Victorian police sold illegal drugs, corruption report finds

Victoria Police - The Guardian

Commission finds police used ice, cocaine and ecstasy, met with traffickers and joked about their own drug use The Guardian Victorian police sent each other joking texts about their drug use, while one was building a “sophisticated drug syndicate”, the state’s anti-corruption investigation has found. Police partying on ice, cocaine and… Victorian police sold illegal… Read More »

Who was behind Cairo church bombing?

Egyptian security forces and members of the clergy inspect the scene of a bomb explosion at the Saint Peter and Saint Paul Coptic Orthodox Church on December 11, 2016, in Cairo's Abbasiya neighbourhood.
The blast killed at least 25 worshippers during Sunday mass inside the Cairo church near the seat of the Coptic pope who heads Egypt's Christian minority, state media said. / AFP / KHALED DESOUKI        (Photo credit should read KHALED DESOUKI/AFP/Getty Images)

CAIRO — Egyptian officials said today they have arrested four suspects and identified a man they believe to be the suicide bomber responsible for a blast that ripped through a Coptic church Saturday in Cairo, killing 25 people and wounding dozens of others. Al Monitor Ayah Aman Authorities said Monday they had arrested three men and a woman and were searching for two more people in connection with the bombing. No group as of yet has accepted responsibility for… Who ... Read More »

Sexual harassment in the media


The departure of The Age’s editor-in-chief due to workplace impropriety highlights the ongoing hypocrisy of the media as moral arbiter. The Saturday Paper Martin McKenzie – Murray The story emerged as Australian journalists converged in Brisbane for their profession’s highest honours, the Walkleys. The editor-in-chief of The Age, a past… Sexual harassment in the… Read More »

German refugee murder arrest in Freiburg heightens tensions

Germany - BBC

For days now photographs of a smiling young woman have haunted newspaper headlines and online news sites. BBC News Jenny Hill Maria L was 19 when she was murdered in October. The circumstances of her death are… German refugee murder arrest in… Read More »

Policemen killed in Cairo blast

Breaking news - Al Jazeera

Bomb was placed in a bin beside a security checkpoint, sources say, in attack that also hurt several civilians. Al Jazeera News Six policemen were killed and three wounded on Friday when a bomb placed in a rubbish bin exploded at a security checkpoint in Cairo, security sources and state media said. Egypt’s state run news agency MENA said the… Policemen killed in… Read More »

Harsh reality is: do the crime, do the time

The Examiner

The latest Australian Bureau of Statistics figures on prisoners in Australia shows a worrying upwards trend of more people serving time. The Examiner The number of people in Australian prisons jumped for the fifth straight year, with almost 39,000 people in jail in 2016 – up 8 per cent from the same time in 2015, 10 per cent in 2014 and 7 per cent in 2013. It’s worth noting that according to the ABS, that… Harsh reality is: do the crime, ... Read More »

Full-term prison sentences for police killers like Craig Minogue ‘dangerous, unnecessary’, Liberty Victoria says

Prison Sentences - ABC

The Victorian Government’s move to keep police killers behind bars for life is “dangerous”, “unnecessary” and interferes with the independence of the justice system, a human rights group has said. ABC Sarah Farnsworth The Government has introduced laws into Parliament to prevent people who kill police officers from being released on parole. The laws would affect three current prisoners, including… Full-term prison sentences for police killers like… Read More »

NT Royal Commission told building more youth detention facilities won’t solve juvenile justice issues

Juvenile justice - NT

Building more youth detention facilities is not the solution to the juvenile justice problems in the Northern Territory, a royal commission has heard. NT News Former Queensland Corrective Services director-general Keith Hamburger says more of the same will not work. “It’s like when you’re taking medicine that’s not… NT Royal Commission told building more… Read More »

Victoria youth crime: Statistics raise questions about calls to deport youth offenders

Youth violence - ABC

Youth crime has been a hot topic in Victoria recently, with regular stories of violent carjackings, aggravated burglaries and riots in youth justice facilities. ABC Sarah Farnsworth Commentators have linked a recent spate of crimes to the so-called Apex gang, heightening anti-migration rhetoric, but police statistics show most home invasions, car thefts and aggravated robberies are committed by people born in Australia. Data from the Victorian Crime Statistics Agency shows… Victoria youth crime: Statistics raise questions about… Read More »

Fagin’s Law: New Victorian offence to target adults procuring kids to commit crimes

Fagins - ABC

The Victorian Government has said it will introduce a new offence to target adults procuring children to do their criminal “dirty work”. ABC Attorney-General Martin Pakula said legislation would be introduced to State Parliament next year to see adult criminals facing up to 10 years’ jail for such behaviour. The new law has been dubbed Fagin’s Law, after the… Fagin’s Law: New Victorian offence to… Read More »

Young South Sudanese ‘constantly stopped’ by police, as community grapples with Apex stigma

South Sudanese - ABC

Deng Maleek, a university-educated youth worker, was on his way to meet with police to discuss issues facing the South Sudanese community, when he was pulled over and asked to provide his registration papers. ABC Sarah Farnsworth The young South Sudanese man said the officers who stopped him implied he was an Apex gang member, an experience he described as not uncommon amongst his peers. “Young people of Sudanese background find… Young South Sudanese ‘constantly stopped’ by… Read More »

We Cannot Ignore The Culture Of Sex Abuse We Have Created

Sports Academy - Christian Today

There is an ongoing crisis at the heart of British culture involving horrific cases of child sexual abuse. Christian Today Krish Kandiah The latest scandal involves the abuse of young footballers. It hit the headlines in the middle of a beleaguered inquiry into… We Cannot Ignore The Culture Of Sex Abuse We… Read More »

New laws ensure sexual assault victims’ private counselling remains private

Victims - Brisbane Times

Sexual assault victims’ private communication with counsellors will be unavailable for perpetrators to use in court under new laws. Brisbane Times Felicity Caldwell Attorney-General Yvette D’Ath introduced a bill on Thursday providing extra measures for victims of crime in Queensland. Under the changes, a sexual assault counselling privilege will… New laws ensure sexual assault victims’ private… Read More »

Shock report reveals a quarter of Europeans believe rape can be justified

Rape - News

A DISTURBING report has found a quarter of Europeans think rape is more acceptable if the attacker is drunk or the woman is scantily dressed. Olivia Lambert The report on gender-based violence, commissioned by the European Union, also found more than one in five people believed women were making up rape claims or exaggerating them. About 30,000 people contributed to the… Shock report reveals a quarter of… Read More »

The role of organisational culture in child sexual abuse in institutional contexts


This report analyses the role that organisational culture plays in child sexual abuse in institutional contexts. Australian Policy Online Donald Palmer It specifically considers how organisational culture can affect the perpetration and detection of child sexual abuse and the responses to child sexual abuse in institutional contexts. The report also develops suggestions for… The role of organisational culture in… Read More »

Family violence, alcohol consumption and the likelihood of criminal offences


Alcohol is involved in a substantial number of family violence incidents recorded by police. Australian Policy Online Paul Sutherland, Cleave McDonald  & Melanie Millsteed However, there is a paucity of Australian research on the relative contribution of alcohol use by perpetrators and/or victims to whether or not the incident results in the perpetrator being arrested for or charged with a criminal offence. This study involved statistical analysis of… Family violence, alcohol consumption and the… Read More »