Mexico: Neither Pax Mafiosa, nor rule of law

Mexico - Al Jazeera

The post-authoritarian political system in Mexico has become a violent symbiosis of organised crime and politics. Al Jazeera News Edgardo Buscaglia Mexico is a nation with a heritage of cultural wonders and one of the main cradles of modern civilisation. Yet, despite its much acclaimed 20th-century… Mexico: Neither Pax Mafiosa, nor… Read More »

Mattis’s First Order Of Business In Central Command: Fire Mike Flynn

Flynn - The Daily Caller

Future Secretary of Defense Gen. James Mattis removed former Army Lt. Gen. and future National Security Advisor Mike Flynn from his intelligence role in Afghanistan, according to Army documents obtained by the Washington Post. The Daily Caller Russ Read Mattis removed Flynn from his position in 2010 after Flynn was investigated by Central Command (CENTCOM) for sharing classified information with Pakistani officials. Mattis took over as head of… Mattis’s First Order Of Business In… Read More »

Donald Trump Should Know: This Is What Climate Change Costs Us

Keo 1a

Last week, Donald J. Trump’s transition team sent a startling questionnaire to the Department of Energy. The New York Times By MICHAEL GREENSTONE and CASS R. SUNSTEIN Among other things, the questionnaire asked for the names of all employees and contractors who attended meetings of the… Donald Trump Should… Read More »

How the Brexit divorce will play out

BRUSSELS, BELGIUM - OCTOBER 20: British Prime Minister Theresa May (C) stands in position as other leaders of European Union countries assemble for a group photo at the Council of the European Union on the first day of a two day summit on October 20, 2016 in Brussels, Belgium. Theresa May is attending her first EU Council meeting as the British Prime Minister. The government's Brexit strategy continues to be debated in the UK with Article 50 of the Lisbon treaty to be triggered by the end of March 2017.  Article 50 notifies the EU of a member state's withdrawal and the EU is then obliged to negotiate a withdrawal agreement. The process will take two years seeing the UK finally withdraw from the Union in March 2019. (Photo by Jack Taylor/Getty Images)

The UK is excluded from the dinner after this week’s summit, and that’s just the start. Politico Tom McTague and Jacopo Barigazzi BRUSSELS — The marriage has broken down. Now for the divorce… How the Brexit divorce… Read More »

How censorship aids China’s execution machine

Asia Times

The executions of Nie Shubin and Jia Jinglong occurred more than 20 years apart, yet the Chinese authorities have used the plight of both men to send starkly different messages on the death penalty. Asia Times William Nee Nie Shubin, who was executed in 1995 for rape and murder, received a rare posthumous exoneration earlier this month. Officials made much of how this… How censorship aids China’s… Read More »

An Emerging Alliance: Russia and Israel

Krest 1a

It helps to have more than a million Russian-born Israelis inside one’s borders. The American Spectator Robert Zapesochny In October 1991, the Soviet Union and Israel agreed to restore diplomatic relations that were severed during the 1967 Six Day War. Two months later the… An Emerging Alliance… Read More »

Peru: The Sodalitium scandal

Peru - Al Jazeera

Investigating allegations of corruption involving one of Latin America’s wealthiest Roman Catholic societies. Al Jazeera News The leaders of the Sodalitium of Christian Life, a secretive sect within the Peruvian Catholic Church, were accused last year by 30 former followers of physically, emotionally and even sexually abusing them, some while they were… Peru: The Sodalitium… Read More »

Heat, Hunger and War Force Africans Onto a ‘Road on Fire’

Africa - TNYT

AGADEZ, Niger — The world dismisses them as economic migrants. The New York Times Somini Senupta The law treats them as criminals who show up at a nation’s borders uninvited. Prayers alone protect them on the… Heat, Hunger and War Force… Read More »

Chinese retirees could fuel the next overseas property boom

Melbourne city at night

More and more of China’s elderly are looking to retire abroad – and property developers are looking to cash in, writes Justin Bergman. BBC News Justin Bergman When Mika Sun started looking for a retirement house for his parents, he had a few non-negotiable requirements. Decent healthcare was a must, as was a safe… Chinese retirees could fuel the next… Read More »

Justin Trudeau: ‘Globalisation isn’t working for ordinary people’

Trudeau - The Guardian

Exclusive: the Canadian prime minister tells the Guardian why, in a world where populism, divisiveness and fear are on the rise, he’s taking the opposite approach The Guardian Ashifa Kassam and Laurence Mathieu-Léger Ordinary people around the world have been failed by globalisation, Justin Trudeau has told the Guardian, as he sought to explain a turbulent year marked by the election of Donald Trump, the Brexit vote and the rise of… Justin Trudeau: ‘Globalisation isn’t… Read More »

The race for EU membership

EU - Politico

Enlargement is not high on the EU’s agenda, but that isn’t stopping its would-be members. Politico Ryan Heath The United Kingdom might be trying to check out of the European Union, but there are at least 10 countries keen to be in. There’s a problem though… The race for EU… Read More »

The 350+ islands set to disappear

Islands - BBC

Panama’s indigenous Guna tribe have called San Blas home for hundreds of years. But the entire idyllic archipelago is at risk of being underwater within a matter of decades. BBC News Colleen Hagerty Ever since I’d arrived in Panama, I’d been hearing about San Blas, an archipelago of more than 350 islands in the Caribbean Sea. The suggestions to visit came both from… The 350+ islands set to… Read More »

Dishonest senior police officers, KRA staff in North Rift aiding cartels to divert fuel meant for export

North Rift - Daily Nation

Some dishonest senior police officers and Kenya Revenue Authority (KRA) staff in the North Rift region are colluding with cartels to divert petroleum products meant for export to the local market, it has been alleged. Daily Nation Gerald Bwisa and Barnabas Bii Whereas the police officers offer protection to the cartels, the KRA officials manipulate documents to indicate clearance of petroleum products at exit border points despite the same being dumped into local market, denying… Dishonest senior police officers, KRA ... Read More »

Myanmar: A New Muslim Insurgency in Rakhine State

Mukr 2b

Recent attacks by an émigré-led force of trained Rohingya fighters mark a dangerous turn. ICG To remove a main root of the violence – Rohingya despair – the government must reverse longstanding discrimination against the Muslim minority, moderate its… Myanmar: A New… Read More »

Why Japan and Russia never signed a WWII peace treaty

Soviet troops - Asia Times

The islands keeping Japan and Russia from signing a peace treaty Asia Times Russian President Vladimir Putin arrives in Japan on Thursday for talks with Prime Minister Shinzo Abe aimed at improving ties, but both sides have scaled back expectations of major progress towards a peace treaty formally… Why Japan and Russia never signed a… Read More »

Blocking access to illegal file-share websites won’t stop illegal downloading

Internet - The Conversation

The Australian Federal Court ruled today that TPG, Optus, Telstra and other internet service providers (ISPs) must take “reasonable steps” to stop customers accessing file-sharing websites The Pirate Bay, IsoHunt, TorrentHound and Torrentz. The Conversation Paula Dootson, Kylie Pappalardo and Nicolas Suzor In total, Australian ISPs must block access to 61 domains registered to these four websites, or to the IP addresses specifically listed in the orders. The court also ordered that addresses… Blocking access to illegal file-share… Read More »