More calculated cruelty to asylum seekers: is this really us?

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Here is a report from Pamela Curr of the Asylum Seekers Resource Centre. Βy Julian Burnside | Asylum Seekers, Human Rights | 1 comment Read it and ask: is this really what Australia has come to?  Is this really how we should behave?  Are we really this uncivilized? And for those who read this who disagree fundamentally with my stand on ... Read More »

Coffee ‘could halve breast cancer recurrence’ in tamoxifen-treated patients

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MNT – Α new study led by researchers from Lund University in Sweden claims women diagnosed with breast cancer who are taking the drug tamoxifen could halve their risk of recurrence by drinking coffee. The findings – published in the journal Clinical Cancer Research – build on those from a previous study conducted by Lund University researchers in 2013, in ... Read More »

Is Anzac Day a remembrance or a sedative?

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The Gallipoli Centenary may well be the biggest civic cultural event this country has seen or will see in a generation. The Interpreter James Curran The commemoration of the First World War in various forms has been undergoing something of a resurgence in Australia in recent years. In itself this is an extraordinary phenomenon, especially when there was a prediction ... Read More »

Bungling the budget

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After several months of bickering, horse trading and using the media to convince the public that they’re serious, Lebanese government ministers have been busy discussing the annual state budget. The Daily Star - Editorial But instead of seeing the Cabinet endorse a satisfactory solution, the public is now being treated to the spectacle of ministers sitting down to disagree, and failing ... Read More »

A full inquiry is needed into detention regime

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Yet again, there is cause for Australians to be profoundly disturbed about the federal government’s management of asylum seekers in offshore detention facilities. The Age – Editorial  Twenty-four medical staff and Save the Children employees say the Abbott government has known since November 2013 of sexual and physical assaults and harassment of children and women within the Nauru detention facility. ... Read More »

Religious belief cost a baby its life. What a waste. What an idiot

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Today the child would have been in Year 1. A happy six-year-old, covered in a constant smile because of school holidays. Maybe they would have gone to the Easter Show, or camping for the soggy long weekend. No doubt they would have consumed far too much chocolate on Sunday, like many excited youngsters around the world did, and had the ... Read More »

Tory Shepherd: Should we help paedophiles? What choice do we have?

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IF people are born straight, or gay, is it possible that paedophiles can’t help being what they are? Virtuous paedophiles: Support group to stop them acting on their urges Tony Shepherd The Advertiser Evidence shows that it might be true; paedophiles are born that way. Recent research suggests some faulty wiring in the brain. Things about children that are meant ... Read More »

Why companies that avoid tax should be named and shamed

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The idea thatany company would choose to pay more tax than it legally needs to seems extraordinary on the surface. But that is exactly what happened in Britain in 2013, when Starbucks unexpectedly decided to voluntarily pay £20 million ($38 million) in taxes. The Sydney Morning Herald - Sam Dastyari * From 1998 to 2013, the coffee conglomerate made £3 billion in sales ... Read More »

When a mother’s rights clash with the needs of her unborn child

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Pregnant Jehovah’s Witness’ decision to refuse treatment ‘harrowing’ for hospital staff after mother and baby die The recent report of case of a pregnant woman who refused life-saving cancer treatment while heavily pregnant has once again ignited debate within the community about how we should resolve conflicts between a mother’s rights and those of her unborn child. The Canberra Times ... Read More »

This Easter give thanks for penalty rates, they keep us human

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Easter has become sacred even for the non-religious and the non-Christian. Peter Martin, Economics Editor, The Age  Comment Have you heard about the member of parliament who couldn’t find a bottle shop open on Good Friday? He blamed penalty rates. The real reason was Sydney’s licensing laws. Penalty rates get blamed for almost everything these days, which is odd because they’ve been ... Read More »