my mother gave me 25 pairs of socks, all black. They marked our lowest point. They said all she knew ... Read More »

The Greek City of Ghosts

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Among the Jews of a land in crisis Politico – By David Patrikarakos THESSALONIKI, Greece — They call this place the City of Ghosts. For centuries it was a major trading port, second only to Constantinople in the Byzantine Empire. Then in 1430, the Ottomans came, bringing with them Islam and its minarets. Sixty years later, Ferdinand and Isabella of ... Read More »

History hangs heavily in the struggle against evil

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Jan Kozielewski was always tormented by his inability to stop the Holocaust. “I hated humanity,” he blurted after the nightmare ended. “The Lord assigned me a role – to speak and write during the war when, as it seemed, it might help. It did not.” The Sydney Morning Herald – Vic Alhadeff * The extraordinary story of Jan Karski, as ... Read More »

The Return of the Ugly German

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BERLIN – During the long night of negotiations over Greece on July 12-13, something fundamental to the European Union cracked. Since then, Europeans have been living in a different kind of EU. Project Syndicate – Joschka Fischer * What changed that night was the Germany that Europeans have known since the end of World War II. On the surface, the negotiations ... Read More »

The Greek Crisis, 173 Years Before

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It is a commonplace that the 1821 revolution secured Greece’s independence. What is generally not known however, is that the independent state of Greece, was set up for financial failure from its very outset. Agora Dialogue - Dean Kalimniou In 1824, a loan of £472,000 pounds was secured on the London Stock Exchange to finance the campaign for Independence. This ... Read More »

Germany, Greece and the New World Order

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With the Greek crisis being played out before our eyes, Germany is being accused of a variety of draconian policies and taking a hard line against Greece, and by extension the Greek people, to further Germany’s aims. The Huffington Post – Thea Halo, Author of Not Even My Name, and A Lid for Every Pot, painter, former WBAI news correspondent. ... Read More »

British Royal Nazi Salute – a Sign of the Times

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The British royal family is up in arms – excuse the pun – over old video footage that shows the young Queen Elizabeth giving a Heil Hitler salute. A photograph published on its front page by British tabloid newspaper The Sun has caused a storm of controversy, with the British monarchy denouncing it as an invasion of privacy. But the ... Read More »