Cash in hand: how big is Australia’s black economy?

A taskforce is to be set up to crack down on the underground economy, but what exactly will it be dealing with? The Guardian Nick Evershed The Australian government has announced a taskforce to “crack down on the black economy”, with a panel reportedly to consider measures such as removing the $100 note from circulation and limiting cash transactions … Cash in hand: how big is Australia’s… Read More »

Greece-Israel-Cyprus Relations: Ripe for Expansion?

Relations with Greece and Cyprus provide Israel with allied neighbors and bring Israel closer to Europe in terms of security, trade, and energy. Institute for Contemporary Affairs Dr. George Voskopoulos Israel, Greece, and Cyprus are the only working democracies in a region of undemocratic, semi-democratic, and… Greece-Israel-Cyprus… Read More »

Australia’s annual budget deficits worsen by $7.5 billion U.S.

The budget would return to surplus in 2020-21, despite falling revenue and a slowing economy, Treasurer Scott Morrison said. The Star Rod McGuirk CANBERRA, AUSTRALIA—Australia’s projected budget deficits for the next four years have increased by 10.3 billion Australian dollars (US$7.5 billion) to AU$94.9 billion as the economy continues to slow following a China-driven… Australia’s annual budget deficits… Read More »

The American dream lives!

Any chance America’s terrible, horrible, no good, very bad 2016 will somehow end well? AEI James Pethokoukis No way. This is the annus horribilis when… The American dream… Read More »

China and India Aren’t Afraid to Use Money as a Weapon

While India and China publicly disapprove of economic coercion, both have used it as an instrument of statecraft. The National Interest Rishika Chauhan “Major powers have to work with each other even if their interests diverge on some issues,” India’s Foreign Secretary S. Jaishankar stressed at the recently concluded India China Think-Tanks Forum in New Delhi. However, within the next few… China and India Aren’t Afraid to… Read More »

The British ‘Snoopers Law’: Implications for the US and government surveillance worldwide

Almost lost in the turmoil over Brexit and the fraught negotiations for the terms of Britain’s departure from the European Union, the British Parliament several weeks ago passed the most sweeping government surveillance and internal spying law thus far legislated by any Western nation. AEI Claude Barfield The Investigatory Powers Law, dubbed the “Snoopers Law” by its many critics, was passed after many months of debate and a few amendments aimed (unsuccessfully) at mollifying its vociferous dissenters among civil… The ... Read More »

US advances on clean energy with first offshore wind farm

Offshore wind farms are in development across the country, but the election of Donald Trump may weaken federal support and squelch an emerging industry The Guardian Katie Fehrenbacher Several miles off the coast of Rhode Island, a clean energy landmark quietly just… US advances on… Read More »

The central banker has no clothes

What went wrong for the masters of the post-financial crisis universe. Politico Francesco Guerrera Central bankers were the undisputed winners of the 2008 financial crisis. As the rest of the world tumbled in economic turmoil, they … The central banker has no… Read More »

No Dollars, No Sense: A Government Beholden To ‘Economic Morons’

Australia is headed towards a recession, aided by a federal government that appears to know not what it is doing, writes Ian McAuley. New Matilda Ian McAuley The National Accounts released last week confirm what economists already know: the Australian economy is in poor shape. The headline news is the 0.5 per cent quarterly fall in… No Dollars, No Sense: A Government Beholden To… Read More »

Out of obscurity

The Asian giant has been helping its neighbour’s economic development for more than two decades Asia Times By SANDRA LOWE Laos’ emergence on the regional and international stage has seen it formulate the ambitious goal of shedding its… Out of obscurity… Read More »

Don’t divest from Emerging Markets: dollar highs won’t last

Long-term outlook for emerging markets with good economic freedom isn’t helped by a strong dollar – but a strong dollar isn’t what Donald Trump wants Asia Times Jerry Bowyer The question going forward for Emerging Market investors is this: “What will be the cost of being well diversified globally?” Is EM to be zeroed out, as… Don’t divest from Emerging… Read More »

End tax breaks for the rich: Editorial

A new report shows the injustice of Canada’s system of tax breaks. The Star Every year, Ottawa spends about $110 billion to help poor and middle class people through programs like the… End tax breaks… Read More »

Erdoğan’s call to citizens: Sell dollars for lira, gold

President Recep Tayyip Erdoğan called on Turkish citizens on Dec. 2 to convert their foreign exchange into gold or the Turkish Lira, adding that there was no option other than cutting interest rates to spur growth. Ηurriyet Following his remarks in Ankara, the lira saw fresh lows against the U.S. dollar. “Those who… Erdoğan’s call to… Read More »