Website of the day: BBC iWonder


Imagine a place where you could go with those nagging questions. The ones that keep you awake just a little later than you’d like. The ones that get you and your friends into heated discussions around the water cooler or pub table. Well, you might think that the internet is just the place, right? Yes and no. Some of it ... Read More »

Unpacking the Propaganda: Why Australia is Sending Troops to the Middle East


On Sunday Australian Prime Minister Tony Abbott announced that 400 air personnel and 200 military personnel from Australia’s armed forces would be going to the Middle East to assist in the fight against ISIL in Iraq. The Labor opposition party supports the decision.  In his speech and the press conference that followed, Abbott tried to describe both the war he would ... Read More »

It’s Time for the Kurds to Set Up Their Own Nation


Before welcoming the emerging state of Kurdistan in northern Iraq, I confess to having opposed its independence in the past. In 1991, after the Kuwait War had ended and as Saddam Hussein attacked Iraq’s 6 million Kurds, I made three arguments against American intervention on their behalf, arguments still commonly heard today: First, Kurdish independence would spell the end of ... Read More »

Freezing super is short-sighted and benefits no one

AU coin 1a LLLLL

The freeze on the superannuation guarantee for seven years and pushing back its move to 12 per cent until 2025 is staggeringly short-sighted policy. It will hurt 9 million workers, damage the national savings pool, curtail investment in infrastructure and hoist the problems of an ageing population and a structural budget deficit on future generations of taxpayers. The short-term political ... Read More »

Race to protect Australia’s rock art: ‘I don’t know if we need to do an ice bucket challenge or what’


Half the country’s rock paintings – some dating back 30,000 years – could disappear within 50 years, experts warn. Oliver Milman meets the Indigenous rangers and researchers working to protect delicate sandstone from the triple threat of mining, graffiti and feral animalsHalf the country’s rock paintings – some dating back 30,000 years – could disappear within 50 years, experts warn. Oliver Milman meets the ... Read More »

Should Oil Barons Like David Koch Be Funding our Museums?

The Natural History Museum van 1a LLLLL

What is the point of a science museum? If you’ve visited the American Museum of Natural History in Manhattan recently, you might think it was designed to collect dust: moldy, ancient dioramas of cavemen stare out of lit-up boxes that don’t appear to have been entered by museum staff since the 1970s. But ask Brooklyn arts collective Not An Alternative, who ... Read More »

Athens Forum 2014: Democracy under Pressure

Athens Forum 2014 1a Democracy Under Pressure LLLLL

The “Athens Forum 2014: Democracy under Pressure” is a series of events that will take place in Athens on September 15, and coincides with the UN International Day of Democracy. The program is co-hosted by the International New York Times and the Greek newspaper Kathimerini, and held in cooperation with the United Nations Democracy Fund as its principal global event. This year’s event follows ... Read More »