HIV study promising for multiple sclerosis treatment

Multiple sclerosis 1a LLLLLLLL

People who are HIV positive are significantly less likely to develop multiple sclerosis, according a study that may lead to new treatment for one of medicine’s most confounding diseases. Multiple sclerosis is an auto-immune disease that typically strikes women in their early 30s with neurological symptoms including blindness, paralysis and loss of feeling. There is no known cure. But a ... Read More »

Study confirms water quality in glass and plastic bottles

The study indicate that the packaging, whether it be plastic or glass, and the bottled water are completely safe for health. Credit: Taro Taylor

Bottled water sold in Spain is practically free of constituents given off by plastic packaging or glass bottle lids. They are only detected in some cases, albeit in quantities much lower than limits found harmful for health. This was revealed by the analysis of more than 130 types of mineral water by researchers at the Institute of Environmental Assessment and ... Read More »

Peace Through Friendship


WHEN two groups are in conflict, how can you improve relations between them? One strategy is to encourage positive personal contact among individuals from each group. If a Catholic and a Protestant in Northern Ireland would only sit down together to talk — learning about one another’s families, hearing about one another’s fears — the encounter, according to this approach, ... Read More »

The World’s Most Livable Cities All Have One Thing in Common


None of them are in the U.S. If you’re fed up with the U.S. and looking for the expat experience, then you’ll want to head to one the world’s best spots to live — a place that boasts great culture, good education, accessible health care and few disruptive conflicts. The news: The Economist Intelligence Unit (EIU) has declared the 10 most livable cities ... Read More »

Can Mexico save the endangered vaquitas?

Vaquita 1a in nets LLLLL

Editor’s note: Omar Vidal is director general of the World Wildlife Fund in Mexico. Robert L. Brownell Jr. has studied marine mammals all over the world since the 1960s. Zhou Kaiya is a professor at Nanjing Normal University and studied the baiji since the mid-1950s until it went extinct. The opinions expressed in this commentary are solely those of the authors. ... Read More »

Elephant poaching deaths reach tipping point in Africa


Africa’s elephants have reached a tipping point: more are being killed each year than are being born, a study suggests. Researchers believe that since 2010 an average of nearly 35,000 elephants have been killed annually on the continent. They warn that if the rate of poaching continues, the animals could be wiped out in 100 years. The work is published ... Read More »

Teaching Is Not a Business


TODAY’S education reformers believe that schools are broken and that business can supply the remedy. Some place their faith in the idea of competition. Others embrace disruptive innovation, mainly through online learning. Both camps share the belief that the solution resides in the impersonal, whether it’s the invisible hand of the market or the transformative power of technology. Neither strategy ... Read More »

Watch how the centers of Western culture migrated over 2,000 years

How the centres of Western culture migrated over 2,000 years. (Screenshot: Nature)

How the centres of Western culture migrated over 2,000 years. If you want to map cultural hubs throughout time, you can track where history’s most notable figures—like Leonardo da Vinci, Jane Austen, and Steve Jobs—were born and died. That was the thinking of Dr. Maximilian Schich, associate professor for art and technology at the University of Texas at Dallas. Schich and his team took data on ... Read More »

Robin Williams’ Death Reveals How Hard It Can Be To Climb Out Of Depression

Robin Williams

The suicide death of beloved comedian and actor Robin Williams shocked many of his fans. But those who knew him were aware of his ongoing struggle with depression. According to his publicist, Williams, 63, was completing a 12-step program for drug abuse and had been battling severe depression. “You’re standing at a precipice and you look down, there’s a voice and it’s a little quiet ... Read More »