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Editorial: In defence of liberty

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FREEDOM is the cornerstone upon which contemporary Australian society is founded. The Mercury - Editorial It underpins our market economy, our democratic processes, and our social mores. As a society, we embrace the notion of liberty to the farthest possible extent until personal freedoms begin to impinge on the rights of others. That line of demarcation between liberty and the ... Read More »

Standing up for liberty in Paris as French eschew politics of fear

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It’s evening now, and news reports are emerging that French police have homed in on an area north-east of Paris after two brothers suspected of being behind the Charlie Hebdo attack were spotted at a petrol station in the region. The Conversation – Julian Burnside, Adjunct Professor at Australian Catholic University Despite the tension of these unfolding events, things have remained remarkably ... Read More »

Free speech opens the door to extremists

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She’s an extremist, a danger to children and she’s coming to a community hall near you. The question facing Immigration Minister Peter Dutton is, should she be allowed? The Sydney Morning Herald - Elizabeth Farrelly, Sydney Morning Herald columnist, author, architecture critic and essayist The difficult ethical issues do not pit good against evil, but good against good. Consider the proposed Australian ... Read More »

The moral life might seem boring – but it takes imagination to live it

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Creativity and imagination – it’s impossible to discuss one without reference to the other – are often discussed with regard to the great artists, thinkers, and visionaries of our world. Those are the people who are able to visualise things in a way that others simply aren’t able to. AUTHOR: Matthew Beard, Research Associate, Centre for Faith, Ethics and Society at University ... Read More »

The humane way to treat a serial rapist is to help him live

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Rapist and murderer Frank Van Den Bleeken will be given a lethal injection on Sunday after winning the right to be euthanised in a landmark case in Belgium. Lucinda Borkett-Jones In 1989 Van Den Bleeken raped and strangled a 19-year-old girl. He was judged not to be criminally responsible as a result of his mental state. When he was later ... Read More »

Detainees: the injustice remains, the vigil goes on


The Bladin and Wickham Point detention facilities are 35 kilometres south of Darwin. Every Sunday afternoon, 74-year-old Richard Davis conducts a lone vigil outside the centres. A tall, slim man, with a straggly white beard, he perches on a stool beside his white four-wheel drive. In front of him rests a knee-high placard, captioned: “Until we are all free, none ... Read More »

Torture is never the right thing to do

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Editorial Torture does not work. Worse, it encourages extremists and damages the moral credibility and international authority of those using it. Societies such as Australia and the United States are founded on ideals and principles that are reflected in law. Governments that exploit grey areas and loopholes in law to torture and abuse people ignore these beliefs and undermine the ... Read More »

Where to from here?

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Now that the government has passed its Migration amendments through the Senate, many people are asking: “What can we do now?” – Julian Burnside I have put some ideas at the foot of this document.  But beyond everything else, remember: Never give up; never give up. First, some background to where we are and how we got here.  Bear with ... Read More »

Modern Slavery Grows

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Editorial  The Editorial Board Global slavery has become a profitable growth industry generating an estimated $150 billion a year in illicit profits. Modern-day slaves include construction workers in the Persian Gulf, girls from Nepal trafficked into prostitution, shrimp fishermen on Thai ships, children in India working in brick kilns and garment workers in Bangladesh. Slavery is also present in prostitution rings, ... Read More »