How can the D.C. region absorb an Amazon headquarters if it can’t cope now with gridlock and housing costs?

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Stephanie Landrum, a leader of Alexandria’s quest to lure’s second headquarters to the city, promises that a proposed site in Potomac Yard could handle an influx of up to 50,000… Robert McCartney and Katherine Shaver The Washington Post “We only offer them stuff where they could fit,” said Landrum, who calls herself the “salesperson for the city” as president of the Alexandria Economic Development Partnership. “The scale of… Many residents of the nearby Del Ray neighborhood are skeptical. They already ... Read More »

India Sends Warship And MARCOS To Maldives For Joint Surveillance Of Exclusive Economic Zone

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In an indication of a slight upswing in bilateral military ties after a distinct chill, India has dispatched a warship to Maldives to undertake joint surveillance and patrol of the archipelago’s… Rajat Pandit Originally Published In The Times Of India Two officers and eight sailors from the Indian Navy’s elite marine commandoes wing are also currently at Maafilhafushi in Maldives, which is 145 km north of Male, to train its personnel in diving and tactics under the…… “It is an ... Read More »

Conference analyses disputes in East Sea

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Moscow (VNA) – Leading scientists and researchers specializing in Asia-Pacific region, the Association of Southeast Asian Nations (ASEAN) and international law, discussed the East Sea disputes in the… They analysed recent developments in the East Sea and discussed the prospects of settling the issues at the event, held by the Institute of Oriental Studies of the Russian Academy of… They affirmed that disputes in the East Sea are among the largest threats to the global stability and security, as besides ... Read More »

‘EFTA court SUITS Britain!’ Judges bold pitch for UK to cut ties with Franco-German ECJ

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BREXIT BRITAIN should join the EFTA court which suits British values a lot more than the German and French-influenced European Court of Justice, a former EFTA court judge has claimed. Darrent Hunt Express Brexit Britain has been urged to join the European Free Trade Association court by former judge Carl Baudenbacher. Mr Baudenbacher claimed EFTA would be a solution to Brexit for the UK insisting the court shared the same values as Britain and would allow the country to remain sovereign. ... Read More »

Fear of Sinn Fein the root cause of Brexit power grab

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The UK Government has held firm against Nicola Sturgeon’s demands on the Brexit power dispute because of fears they would give Sinn Fein a veto over UK policy. Tom Peterkin The Scotsman Scotland on Sunday understands there are grave reservations across Whitehall about the concessions being sought by the Scottish Government and the potential for them to be exploited by the party formerly led by Gerry Adams and Martin McGuinness. Sturgeon and her Brexit minister, Michael Russell, are objecting to ... Read More »

Extinguished and anguished: what is burnout and what can we do about it?

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Feeling “burnt out” is a pretty common phrase in daily parlance, but we’re starting to learn more about its longer-term destructive effects. Authors: The Conversation Sufferers often describe feeling exhausted and disconnected, and as though they’re “going through the motions” without motivation or… Burnout can have serious consequences, including reduced work performance and life satisfaction, and has been associated with other mental health conditions. For instance, it has been linked to depression, as both conditions share a number of symptoms ... Read More »

The newest weapon in the US Navy’s arsenal is now under construction

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WASHINGTON ― When the destroyer Jack Lucas joins the U.S. Navy’s fleet in 2024, it will look similar to the 73 Arleigh Burke-class destroyers that preceded it. David B. Larter DefenseNews But it’s going to be a very different, more capable killer than its predecessors. Huntington Ingalls announced Tuesday that it had begun fabrication of the first Flight III Destroyer, a ship that crucially adds Raytheon’s AN/SPY-6 air and missile defense radar. A ship is considered “in fabrication” after the ... Read More »

Missile attacks reflect changing strategic landscape

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Russia has shown its willingness to allow attacks by Israel on the Iranians or Hezbollah Stephen Bryen Asia Times While Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu marched in Moscow with Russian President Vladimir Putin in the Immortal Regiment in memory of Russian fighters who died in World War II, Israel was getting ready to retaliate for an Iranian rocket attack on Israeli military units in the strategically sensitive Golan. Israel attributed the missile attack to Iran’s al-Quds Force, an elite unit of Iran’s ... Read More »

Iran says Israel launched Syria strikes on false ’pretexts’

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Iran on May 11 condemned Israel’s air raids in Syria, saying they had been launched on “invented pretexts”. TEHRAN – Agence France-Presse Hurriyet “Iran firmly condemns the attacks by the Zionist regime on Syrian territory,” said foreign ministry spokesmanBahram Ghasemi, cited by semi-official news agency ISNA. “The repeated attacks by the Zionist regime on Syrian territory were carried out under pretexts that were invented by themselves and are without foundation,” he added. “They are a violation of Syria’s national sovereignty and territorial integrity, and contrary ... Read More »

The Israelis Who Prevented a War With Iran

KHAN YOUNIS REFUGEE CAMP - GAZA STRIP - SEPTEMBER 01:  An Israeli tanks guards the vacant Jewish settlement of Neve Dekalim on September 1, 2005 in the southern Gaza Strip. According to reports from Israeli security sources, Israel aims to withdrawal troops from the occupied Gaza Strip by September 15 following the evacuation of Jewish settlers from the territory.  (Photo by Abid Katib/Getty Images)

Netanyahu came close to ordering airstrikes in 2010 — but was thwarted by his own security chiefs. Anshel Pfeffer FP As the shadow conflict being waged between Israel and Iran in Syria has intensified in recent days, the risk has grown that the two countries — among the strongest in the region — may soon find themselves in an all-out war. But this isn’t the first time Israel and Iran have approached the precipice. Nearly a decade ago, at the start ... Read More »

UNICEF: 400,000 children on ‘verge’ of death in the DRC

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The UN’s children’s agency calls for $88m of aid to address the ongoing crisis in Congo’s Kasai region. AlJazeera Up to 400,000 children are at risk of starving to death in the Democratic Republic of Congo unless humanitarian aid efforts are ramped up, the UN’s children’s agency has warned. Fighting between government forces and regional militia in the Congo’s central Kasai province has created a “perfect storm of poverty, deprivation and conflict for the most vulnerable children”, UNICEFsaid in a… It called for urgent ... Read More »

Final donation for man whose blood helped save 2.4 million babies

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For every regular blood donation, three lives could be saved; an ordinary plasma donation could save 18. But James Harrison is extraordinary. Kate Aubusson The Age His blood has helped save the lives of 2.4 million babies. The 81-year-old’s plasma contains a potent antibody used to create a remarkable treatment known as Anti-D that protects unborn babies from the potentially deadly Rhesus D Haemolytic Disease (HDN). On Friday, after more than 60 years and 1173 donations, Mr Harrison made his ... Read More »

This isn’t Helter Skelter: Why the internet alone can’t be blamed for radicalisation

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The internet’s precise role in the process of radicalisation remains vexing. You can lead a person to a bomb-making manual, but you can’t make them use it. Radicalisation is a social process. Authors: The Conversation It refers to a means by which an individual or group embraces an extreme ideology and rejects or undermines the “status quo”. This process can then lead to an increased willingness to condone or use violence. “Safety” in the digital era The internet allows previously ... Read More »

What to Expect from Putin’s Fourth Term

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And will he begin to groom a successor? Moscow was the scene of two elaborate celebrations this week. Angela Stent The National Interest On May 7, Vladimir Putin took the oath of office in the Kremlin for his fourth term as president, describing Russia as a “country of magnificent victories and accomplishments” and vowing to “do everything to build up Russia’s might, prosperity and glory.” On May 9, Russia commemorated the victory over Germany in the Great Patriotic War with ... Read More »

The New Ebola Outbreak Could Take ‘Three, Maybe Four’ Months to Control

Director of the National Institute of Biomedical Research (INRB), Jean-Jacques Muyembe from Democratic Republic of Congo poses on May 28, 2015 in Paris. Dr Muyembe received the 2015 Christophe Merieux Prize for his search on Ebola. AFP PHOTO / MATTHIEU ALEXANDRE        (Photo credit should read MATTHIEU ALEXANDRE/AFP/Getty Images)

The DRC’s top virologist says the response has been quick, but it started late because of delays in reporting suspected cases. Ed Yong The Atlantic The Democratic Republic of Congo is currently fighting its ninth Ebola outbreak—and Jean-Jacques Muyembe Tamfum is as calm as ever. Warm, round-faced, and preternaturally chill, Muyembe was the first scientist to encounter Ebola during the first-ever outbreak in 1976, and he has been involved in studying and fighting the disease ever since. “We have a ... Read More »

Japan: From Gunboat Diplomacy to Coast Guard Diplomacy

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In postwar Japan, the coast guard has taken a leading role in defending maritime interests. Jay Tristan Tarriela The Diplomat On December 18, 2017, Prime Minister Shinzo Abe called a Ministerial Council meeting to discuss his plans in strategically expanding efforts to strengthen the Japanese maritime security system. In particular, he stressed the need for the Japanese Coast Guard (JCG) to be further developed since it has significant roles in attaining his objectives and, most importantly, in promoting international cooperation ... Read More »