Why Not Make Economics a Science?

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Economists have come to rival even journalists and politicians in lack of public… Editorial Board  Bloomberg That might be partly because so many economists seem as interested in journalism and politics as in advancing their… But there’s also a deeper problem: Far from advancing, the science of economics has been… Why Not Make… Read More »

‘Worse than death’ Nauru: A mother’s story


Another shocking first-hand account of the appalling conditions in offshore detention, this time on Nauru. Sarah Smith reports. Sarah Smith Independent Australia MARIE* AND I have a lot in common. We are both… ‘Worse than death… Read More »

Society is changing fast. Where do you fit in?

Society - The Examiner

Perhaps the most shocking thing about Donald Trump is his continued ability to shock. Hanna Conal The Examiner Disbelief piles on top of disbelief. First his victory in… Society is changing… Read More »

Why Americans Shouldn’t Normalize The Hijab

Hijab - The Federalist

The endgame of hijab culture in Islam is totalitarian. Luma Simms The Federalist For all their talk of ‘renegades,’ Playboy and The Huffington Post are hawking the banal conformity of this age: Anything but Western Christendom. In an article on… Why Americans Shouldn’t… Read More »

When the guns go silent who foots the bill? China is ready

Syria - Asia Times

President Vladimir Putin may be hammering out an endgame in Damascus, but Russia has no money to rebuild once the shooting stops, but Beijing does Sami Moubayed Asia Times All signals from the Trump White House indicate that the new US President is seemingly ready and willing to outsource the entire Syrian conflict to his Russian counterpart Vladimir Putin, who will be given a free hand to… When the guns go… Read More »

Utopian thinking: how to build a truly feminist society

Feminism - The Guardian

I want to live in a world that allows its women and men to be vulnerable and tough, intrepid and nurturing, with no part of the rich human experience denied Naomi Alderman The Guardian Sometimes over the past few decades it’s seemed as if we’re slowly, inch by inch, getting closer to a gender-equal utopia. And sometimes, as for… Utopian thinking: how… Read More »

When a president fights the law, there’s only ever one winner

Judge - The Guardian

Donald Trump’s fury at a federal judge who overturned his immigration order betrays his deep – and dangerous – ignorance of the constitution Richard Wolffe The Guardian There’s no point in judging Donald Trump by the standards of others. He obviously doesn’t care for ethics, the truth, allies, women or minorities. So let’s judge… When a president… Read More »

Much Ado About Russia

Putin - The Daily Caller

Vladimir Putin is looking for an apology from Fox News over Bill O’Reilly’s comment calling the Russian president “a killer.” David Krayden The Daily Caller I don’t know if he wants to sit down with O’Reilly over a few jiggers of Russian vodka or if he is insisting on a statement being read by the management in prime time. The words were… Much Ado About Russia Read More »

Trump and May can do it. The EU? Not so much

EU Council President Donald Tusk leaves after a statement on Brexit at the EU Headquarters in Brussels on June 24, 2016.
Britain has voted to break out of the European Union, striking a thunderous blow against the bloc and spreading panic through world markets on June 24 as sterling collapsed to a 31-year low. / AFP / JOHN THYS        (Photo credit should read JOHN THYS/AFP/Getty Images)

Brussels can only dream of swift, decisive action. And that’s probably for the best. Tim King Politico While Donald Trump gives a jaw-dropping demonstration of the executive powers of a U.S president and Prime Minister Theresa May shows how little the U.K. parliament constrains her powers, the EU’s ventures into new… Trump and May… Read More »

We need to think now about our solar power revolution

Energy - Irish Examiner

Given the lack of regulations governing solar power, Kieran Hartley argues that we need to rethink how we want to use it to meet our energy needs in the future… Kieran Hartley Irish Examiner THE lack of planning guidelines governing the hundreds of applications for solar farms, or Utility Scale Solar Photovoltaic’s (SPV’s), will leave consumers out of pocket and lead local communities to protest. Ireland is on the… We need to think… Read More »

The Price Of Freedom And Love And Same Sex Marriage

Opinion - New Matilda

At any point in the future, people offended by same-sex weddings are welcome to opt out of the industry, writes Mathew Kenneally. #that’sfreedom! Mathew Kenneally New Matilda It’s a nightmare scenario. In the future… The Price Of… Read More »

S Sudan not facing ‘genocide’, but violence is constant

Sudan - Al Jazeera

Constant talk of genocide blurs more prevalent forms of violence that are prolonging the bloodshed in the country. Zachariah Mampilly Al Jazeera News On New Year’s day, I boarded an Ethiopian Airlines flight from Entebbe, Uganda. Formally dressed members of the South Sudanese diaspora crowded the propeller plane alongside businessmen from Uganda, Kenya and South India. We were headed… S Sudan not facing… Read More »

China: The Real Winner of the 2016 Election

China - The National Interest

Can the U.S.-China relationship survive a Twitter president? Thomas J. Shattuck The National Interest After a president of the United States takes office, he normally enjoys what is called a “honeymoon period,” which is when the public and Congress generally approve of his actions and policies. During this time… China: The Real… Read More »

Big hopes for the New Gambia

Gambia - Al Jazeera

What is next for Africa’s newest democracy? Robin Renee Sanders Al Jazeera News The Gambian political crisis appears to be over with President Adama Barrow having taken the reins of power, successfully and peacefully, with the backing and support of ECOWAS. So, what is next… Big hopes for… Read More »

Systematic racism, dehumanisation and Islamophobia


The destruction and degradation of human life is always insidious and systematic. Roj Amedi The Saturday Paper Once basic values of human life and human rights are eroded by propaganda and falsehoods, society becomes accustomed to performing and entrenching oppression. The voices of… Systematic racism, dehumanisation… Read More »

Does contemporary Japan need religion?

Japan - The Japan Times

“God, Buddha — where are they?” asks Aera magazine. Michael Hoffman The Japan Times At the Cafe de Monku, is one answer. It’s a good… Does contemporary Japan… Read More »