Why politics in Kenya is like a centrifugal force, pulling the country apart

Kenya - Daily Nation

Kenyan politics is like the volcano that just won’t stay dormant. Daily Nation Charles Onyango-Obbo Every few weeks it erupts violently, its lava flowing menancingly. A few days ago… Why politics in Kenya… Read More »

A portrait of Europe as an old friend, by James Joyce

Europe - The Guardian

In the year of Brexit, issues of national identity in Ireland are back in vogue a century after Joyce explored them in A Portrait of the Artist As a Young Man The Guardian Daniel Mulhall James Joyce’s first novel, A Portrait of the Artist As a Young Man, was published in the United States on 29 December 1916. Although Joyce did not… A portrait of Europe as… Read More »

Can 2017 be worse for female politicians than 2016?: Editorial

Politicians - The Star

When Prime Minister Justin Trudeau created the first gender parity cabinet in Canadian history, he gave female politicians hope that 2016 would be better. The Star Instead, it was worse. 2016 dawned promisingly… Can 2017 be worse for… Read More »

If The Russians And Fake News Swayed The Election, Then The New York Times Has No Influence

NY Times - The Daily Caller

The New York Times has written extensively on fake news and alleged Russian interference in the election, claiming both had a key role in Donald Trump’s victory. The Daily Caller Alex Pfeiffer If the writers for the Times are correct, then they are admitting their paper has little influence on the American voter. The fake news the… If The Russians And… Read More »

Will Britain’s new definition of antisemitism help Jewish people? I’m sceptical

Anti semitism - The Guardian

While some consensus is needed in this debate, I fear this definition is imprecise, and isolates antisemitism from other forms of bigotry The Guardian David Feldman Antisemitism is anathema. From Ken Livingstone to… Will Britain’s new definition of… Read More »

The trouble with democracy

Democracy - Al Jazeera

The year 2016 does not have the best track record in nascent and mature democracies across the world. Al Jazeera Larry Beinhart It’s panic time in Punditville. Democracy itself is… The trouble with… Read More »

The legacy of the Crusades in contemporary Muslim world

Crussades - Al Jazeera

The conflict between the West and the Arab and Islamic worlds is at its core political. Al Jazeera News As’ad AbuKhalil It is always debatable whether the Crusades remain relevant in Arab political rhetoric. Islamists in general believe… The legacy of the… Read More »

The lingering shadows of Pearl Harbor

Asia Times

On a peaceful Sunday morning seventy-five years ago, Captain Mervyn Bennion stood on the flag bridge of his ship, the USS West Virginia, amidst the afterglow of a Hawaiian sunrise. Asia Times Kent E. Calder Within minutes he had bled to death on the deck, commanding his battleship to the last, his stomach pierced by shrapnel from a bomb fragment as one of the first casualties of the United States in World War II. The Congressional Medal of… The lingering ... Read More »

The year 2017 will be one for capital markets

Justice - Daily Nation

The year 2017 will be one for capital markets in Kenya if the array of products and innovations the Capital Markets Authority and other stakeholders have scheduled receive uptake. Daily Nation Gatuyu Justice After several false starts, the Nairobi Securities Exchange (NSE) may launch a futures exchange. The NSE is expected… The year 2017 will be… Read More »

Hip pain may be ‘hangover from evolution’

Hip - bbc

Scientists at the University of Oxford say a hangover from evolution could help explain why humans get so much shoulder, hip and knee pain. BBC Smitha Mundasad And if current trends continue they predict the humans of the future could be at even greater risk. They studied 300 specimens from… Hip pain may be ‘hangover from… Read More »

The hidden force of current international uneasiness

Liberalism - Al Jazeera

Recent events are evidence of the failures of neoliberalism as the dominant ideology in the international order. Al Jazeera News Ramon Blanco It is indisputable that the current international zeitgeist is definitely characterised by a profound uneasiness. The sense for many is that… The hidden force of… Read More »

Why Iran sees Aleppo as chance to get in rather than out

A member of forces loyal to Syria's President Bashar al-Assad stands near damaged buildings in Aleppo's Salaheddine district, Syria December 16, 2016. REUTERS/Omar Sanadiki - RTX2VC1D

On Dec. 22, the same day the Syrian government announced that Aleppo was under its control, Iranian Deputy Foreign Minister Hossein Jaberi Ansari was in Damascus to meet President Bashar al-Assad. Al Monitor Ali Hashem Ansari was in fact in the Syrian capital to congratulate his country’s prime regional ally for retaking Syria’s largest city and one of the main strongholds of the armed opposition. But Aleppo isn’t only a… Why Iran sees Aleppo as… Read More »

The rise of fascism is not inevitable – just look at Bridges Not Walls

Fascism - The Guardian

‘How can we fight the rise of the far right?’ people say. Try Bridges Not Walls, the movement spawned after Trump’s election to reject hate The Guardian Ellie Mae O’Hagan When your friends and family regard you as The Political One, seismic news events are a bittersweet experience. For every political… The rise of fascism is… Read More »

What should Palestinians expect from 2017?

Palestine - Al Jazeera

While Palestine will be busy with various internal changes, very little is expected to end the occupation. Al Jazeera News Daoud Kuttab The Palestinian issue is likely to get widespread coverage in 2017, but internal issues will mostly dominate the news agenda rather than the external developments. And by the end of… What should Palestinians expect… Read More »

What went wrong? A withering West

Wrong West - Al Jazeera

How the West is wobbling under the pressures of its neoliberal and geopolitical overreach. Al Jazeera News Marwan Bishara Twenty-five years ago, the United States emerged victorious at end of the Cold War. The Soviet Union… What went wrong… Read More »

The Time for ‘Strategic Patience’ Is Over. Donald Trump Must Confront North Korea.

N Korea - The National Interesr

Pyongyang is on the verge of being an actual, rather than potential, threat to the United States. The National Interest Geoff Dyer EACH OF the last three presidents has arrived in the White House to find a terrifying file on his desk entitled “North Korea,” full of grim warnings about an isolated hermit kingdom bent on developing nuclear weapons that could… The Time for ‘Strategic… Read More »