Ancient Greek palace unearthed near Sparta dates back to 17th century BC

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Archaeologists discover palace with archaic inscriptions built during the Mycenaean period The Guardian -  Agence France-Presse Archaeologists in Greece have discovered the ruins of an ancient palace with important archaic inscriptions dating back to the Mycenaean age, the culture ministry said Tuesday. The palace, likely built around the 17th-16th centuries BC, had around 10 rooms and was discovered near Sparta ... Read More »

Why Israel and Armenia Should ‘Adopt’ the Yazidis

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JERUSALEM — The recent horrifying New York Times exposé on the Islamic State’s sex slavery system targeting Yazidi women was one of the most-read articles on the paper’s website in the last days. And yes, in a doubly perverse sense it feels good to be morally outraged at ISIS for a few minutes. But let us not get all too ... Read More »

The Interview: Henry Kissinger

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As we celebrate our 30th anniversary, TNI Editor Jacob Heilbrunn sits down with the former Secretary of State. The National Interest - Henry Kissinger The National Interest’s editor, Jacob Heilbrunn, spoke with Henry Kissinger in early July in New York. Jacob Heilbrunn: Why is realism today an embattled approach to foreign affairs, or perhaps not as significant as it was when ... Read More »

Antigone now: Greek tragedy is the debate we have to have

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When you hear the words Greek tragedy, you might think of white masks, or even the ongoing economic crisis – ancient drama and modern depravity in its most enticing form. These first impressions may seem simple, but within them lays a theatrical form that refuses to die. The Conversation – Christine Lambrianidis, Playwright and theatre researcher at Monash University Maybe ... Read More »

The Case For Buying Antiquities To Save Them

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Nobody should purchase art from Islamic State, but barring all sales from dubious sources isn’t the solution. The Wall Street Journal – By Gary Vikan The barbaric murder by Islamic State of Khaled Asaad, the archaeologist overseeing the ancient site of Palmyra in Syria, reported on Tuesday, brings fresh focus on the antiquities that Islamic State, or ISIS, alternately destroys ... Read More »

Japan’s Leader and the ‘Immeasurable Damage’ His Country Inflicted in World War II

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Shinzo Abe expressed “profound grief” for Japanese actions, but the remarks are unlikely to placate his neighbors. The Atlantic Krishnadev Calamur Japanese Prime Minister Shinzo Abe acknowledged Friday, the 70th anniversary of his country’s surrender in World War II, that Japan inflicted “immeasurable damage and suffering” on innocent people. But his remarks—which stopped short of an unequivocal apology—were unlikely to ... Read More »

Jack Knox: Victoria philanthropist reveals he survived atomic bombing

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The atomic bomb detonated over Nagasaki at 11:02 a.m. Rudi Hoenson didn’t see the B-29 that dropped it — “We were not allowed to stand and look at things” — but he heard it. Times Colonist – Jack Knox The plane droned overhead as Hoenson and his fellow prisoners of war laboured to clear the rubble left by an earlier ... Read More »