How can the left respond to the global resurgence of far-right populism?

far-right populism - The Guardian

Far-right movements have been successful globally by politicising hostility to immigrants and cultivating a resurgent ethnonationalism. The left can – and should – fight back The Guardian Jason Wilson When Donald Trump won the US presidential election, it was as if a great gear whirred and clanked into place, and the whole global machine was suddenly moving at a different velocity. It was just the latest victory for… How can the left respond to the global resurgence of… Read More »

Murdoch And The ABC Need Each Other, And We Need Both More Than Ever


With the rise of fake news, the pull and push of traditional media is more important than ever, writes Mike Fewster. New matilda Mike Fewster I am in shock finding that I am writing this, but the world is spinning very fast at the moment. A few weeks ago, I argued that Murdoch’s approach to Murdoch And The ABC Need Each… Read More »

It’s time to relax the rules on growing human embryos in the lab

Labs - New Scientist

Researchers can only study human embryos up to 14 days past fertilisation, but new techniques can go beyond that – a change in the law would benefit all of us New Scientist Sam Wong WHEN it comes to studying our earliest existence, how far are we willing to go? Growing human embryos in the lab beyond the seventh day after fertilisation – the moment when embryos normally implant in the wall of the uterus – has been a long-standing challenge ... Read More »

Under Donald Trump, the US will no longer be the beacon of the free world

Trump Tower - The Guardian

Other nations look to America as an example. The Guardian Richard Wolff The president-elect’s attitude to his business interests won’t help efforts to spread good governance. Somehow Donald Trump manages to dumb down… Under Donald Trump, the US will no longer be… Read More »

Let voters elect weirdos and the imperfect

Let voters elect weirdos and the imperfect - Crikey 1a

Constitutional rules surrounding Australian elections represent centuries-old British legal language and morality. And they should be done away with. Crikey What sort of electoral system tries to forbid electors from voting for one of their own to represent them? Ours. Much hullabaloo has followed Attorney-General George Brandis’ announcement… Let voters elect weirdos and… Read More »

Dear Caroline Overington, the White Australia Policy is over, deal with it

Dear Caroline Overington, the - Crikey 1b

Sadly, ignorance of non-Anglo cultures is the name of the game in both mainstream media and politics in Australia. Crikey Irfan Yusuf I’ve been writing commentary and pious punditry since 2005. Before then, I was a helpless consumer of news. When caught in Sydney traffic driving to work in the morning in the… Dear Caroline Overington, the White Australia Policy is… Read More »

The ‘Other’ Side Of Political Correctness

The ‘Other’ Side Of Political Correctness - new matilda 1a

Donald Trump persuaded Americans to elect him to the White House but was his use of political correctness legitimate, asks Dean Frenkel. New Matilda Dean Frenkel Google ‘political correctness’ with ‘Donald Trump’ and you will get 897,000 hits. Political correctness is a favourite right-wing squeal, but there is… The ‘Other’ Side Of… Read More »

The Standing Rock protests are a taste of things to come

The standing rock

The way opponents of the Dakota Access pipeline have been treated by police is likely to be replicated on a massive scale under Donald Trump. The Guardian Kate Aronoff Horrific scenes have been coming out of North Dakota these last several days, where the battle is ongoing to stop the Dakota Access pipeline. On Sunday night, police turned tear gas and rubber bullets on The Standing Rock protests are a… Read More »

Jan Fran has some words for Peter Dutton

Jan Fran - SBS 1a

Peter Dutton has claimed that ‘mistakes were made’ allowing Lebanese immigrants into the country. SBS Jan Fran Lebanese Australian Jan Fran has some questions for him. Peter Dutton, despite being Minister for Immigration, is a little bit dubious that immigration is a good idea. Jan Fran has some words for… Read More »

Unions, clubs, churches. Joining something might be the best act of resistance

Unions, clubs, churches - The guardian 1a

A new poll shows a decline in all sorts of group membership, from school councils to political parties. The Guardian Peter Lewis Ask people why they aren’t joining, and the plot thickens. There is currently no shortage of commentators staring in the rear-view mirror and finding post-facto clarity in the… Unions, clubs, churches… Read More »

Tony Blair wonders what’s gone wrong with politics. How sad he can’t see it

Bler 1a

He oversaw the Iraq war and calamitous financial deregulation, and did lucrative work for foreign tyrants. Owen Jones No wonder faith in the centre-left has evaporated. If Tony Blair is the answer, then the question is high on illicit substances. He is reported to… Tony Blair wonders what’s… Read More »

Turkey’s slide into authoritarianism is a worrisome sign of what’s to come: Editorial

Erp 1a

Turkey’s sad slide away from freedom is not just a tragedy for that country. Editorial  It’s a warning that democracy is fragile and can be quickly undermined if a society loses the will to fight for it. Authoritarianism is on the march in many parts of the… Turkey’s slide into… Read More »

Bernie Diver: The defence industry helps in NZ and abroad

Bler 2b

OPINION: The world is changing – and our South Pacific slice of heaven is not the safe haven it once was. New Zealand’s 2016 Defence White Paper notes a number of challenges to the country’s security interests over the next 25 years. BERNIE DIVER Not least is the… Bernie Diver: The… Read More »

Kennedy Family Writes Anti-Trump Op-Ed In Washington Post That EVERYONE Should Read

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If there is one family in America that is qualified to speak on the issue of hatred and violence, it is the Kennedys. By Sampson John F. Kennedy was shot and killed in 1963 followed by Robert F. Kennedy in 1968. The remaining Kennedy members were so disturbed by Donald Trump that they wrote the… Kennedy Family Writes Anti… Read More »

The far right tell us kindness is weakness. We can’t give in to that

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Urging people to be something as squishy as ‘kind’ may seem childish. But compassion is a revolutionary tool that can steer people away from bigotry Phil McDuff <link rel=”stylesheet” type=”text/css” href=”https://assets.guim.co.uk/stylesheets/42bee2c5049126b57d69de2339a324f8/content.css”/> I might be imagining it, but I think people have been behaving a little bit more kindly over the last few days: a few more shared smiles, a… The far right… Read More »

I’m a rabbi, and I’m applying for a German passport. Here’s why

Joo 2b

My parents’ homeland has dealt with its Nazi past. After the Brexit vote, I want to embrace my continental European origins Julia Neuberger As a child I had German au pairs, and my refugee mother spoke German to her parents, as their English was not entirely fluent. But I was aware that… I’m a rabbi, and… Read More »