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Cuba and the U.S.: Turning the Page

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The dramatic improvement this week in U.S.-Cuban relations, and the possibility of an end to the decades-long U.S. embargo of the island, is set to transform political relations in the entire hemisphere. In the three posts below, the director of Crisis Group’s Latin America and Caribbean program, Javier Ciurlizza, and our vice president and special adviser on Latin America, Mark ... Read More »

Guantánamo prisoners released to Uruguay: ‘We are so happy to be here’

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Six former US detainees who were never charged with a crime, were flown to Uruguay on Sunday to begin new lives as refugees The Guardian – Uki Goñi in Montevideo Over the past 12 years, Ali al-Shaaban has experienced precious little human kindness. Detained in Pakistan as a suspected al-Qaida member in the months after the 9/11 terror attacks, he was ... Read More »

The Day after Tomorrow: Colombia’s FARC and the End of the Conflict

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As they move toward a final peace agreement, the negotiators of the Colombian government and the Revolutionary Armed Forces of Colombia (FARC) face the challenge of laying out a credible path for guerrilla fighters to abandon arms and reintegrate into society. ICG Talks to end five decades of civil conflict in Colombia have seen unprecedented progress. But negotiators still need ... Read More »

Caught in the crossfire

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On International Human Rights Day, 51-year-old Colombian indigenous leader, Irrael Irrael Manuel Aguilar Solano writes on the continuing injustices in Colombia faced by his people and his hopes for the future. New Internationalist – Irrael Manuel Aguilar Solano In the last 10 years, 46 men and women from the Zenú indigenous people in Colombia – my people – have been killed in ... Read More »

Peru to take legal action over Greenpeace stunt at ancient Nazca lines

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Government plans to file charges of attacking archaeological monuments after activists set up banner near famed drawings Associated Press in Lima – The Guardian Peru will seek criminal charges against Greenpeace activists who it says damaged the world-renowned Nazca lines by leaving footprints in the adjacent desert during a publicity stunt. “It’s a true slap in the face at everything ... Read More »

Investors Recruited to Restore Farmland in Latin America

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MEXICO CITY — Conservation groups announced plans on Sunday to restore degraded land across Latin America with financing from private investment funds. The New York Times – Elizabeth Maklin The project, announced at a conference on climate change in Lima, Peru, is an effort to cut greenhouse gas emissions by improving the productivity of current farmland, reducing the need to turn ... Read More »

Police helicopter finds huge swastika in bottom of pool in Brazil

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(CNN) — Civil Police in Brazil say one of their helicopters made a startling discovery — a huge swastika in the bottom of a swimming pool. STORY HIGHLIGHTS A police helicopter spotted the swastika Police say the pool has had the swastika for 13 years No charges will be filed, according to police One of their helicopters was assisting in ... Read More »

Cuba’s extraordinary global medical record shames the US blockade

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From Ebola to earthquakes, Havana’s doctors have saved millions. Obama must lift this embargo Four months into the internationally declared Ebola emergency that has devastated west Africa, Cuba leads the world in direct medical support to fight the epidemic. The Guardian – Seumas Milne The US and Britain have sent thousands of troops and, along with other countries, promised aid – ... Read More »

Brazil’s Foreign Policy and Latin America: A New Chapter?


ICG – Javier Ciurlizza | @javierciurlizza Foreign policy has never had a substantial impact on election campaigns in Brazil. Ever since the return of democracy in 1985, the country’s international relations have been less a matter of public debate than the preserve of a competent diplomatic corps. It is no surprise, then, that recent presidential and congressional elections revolved around domestic, ... Read More »

Local activists are paying with their life to protect their forests in Peru

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Developed world’s greed for hardwood, palm oil, natural gas and beef is killing people on environmental frontiers Jump to comments Edwin Chota was killed in the forest he had fought to protect. The Peruvian environmental activist had appealed to his government for help after receiving death threats from the illegal loggers that plagued the area around his village, deep in ... Read More »