Marx, Murdoch and freedom of the press

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I first intentionally broke the law as a left-wing political activist in the late 1960s, when I was a student at high school. Armed with a bundle of copies of a banned pamphlet, which from memory was called either ‘US War Crimes in Vietnam’ or ‘North Vietnam: an eye-witness account’, I distributed the banned material to those among my fellow ... Read More »

Is math discovered or invented? – Jeff Dekofsky


Published on 27 Oct 2014 View full lesson: http://ed.ted.com/lessons/is-math-dis… Would mathematics exist if people didn’t? Did we create mathematical concepts to help us understand the world around us, or is math the native language of the universe itself? Jeff Dekofsky traces some famous arguments in this ancient and hotly debated question. Lesson by Jeff Dekofsky, animation by The Tremendousness Collective. Read More »

The Pistorius Trial Is a Parable About Celebrity, Not South Africa


ven as the world’s media began to converge on Pretoria’s High Court for the final act in the Oscar Pistorius drama, officials of South Africa’s National Prosecuting Authority were considering their options in a hauntingly similar case. Pistorius, as we know, was charged with murder after discharging four bullets into a locked toilet cubicle. He believed an intruder was lurking ... Read More »

BRICS came near losing Brazil

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The United States needed just three more percent to get rid of Russia’s BRICS ally, Brazilian leader Dilma Rousseff. Money and experience of George Soros was used along with manipulations in electronic vote counting, but it was probably a miracle that did not let that happen. Such miracles do not repeat twice, though. Russia should support loyal governments in Latin ... Read More »

Arts Education Transforms Societies

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Do you enjoy the sleek look of your new iPhone? You can thank Steve Jobs for taking a calligraphy class at Reed College. Have you or your kids scribbled on a pair of Vans sneakers? Vans’ President Kevin Bailey credits the brand’s creativity with the arts education many of his employees have taken. At her promotion and swearing-in ceremony a ... Read More »

Open letter: Living in the hell called Nauru

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I am writing as a mother in Nauru house of detention. After 10 months of being detained on Christmas Island, my three-member family was brought here: myself and my husband and my son who is not yet three. As I knew we were going to be forcefully taken to Nauru, I felt sadness and spent all the night crying in ... Read More »

Our eyes are blind to Tamil torture

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Trevor Grant was the cricket writer when I joined The Age in 1985. I remember him as a friendly, independent character with whom I talked sport. In 1989, he joined News Corp, finally leaving in 2009 after he became “disillusioned with the direction of the newspaper [the Herald Sun]“. I didn’t know what happened to him thereafter and was somewhat ... Read More »

Beyond Beauty: Rene Zellweger and the Emoticons of Fame

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The more things change, the more they stay the same. Unless you go in for plastic surgery. Then things can get a little complicated. Liz Conor explains. A man walked into my living room last Saturday morning whom I hadn’t seen in over 20 years. Trailing him was a young man I didn’t recognize who picked me up and swung ... Read More »