A letter from Lisa Collyer to Scott Morrison MP

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Dear Minister I can only assume that you have never been to Cambodia independently nor have been briefed on the nation’s recent history and current issues. I’d like to begin with Prime Minister Hun Sen whom you are currently negotiating with to send 1000 refugees to Cambodia. Here are some facts quoted from the text ‘Cambodia: Report From a Stricken ... Read More »

An open letter to Senators Brandis and Abetz

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To the Honourable George Brandis and Eric Abetz, By TOBY HALLIGAN AND MAT KENEALLY It’s been a rough week for both of you. Eric, you fell into that classic trap of suggesting abortion and breast cancer are connected. We’ve all been there. George, you had some trouble dealing with one of those “tech-heads”, David Spears, and now you’ve gone “viral”. No, George, the fact ... Read More »

Letter to Barack Obama from a Swaziland jail cell

Barack and Michelle Obama tour Robben Island where Nelson Mandela was once jailed. Photograph: Saul Loeb/AFP/Getty Images

Human rights lawyer Thulani Maseko has been imprisoned for criticising Swaziland’s judicial system. He writes to the US president, who he cites as his inspiration, asking for help ahead of a summit of African leaders at the White House President Barack Hussein Obama President of the United States of America The White House Washington DC USA Dear Mr President: Re: Appeal for support from the American ... Read More »

Turkey’s Aggression and Belligerence Is a Constant Threat in the Eastern Mediterranean

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Reader comment on: Qatar, and other American “allies”, are among the villains in Gaza Submitted by Miltos Miltiadou (Cyprus), Aug 1, 2014 06:16 The author correctly focuses on Turkey’s untrustworthiness as well as its opportunistic and dangerous policies in the Middle East and the Eastern Mediterranean. He is also right to remind of Turkey’s past crimes such as the genocide against the Armenians.Regrettably, he ... Read More »

An open letter to PM Abbott: the choice of a lifetime

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Dear Prime Minister Abbott, Respectfully I am extending my hand of hope on a matter that confronts and challenges our deepest philosophical convictions about the meaning and purpose of life. The matter is readily shaped and influenced by our religious and moral upbringing. It is also a matter that usually lies dormant until unexpectedly, one’s foundation is rocked by the ... Read More »

An open letter from a reluctant refugee

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For years I was a closet refugee in Australia, and have watched as that word took on a cruel meaning: queue jumper, liar, terrorist. We need a new way to define us refugees, writes Thu-Trang Tran. This flurry of words has been in the making for two decades. They poured as I read story after story of our Government’s ruthlessness. ... Read More »

Open letter to ‘psychotic’ Scott Morrison


Senior correspondent Barry Everingham has penned an open letter to Australia’s unhinged Immigration Minister Scott ‘the Christian’ Morrison. Minister Morrison, I have been active in reporting and commenting on politics in Australia and overseas for almost 60 years and I have seen and heard politicians of all political persuasions state their cases — some articulating them well, others in a style best ... Read More »

Release Files For Flight CY 284 12.10.1967

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OPEN LETTER The Rt. Hon. David Cameron MP, Prime Minister 10, Downing Street London SW1A 2AA                                                  London 21.7.2014 Rt. Honourable Prime Minister, Release Files For Flight CY 284 12.10.1967 The recent aircraft tragedy with the crash of Flight  MH17 of Malaysia Airlines and the ruthless – presumably for some political objectives -  loss of almost 300 innocent lives has horrified ... Read More »

Dear Mr. President…

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Dear Mr. President with all due respect things in Cyprus are not going as well as you so passionately promised. Your election campaign-pledges never actually materialized. We are sure you meant well but somewhere along the way your party-dogmatism failed to bring about the desired economic and social stability in the country. Citizens certainly recognise that miracles do not happen ... Read More »