Dob-in-a-dealer fails at the first step

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When losing a war, change tactics. Except if the war is on drugs, then change nothing and prepare for defeat. The Age - Tim Dick, Columnist The Prime Minister might be a fighter, but his battle plan on drugs is wrong. He is doubling down on the failed strategy of law-and-order first and everything else later. Australia’s default position is ... Read More »

How much does sleep matter?

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The findings of a three-year study into the consequences of lack of shut-eye produced surprising results. The Age – Christine Long Yawning through meetings? Getting out of bed dog-tired? Finding it harder to make decisions? If caffeine is the only thing getting you through the working day, you could be setting yourself up for a fall. Jacqui Jones is the ... Read More »

Social media advertising leads to gambling in young people: report

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Online betting companies are reaching out directly into the feeds of adolescents on social media, prompting fears it is encouraging children and teenagers to gamble, research has shown. Brisbane Times – Alana Schetzer and Benjamin Preiss A Southern Cross University study reported there were few regulations restricting gambling companies from advertising on social media, meaning they reach many more people ... Read More »

Mauritania anti-slavery law welcomed by campaigners

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BBC - Campaigners have welcomed Mauritania’s new anti-slavery law which makes the offence a “crime against humanity”. It has also doubled the prison term for offenders to 20 years. Activists hope the law will encourage more slaves to take legal action to secure their freedom and will encourage the courts to punish slave owners. Mauritania abolished slavery in 1981, but ... Read More »

Zen and the Art of Dying Well

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Fixes *- What is the “right” way to die? We’re experiencing a zeitgeist moment about that. “Being Mortal: Medicine and What Matters in the End,” by Atul Gawande, is a best-selling book. The New York Times – By Courtney E. Martin Videos by Brittany Maynard, a 29-year-old who wanted to die in a way of her own choosing, went viral ... Read More »

Serco and Border Force bring cruety to new levels

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The cruelty and indifference of Serco and Border Force continue to astound. By Julian Burnside Mojgan Shamsalipoor was taken out of her class at school in Brisbane and was taken into detention. She was marched out of the school, in front of her horrified classmates, by a bunch of Border Force people. Although she and her husband (a permanent resident) ... Read More »

We need a fair go for all

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Sometimes we take for granted our right to be treated with dignity and respect. OnLineOpinion – By Michael Costello When unable to help ourselves, we are comforted by the financial support of the government and our fellow Australians. Is it not too much to ask that we then afford the same dignity, respect and assistance to our indigenous peoples? $30.3 ... Read More »

Is it time for ethnic quotas?

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As government tussles with gender representation, Fotis Kapetopolous asks whether cultural diversity targets should be on the table. OnLineOpinion - By Fotis Kapetopoulos There has been talk about increasing the number of women in Australia’s parliaments and in major political parties. The current Coalition Government’s front bench looks does not reflect 2015 in terms of female participation. Liberal MP Kelly ... Read More »

Australia’s $3b hangover: Alcohol and drugs causing 11.5m ‘sick days’

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Hangovers are causing 11.5 million “sick days” a year at a cost of $3 billion to the Australian economy, new research suggests. The Canberra Times – Julia Medew, Health Editor There are also fears that people who are mixing alcohol with amphetamines on the weekends are experiencing “Weepy Wednesdays” because of the delayed effects of their drug use, making them irritable and unreliable ... Read More »