China: The Real Winner of the 2016 Election

China - The National Interest

Can the U.S.-China relationship survive a Twitter president? Thomas J. Shattuck The National Interest After a president of the United States takes office, he normally enjoys what is called a “honeymoon period,” which is when the public and Congress generally approve of his actions and policies. During this time… China: The Real… Read More »

Study suggests polling is still best predictor of election outcomes

University of Houston - Eurek Alert

UH-led research found use of polling data effective even in developing countries University of Houston Eurek Alert Donald Trump’s surprising election as president of the United States was viewed by some people as evidence that electoral polling no longer works, but researchers report they have developed models using global polling data that… Study suggests polling… Read More »

Fillon’s choices: the bad, the worse and the real ugly

epa05760163 Supporters greet former French Prime Minister and Les Republicains political party candidate for the 2017 presidential election Francois Fillon (C) and his wife Penelope Fillon (not pictured) as they arrive for a political rally in Paris, France, 29 January 2017. Francois Fillon has come under pressure to explain the previous employment of his wife as parliamentary aide while he was a MP and to give details of the work she did. French MPs are allowed to employ family members as aides.  EPA/ERIC FEFERBERG/POOL MAXPPP OUT

No good options for French conservative candidate. Pierre Briancon Politico PARIS — “I’d use the Titanic cliché, except there’s no band playing.” That’s how a… Fillon’s choices: the… Read More »

America, land of the (not-so) free, home of the (very) brave


In 2011, I made the decision to cut short my brief stint working in America and return to Australia. Freya Petersen ABC The catalyst was the birth of my first son, and my desire that he experience the same safe, sedate and relatively remote Australian childhood I enjoyed. The decision to… America, land of the… Read More »

Why, only now, are we finding out who the biggest donors in an election year were?

Elections - The Conversation

The Australian Electoral Commission has released disclosures on political donations for the financial year 2015-16. Yee-Fui Ng The Conversation The Electoral Act requires donors, candidates, political parties and associated entities to give details to the commission about the political donations they received for each financial year. All donations above… Why, only now… Read More »

Fourth LNP member defects to One Nation

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PAULINE Hanson’s One Nation has welcomed another defector from the LNP with former Logan MP ­Michael Pucci appointed as the… Sarah Vogler The Courier-Mail Mr Pucci – who was voted out in 2015 after one term in State Parliament – told The Courier-Mail that he resigned from the LNP via email over the… Fourth LNP member… Read More »

Turnbull news conference an exercise in avoidance and obfuscation

Turnbull - ABC

There were several take-outs from Malcolm Turnbull’s rather odd Monday news conference, which followed his Sunday telephone conversation with Donald Trump. Michelle Grattan ABC First, Australians are still not to be given any detail about the agreement – forged under the Obama administration and now confirmed by Trump – that the US will take refugees from Nauru and Manus Island. Second, Turnbull appears to… Turnbull news conference… Read More »

Dutch politics stops minding its language

Dutch prime minister and Liberal party VVD-leader Mark Rutte (L) with Geert Wilders, leader of populist party PVV on  September 6, 2012 prepare for a debate in the Erasmus University in Rotterdam. Liberals and Labour are in close election race-poll, 6 days before the general elections on 12 September. AFP PHOTO/ ROBIN UTRECHT
 netherlands out        (Photo credit should read ROBIN UTRECHT/AFP/GettyImages)

The prime minister is starting to sound like his main challenger, giving a coarse tone to the campaign. Naomi O’Leary Politico AMSTERDAM — Prime Minister Mark Rutte is imitating the brash rhetorical style of opponent Geert Wilders as he tries to fend off the advance of his far-right party ahead of a March election. Wilders’ Freedom Party (PVV) has… Dutch politics stops… Read More »

Martin Schulz, the outsider insider

German Vice Chancellor, Economy and Energy Minister Sigmar Gabriel (R) and former European Parliament President Martin Schulz attend a joint press conference at the Social Democratic Party (SPD) headquarters Willy-Brandt-Haus in Berlin on January 24, 2017.
The leader of Germany's Social Democrats, Sigmar Gabriel, told Die Zeit newspaper that he would recommend that former European Parliament president Martin Schulz take his place as SPD party chairman and chancellor candidate, as he made the surprise announcement on January 24, 2017 that he would not run against Chancellor Angela Merkel in a September general election. / AFP / Tobias SCHWARZ        (Photo credit should read TOBIAS SCHWARZ/AFP/Getty Images)

The Brussels veteran’s decision to run against Angela Merkel is good news for Germany — and Europe. Timo Lochocki Politico BERLIN — Social Democrat leader Sigmar Gabriel’s decision to bow out of the race for the chancellorship in favor of Martin Schulz is the perfect antidote to German voters’ frustrations. It will benefit his party… Martin Schulz, the outsider… Read More »

Could an Irish referendum delay or even derail Brexit?

Ireland - The Irish Times

‘Unavoidable’ that talks on article 50 will trigger a referendum here, seminar hears Ruadhán Mac Cormaic The Irish Times Could Irish voters block a future deal to withdraw Britain from the EU by rejecting it in a referendum? With the clock counting down to… Could an Irish referendum delay… Read More »

How Europe’s elections could be hacked

Elections - CNN

Russian hackers meddled in the U.S. election campaign. Alanna Petroff CNN Now they’re turning their attention to Europe. France, Germany and the… How Europe’s elections… Read More »

5 ways Martin Schulz plans to dethrone Angela Merkel

Merkel - Politico

Here’s how he might improve his odds in the election. Florian Eder Politico Social Democrat leader Sigmar Gabriel’s decision not to compete in September’s elections puts Martin Schulz in the hot seat, with the daunting job of trying to stop Angela Merkel from a fourth term as German chancellor. Schulz, whose term as… 5 ways Martin Schulz plans… Read More »

Women and Iran’s elections: ‘This is not the atmosphere for change’

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In May this year Iranians will go to the polls twice: first to vote for their next president, and then for nearly 120,000 council members in the municipal election. Rebecca Barlow Lowy Interpreter Women, like youth, form a critical component of Iran’s electorate.. They played a key role in the election of reformist president Muhammad Khatami (1997-2005) and the… Women and Iran’s… Read More »

Could Russian hacking pose a threat to Australian democracy?

Hack - The Conversation

The Russian hacking of the Democratic National Committee over the past two years might seem like a very American news story, inseparable from the lead characters of Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump, and hyped as only the polarised media of that country can do it. Greg Austin The Conversation But when we look more deeply, we see a very threatening reality that concerns all governments, liberal democratic or authoritarian. Australia should take note. The UK parliament is… Could Russian hacking ... Read More »

Donald Trump’s presidency will be ‘hopelessly conflicted’, corporate governance expert says

Trump - ABC

Donald Trump will be a “hopelessly conflicted president” with an unrivalled array of commercial conflicts of interest that threaten to undermine the presidency, according to a leading expert on corporate governance. Stephen Long ABC “I doubt he will survive two years. It could be months,” Professor… Donald Trump’s presidency will be… Read More »

The Most Powerful Republican in America (and How He Paved the Way for Donald Trump)

Trump - Slate

Mitch McConnell’s politics of nihilism produced a president. They can unmake a president, too. Mark Joseph Stern Slate Hours after video emerged of Donald Trump boasting about committing sexual assault, Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell criticized Trump’s comments as “repugnant” and “unacceptable.” But were they… The Most Powerful Republican in… Read More »