Malaysia needs democracy. I’m in prison for that belief – but I won’t change it

Malaysia - The Guardian

My country is at a crossroads: it can either return to freedom and transparency, or it can become just another failing Muslim-majority country The Guardian Anwar Ibrahim Winston Churchill once famously paraphrased: “Democracy is the worst form of government except for all the others.” Recent anti-progressive electoral upsets in… Malaysia needs democracy. I’m in prison for… Read More »

The British ‘Snoopers Law’: Implications for the US and government surveillance worldwide

Snoopers - AEI

Almost lost in the turmoil over Brexit and the fraught negotiations for the terms of Britain’s departure from the European Union, the British Parliament several weeks ago passed the most sweeping government surveillance and internal spying law thus far legislated by any Western nation. AEI Claude Barfield The Investigatory Powers Law, dubbed the “Snoopers Law” by its many critics, was passed after many months of debate and a few amendments aimed (unsuccessfully) at mollifying its vociferous dissenters among civil… The ... Read More »

Teenager moved to Barwon prison from youth detention had human rights infringed, judge says

Prison - ABC

A teenager being detained in a temporary youth justice unit at Victoria’s maximum security prison has had his human rights infringed, a Supreme Court judge has found. ABC Emma Younger The teenager, who cannot be identified, applied for bail last week after being moved to the Grevillea Unit at Barwon Prison, a newly designated youth justice centre. Dozens of youth were moved there after the… Teenager moved to Barwon prison from… Read More »

A journey through Fidel Castro’s Cuba

Cuba - Al Jazeera

After the leader’s death and before his entombment, a Cuban journalist travelled around the country to gauge the mood. Al Jazeera News Abraham Jimenez Enoa Santiago, Cuba – Images of Fidel Castro’s face flash on the giant screen as patriotic music plays in the background. The incessant stream of people walking along… A journey through Fidel… Read More »

Healthcare workers call trauma from road collisions a ‘preventable disease’

Faur 2b

Health workers, researchers and Toronto city staff are now recognizing road safety as a public health problem. The Star By MEGAN DOLSKI, Staff Reporter A lot has changed for Mary Forrest since her husband and daughter dropped her off at a… Healthcare workers call… Read More »

Scientists are frantically copying U.S. climate data, fearing it might vanish under Trump

Science - The Washington Post

Alarmed that decades of crucial climate measurements could vanish under a hostile Trump administration, scientists have begun a feverish attempt to copy reams of government data onto independent servers in hopes of safeguarding it from any political interference. The Washington Post Brady Dennis The efforts include a “guerrilla archiving” event in Toronto, where experts will copy irreplaceable public data, meetings at the University of Pennsylvania focused on how to download as much federal data as possible in the… Scientists are frantically copying U.S. climate… Read More »

The inextricable link between migration and sweatshops

Sweatshops - New Int

The possibility of workers’ rights and climate justice movements responding to these challenges together provides reason for hope, writes Dalia Gebrial. New Internationalist Dalia Gebrial Sweatshops have, from their inception, been inextricably tied to histories of migration. Indeed, the birth of the sweatshop – characterised not just by low pay and poor labour conditions, but of a specific kind of factory-based… The inextricable link between… Read More »

Egypt pivots to medical tourism

Egypt - Al Monitor

“Tour n’ Cure, what are you waiting for?” Al Monitor Ahmed Hidji With these words, English journalist and documentary filmmaker Tim Coleman ended a video message June 12, in which he relays his journey to being treated for the hepatitis C virus in Egypt, after having contracted it over 30 years ago. Coleman said in the video that his particular.. Egypt pivots to medical… Read More »

Can the Korean Peninsula Survive Seoul’s Presidential Crisis?

Korea - National Interest

One of the world’s leading industrial powers and America’s most important allies no longer has a government—or at least a president, in anything but name. The National Interest Doug Bandow And it will be months before a new, effective chief executive is in place in the Republic of Korea. America went through its own… Can the Korean Peninsula Survive… Read More »

Cameroon urged to investigate deaths amid anglophone protests

Cameroon - The Guardian

Four killed when police fire into air, as tensions rise in English-speaking areas over perceived discrimination The Guardian Eyong Blaise Okie International organisations are calling for an investigation in Cameroon after four people were killed during unrest in the country’s English-speaking regions. Tensions have been brewing for… Cameroon urged to investigate… Read More »

A Canadian Think Tank Rates These As The Most, Least-Free U.S. States

American Flag - The Daily Caller

New Hampshire residents enjoyed the most economic freedom in the U.S. for the second year in a row and New York residents had the least, but the freest “state” in North America isn’t in the U.S., according to a new Fraser Institute report. The Daily Caller Kathryn Watson The Canadian-based public policy think tank ranked Alberta, Canada, the most-free jurisdiction in North America in its 2016 Economic Freedom in North America report, and Canadian provinces on average bested U.S. states ... Read More »

Why is “qwerty” on our keyboards?

Qwerty - BBC

We use the keyboards we use simply because they’re the ones we’ve always used. Is this the most efficient layout of letters? Hephzibah Anderson takes a look. BBC News Hephzibah Anderson They may not be quite as superstitious as athletes, but authors regularly admit to having favourite writing spots and props that keep the words flowing. Agatha Christie plotted in a large… Why is “qwerty” on our… Read More »

Aleppo battle: Calls to spare lives as battle nears end

Aleppo - BBC

The UN and Red Cross have appealed for civilians to be protected, as fighting in Syria’s Aleppo nears its end. BBC News The International Committee of the Red Cross (ICRC) said people had “literally nowhere safe to run”. UN Secretary General Ban Ki-moon voiced alarm “over… Aleppo battle: Calls to spare lives as… Read More »

China investments make UK think twice about South China Sea

China - Asia Times

Britain’s two new aircraft carriers unlikely to launch “freedom of navigation” operations in disputed waters Asia Times Emanuele Scimia Despite what Britain’s Ambassador to the United States Kim Darroch said at a recent Heritage Foundation forum, the UK currently has no plans to dispatch two Queen Elizabeth class aircraft carriers it is currently building to… China investments make UK think twice about… Read More »

Gambia president-elect Adama Barrow demands Jammeh step down ‘now’

Gambia - Daily Nation

Gambian president-elect Adama Barrow said on Monday longtime leader Yahya Jammeh should leave power immediately after the incumbent president announced he would challenge the election result despite previously accepting defeat. Daily Nation “I think he should step down now,” Barrow told AFP. “He has lost the election, we don’t want to waste time, we want this country to start moving.” Barrow is due to welcome a heavyweight group… Gambia president-elect Adama Barrow demands… Read More »

US advances on clean energy with first offshore wind farm

Depw 1a

Offshore wind farms are in development across the country, but the election of Donald Trump may weaken federal support and squelch an emerging industry The Guardian Katie Fehrenbacher Several miles off the coast of Rhode Island, a clean energy landmark quietly just… US advances on… Read More »