Dubai fraud case: Emails suggest Alexander Downer was asked to lobby on behalf of Marcus Lee


An email exchange obtained by the ABC has raised more questions about the involvement of former foreign minister Alexander Downer in the case of two Australian property executives jailed in Dubai. The ABC’s Foreign Correspondent program revealed on Tuesday night that Mr Downer, while working as a consultant for hire, had written to the country’s Crown Prince in 2009 seeking ... Read More »

The U.S. Should Ratify Its Agreement to IMF Reform

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Regarding your editorial “Obama’s IMF Gambit” (March 26) ): Your opposition to pending IMF reforms is ironic. In seeking to promote U.S. interests in international economic and financial affairs, you endorse a position that is having the opposite effect. The IMF remains a unique and indispensable instrument for promoting a stronger, more stable, more open and more efficient global economy, ... Read More »

The Ambassador’s Response to: Obama’s Secret Weapon Against Putin’s Crimea Vote?

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Sir/Madam, Maybe it is futile to engage in polemics with a “renowned investigative journalist” and an even more prestigious financial magazine. However the provocation is too strong to ignore. May I suggest that Mr. Miniter’s new American Media Institute, whose mission will be to “investigate wrongdoing through investigative journalism,” start by investigating what Turkey did wrong in Cyprus? I think ... Read More »

AHI Submits Letter to Forbes to Correct Inaccuracies with Cyprus Op-Ed

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WASHINGTON, DC — The American Hellenic Institute (AHI) sent a letter to the editor to Forbes to correct inaccuracies written about Cyprus in a March 17, 2014 op-ed titled “Obama’s Secret Weapon Against Putin’s Crimea Vote?” by Richard Miniter. In his letter, AHI President Nick Larigakis criticizes Mr. Miniter for inaccurately identifying Mr. Ozdil Nami as the “foreign minister of Cyprus.”  Larigakis wrote: “[Miniter] should have done his homework and referenced Mr. Nami as the ... Read More »

Offsite’s Response to: Obama’s Secret Weapon Against Putin’s Crimea Vote?


Dear Mr. Miniter, My name is Stelios Kythreotis and I am the Director of Offsite News digital newspaper, one of the top in Cyprus. Yesterday 3/19 we commented on your article titled “Obama’s Secret Weapon Against Putin?” where you referred to Mr.Ozdil Nami as Foreign Minister of Cyprus. That is so wrong, of course. Today 3/20 we see that you ... Read More »

Second Response to: Obama’s Secret Weapon Against Putin’s Crimea Vote?


Dear Sirs, I have noticed that you made some changes to the article in question by your contributor Richard Miniter. However, this is a poor performance from your part.  The whole of the article is staged Turkish propaganda. Your changes, not only are not enough, but they also illustrate your contributor’s inability to read a map correctly, when he writes “Northern ... Read More »

Response to: Obama’s Secret Weapon Against Putin’s Crimea Vote?


Dear Sirs, I refer to your article  “Obama’s Secret Weapon Against Putin’s Crimea Vote?” by Richard Miniter (Contributor) posted online 17 March 2014. Obama’s Secret Weapon Against Putin? For a prestigious American publication such as yours, it is demeaning the least to accommodate such an insult to common sense and dignity. Your contributor claims to “investigate foreign policy and national ... Read More »

An Open Letter to Prime Minister Tony Abbott from members of Australia’s academic community

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Members of Australia’s academic community call for closure of detention centres on Manus Island and in Nauru Over 500 academics from over 30 universities throughout Australia have signed a letter to the Prime Minister calling for the immediate closure of the detention centres on Manus Island and in Nauru. The Hon. Tony Abbott, MP Prime Minister Parliament House CANBERRA ACT ... Read More »