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The Culture War Surrounding Trump’s Travel Restrictions

America’s battle over the immigration ban has less to do with national security and more to do with cultural preferences. James Jay Carafano The National Interest Decades ago Samuel Huntington penned a dismal, dystopian tome about the future of conflict. He predicted a… The Culture War… Read More »

Can international force save Gaza?

Anyone following media reports about the humanitarian crisis in the Gaza Strip did not need the assessment offered by Military Intelligence chief Maj. Gen. Herzl Halevy that the powder keg that is Gaza will blow up in Israel’s face. Akiva Eldar Al Monitor A recent survey commissioned by the Israeli human rights organization Gisha shows that 67% of Israelis believe the nearly decadelong Israeli blockade of Gaza has undermined Israeli security, and 70% believe that an improvement… Can international force… Read More »

Separating mothers and kids is wrong on every level

(CNN) – The most anti-immigrant administration in modern history appears poised to outdo itself. Raul A. Reyes CNN On Monday, Department of Homeland Security Secretary John Kelly confirmed to CNN that his agency is considering separating children from their parents at the US border. “We have tremendous… Separating mothers and… Read More »

A Muslim ban is a ban is a ban is a ban

THE NEW, watered-down executive order on travel from six predominantly Muslim nations that President Donald Trump signed Monday probably won’t bring the insane chaos at the airport or the last-minute court filings that his first stab at the… Editorial Boston Globe But one can certainly count on lawsuits challenging the… While now more… A Muslim ban… Read More »

Europe’s Silicon Valley problem

Why doesn’t Europe have its own Silicon Valley? Dalibor Rohac AEI After all, the old world has plenty going for it: good universities, a large talent pool and lots of startups. Many important innovations… Europe’s Silicon Valley… Read More »

Will China and the EU team up against Trump?

Regardless of their many disagreements, China and the European Union appear willing to team up against anti-globalist and anti-systemic forces that, they argue, threaten world stability. Emanuele Scimia Asia Times Exchanging views with French Prime Minister Bernard Cazeneuve in Beijing on February 21, Chinese Premier Li Keqiang stressed that Europe was an important pole in the multipolar world that China was committed to building. He then added… Will China and… Read More »

The New Media World Order

In only a few months, the content of the Western national and international medias has undergone profound change. Thierry Meyssan Voltaire We are witnessing the birth of an Entente about which we know almost nothing – neither the real initiators, nor the real objectives – but whose direct anti-democratic consequences can be noticed immediately. The West is… The New Media… Read More »

How Muslim Ban incites vigilante Islamophobic violence

Trump’s state-sponsored Islamophobia will expose more than merely Muslims to xenophobic violence and vigilantism. Khaled A Beydoun Al Jazeera News On Monday, March 6, in Washington, DC, Donald Trump issued another executive order restricting the entry of Muslims. The second rendition… How Muslim Ban… Read More »

When Even Scholarly Journals Are Political

In Friday’s AEIdeas, my colleague Charles Murray reflects on his adventures last week at heretofore sleepy Middlebury College. Frederick M. Hess AEI With customary aplomb, he nails the equal parts close-mindedness, political correctness, thuggishness, and incivility that too often characterizes the modern university. The only problem… When Even Scholarly… Read More »

Truth is being walloped by outright lies. We need to fight for it

In an ideological crisis, facts alone do not win arguments: narratives do. So far, only far-right media has understood this Paul Mason The Guardian Donald Trump vomited into cyberspace on Saturday, claiming Barack Obama had his “wires tapped” in the month before the election, although he cited no evidence whatsoever. The evidence, in… Truth is being… Read More »

The high costs of abandoning international law

Even before Donald Trump put America first, the Republican Party had largely walked away from international treaty law. Jeffrey D. Sachs Boston Globe Now Trump’s “America First” is likely to mean a further denigration of international law and process, to the further detriment of America’s national security and long-term interests. Consider the following… The high costs… Read More »

Lady Liberty’s dimming light

A savage stroke of the pen makes America into the country we were told to fear. Roya Hakakian Politico NEW YORK — If a debate, and the sentiments it subsequently evokes, can ever undo a nation’s character, the debate over “the wall,” the banning of immigrants from seven Muslim-majority nations and the refusal to take in refugees… Lady Liberty’s dimming… Read More »