Australian FM: Armenian Case Not Genocide

Julie Bishop 2b LLLLL

WASHINGTON, DC – Australian Foreign Minister Julie Bishop informed the Australian Turkish Advocacy Alliance (ATA-Australia) that it was Australian foreign policy not to define the Armenian case as genocide, and that it was unconstitutional for Australian territories to promulgate their own foreign policy. The Foreign Minister’s policy affirmation was in response to the inquiry of Barrister and ATA-Australia Sydney President Ertunc ... Read More »

Church serves as shelter for war-hit Palestinians

Palestinians sleep on the floor of a Greek church in Gaza 1a LLLLL hurriyet

Some 400 Palestinians fleeing Israeli raids that have destroyed their neighborhoods have taken shelter in a Greek Orthodox Church in Gaza City. Desperate Gazans escaping from Beit Hanoun and Shejaia, where more than 70 Palestinians – many of them women and children – were killed on July 20, have entered the Church of Saint Porphyrius after Archbishop Alexios opened the door. The church ... Read More »

Opinion: Old-fashioned justice system needs to move with times

The murder trial of Gerard Baden-Clay took two years to come to court. Picture: Channel Nine

OF ALL society’s institutions that adhere to old-fashioned customs, those of the courts have to be up there as the most fuddy-duddy. This was brought into doubly sharp focus for many by the murder trials of Gerard Baden-Clay and Brett Cowan. Regular people were compelled to get up close to the vagaries of our court system because they were so ... Read More »

Global law and decency: our double standards on MH17 and asylum seekers

Sol 2b

Following the shocking news of the destruction of flight MH17, foreign minister Julie Bishop wasted no time in boarding a plane for the United Nations in New York. Australian diplomats engaged in intense late-night negotiations over a form of words that would secure unanimous assent for the Security Council resolution calling for an international investigation. Prime minister Tony Abbott appeared on domestic media ... Read More »

Hard news: the carbon tax shows up cracks in media reporting

Journalists in team work in office 1a LLLLL

Apocalyptic claims and counter-claims have typified the climate change policy debate in Australia, leaving the public confused and mistrustful. Often, the news media hasn’t always helped clear up that confusion. For instance, in recent years Coalition MPs have claimed that the carbon tax spelled “the annihilation of the domestic coal industry” (then opposition leader Tony Abbott in 2012) and would ... Read More »

Release Files For Flight CY 284 12.10.1967

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OPEN LETTER The Rt. Hon. David Cameron MP, Prime Minister 10, Downing Street London SW1A 2AA                                                  London 21.7.2014 Rt. Honourable Prime Minister, Release Files For Flight CY 284 12.10.1967 The recent aircraft tragedy with the crash of Flight  MH17 of Malaysia Airlines and the ruthless – presumably for some political objectives -  loss of almost 300 innocent lives has horrified ... Read More »

Cyprus Saturation


The photographs accompanying this diatribe were taken last year by Turkish photographer Bastermur Bilal. They depict a couple of semi-nude stick figures attempting to assume languid attitudes of sensuous nonchalance. As such, they could be dismissed as yet another accretion to the derivative drivel that poses as art, if it were not for the context in which these were taken. ... Read More »