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State Dept. reverses visa revocations, allows barred travelers to enter U.S.

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The Department of Homeland Security complied with a judge’s orders Saturday and stopped enforcing President Trump’s controversial entry ban, and the fast-moving legal dispute over the president’s powers could land at the… By Robert Barnes, Matt Zapotosky and Abby Phillip The Washington Post On Saturday evening, Trump administration lawyers filed a… State Dept. reverses… Read More »

A federal judge just stopped the government from enforcing key parts of Trump’s visa ban

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And the government is complying Updated by Dara Lind On Friday night, Judge James Robart of the Western District of Washington issued a temporary restraining order that forces the federal government to stop enforcing a ban on entries to the… The ruling was issued in a… A federal judge… Read More »

Airlines told to allow banned travelers into US after judge’s order – reports

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Trump travel ban Seattle judge temporarily halts Trump’s travel ban after hearing arguments it unlawfully discriminated against Muslims and caused unreasonable… Alan Yuhas in San Francisco The Guardian Customs officials have reportedly told US airlines that they can board passengers who had been barred from entering the country after a… Airlines told to… Read More »

Why Nobody Cares the President Is Lying

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MILWAUKEE — If President Trump’s first tumultuous weeks have done nothing else, at least they have again made us a nation of… Charles J. Sykes The New York Times As Americans grapple with the unreality of the new administration, George Orwell’s “1984” has enjoyed a resurgence of interest, becoming a surprise best seller and… Why Nobody Cares… Read More »

Google Redefines The Word ‘Fascism’ To Smear Conservatives, Protect Liberal Rioters

Fascism - The Daily Caller

Has Google, the world’s most popular search engine, changed the definition of the word “fascism” to protect liberal mobs using violence to silence those who disagree with them politically? Derek Hunter The Daily Caller The evidence suggest they have. You see it on… Google Redefines The… Read More »

Close Manus and Nauru, bring refugees here say 70 organisations

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Coalition of charities, aid groups, unions and thinktanks says refugee deal with US in ‘serious doubt’ and call for bipartisan policy to evacuate… Michael Slezak The Guardian With the US-Australia refugee deal now in doubt, an unprecedented coalition of more than 70 organisations has joined forces to call for immigration camps… Close Manus and… Read More »

To Avoid A Dystopian Future, We Must Become Savage

1984 - The Federalist

Read ‘1984.’ Read ‘Brave New World.’ But don’t just beware the machinations of the totalitarian state—beware the disenchantment of our age. Gracy Olmstead The Federalist Is Donald Trump the new Big Brother? That’s what everyone’s… To Avoid A Dystopian… Read More »

Israel: An inspiration for Trump

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Israel has set a great example of racist bans and walls for Trump to follow. Yasmeen Elkhoudary Al Jazeera News The past week has been distressingly sad, following the outrageous news coming from the United States featuring Muslims who are affected by President Donald Trump’s racist Muslim ban. Reading about the… Israel: An inspiration… Read More »

Why Donald Trump Is Right – And Brave – To Get Rid Of The Johnson Amendment

Church - Christian Today

When the Archbishop of Canterbury Robert Runcie asked worshippers at St Paul’s Cathedral in a service intended to mark Britain’s victory in the Falklands War to pray for the dead of both sides, the right wing erupted in fury. Ruth Gledhill Christian Today His sermon was seen as meddling in politics and an attack on Prime Minister Margaret Thatcher. If Britain had its… Why Donald Trump Is… Read More »

Joe Hockey lobbies Trump’s right-hand men over refugee deal

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­ The latest signals from the Trump White House have encouraged the Turnbull government’s hopes that the administration will stick to the refugee deal forged with Barack Obama despite Donald Trump’s denunciation of… Michelle Grattan  Conversation Trump has suggested the actions of a previous administration have to be respected, while his… Joe Hockey lobbies… Read More »

Former Norway PM held at Washington airport over 2014 visit to Iran

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Kjell Magne Bondevik describes shock after being held and questioned at Dulles hub under new US entry controls Nadia Khomami The Guardian A former prime minister of Norway has spoken of his shock after he was held and questioned at Washington Dulles airport because of a… Former Norway PM… Read More »

It’s Time To Stop Living On The Internet

Internet - The Federalist

Civil, meaningful discourse isn’t going to happen on Facebook or Twitter. Gracy Olmstead The Federalist It happens when we set the vitriol aside and break bread together. This week, I didn’t… It’s Time To Stop… Read More »

Why Middle Eastern nations support Trump’s immigration halt

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The US president’s measure has had precisely the result he intended, giving succour to those engaged in an existential war against jihadist elements Spengler Asia Times Critics of President Trump’s temporary travel ban on seven Muslim nations should remember the Chinese proverb, “Kill the chicken and let the monkey watch.” The much-criticized measure… Why Middle Eastern nations… Read More »

On refugees, Trump and Turnbull compete in a race to the bottom

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As the former Australian immigration minister said about Trump’s border plans: ‘Really, the rest of the world is catching up to… Oliver Laughland The Guardian The fallout between President Donald Trump and the Australian prime minister, Malcolm Turnbull, on the resettlement of refugees is not only an… On refugees, Trump… Read More »

How corporate dark money is taking power on both sides of the Atlantic

Lobbying - The Guardian

A secretive network of business lobbyists has long held sway in US politics. George Monbiot The Guardian Now their allies in the UK government are planning a Brexit that plays into their hands It took corporate… How corporate dark… Read More »

Get your money down for the Kim-Trump smackdown

Kim Trump - Asia Times

A classic matchup is brewing between the US President and North Korean leader with their stats proving surprisingly even Bradley K. Martin Asia Times As if we all were fans of pro-wrestling, commentators keep hyping the upcoming smackdown between Donald J. Trump and Kim Jong-un. The contest could… Get your money… Read More »