Jan Fran has some words for Peter Dutton

Peter Dutton has claimed that ‘mistakes were made’ allowing Lebanese immigrants into the country. SBS Jan Fran Lebanese Australian Jan Fran has some questions for him. Peter Dutton, despite being Minister for Immigration, is a little bit dubious that immigration is a good idea. Jan Fran has some words for… Read More »

Turkey needs a soft exit from the EU

The realization that Turkey’s accession is not a realistic goal should be the starting point of a redefined relationship. By Sinan Ülgen  Suspending European Union membership negotiations would be the wrong signal for Europe to send Turkey. The move, set to be debated in the… Turkey needs a… Read More »

Matteo Renzi’s problem with Brussels: It’s too nice

Italy’s leader hones Euroskeptic appeal in bid to win constitutional referendum. By JACOPO BARIGAZZI Matteo Renzi can’t take yes for an answer from Brussels. For months leading up to the December 4 constitutional referendum, the Italian prime minister has… Matteo Renzi’s problem… Read More »

Why female genital mutilation still exists in modern Singapore

Female genital mutilation is carried out by communities around the world. But though it is not commonly associated with modern, cosmopolitan Singapore, it is quietly happening all the time, as the BBC’s Yvette Tan writes. By Yvette Tan BBC News Zarifah Anuar didn’t find out she had been circumcised as a child until she was 23. She was just two weeks old when her… Why female genital… Read More »

Algeria’s South: Trouble’s Bellwether

As waves of protests have hit the hydrocarbon-rich Algerian south since 2013, authorities maintained a tenuous peace through handouts, repression and policing. To calm tensions, the state needs to clarify policies, communicate with local protestors and address underlying issues of… Algeria’s South: Trouble’s… Read More »

Jordan — An Oasis In A Turbulent World

Last week I visited Jordan as guest of Prince Ali Bin Hussein and his wife, Princess Rym Brahimi Ali. José Ramos-Horta  Prince Ali is the third son of King Hussein, and half-brother of King Abdullah II. He is a member of the… Jordan — An Oasis In A… Read More »

Will submarine deal sink Netanyahu’s ship?

An Oct. 31 Al-Monitor article revealed that a deal was underway for Israel to purchase three submarines from ThyssenKrupp Marine Systems, a German ship-building giant. Ben Caspit This past week, the deal turned into a political and media scandal leading to public demands that Attorney General Avichai Mandelblit investigate for criminal facets of the… Will submarine deal… Read More »

Flynn shifted stance on Turkey, torture

President-elect Donald TrumpDonald TrumpTrump lawyer: No charitable funds will pay for Trump University settlementTrump urged UK leader to oppose wind farm near his golf course: reportBET founder: Trump ‘committed to reaching out’ to black AmericansMORE’s chosen national security adviser has previously criticized aggressive counterterrorism methods that he now appears open to and also seemed to change his tune on the government in Turkey after his consulting firm received a lucrative contract. By Julian Hattem While using torture once seemed to ... Read More »

Treasury warns Israel’s growth rate may not be sustainable

The Finance Ministry says new car purchases and Intel’s fab upgrade are among the main causes of recent high growth Globes Moshe Golan “The figures for the composition of growth in 2016 could indicate that the current growth rate is not necessarily sustainable,” the Ministry of Finance chief economist states in his… Treasury warns Israel’s… Read More »

France’s Sarkozy loses primary with hard-line on immigration

PARIS — Former President Nicolas Sarkozy and his populist, hard-line stand on Muslims and immigration went down in defeat Sunday in France’s conservative primary for president. Boston Herald Associated Press Two ex-prime ministers will instead meet in a runoff next week for the nomination. The race was seen as an early measure of how the… France’s Sarkozy loses… Read More »

80% of IT Jobs can be Replaced by Automation, and it’s ‘Exciting’

TAKING OVER IT Amidst the anxious grumbling of his audience at last week’s Structure Conference in San Francisco, billionaire Vinod Khosla asserted that 80% of jobs in an IT department could be replaced by AI-type… Author: Dom Galeon Editor: Patrick Caughill That, of course, is an…“I think that’s exciting,” added Khosla, founder of Sun Microsystems and Silicon Valley venture firm, Khosla Ventures. 80% of IT… Read More »