Kafka’s Metamorphosis: 100 years of perplexity

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The Local  – 100 years ago, Franz Kafka published The Metamorphosis, now seen as one of the most significant works of 20th century German literature. The Local speaks to the academic who has reinterpreted it for a modern audience. In 1915 Prague-born writer Franz Kafka published a short story in German literary magazine Die Weißen Blätter (The White Pages). Known ... Read More »

Our languages, our heritage, our culture

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Lose a language, lose a culture and a collective history. Lose thousands of languages, and the world’s wonderful cultural diversity becomes impoverished. This is precisely what is happening – globalization has played its part in placing under threat around half of the world’s current seven thousand languages. For UNESCO, the loss of a language goes deeper: “Opportunities, traditions, memory, unique ... Read More »

Turkey paid $1 million to have Armenian Genocide archives burnt in Egypt

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Horizon – Turkey has paid over $1 million for burning the documents proving the Armenian Genocide, ermenihaber.am reports, quoting Turkish Democrat Haber. According to the source, Turkey bribed the Muslim Brotherhood to have the documents kept in Institut d’Égypte (Institute of Egypt) burnt. Democratic Jihad Party founder Sheikh Nabil Na’eem revealed the news at the Egypt government meeting and added that “the guilty ... Read More »

Speak Greek In March

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Not a few things made a profound impression upon me at the launch of the Speak Greek in March campaign, which took place last Sunday at the new improved Greek Orthodox Community HQ. Dean Kalimniou The first was the blessing of the whole endeavor by the articulate and functionally grecophonic second generation priest, Father Eumenios. In perfect Greek, tinged with ... Read More »

A band apart

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The Bushmen people’s belief that they are amongst human’s most ancient races has reportedly been proven Geographical Written by  Tom Hart Published in Cultures ‘As important [for the Bushmen] as the element of belonging, was the feeling of being known. Perhaps this more than anything else sets him apart from us and the rest of Africa,’ wrote Laurens van der ... Read More »

Freedom Ride returns to Walgett, the town where the RSL banned black diggers

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In 1965 in this small western NSW town, Aboriginal people were segregated in the cinema and barred from the RSL, even if they were returned servicemen The Guardian – Monica Tan @m_onicatan No one really remembers what Charles Perkins said on that day in February 1965, at the entrance of Walgett’s RSL, only how it made them feel. The northern New South ... Read More »

Life on Earth may have flourished a billion years earlier than thought

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More than 3 billion years ago, Earth was a hostile, volatile place, its air oxygen-less and its climate unpredictable. The Age - Sarah Kaplan And yet, life thrived. That’s according to a study published in the journal Nature, which analysed 52 ancient rock samples and found that organisms capable of pulling nitrogen from the atmosphere and converting it into a usable form first appeared around 3.2 billion years ago ... Read More »

Zografos: The Architect Of Autonomus Epirus

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During the month of February, when Epirotes around the world commemorate the declaration of the autonomy of Northern Epirus, now  part of the Republic of Albania, my thoughts often turn to one  of them most remarkable of the Greek people, one time Greek foreign-minister, businessman and president of the Autonomous Republic of Northern Epirus,  Georgios Christakis-Zografos. Dean Kalimniou His portrait, ... Read More »