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Back in the Paleolithic Era: The First Mariners

Pal 2b

As a breakthrough of experimental archeology can be viewed the team project “First Mariners,” who built a raft by using only organic materials and copies of Paleolithic tools, and travelled on it from Kythira to Crete island, thus confirming archaeologists’ assumptions that Paleolithic populations were able to cross large shipping distances with their own makeshift boats. The First Mariners’ team started its journey with the ... Read More »

After Drugs and Guns, Art Theft Is the Biggest Criminal Enterprise in the World


June 2014, and an unusual three-day conference is taking place in the basement room of New York University’s School of Law. The 200 or so attendees that have hurried their way across sunny Washington Square include FBI agents, lawyers, auction house heads, art dealers and collectors who buy and sell multi-million–dollar items. Waiting, sharp-suited, is -Brooklyn-born conference organiser Chris Marinello, ... Read More »

Previously Uncontacted Tribe Have Contracted Influenza

isolated indians 2

Earlier this month, Brazil’s National Indian Foundation (FUNAI) confirmed that an Amazonian tribe that had never before had contact with the outside world had made voluntary contact; a rare event that is usually brought on by threats of violence. Rather than be excited to learn more about the group’s ways and customs, anthropologists have been fearful that the tribe would ... Read More »

40 Trees in 1: The Tree with 40 Kinds of Fruit

Image: Sam Van Aken

This tree is a little peculiar to look at. It’s because this isn’t an ordinary tree, one might argue that it’s actually closer to 40 trees all wrapped up into one. Indeed, when this tree is in full bloom (as shown in the picture), you can find about 40 different types of fruit on its branches, from peaches to plumbs, ... Read More »

World’s first three-parent baby could soon be born in UK, as Government approves treatment

A scientific researcher works on an IVF treatment in a laboratory

The Government plans to legalise IVF treatment to prevent inherited diseases The world’s first baby with three genetic parents could soon be born in the UK, after the Government announced plans to legalise a controversial technique to help prevent children inheriting diseases. In response to a consultation launched by ministers three months ago, the Department of Health has announced plans ... Read More »

And Now for a Bit of Good News . . .


From Ukraine to the Middle East, some bad actors — Hamas, Vladimir Putin and Israeli settlers to name but a few — are trying to bury the future with the past and divide people. Instead of focusing on them even more, I prefer to write about a company that is burying the past with the future, and actually bringing strangers ... Read More »

Mass surveillance ‘dangerous habit’, says UN rights body

Navi Pillay 1a LLLL Reuters

Too many governments are “rubber-stamping” mass surveillance programmes, the UN human rights watchdog warns. In a report, the UN body said more needed to be done to ensure that surveillance was balanced against its harm to personal privacy. It added that mass retention of data to aid surveillance was “neither necessary nor proportionate”. The report comes as the UK passes ... Read More »

One Injection Reverses Diabetes Symptoms Without Side Effects

Diabetes 1a LLL

There’s no cure for type 2 diabetes right now, and even with the best practices and therapies, healthy glucose levels are hard to achieve. Now researchers say they’re onto a potential treatment that can restore normal insulin activity, normalizing blood sugar levels with just one injection. So far it works without adverse side effects, at least in mice. With type ... Read More »

What is Random?


Published on 16 Jul 2014 There’s more over on Veritasium! “What is NOT Random?”:… SOURCES AND MORE BELOW! My twitter: My instagram: Generate random numbers using atmospheric noise: randomness:……… flipping a coin until 10 heads happen in a row:… rolling dice until you get a Yahtzee:… find word in YouTube video URLs with this in ... Read More »