Atatürk in the Nazi imagination

Atatürk in the Nazi Imagination’ by Stefan Ihrig 1a book LLLLLL

It isn’t easy to find much original to say about Nazi Germany, but this new title on the Nazis’ view of Turkey and Mustafa Kemal Atatürk has recently caused quite a stir. Hurriyet – William Armstrong – william.armstrong@hdn.com.tr Harvard historian Stefan Ihrig’s deeply researched book explores the extraordinary, hitherto little-known hold that the Turkish war of liberation and the Kemalist nation-building ... Read More »

The Council on Foreign Relations Honors Kissinger Critic

Kissinger 5e LLLL

CFR named Gary J. Bass’s The Blood Telegram the best book on international relations of 2014. The National Interest – Zachary Keck On November 4, Richard Haass, the president of the Council on Foreign Relations, hosted Henry Kissinger as the final speaker in a series of day-long panels looking at the history of the Cold War. Haass said that in havingKissinger as ... Read More »

Ethnic Cleansing of Jews in Turkey

Edi 1a

How a Population Dropped to Two Gatestone Institute – Uzay Bulut The real question is: Now that the ethnic-cleansing campaign of the Turkish regime has been “successfully” completed, and there are only two Jews left in Edirne, why is the governor of the city still so angry? The sweet little secret in both Turkey and Europe is that anti-Semites do not ... Read More »

Fossils & Minerals @ Lalaounis Jewelry Museum

Fossils & Minerals 1a Lalaounis museum LL

A new temporary exhibition titled “From Zeus to Earth and from Chile to Neapolis” with fossils and minerals from the private collection of geologist Kostas Manakos, is running at the Ilias Lalaounis Jewelry Museum until December 31. It includes more than 300 exhibits from Brazil, Peru, Canada, India, China to Australia, Etna, Vesuvius and the North Pole. The oldest piece ... Read More »

Getting to Know the Artisans Who Make Other People’s Art

Henryk 1a

There are many invisible people who make the art world run: art handlers, registrars, conservators, exhibition designers. Hyperallergic – Jillian Steinhauer We don’t often see these people listed on press releases or wall placards, but it’s thanks to their work that we get to have meaningful aesthetic experiences. One of the largest groups of behind-the-scenes laborers is artisans — the welders, sculptors, painters, finishers, and ... Read More »

The Mevlevis, a mystical sect of Anatolia

Sema 1a LLLL

As a teacher in 13th century Konya, Mevlana Celaladdin Rumi never intended to start a mystical sect. His son and grandson led the way to establishing the sect that, after 700 years, is now known worldwide. Hurriyet - Niki Gamm During the first half of the 13th century in Konya, a city in Central Anatolia Celaladdin Rumi – or “Mevlana” (our ... Read More »

When the Art Is Watching You


Museums are mining detailed information from visitors, raising questions about the use of Big Data in the arts – The Wall Streer Journal - ELLEN GAMERMAN - COMMENTS One morning last week, a team of experts at New York’s Solomon R. Guggenheim Museum searched for hidden spots in the rotunda to conceal tiny electronic transmitters. The devices will enable the museum ... Read More »

Tales of Cyprus

Tales of Cyprus 1a LLLLLLLLLL

Con Emannuelle’s art is a record of a way of life which no longer exists and the memory of which remains to only a very few. Tales of Cyprus – Dr Jennifer M. Webb* In collecting these wonderful photographs, in painstakingly and so beautifully drawing these iconic scenes and creating these posters, he is paying tribute, with love and gratitude, to ... Read More »

“The Sunrise” by Victoria Hislop

Victoria Hislop 2b I Anatoli LLLL book

By Claire Aggelidou I am not writing this out of chauvinism, but because I was born and raised in Famagusta, inhabiting this town for 42 years until the day of the Turkish invasion, the day I was uprooted from my home. I would prefer Famagusta to be known worldwide, not for its luxurious hotels, the wealthy tourists, the extravagant ladies ... Read More »

The British Museum has just lost the Elgin Marbles argument

Elg 4d

This loan is welcome — in that it gives the game away The Independent – Geoffrey Robertson QC * The British Museum has moved the river god Illisos from his plinth in the Duveen Gallery to St. Petersburg for a celebration of Russian art collection at the Hermitage. This raises two issues: first, why give a propaganda windfall to President Putin ... Read More »