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Bolivia elects Evo Morales as president for third term

Bolivian president Evo Morales

Supporters pour into the streets of La Paz as populist leader dedicates landslide victory to Fidel Castro and Hugo Chávez Evo Morales has coasted to victory in Bolivia’s presidential elections, winning an unprecedented third term as voters rewarded the former coca grower for delivering economic and political stability. Morales, a native Aymara Indian, received 60% of the vote against 25% ... Read More »

11 things you didn’t know about marijuana

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1. Australian use of cannabis is three times the global average. UNODC estimates 10.3% of the Australian population aged 14 and above had used cannabis in the last year. This rate is also comparable to the rate in other former British colonies like New Zealand, Nigeria, US and Canada. Source: The Lancet, The Economist and UNODC 2. According to a small survey undertaken in Australia in ... Read More »

It’s Not All Doom and Gloom: What We Can Do Now for the Arctic

Richard Branson

Last week I was in New York, where policy makers and the public alike spoke out about climate change. None of us are strangers to the realities of climate change — steadily climbing temperatures and carbon dioxide (CO2) levels, melting ice and rising sea levels. However, fewer people are aware of how they can help to tackle the problem. While ... Read More »

Marina Silva: Brazil’s Surprisingly Conservative Choice for President?

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When presidential candidate Eduardo Campos’s airplane crashed amid stormy weather in the Brazilian port city of Santos in early August, it upended what was shaping up as a boring presidential race. Campos’s tragic death propelled his running mate, former environmental minister Marina Silva, into his stead as the replacement candidate for Campos’s Brazilian Socialist Party (PSB), notwithstanding Silva’s recent conversion to the ... Read More »

Cristina Fernandez Says ‘Look North’ If Anything Happens to Her

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“ICH” – “TelSur” – The Argentine president slammed the United States saying they are sending “financial and speculative attacks” and wanting a “return to the past, when Argentina was on its knees,” in her address to the nation Tuesday evening. The President of Argentina has suggested that the United States are planning to overthrow her government, and even assassinate her on Tuesday evening. ... Read More »

VICE News Talks Human Rights with Salil Shetty, the Head of Amnesty International


Terrorism and the threat posed by the Islamic State dominated the first week of the United Nations General Assembly in New York. Countries large and small paid lip service to an agenda dictated by the United States and its allies. On Wednesday, as American war planes bombarded Syria without UN authorization, US President Barack Obama oversaw a packed session of ... Read More »

Colombian Government and the FARC published provisional agreements

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EEAS welcomed the publication of the agreements, concluded during the Havana peace talks The European External Action Service (EEAS) welcomed the joint announcement by the Colombian Government and the FARC regarding the provisional agreements from Havana peace talks. On 24 September, the two sides reached a provisional agreement, regarding the issues of land property, political participation and illicit drugs. EEAS ... Read More »

Brazil in narrow presidential race as Silva captures imagination


Brazil is the world’s seventh largest economy, but millions still live in poverty Brazil is a contradictory, complex country. It boasts the world’s seventh largest economy but Brazilian society is still deeply divided and unequal. Racism and corruption are still rife yet a mixed-race woman, born into almost absolute poverty in the jungle interior, could soon be elected to lead ... Read More »

Venezuela: Dangerous Inertia

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The end of street protests does not mean the end of Venezuela’s crisis. Rising economic problems and unaddressed political demands could lead to renewed violence and threaten national stability. Violent protests on Venezuela’s streets have calmed down, but the government’s perceived victory over the opposition belies simmering political dissent. Opposition demands, such as to restore independence to the justice system ... Read More »