Open letter to ‘psychotic’ Scott Morrison


Senior correspondent Barry Everingham has penned an open letter to Australia’s unhinged Immigration Minister Scott ‘the Christian’ Morrison. Minister Morrison, I have been active in reporting and commenting on politics in Australia and overseas for almost 60 years and I have seen and heard politicians of all political persuasions state their cases — some articulating them well, others in a style best ... Read More »

Release Files For Flight CY 284 12.10.1967

Cameron 3c LLLL

OPEN LETTER The Rt. Hon. David Cameron MP, Prime Minister 10, Downing Street London SW1A 2AA                                                  London 21.7.2014 Rt. Honourable Prime Minister, Release Files For Flight CY 284 12.10.1967 The recent aircraft tragedy with the crash of Flight  MH17 of Malaysia Airlines and the ruthless – presumably for some political objectives -  loss of almost 300 innocent lives has horrified ... Read More »

Dear Mr. President…

Fountain pen & paper 1a LLLLLLLL black

Dear Mr. President with all due respect things in Cyprus are not going as well as you so passionately promised. Your election campaign-pledges never actually materialized. We are sure you meant well but somewhere along the way your party-dogmatism failed to bring about the desired economic and social stability in the country. Citizens certainly recognise that miracles do not happen ... Read More »

Open letter to the UN Security Council on Mali

UN soldiers on Mali 1a LLLL ICG

Excellencies, The recent clashes between the army and rebels in the Kidal region show that Mali’s crisis is unresolved. The violence is directly linked to the lack of progress in talks between northern groups and the government that have stalled mostly because the main actors have been reluctant to engage in meaningful dialogue, despite their pledge in last June’s Ouagadougou ... Read More »

Imprisoned Torture Whistleblower John Kiriakou Thanks Supporters in New “Letter from Loretto”

John Kiriakou's Letters from Loretto 1a LLL

We received another “Letter from Loretto” from our friend and imprisoned torture whistleblower John Kiriakou last week. In this most recent letter, John pens a heartfelt thank-you to supporters for their efforts on his behalf: for the May 9th Day of Action in Washington, DC and across the nation, as well as for sending his two kids, Max and Kate, to summer ... Read More »

An Open Letter to Frances Abbott

Abbott etc 1a LLLL

Dear Frances, First off, I want to say that I feel really sorry for you this week since the news broke about your $60,000 scholarship to study at Whitehouse Institute of Design. As your passion was to study design, you should be commended for following this passion, and for applying yourself to your studies and graduating with Distinctions. Well done. ... Read More »

Denial of choice a denial of basic human rights

I was not consulted 1a Budget cuts 1a Victoria 1a No Tunnel 1a Illustration by Jim Pavlidis LLL

Much of the debate about end-of-life decisions refers to the ”victimisation” of the elderly. This unfortunately continues the theme that older people cannot make clear, balanced, intelligent decisions about when and how their lives can come to an inevitable end. Older people aren’t children who need to be protected from themselves by other, more-enlightened individuals. They are experienced, rational people ... Read More »

Rolf Harris’ ‘confession letter’ to the father of alleged abuse victim

Rolf Harris 1a LLL

In a letter apparently posted in March 1997, and handed to police in November 2012, Rolf Harris admitted to an affair with the daughter of the man the letter was addressed to, a court has heard. Rolf Harris accused of sexual abuse by 13-year-old friend of his daughter. Rolf Harris accused of sexual abuse by 13-year-old friend of his daughter The ... Read More »

Victorians must speak out to tackle culture of violence against women and children

Violence aganst women & children 1a Illustration LLL

Kelly Thompson, Luke Batty, Fiona Warzywoda, Indiana and Savannah – these are names that have dominated the news in recent weeks and months. They are the names of just some of those whose lives have been violently cut short in circumstances we struggle to comprehend. The confronting nature of their deaths has generated outrage and highlighted the prevalence and severity of violence ... Read More »