The toothless United Nations must seize this last chance to save itself

UN - The Guardian

As the new UN secretary general, António Guterres must make the security council matter again – we need it more than ever The Guardian Mary Dejevsky As the Syrian government and its backers tighten their grip on Aleppo, and Turkey and Russia reveal yet another ceasefire in Syria, the same questions trouble many an outraged onlooker. Has the United Nations ever… The toothless United… Read More »

End violence in Myanmar, Nobel laureates urge U.N. Security Council


NEW YORK (Thomson Reuters Foundation) – More than a dozen Nobel laureates including Archbishop Desmond Tutu and Malala Yousafzai urged the U.N. Security Council on Thursday to end “ethnic cleansing and crimes against humanity” in Myanmar’s troubled Rakhine State. By Sebastien Malo At least 86 people have been killed in a… End violence in… Read More »

Post-Brexit, Britain will love Europe

A man sits alongside a European Union (EU) flag outside the Houses of Parliament, before the British government ahead of a House of Commons debate on a petition calling for a second EU referendum, in London on September 5, 2016. 
Britain's Prime Minister Theresa May sought to drum up trade deals on Monday for a post-Brexit world, as she came under increasing pressure from all sides to define what that would look like. MPs were set to discuss an online petition calling for a second referendum that has received more than four million signatures. / AFP / JUSTIN TALLIS        (Photo credit should read JUSTIN TALLIS/AFP/Getty Images)

Without the poison of EU membership and with Donald Trump in the White House, Britain may feel European after all. Politico Tom McTague LONDON — Brexit may finally have turned Britain pro-European. Once divorce proceedings… Post-Brexit, Britain… Read More »

Israel’s never-ending crimes: It’s not just settlements

Israel - Al Jazeera

Israel has not just committed unspeakable acts of genocide but done so with absolute transparency. Al Jazeera News Stanley L Cohen Last week, the world stood fixated at a largely symbolic gesture by the United Nations in which it found the continued Israeli occupation of the West Bank of Palestine to be illegal. Or did it… Israel’s never-ending… Read More »

Racism in primary schools only reflects the society the Tories have created

Racism - The Guardian

There may have been a rise in reporting, but five years of toxic political attitudes towards immigration has clearly seeped through to our children The Guardian Kehinde Andrews The Department for Education has revealed that the number of primary school children being suspended for racist behaviour has risen by a third in the past few years, from 430 incidents in 2014-15 compared with 320 in 2009-10. This is not a case of … Racism in primary… Read More »

Does Empathy Guide or Hinder Moral Action?

Empathy - NYT

After a year of surprising election results and referendums, and violence in protests, terrorism and war, the term “empathy” has been cited by many as a key component to helping groups of people that have little in common, or disagree, come together. The New York Times Jamil Zaki and Paul Bloom But does empathy actually increase the ability of opposing parties to understand each other better, or otherwise inform correct moral action? Empathy Can Lead to… Does Empathy Guide or… Read More »

Why Iran’s ‘green gold’ is set to rebound

An Iranian man works at Hassan Ali Firouzabadi's pistachio farm on August 14, 2016 in Izadabad, a village in the southern Iranian Kerman province.
In Kerman province in southern Iran, cities have grown rich from pistachios, but time is running out for the industry as unconstrained farming and climate change take a devastating toll. Some of Firouzabadi's pistachio trees have been around long enough to remember the golden age of Shah Abbas in the 17th century, but the leaves have turned yellow-green from the salty water he now dredges up. / AFP / ATTA KENARE / TO GO WITH AFP STORY BY ERIC RANDOLPH         (Photo credit should read ATTA KENARE/AFP/Getty Images)

TEHRAN, Iran — While Iran may be known for its massive oil and natural gas reserves to many people around the world, it is also known to some for its top-quality pistachios. Al Monitor Maysam Bizaer Production of the nut in Iran dates to the fifth century B.C. For the last… Why Iran’s ‘green gold’… Read More »

Birds migrating earlier as temperatures rise

Birds - BBC

Migrating birds are arriving at their breeding grounds earlier as global temperatures rise, a study has found. BBC News Birds have reached their summer breeding grounds on average about one day earlier per degree of increasing global temperatures, according to the research by Edinburgh University. The study looked at… Birds migrating earlier… Read More »

Head of Japan’s top ad firm to quit after new recruit’s death from overwork

Dudu 2b

President of Dentsu to step down a year after Matsuri Takahashi killed herself, sparking calls for Japan to overhaul work culture. The Guardian Justin McCurry in Tokyo The head of Japan’s biggest advertising agency is to resign, as prosecutors launch an… Head of Japan’s… Read More »

3 Humanitarian Crises The World Needs To Pay More Attention To In 2017

Muruz 3c

This year we watched Aleppo, Mosul and the refugee crisis unfold, but there are many other conflict stories that went untold. Michael Bowers  The Huffington Post As 2016 comes to a close, we watch as bloodied and injured civilians evacuate Aleppo; innocent families struggle to survive in the… 3 Humanitarian Crises… Read More »

On the frontline with Operation Sentinelle

epa05625105 (12/15) French soldiers have their lunch break inside a fire station that serves as a daily base in Paris, France, 05 November 2016. Following the Charlie Hebdo terrorist attack on 07 January 2015, the French government launched a military operation called 'Sentinelle' and deployed French soldiers over the territory to patrol sensitive areas. The manpower was increased to 10,000 soldiers after the terror attacks that occurred in Paris on 13 November 2015.  EPA/YOAN VALAT PLEASE REFER TO ADVISORY NOTICE (epa05625093) FOR FULL PACKAGE TEXT

A day out with the troops protecting Parisians. Politico After the Charlie Hebdo terrorist attack on January 7, 2015, the French government launched a military operation called Sentinelle and deployed soldiers to patrol sensitive areas of the country. Later that year… On the frontline with… Read More »

Conservative And Liberal Readings Of President Trump

Trump - The Daily Caller

Over the years, as a conservative and while working in the world of politics, I was able to make a number of friends on both the liberal and conservative ends of the ideological spectrum. The Daily Caller Douglas Mackinnon I am a better person for the diversity of opinion. As corny or… Conservative And Liberal… Read More »

Turkey’s Erdogan cripples US role in Syria

Asia Times

In the improbable event of the North Atlantic Treaty Organization disintegrating during the coming decade, the blame will be put on the Donald Trump presidency. Asia Times M.K. Bhadrakumar But the endgame must be deemed to have begun under the lame duck US president Barack Obama – to be exact, on December 28 – three full weeks before Trump took over as president. That was when Turkey… Turkey’s Erdogan cripples… Read More »

Is Russia Really ‘Winning’?

Plane - The National Interest

On last Friday, Vladimir Putin held his annual press conference, capping what many have described as an extremely successful year for the Russian president. The National Interest Emma M. Ashford Indeed, if you’re a regular consumer of today’s media, you could be forgiven for believing that Russia has supplanted the United States in the Middle East, that Russian hackers single-handedly placed Donald Trump in the White… Is Russia Really… Read More »

Why politics in Kenya is like a centrifugal force, pulling the country apart

Kenya - Daily Nation

Kenyan politics is like the volcano that just won’t stay dormant. Daily Nation Charles Onyango-Obbo Every few weeks it erupts violently, its lava flowing menancingly. A few days ago… Why politics in Kenya… Read More »

Israel calls off vote on settler homes ‘after PM request’

Katehon 6f

An Israeli committee delayed a vote set for Dec. 28 on permits for settler homes after a request from Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu to avoid further conflict with the United States, an official said. Hurriyet Hanan Rubin, a Jerusalem city councilor and a member of the… Israel calls off… Read More »