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Scientists pinpoint when harmless bacteria became flesh-eating monsters


Bacterial diseases cause millions of deaths every year. Most of these bacteria were benign at some point in their evolutionary past, and we don’t always understand what turned them into disease-causing pathogens. In a new study, researchers have tracked down when this switch happened in one flesh-eating bacteria. They think the knowledge might help predict future epidemics. The flesh-eating culprit ... Read More »

Privacy fears over FBI facial recognition database


Campaigners have raised privacy concerns over a facial recognition database being developed by the FBI that could contain 52m images by 2015. The civil liberties group Electronic Frontier Foundation (EFF) obtained information about the project through a freedom of information request. It said it was concerned that images of non-criminals would be stored alongside those of criminals. The FBI say ... Read More »

Smart Walk Turns Any Surface Into A Subway Tracker


SmartWalk brings real-time transit information into the physical world by projecting arrival times and way-finding for subways, buses, bike share and more onto public spaces. Need a ride? This new service will project real-time schedules for public transit onto city sidewalks and buildings. In 2012, the company TransitScreen launched a new service that makes choosing a method of public transportation ... Read More »

The 10 tech commandments to avoid digital shame

An embarrassed woman after a computer error

With the help of our readers and GuardianWitness, we’ve compiled some handy tips on how to avoid everlasting shame in the modern world – where reply all, browser history and autocorrect just seem out to get you Technology may have introduced us to a brave new world where anything is possible. Unfortunately, it’s also increased our capacity to make utter ... Read More »

Is There Any More Privacy in the World? VICE Podcast 010


The VICE Podcast is a weekly discussion which delves inside the minds of some of the most interesting, creative, and bizarre people within the VICE universe This week, we speak with Christopher Soghoian, a former boarding pass hacker and FBI person of interest, who is now principal technologist of the speech, privacy, and technology project at the American Civil Liberties ... Read More »

CSIRO braces for budget cut of up to $150 million

Simon McKeon 1a LL

Australia’s peak science body is bracing for a May budget cut of up $150 million, or more than 20 per cent of its total government funding. Fairfax Media can reveal the CSIRO’s top executive team has been modelling a range of scenarios that would see the scientific agency lose up 20 per cent of its $757 million a year funding. ... Read More »

UN urges huge increase in green energy to avert climate disaster

UN urges huge increase in green energy to avert climate disaster

‘Triple or quadruple renewables’, say experts, as pressure grows for UK to deliver on eco priorities – Jump to comments David Cameron‘s commitment to the green agenda will come under the fiercest scrutiny yet this week when top climate-change experts will warn that only greater use of renewable energy – including windfarms – can prevent a global catastrophe. A report ... Read More »

Glow-in-the-dark roads make debut in Netherlands


Light-absorbing glow-in-the-dark road markings have replaced streetlights on a 500m stretch of highway in the Netherlands. Studio Roosegaarde promised us the design back in 2012, and after cutting through rather a lot of government red tape we can finally see the finished product. One Netherlands  news report said, ”It looks like you are driving through a fairytale,” which pretty much sums ... Read More »