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Success Is No Longer Foreign to East Timor, but the Players Are

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MELBOURNE, Australia — With so little to cheer in their nation’s brief soccer history, fans of East Timor’s national team would be correct to consider this the squad’s golden era. East Timor, which did not play a World Cup qualifying match until 2007 and did not win one until this year, has advanced to the second round of World Cup ... Read More »

Emerging headache: Brazil sinks deeper into recession

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Poor government policy and slowing demand for natural resources are plaguing the world’s 7th largest economy. Fortune Chris Matthews @crobmatthews Brazil’s central bank now forecasts that the once high-flying emerging market economy will shrink by 2.7% this year—the worst contraction in a quarter century, according to the Wall Street Journal. The revised forecast comes as Brazil’s currency, the real, has ... Read More »

Statement on the Transitional Justice Agreement between the Colombian Government and FARC

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The agreement on transitional justice reached by the government of Colombia and the Revolutionary Armed Forces of Colombia (FARC), and publicly announced yesterday in Havana is a major breakthrough in the four-year peace talks. In effect, it anticipates the termination of the 51-year armed conflict. In an unprecedented personal meeting, President Juan Manual Santos and FARC’s maximum leader, Rodrigo Londoño ... Read More »

Brazil congressman fined for saying colleague ‘not worth raping’

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Politician made outrageous comments in Congress The Telegraph – By Nick Allen, Washington A judge has ordered a Brazilian congressman to pay a colleague more than $2,500 for saying she wasn’t worth raping. Jair Bolsonaro, 59, told Maria do Rosario on the floor of Congress: “I wouldn’t even rape you because you don’t deserve it.” He claimed that his political ... Read More »

Venezuelan military jets ‘entered Colombian airspace’

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Colombia has said that two Venezuelan military jets entered its airspace without warning or authorisation. BBC – The planes encroached into Colombian airspace twice on Saturday morning, according to the defence ministry. They reportedly flew over a border military base in the Alta Guajira region before returning to Venezuela. Colombian officials have demanded an explanation from Venezuela, which has yet ... Read More »

Border drama: A first-hand account from Cúcuta, Colombia

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On 22 August, the government of Nicolás Maduro closed the border crossing that links San Antonio del Táchira with the Colombian city of Cúcuta. In the succeeding days, more than a thousand Colombians were summarily deported via the Simón Bolívar international bridge between the two countries. Amid a sharp increase in the number of troops deployed in the area there ... Read More »

 The TPP Will Finish What Chile’s Dictatorship Started

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Salvador Allende warned against neoliberalism’s disastrous effects just before he was overthrown. He was right to be worried. The Nation - By Greg Grandin This September 11 will be the 42nd anniversary of the US-backed coup against the democratically elected Chilean government led by the Socialist Salvador Allende, kicking off a battle that is still being fought: In Chile, protests led ... Read More »

Brazil’s economy enters recession

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BBC – Brazil has entered recession after official figures showed the country’s economy contracted by 1.9% between April and June compared with the previous three months. Analysts had expected a contraction, but the number was worse than expected. First quarter output was also revised down to show a 0.7%, rather than a 0.2%, contraction. The country, the seventh-largest economy in ... Read More »

Venezuela state under martial law against smugglers

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BBC – The Venezuelan president has declared a state of emergency in a border region near Colombia following an attack by smugglers in which three soldiers and a civilian were injured. Nicolas Maduro said there would be 60 days of martial law in five municipalities of the state of Tachira. He also said the closure of the border, announced on ... Read More »

Pope holds Falklands sign urging Argentine-UK talks

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BBC – Pope Francis has been photographed in the Vatican holding a sign calling for Argentine-UK talks about the Falkland Islands, called Malvinas in Argentina. The pontiff is from Argentina. He received the sign from Gustavo Hoyo, leader of a campaign for dialogue on the islands, during a papal audience. A senior Vatican official told the BBC that Pope Francis ... Read More »