The Lennox-Boyd statement of 19 December 1956 and the origins of the proposed ‘bi-communal, bi-zonal federation’ in Cyprus

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Introduction In Politics, Aristotle suggests that to obtain the clearest insight into anything, it is necessary to explore its origins. Klearchos A. Kyriakides * Agora Dialogue Published in Agora Dialogue on 27 December 2016 With Aristotle in mind, one is obliged to ask a key question at a critical time when the Republic of Cyprus may be on the verge of being transformed into – or succeeded by – a ‘bi-communal, bi-zonal federation’. What are the origins of the proposed ‘federation’ together with ... Read More »

Hip pain may be ‘hangover from evolution’

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Scientists at the University of Oxford say a hangover from evolution could help explain why humans get so much shoulder, hip and knee pain. BBC Smitha Mundasad And if current trends continue they predict the humans of the future could be at even greater risk. They studied 300 specimens from… Hip pain may be ‘hangover from… Read More »

EU Dying before our eyes: Nigel Farage in stunning rant predicting END ‘within years’

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NIGEL FARAGE has blasted the European Union (EU) which he says will crumble within the next few years following the Brexit vote. By DARREN HUNT Εxpress The former Ukip leader was speaking on LBC when his angry tirade over the European Union began as he blamed the… EU DYING BEFORE… Read More »

Romanian president rejects nomination of Muslim woman for PM

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Klaus Iohannis’s decision to block appointment of Sevil Shhaideh may be linked to her Syrian husband’s background The Guardian Romania’s president has rejected a proposal by the leftist party that won elections this month to appoint the country’s first female and first Muslim prime minister. Klaus Iohannis gave no reasons for… Romanian president rejects… Read More »

Why ISIL fights in Europe

TOPSHOT - A man (Bottom R) places a candle on the memorial at the Christmas market near the Kaiser-Wilhelm-Gedaechtniskirche (Kaiser Wilhelm Memorial Church) in Berlin on December 24, 2016.
Germany hunts for possible accomplices of the suspected Berlin truck attacker Anis Amri, who was shot dead by Italian police in Milan on Friday, December 23, 2016. The Islamic State group has claimed responsibility for this week's attack on a Berlin Christmas market, in which 12 people were killed and dozens more wounded. / AFP / John MACDOUGALL        (Photo credit should read JOHN MACDOUGALL/AFP/Getty Images)

Don’t buy their propaganda of ‘retaliation’ for Western strikes in Syria. Politico Jean-Pierre Filiu The jihadist group has larger ambitions in Germany and France. The so-called Islamic State rushed… Why ISIL fights in… Read More »

Argentina ex-leader Cristina Fernandez charged in corruption case

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Former Argentine President Cristina Fernandez de Kirchner has been charged over corruption allegations. BBC A federal judge approved charges of illicit association and fraudulent administration against Ms Fernandez. It is alleged that her… Argentina ex-leader Cristina… Read More »

World’s first emojis on display at New York’s MoMA

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New York art museum displays 176 original emojis seen as way of “bridging communication gaps” between different communities. Al Jazeera News Pavni Mittal New York City – You don’t need to be an art connoisseur to appreciate New York’s Museum of Modern Art. A must-do on every… World’s first emojis on… Read More »

Why Iran sees Aleppo as chance to get in rather than out

A member of forces loyal to Syria's President Bashar al-Assad stands near damaged buildings in Aleppo's Salaheddine district, Syria December 16, 2016. REUTERS/Omar Sanadiki - RTX2VC1D

On Dec. 22, the same day the Syrian government announced that Aleppo was under its control, Iranian Deputy Foreign Minister Hossein Jaberi Ansari was in Damascus to meet President Bashar al-Assad. Al Monitor Ali Hashem Ansari was in fact in the Syrian capital to congratulate his country’s prime regional ally for retaking Syria’s largest city and one of the main strongholds of the armed opposition. But Aleppo isn’t only a… Why Iran sees Aleppo as… Read More »

Saudi jailed for call to end male control over women

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A Saudi man has been jailed for one year for calling for an end to the Muslim kingdom’s guardianship system that gives men wide controls over women, local media said Tuesday. RIYADH – Agence France–Presse Hurriyet The man, who was also fined 30,000 riyals ($8,000) by a court in the… Saudi jailed for… Read More »

The rise of fascism is not inevitable – just look at Bridges Not Walls

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‘How can we fight the rise of the far right?’ people say. Try Bridges Not Walls, the movement spawned after Trump’s election to reject hate The Guardian Ellie Mae O’Hagan When your friends and family regard you as The Political One, seismic news events are a bittersweet experience. For every political… The rise of fascism is… Read More »

What should Palestinians expect from 2017?

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While Palestine will be busy with various internal changes, very little is expected to end the occupation. Al Jazeera News Daoud Kuttab The Palestinian issue is likely to get widespread coverage in 2017, but internal issues will mostly dominate the news agenda rather than the external developments. And by the end of… What should Palestinians expect… Read More »

How Dr. Strangelove Learned to Love Trump

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PARIS – At first glance, former United States National Security Adviser and Secretary of State Henry Kissinger and President-elect Donald Trump would seem to have nothing in common. Dominique Moisi Project Syndicate In one corner stands the… How Dr. Strangelove… Read More »

Alexander Stubb: Europe’s endangered liberal future

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Focus on practical solutions, says the former Finnish PM who some believe is the Iron Man who could save Europe. By DAVID M. HERSZENHORN  Politico To some, Alexander Stubb is the Iron Man who could save Europe: a polyglot triathlete, former Finnish prime minister, and, at age 48, part of the… Alexander Stubb: Europe’s… Read More »

Year in review: 2016 in the European Union

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The European Union seems to have spent 2016 in a state of constant crisis – or “polycrisis,” as European Commission president Juncker calls it. Our Brussels correspondent Bernd Riegert looks back over the past year. Deutsche Welle Following the… Year in review… Read More »

Bryza: Russia Will Use Definition of Terrorism to Advance Political Interests

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We spoke to former Deputy Assistant Secretary of State for European and Eurasian Affairs, Ambassador Matthew Bryza. Georgia Today Nana Sajaia,  Voice of America Georgian Service What next for Turkey-Russia relations after the assassination of the Russian diplomat Andrey Karlov in Ankara? I actually… Bryza: Russia Will… Read More »

President’s close friend snubs lawmakers from jail cell

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There are no legal grounds for forcing witnesses to attend a parliamentary hearing, although they can be held in contempt and face a jail term for doing so/ By AGENCE FRANCE-PRESSE Asia Times Τhe woman at the heart of the… President’s close friend… Read More »