Letter from Tehran: Trump ‘the bazaari’

Tehran - Asia Times

The Iranian Parliament just hosted its annual conference on Palestine and, among the dignitaries – that included Iran’s Supreme Leader Ayatollah Khamenei and President Hassan Rouhani – and the 700 foreign guests from more than 50 countries was Asia Times columnist Pepe Escobar. Pepe Escobar Asia Times The art of the deal, when practiced for 2500 years, does lead to the palace of wisdom. I had hardly… Letter from Tehran… Read More »

After Brexit Who Will Feed All These Chickens?

Farming - Bloomberg

Following a drive through English farmland, past thatched-roof cottages and thick forests, chicken farmer Mark Gorton stops his Land Rover on a narrow lane to speak to a worker in a white truck. Stephanie Baker Bloomberg “Dzien dobry!” Gorton cries in … After Brexit Who… Read More »

What are the potential effects of a presidential system on the economy?

Economy - DS

If the ‘yes’ vote wins in the April 16 referendum to reform the antediluvian constitution and governing system in Turkey, it will pave the way to boost the country’s economic growth Selim Yaman Daily Sabah Turkey is going to vote on whether or not to create a presidential system on April 16 as part of the constitutional referendum. The new system… What are the… Read More »

More than politics, Theresa May’s true strength is her grasp of British culture

May - The Guardian

While John Major and Tony Blair struggle with their Brexit defeat, the prime minister has read the national mood and is successfully navigating it Rafael Behr The Guardian So John Major and Tony Blair are on the same team now. It could be… More than politics… Read More »

Here’s What Would Happen If Russia and NATO Went War (or World War III)

WW3 - the NI

How much of a threat do Russia’s emerging 5th-generation stealth fighter, nuclear arsenal, high-tech air defenses, anti-satellite weapons, conventional army and submarines pose to NATO and the U.S.? Kris Osborn The National Interest Current tensions between Russia and NATO are leading many to carefully assess this question and examine the current state of weaponry and technological sophistication of the Russian military — with a mind to better… Here’s What Would… Read More »

Trump and the Generals

Yul 1a

The president says he wants to “win.” What does that mean? In the past month, Trump has met with four of the… Kevin Baron The Atlantic So far, he’s ignoring a lot of their advice.On the budget, on how to counter radical Islamic extremism, and… Trump and the… Read More »

Preparing the future today: World Health Organisation and young doctors


These last few years have been painful for the WHO. In a world filled with conflict, where truth is becoming subjective, grandiose institutions like it have become symbol of what populists discard as playgrounds to entertain the elites. Jorge Félix Cardoso European Sting Sadly, there has never been a time when the WHO is as necessary as it is now. After decades of… Preparing the future… Read More »

Protein Challenge 2040: How can we feed 9 billion people?

Food - CNN

(CNN) – How can we feed nine billion people enough protein in a way which is affordable, healthy and good for the environment? Mark Driscoll CNN That’s a tough question and the answers are not simple, but a unique coalition of businesses, academics, civil society organizations and government bodies have come together to try to find them through the Protein Challenge 2040… Protein Challenge 2040… Read More »

The only path to welfare and peace

Daily Sabah

While Turkey is heading toward a radical constitutional system change, some power groups that represent the hegemony of the previous century and want to intercept Turkey’s path have taken action. Celim Ertem Daily Sabah This is an attempt to prevent Turkey from turning its successful cross-border struggle with terrorist organizations into permanent economic gains. The U.S. still… The only path… Read More »

Our greatest peril? Screening ourselves off from reality

Humanity - The Guardian

Immersed in life online like the followers of 4chan or PewDiePie, we start to imagine that nothing matters – even racism, misogyny and resurgent fascism George Monbiot The Guardian Everything is possible. Nothing is possible… Our greatest peril… Read More »

Turkish extreme-right party leader to Greece: Remember what happened in 1922

Devlet Bahceli 1a LLLL

The leader of the extreme right Turkish Nationalist Movement Party (MHP), Devlet Bahceli openly threatened Greece that if its army wanted to be thrown into the sea again, the Turkish army was… DailyHellas Commenting on the recent increasing tensions between the two countries in the Aegean Sea, Mr…. Turkish extreme-right… Read More »

Netanyahu and the ‘apartheid state’

Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu speaks at a joint news conference with Australian Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull (not pictured) at Kirribilli House in Sydney, Australia, February 22, 2017.   REUTERS/Jason Reed - RTSZQ7G

Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu has come up with a new, supposedly sophisticated answer for pesky journalists who ask whether he still supports the two-state solution. Akiva Eldar Al Monitor If Netanyahu responded that he hopes for the establishment of a Palestinian state alongside Israel, he would incur the wrath of his friends in the government, the Likud and the Knesset. On the other hand… Netanyahu and the… Read More »

Protesters fight domestic violence law changes in shadows of Russia’s conservative push


Russians opposed to the decriminalisation of domestic violence say they have not given up hope of bringing in a new law to protect women. Lisa Millar ABC But they are up against changing cultural norms that are seeing Russia become increasingly conservative. President Vladimir Putin signed… Protesters fight domestic… Read More »

On hate crimes, presidential silence is complicity

Hate crimes - BS

REST ASSURED, everybody: President Trump is “deeply disappointed” over the escalating nationwide reports of anti-Semitic bomb threats. Renée Graham Boston Globe “Deeply disappointed” is an appropriate reaction when the local coffee shop runs out of your favorite cranberry muffins. It is not, however… On hate crimes… Read More »

Graphic novel illustrates life of Syrian refugees in Lebanon

Novel - Al Monitor

“Meantime” is a graphic novel project initiated in March 2016 by French nongovernmental organization (NGO) Solidarites International (SOL). Florence Massena Al Monitor Five French, Syrian and Lebanese artists spent weeks talking with Syrian refugees in Akkar and Tripoli in northern Lebanon to create five graphic stories, which have been available online since Feb. 21 in English, Arabic and French. According to the… Graphic novel illustrates… Read More »

The Economy Is The Real Endangered Species

Economy - The DC

In just eight years, the Obama Administration issued some 22,700 new regulations – many between election day and President Trump’s inauguration. Paul Driessen The Daily Caller Among those last-minute rules was the U.S. Fish & Wildlife Service’s January 11 designation of the Rusty Patched Bumblebee (RPB) as “endangered,” under the 1973 Endangered Species Act (ESA). With Congress poised… The Economy Is… Read More »