Chinese ships sail near disputed Japanese islands

The sailing comes just days after US Defense Secretary James Mattis reaffirmed America’s commitment to defending Japan and its disputed islands. Brad Lendon CNN According to Japanese broadcaster NHK, protests were lodged with the Chinese Embassy in Tokyo and in Beijing through the… Tensions have flashed numerous times in recent years over the… Chinese ships sail… Read More »

Populism and the complex tyranny of the far right

In the fight against racism and Islamophobia, the complexities of far right politics need to be examined, writes Sameer Murthy. Sameer Murthy Independent Australia WHEN WE THINK of leaders who makes progressives around the world shudder, the names of Trump, Wilders, Le Pen and Duterte come to mind. Much has been… Populism and the… Read More »

Is it possible to be too ‘nice’ for your own good?

Niceness is a topic that tends to fundamentally divide people. Juliet Wakefield SBS Should you put yourself first, stand up for yourself and get back at people who’ve wronged you or should you put others first and turn the other cheek when attacked? Is being nice… Is it possible to… Read More »

Frozen out: the US interpreters abandoned on Europe’s border – video

Jamshid and Mati served the US military as interpreters during the war in Afghanistan, but like many, haven’t been granted visas to emigrate to the… Max Duncan, Alice Aedy and Michael Tait, The Guardian With their lives threatened by the Taliban, they joined the migrants heading for western Europe, only to find themselves trapped in Serbia on the… Frozen out: the… Read More »

What Turkey will be looking for when Trump calls Erdogan

ISTANBUL — When President Trump speaks to President Recep Tayyip Erdogan in a much-anticipated phone call late Tuesday, Erdogan is certain to press his counterpart to reject Pentagon proposals to arm Kurdish fighters in Syria and… Kareem Fahim and Karen DeYoung The Washington Post Trump may want to change the…Meeting either demand could be problematic for the… What Turkey will… Read More »

Moulitsas: Shifting on migrants

Over the course of many years, polling has consistently shown that the bulk of Americans — including sizeable numbers of conservatives — believe in legalization of our… Markos Moulitsas TheHill For example, Pew Research has consistently found that that at least 64 percent of Americans supported “creating a… Moulitsas: Shifting on… Read More »

How Trump will save Europe

It’s not too late to turn the tables on its populist shake-up. Mark Leonard and Vessela Tcherneva Politico In his first weeks in office, U.S. President Donald Trump has demonstrated that the threat he presents to European interests has not been overstated. There is good… How Trump will… Read More »

Two and a half minutes to Midnight

Finally the telephone has rung and Gentiloni, after a long and nervous wait, managed to hear the voice of the new US President, Donald Trump. Manlio Dinucci Voltaire The thrust of the telephone call – informs Palazzo Chigi – [is] the “historical friendship and collaboration between Italy and the US”, in the context of “Nato’s fundamental importance”. However, the Italian… Two and a half… Read More »

Study finds troubling consequences for anti-Muslim and anti-Mexican attitudes and actions

When Muslims and Mexican immigrants feel dehumanized by Americans, they are more likely to exhibit hostile responses, including support for violent over nonviolent collective action and unwillingness to assist counterterrorism efforts University of Pennsylvania Eurek Alert The President’s recent Executive Order is attempting to close U.S. borders to citizens of seven Muslim-majority countries, with the rationale that it would make Americans safer against the threat of terrorism. But new research… Study finds troubling… Read More »

Why Not Make Economics a Science?

Economists have come to rival even journalists and politicians in lack of public… Editorial Board  Bloomberg That might be partly because so many economists seem as interested in journalism and politics as in advancing their… But there’s also a deeper problem: Far from advancing, the science of economics has been… Why Not Make… Read More »