Allowing unpleasant views to be heard exposes them to ridicule they deserve

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Preserving liberal human rights such as freedom of association and speech requires a culture of respect for differing views, not just those you like. Over the weekend, the World Congress of Families was hosted in the suburbs of Melbourne. The World Congress of Families attracts the ire of just about anyone except for rigid social conservatives. Having not attended the Congress, ... Read More »

Lighting up debate on drugs

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The flawed policy of prohibition must be superseded by serious consideration of law reform. If there is one thing about public policy that everybody knows, it is that prohibition doesn’t work. Yet when it comes to drugs, which despite their illegality are ubiquitous, the only prohibition in force is on that of successful policy. The Australian drug reform movement has ... Read More »

Michael Jansen: Sail of hope

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On Aug.26, Palestinians and Israelis agreed to halt the carnage and destruction in Gaza and to begin easing Israel’s siege and blockade that was the cause of the 50-day war. This deadly and costly conflict would have never happened if Israel had ended its cruel policy when on Aug.23, 2008, two rickety Greek fishing boats arrived in Gaza after a hazardous ... Read More »

Turkey pulls its weight in the fight against terrorism

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I REFER to your editorial (“Block the Jihadist Highway”, 26/8), and to set the record straight concerning Turkey’s fight against terrorism in the context of Syria and Iraq. While Turkey’s geographical location makes the country a valuable partner for counter-terrorism initiatives, it also renders it a target of terrorist groups. Thus, Turkey is the country most affected by the dire ... Read More »

Scott Morrison at the Human Rights Commission

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Minister Morrison, assisted by the Secretary of his department, continued his aggressive ways at the hearing on August 22. He said that his policies discouraged asylum seekers risking their lives at sea. He described himself as the champion of the voiceless, ‘the ones that are at the bottom of the ocean’.  He clearly wants to occupy the high moral ground. ... Read More »

Nisteling: The art of deep listening

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The word ‘listening’ has many meanings, and the context, in which it is done, will often determine the level of concentration that is required for one to be considered to be listening. Many people work while listening to music playing in the background. People often talk in small groups, where there is little real listening by anyone as people compete ... Read More »