India and Bangladesh to sign territory swap deal

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BBC - Bangladesh and India are to sign a historic agreement to simplify their border by exchanging more than 150 enclaves of land. India’s Prime Minister Narendra Modi will ratify the deal with his counterpart Sheikh Hasina in Dhaka. Thousands of Bangladeshis inhabit more than 50 enclaves in India, while Indians live in around 100 areas within Bangladesh. The countries will ... Read More »

Life in a Colombia village threatened by landmines

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BBC - Colombia’s government and left-wing Farc rebels recently agreed to clear the country of landmines as part of the ongoing peace talks. Natalio Cosoy reports from Anori where people live in fear of landmines ( video ) But the job could take decades. BBC Mundo’s Natalio Cosoy visited one area where residents live in constant threat of being killed, maimed ... Read More »

Iran Nuclear Talks: A Landmark Achievement, Yet a Long Road Ahead

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The International Crisis Group applauds the 2 April agreement on a framework for a Joint Comprehensive Plan of Action reached between Iran and the P5+1/EU3+3 (the five permanent members of the UN Security Council plus Germany). This achievement is a triumph of multilateral diplomacy and a testament to the seriousness of purpose, patience and persistence of the negotiators involved in ... Read More »

Arab League agrees to create joint military force

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BBC – The heads of Arab League countries meeting in Egypt have agreed to create a joint Arab military force. The League has been meeting in Sharm el-Sheikh amid a crisis in Yemen and the threat of jihadists who have made major gains in Iraq, Syria and Libya. However, establishing the make-up and remit of the force could take months, ... Read More »

Eamonn McCann: Union protests pushed Sinn Féin to pull out of agreement

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The unions’ main concern is that the agreement involves the loss of 20,000 public sector jobs The Irish Times – Eamonn McCann One of the factors behind Sinn Féin’s decision on Monday to pull out of the Stormont House Agreement was a series of trade union demonstrations tomorrow calling for rejection of the agreement. All major public sector unions in the ... Read More »

When thieves shout to tterrorize the owners

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Why the silence by our leadership? By Haris Kyriakides Our supposed to be friends and strategic Western allies are outraged by the Cyprus Government’s  “mistake” to proceed with bilateral agreements with Russia. The Lords are going to discuss the matter in the House of Lords of the Old Albion.   At the same time, Nicosia officially  mumbles like a cry-baby complaining ... Read More »

Yanis Varoufakis: No Time for Games in Europe


ATHENS — I am writing this piece on the margins of a crucial negotiation with my country’s creditors — a negotiation the result of which may mark a generation, and even prove a turning point for Europe’s unfolding experiment with monetary union. The New York Times – Yanis Varoufakis Game theorists analyze negotiations as if they were split-a-pie games involving selfish players. ... Read More »

Armenia halts ratification of agreement with Turkey

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The Armenian president has said he has asked the country’s parliamentary speaker to withdraw his signature from a groundbreaking 2009 agreement with Turkey meant to restore ties between the two nations. YEREVAN – The Associated Press – Hurriyet  President Serzh Sargsyan said in a statement yesterday that Armenia would not ratify the agreement because of the “preconditions” that Turkey is ... Read More »

The greatest mistranslations ever


After Google Translate’s latest update, BBC Culture finds history’s biggest language mistakes – including a US president stating ‘I desire the Poles carnally’. Fiona Macdonald BBC Google Translate’s latest update – turning the app into a real-time interpreter – has been heralded as bringing us closer to ‘a world where language is no longer a barrier’. Despite glitches, it offers ... Read More »

Read the Full Text of President Obama’s Speech on Immigration


In a primetime address to the nation Thursday night, President Obama announced sweeping executive action to change U.S. immigration policy. His plan — the largest overhaul of the immigration system in five decades — will protect nearly 5 million unauthorized immigrants from deportation. Eligible immigrants can begin applying for protections in the spring. Here are the president’s remarks as prepared ... Read More »