Clinton and Obama are on the wrong side of history

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Scenes from an insurrection: In Madison, Wis., on Wednesday, 10,000 people show up to rally for long-shot presidential candidate Bernie Sanders — giving the self-declared “democratic socialist” the largest crowd any candidate has had in this election cycle. Sanders, running on a shoestring and a prayer, has closed to within single digits of Hillary Clinton in New Hampshire and is ... Read More »

Sir Nicholas Winton, rescuer of 669 Jewish children during the Holocaust, dead at 106

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“Who’s helping the children?” Emily Langer That was the question that Nicholas Winton, a 29-year-old English stockbroker, asked when he found himself in Prague in 1938. As war loomed in Europe, humanitarian groups had initiated efforts to aid Jews, political refugees and other groups endangered by Hitler’s advancing threat. But Winton found no such effort under way specifically for the ... Read More »

Slaves in their own words: Recordings of a lost world

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The 13th amendment abolishing slavery was passed 150 years ago. Thanks to the Library of Congress, the voices of some of those who were emancipated can now be heard The Telegraph - By David Millward, US Correspondent Around four million slaves were freed at the end of the American Civil War in 1865. Over the generations their stories have been ... Read More »

The Confederate Flag Is a Racist Symbol of a Failed Rebellion. It’s Not a Debate.

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There are white Southerners who venerate their Confederate ancestors as heroes, even patriots. One of mine was a deserter. I wish he hadn’t fought at all. The Huffington Post – Ben Hallman , Senior Editor for Projects & Investigations My great-great grandfather was conscripted into the Confederate Navy and assigned to a ship guarding Mobile Bay, in Alabama. In August 1864, ... Read More »

Belgian PM recognizes 1915 killing of Ottoman Armenians as ‘genocide’

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Belgian Prime Minister Charles Michel has recognized on the behalf of the Belgian government the killing of Ottoman Armenians in eastern Anatolia from 1915 as “genocide,” Belgian media reported on June 18. Hurriyet – BRUSSELS – Anadolu Agency Belgian newspaper Le Soir reported June 18 that Michel, the youngest prime minister in Belgium’s history, stated in parliament that the killings ... Read More »

800 Years Later, We Owe Magna Carta Vigilance

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The values outlined in the historic document will always come under threat. It’s only a vigilant and engaged citizenry that can defend them, writes President of the Law Society of Western Australia Matthew Keogh. New Matilda – By Matthew Keogh Magna Carta: many reference the 800 year old document, but few understand it. It may seem strange that an agreement between a ... Read More »

Decentralisation Made Ancient Greece Economic Success

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A classics professor from Stanford University has suggested that ancient Greece, unlike its contemporaries, was not only a cultural but also an economic success. New Historian – Posted By: Irina Slav Josiah Ober’s findings are detailed in a book titled “The Rise and Fall of Classical Greece” and are based on the digitisation of a massive amount of data, including archaeological ... Read More »

The Reichstag Fire and the Difficulties of Contemporary History

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On 27th February, 1933, the Reichstag Building in Berlin was engulfed in flames. Despite the best efforts of fire fighting crews, the Reichstag, the physical representation of German democracy, was gutted by the fire. New Historian - Posted By: Adam Steedman Thake After the fire had been put out, firemen and police conducted a search of the building. Along with unburned ... Read More »

Limba armãneascã

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“No language is rude that can boast polite writers.” Audrey Beardsley Dean Kalimniou To no small degree, I owe my existence to my late grandmother’s knowledge of the Vlach tongue and in particular, its southern, Pindean dialect. Once she acquired this facility, it exposed her to a concatenation of circumstances that led ultimately, I would argue, to my corporeal manifestation ... Read More »

Government ignores Magna Carta at its peril

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Next week’s 800th anniversary of the Magna Carta sounds a warning: Parliament cannot ride rough-shod over the basic rights of citizens The Age – Geoffrey Robertson * Exactly 800 years ago next Monday, bad King John slid through the mud of Runnymede island in the Thames to affix his seal to a document drawn up by the feudal barons with whom ... Read More »