Robb Fast-Tracks UAE Uranium Deal

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The Federal Government has signed another uranium export deal with a dubious overseas partner – and without inspecting the country’s facilities. We need an independent inquiry, writes Dave Sweeney In a move that marks the first time Australia uranium would be sold to the Middle East, Trade Minister Andrew Robb is fast-tracking a nuclear cooperation agreement with the United Arab ... Read More »

Women May Get Right To Fight On Frontline


The head of the Army gives his strongest hint yet that women could soon be able to fight on the frontline for Britain. The British Army is “seriously considering” lifting its ban on women serving in combat roles in line with other countries such as the US, the chief of the general staff has said. General Sir Peter Wall told ... Read More »

The U.S. Should Ratify Its Agreement to IMF Reform

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Regarding your editorial “Obama’s IMF Gambit” (March 26) ): Your opposition to pending IMF reforms is ironic. In seeking to promote U.S. interests in international economic and financial affairs, you endorse a position that is having the opposite effect. The IMF remains a unique and indispensable instrument for promoting a stronger, more stable, more open and more efficient global economy, ... Read More »

Could Oman be the next Hollywood of the Middle East?


The Sultanate has entered into a formal agreement with several film organisations of the Arab world to give a strong impetus to the local cinema movement. “This agreement is perhaps a giant leap in making Omani cinema more meaningful and a valuable resource hub for all the countries of the Middle East,” said Dr Khalid Al Zadjali, Chairman of the ... Read More »

Syria artist sets Guinness record for world’s largest mural


Moaffak Makhoul and his team complete mural in Damascus, two months shy of third anniversary of grim conflict in Syria. DAMASCUS – A Syrian artist has set a Guinness record for the world’s largest mural made of recycled materials, aiming to inspire hope and creativity in his war-ravaged country. Guinness World Records announced on its Facebook page that Moaffak Makhoul ... Read More »

Andrew Forrest’s dream to stop all slavery


Like minds: Forrest meets an equally passionate Pope Francis. Photo: Supplied Twiggy digs in against slavery Video here After witnessing the shocking treatment of children, iron ore magnate Andrew Forrest launches the Global Freedom Network which hopes to use faith to combat slavery. A broken child drove Andrew Forrest to a unique alliance, writes Nick Miller in Rome. The terrified ... Read More »

Obama’s Secret Weapon Against Putin’s Crimea Vote?


In a Soviet-style election, 97% Crimeans voted to join Russia yesterday. Ethnic Russians make up only 58% of Crimea . The lopsided vote is determined by two factors: many ethnic minorities, especially Muslim Tartars and Roman Catholics, stayed home and there was roughly one Russian soldier or sailor for every 20 eligible voters. For many, voting “no” didn’t seem like ... Read More »

Trade Agreement Puts Environmental Wins In Jeopardy

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A new free trade agreement with South Korea could allow the Korean companies that own three coal mines in NSW to sue, if Australia enforces environmental protections, writes Isabel Mcintosh Australia’s new free trade agreement (FTA) with South Korea, promoted as a win for Australian exports, includes a clause that could spell big trouble for Australia’s environmental movement and sovereignty. ... Read More »