UNICEF: One child dies every 10 minutes in Yemen

UNICEF - Al Jazeera

At least 462,000 children suffering from severe acute malnutrition with 2.2m in need of urgent care, UNICEF says. Al Jazeera News More than 400,000 children are at risk of starvation in Yemen, with nearly 2.2 million in need of urgent care, according to the UN children’s agency UNICEF. New figures indicate that hunger among children has reached an UNICEF: One child dies every… Read More »

Venezuela shuts Colombia border to fight currency smuggling

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Venezuelan President Nicolas Maduro Dec. 12 ordered the closure of Venezuela’s border with Colombia for 72 hours in a crackdown on what he said were “mafias” smuggling hard-to-find cash that was destabilizing the socialist economy. Hurriyet CARACAS, Venezuela – The Associated Press The move comes as Maduro is trying to get a… Venezuela shuts Colombia… Read More »

Glasgow JobCentre landlord offers to lower rent to stop closure

Job Centre Plus 1a LLLL Scotland LLLL

The landlord of a JobCentre under threat of closure has offered to cut the rent if it helps to keep it open. The Scotsman Meetings have taken place between politicians and the Department for Work and Pensions (DWP) amid fears that closing eight of Glasgow’s 16… Glasgow JobCentre landlord… Read More »

Asylum seekers will welcome another New Year still in limbo

Asylum - Brisbanes

The remote Pacific islands of Nauru and Manus Island will be among the first places in the world to celebrate the arrival of 2017. Brisbane Times Madeline Gleeson Some 1500 refugees and asylum seekers will be there to greet it, stranded in a combination of semi-detention and community residences. Four New Years into their… Asylum seekers will welcome… Read More »

Rex Tillerson named as Donald Trump’s secretary of state

Rex Tillerson - The Guardian

Senators from Republican and Democrat parties have raised concerns about ExxonMobil chief’s close ties to Vladimir Putin The Guardian Lauren Gambino Rex Tillerson, the president and chief executive of ExxonMobil, has been officially named as Donald Trump’s choice for secretary of state, the president-elect’s transition team has said. “His tenacity, broad experience and… Rex Tillerson named as… Read More »

SickKids urged to do more on Motherisk scandal

Children - The Star

Children’s Aid Societies say hospital must help more with aftermath of testing probe. The Star Rachel Mendleson Children’s Aid Societies are calling on the Hospital for Sick Children to “step up” and own the role it played in the Motherisk scandal that saw faulty drug and alcohol hair tests used in thousands of child protection cases. Mary Ballantyne, executive director of the Ontario Association of… SickKids urged to do more on… Read More »

Children as young as five have unsupervised internet access

Internet - The Irish Times

ISPCC report shows grooming is a main concern for parents The Irish Times Rachel Flaherty The Irish Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Children’s (ISPCC) annual review showed young people often looked at violent, pornographic and age inappropriate material online. Grooming was found to be a particular concern as… Children as young as five have unsupervised… Read More »

Whose Laws Are Archaic? When Standing In Court Matters More Than Violence Against Women

Laws - New Matilda

A Muslim woman is on ‘trial by media’ for refusing to stand in court. New Matilda Michael Brull But the media’s attention should be focussed on the allegations of police violence against a woman, writes Michael Brull. Moutia Elzahed is a Muslim woman, who has… Whose Laws Are Archaic? When Standing In… Read More »

The changing face of business – and the part artificial intelligence has to play

Paus 4d

Artificial Intelligence (AI) may be the single most disruptive technology the world has seen since the Industrial… Paul Daugherty World Economic Forum Granted, there is a lot of hype out there on AI, along with doomsday headlines and scary… But the reality is that it will positively and materially change how we engage with the world around… The changing face… Read More »

Could America Convince China and Russia to Keep North Korea in Check?

Dao 1a

The time is right to double down on cooperation with China. The National Interest Lyle J. Goldstein Pundits around the whole Asia-Pacific have been scribbling furiously about the supposed import of a brief and… Could America Convince… Read More »

Life on Earth is Dying. Thousands of Species Cease to Exist

Mauk 2b

On the day that you read this article, 200 species of life on Earth (plants, birds, animals, fish, amphibians, insects, reptiles) will cease to exist. Global Research By Robert J. Burrowes Tomorrow, another 200 species will vanish forever. The human onslaught to destroy life on Earth is unprecedented in… Life on Earth is… Read More »

250,000 turn out in Taipei for same-sex marriage

Concert - Asia Times

Concert near Presidential Office came after a rally opposing proposals for marriage equality attracted just 70,000 the week before Asia Times Liu Hsiu Wen Around 250,000 people gathered in front of Taiwan’s Presidential Office on Saturday, urging the government to legalize same-sex marriage. Singers, public figures, concern groups and… 250,000 turn out in Taipei for same… Read More »

Social Democrats easily win Romania parliamentary elections

PSD 2b

Romania’s left-leaning Social Democrats easily won parliamentary elections a year after a major anti-corruption drive forced the last Socialist prime minister from power, near-final results released showed Dec. 12. BUCHAREST – The Associated Press Hurriyet Election authorities said that with 99 percent of the votes from the… Social Democrats easily… Read More »

China ‘seriously concerned’ after Trump questions Taiwan policy

Trump - The Guardian

President-elect says he sees no reason why the US should continuing abiding by One China policy unless a bargain is reached with Beijing involving trade The Guardian Tom Phillips The Chinese government has warned Donald Trump it is “seriously concerned” after the US president-elect indicated he might jettison a four-decade understanding with Beijing unless its leaders were prepared to strike a… China ‘seriously concerned’ after… Read More »

Meet the millennials driving up China’s growing debt load

Mobile 3c Reuters 3c Shirley Feng 3c LLLL

Ma Yiqing, 24, is typical of China’s younger generation — he uses his credit card frequently and borrows from online platforms to fund shopping habits. Asia Times By REUTERS Ma  Yiqing, 24, is typical of China’s younger generation — he… Meet the millennials… Read More »

Not every antisemite is a Nazi

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Each time we use words like “Nazi” or call someone a Hitler, we reduce the enormity of Hitler’s destruction and of Nazi evil. TheJPost By MICAH HALPERN There are plenty of antisemites out there, real antisemites – and the worst of them fall into… Not every antisemite… Read More »