Ant colonies help evacuees in disaster zones


  An escape route mapping system based on the behavior of ant colonies could give evacuees a better chance of reaching safe harbor after a natural disaster or terrorist attack by building a map showing the shortest routes to shelters and providing regular updates of current situations such as fires, blocked roads or other damage via the smart phones of ... Read More »

Dr. Agamemnon Epenetos: Cancer Breakthrough

Agamemnon Epenetos 1a LLL

Nicosia-born Epenetos revealed his breakthrough work last month, showcasing how a protein codenamed TR4 kills virulent cancer stem cells, essentially prohibiting the spread of the cancer. “We have taken [human] bowel, ovarian and breast cancer cells and transplanted them into mice. These are very aggressive tumours and they are disappearing with this treatment within days,” explained Epenetos, Chairman of Trojantec, ... Read More »

Drinkers in danger rate their usage as average, study finds

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Global Drug Survey Intro Work World Consequences Prescription Use Australians are in denial about their alcohol use, tens of thousands are potentially drinking at risky levels and those in the most danger are seemingly clueless they have a problem, the Global Drug Survey has found. The survey, conducted in conjunction with media outlets including Fairfax Media at the end of ... Read More »

Independent Scotland would face immediate £23bn debt – thinktank

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Scottish government spokeswoman says NIESR analysis ‘misunderstand how government debt works’ Jump to comments An independent Scotland would face an immediate debt repayment of £23bn to the UK Treasury, equivalent to more than a third of its entire spending, an economics thinktank has warned. The National Institute for Economics and Social Research (NIESR) said the new Scottish government would have ... Read More »

Increased CO2 Levels Will Cause Food Quality To Decline


redOrbit Staff & Wire Reports – Your Universe Online Research published Sunday in the journal Nature Climate Change has demonstrated for the first time that the increasing amount of carbon dioxide in the Earth’s atmosphere could have an adverse effect on the planet’s food supply. Professor Arnold J. Bloom of the University of California-Davis Department of Plant Sciences and his ... Read More »

Darwin meets Newton: evolution and the mass of the galaxy


If the solution to a problem does not reveal itself straight away then why not let your initial guesswork evolve? That’s the approach we’ve taken in trying to determine the mass of our galaxy by mapping the historic movement of two nearby galaxies. Many of the 200 billion stars in our galaxy, known as the Milky Way, can be seen ... Read More »

New Zealand tops social progress and wellbeing index

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New Zealand was followed in the Top 10 by Switzerland, Iceland, Netherlands, Norway, Sweden, Canada, Finland, Denmark and Australia. New Zealand came first in a global index published on Thursday that ranks countries by social and environmental performance rather than economic output in a drive to make social progress a priority for politicians and businesses. The Social Progress Index (SPI) ... Read More »

Ketamine Succssfully Treats Patients With Serious Depression

A person holding up a bottle of Ketamine, Horse tranquilliser, UK 2006

Ketamine has successfully been used to treat NHS patients with serious depression. Infusions of the illegal substance had a rapid beneficial effect on patients who were not responding to more orthodox treatments. Some were suffering from unremitting depression that had plagued them for years despite various drugs and talking therapies. Although many patients taking part in the trial at Oxford ... Read More »