As a Briton, I hang my head in shame. We must return the Parthenon marbles

The marbles were created for the Parthenon in Athens

Now Amal Clooney has reignited the debate over the Parthenon’s crowning glory, it’s time we rectified a historic wrong. Reunite these ancient sculptures with their home Almost every day I take a walk around the Acropolis. “Around” is the operative word, because the Greeks have gone to great lengths to unite their Athenian antiquities with a pedestrian path. At the ... Read More »

Colombian Government and the FARC published provisional agreements

Fas 1a

EEAS welcomed the publication of the agreements, concluded during the Havana peace talks The European External Action Service (EEAS) welcomed the joint announcement by the Colombian Government and the FARC regarding the provisional agreements from Havana peace talks. On 24 September, the two sides reached a provisional agreement, regarding the issues of land property, political participation and illicit drugs. EEAS ... Read More »

UN chiefs urged to give up seats for civil society groups at maternal health talks

Advocates will use the UN general assembly to call on leaders to keep their promises to improve maternal healthcare. Photograph: Martin Godwin

Advocates warn that citizen leaders are excluded from high-level talks in New York and urge agency leaders to include them A global network of maternal health advocates are calling on the heads of UN agencies to give up their seats to civil society leaders at next week’s high-level meetings in New York. The White Ribbon Alliance for Safe Motherhood (WRA) ... Read More »

Putin’s L.America ‘big tour’, deals done

Screen Shot 2014-07-22 at 5.21.23 PM

A six-day tour by Russian President Vladimir Putin to Latin America ended with a long anticipated creation of the BRICS bank and the signing of energy agreements, as Russia looks to build alliances to counter Western influence. The Latin America tour started with the visit to Cuba, where Putin signed a new agreement on oil exploration in Caribbean waters which ... Read More »

Fatah and Hamas agree on new Palestinian prime minister

Rami Hamdallah and Mahmoud Abbas

Mahmoud Abbas names Rami Hamdallah as PM in step towards reconciliation between former rival factions The two main Palestinian factions, Fatah and the Islamist movement Hamas, appeared on the verge of forming a historic unity government after seven years of bitter rivalry as Palestinian president, Mahmoud Abbas, named a new prime minister agreed by the two sides on Thursday. The ... Read More »

AFL gets behind Indigenous recognition

afl rec

The AFL has become the first major sporting body to formally support constitutional recognition for Indigenous Australians. The AFL will back the Recognise campaign, and incorporate its message into upcoming games. Recognise describes itself as a people’s movement, advocating for constitutional change. It proposes removing some sections of the constitution, including one that could be used to create laws prohibiting ... Read More »

The Continental Shelf Delimitation Agreement Between Turkey and “TRNC”

Cy AOZ 1a LLLL Nikolas Ioannides

Last month, Turkey submitted a note verbaleto the Secretary-General of the United Nations setting out the geographical coordinates of its continental shelf in the Eastern Mediterranean, as established by a delimitation agreement with the “Turkish Republic of Northern Cyprus” (“TRNC”). The agreement was signed on 21 September 2011 and ratified by the Turkish government on 29 June 2012. A mappublished by the Turkish Ministry of Foreign ... Read More »

US vice-president Joe Biden pushes energy cooperation in visit to Cyprus

Biden looking aside 1a LLL

Discovery of oil and natural gas deposits in the Mediterranean highlights the growing importance the US has given to the region Jump to comments US vice-president Joe Biden arrived in Cyprus on Wednesday, the most senior US official to visit in more than 50 years, as the quest to find alternative energy routes into Europe focused international attention on the continent’s only divided country. With the discovery of ... Read More »

Woodside pulls out of Leviathan deal

Peter Coleman 1a LLLL

The Australian company had sought to buy 25% of the Israeli gas field for $2.71 billion. Australian company Woodside Petroleum has finally withdrawn its intention to buy 25% of the rights in the Leviathan gas field off Israel’s coast for $2.71 billion. In an announcement released yesterday in Australia, Woodside CEO Peter Coleman said that the negotiations between the sides ... Read More »