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Leading economists agree: closing borders is not the answer to inequality

Inequality - The Conversation

US President Donald Trump wants to build a wall along the US-Mexican border. Ashwini Deshpande The Conversation Britain wants to retreat into its shell to become an isolated island state. In France, far-right… Leading economists agree… Read More »

Out with Globalization, In with Tillerson

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Rex Tillerson needs to realize that soft power is not necessarily smart power James Jay Carafano The National Interest Now that he has moved into Foggy Bottom, Secretary of State Rex Tillerson has big decisions to make. Handling Putin, Kim Jong-un, the ayatollah and Xi Jinping will, of course, top the list. But the… Out with Globalization… Read More »

Bill Frist: The Case for Keeping America’s AIDS Relief Plan

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Among global public health advocates, there is a growing concern that President Trump may cut back, or even eliminate, programs that have played a critical role in fighting diseases… Bill Frist The New York Times While every administration should strongly review our nation’s overseas commitments, and… Bill Frist: The… Read More »

Scores of state lawmakers took trips subsidized by controversial Turkish opposition movement

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Who’s Calling the Shots in State Politics? Gulen groups are connected to U.S. charter school network overseen by legislators Liz Essley Whyte Center for Public Integrity Just why exactly would 151 state legislators from places like Idaho and Texas accept subsidized junkets from a Turkish opposition group now blamed by that… Scores of state… Read More »

What will Donald Trump mean for America’s half a million homeless people?

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Bad weather has been forecast — high winds and freezing rain — but today Daniel is lucky: he has the sun on his face and a spot at the entrance to the famous Santa Monica Pier, one of LA’s premier beachside… RN – By Antony Funnell ABC It’s a commanding view, but Daniel’s not there for the sightseeing, he’s there to beg. What will Donald… Read More »

Václav Havel’s Lessons on How to Create a “Parallel Polis”

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The recent political earthquakes have found us intellectually and emotionally underprepared, even helpless. By Pankaj Mishra The New Yorker None of our usual categories (left, right, liberal, conservative, progressive, reactionary) and perspectives (class, race, gender) seem able to explain how a compulsive liar and serial groper became the world’s most powerful man. Turning away from this unintelligible disaster, many seek enlightenment in literary and philosophical texts from the past, such as Hannah Arendt’s “The Origins of Totalitarianism,” George Orwell’s “1984,” and Sinclair ... Read More »

No decision yet on arming Kurds to fight Islamic State, Trump tells Turkish leader

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ISTANBUL — Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan sought to convince President Trump in a telephone call that arming Kurdish fighters in Syria to fight the Islamic State would be counterproductive to the… Kareem Fahim and Adam Entous The Washington Post One of Erdogan’s objectives in the call was to try to… No decision yet… Read More »

China’s Naval Shipbuilding Sets Sail

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The United States needs to reengineer a naval shipbuilding “sweet spot.” Andrew S. Erickson The National Interest China has parlayed the world’s second-largest economy and second-largest defense budget into the world’s largest ongoing comprehensive naval buildup, which has already yielded the… All that is only part of an… China’s Naval Shipbuilding… Read More »

UK FM Boris Johnson renounces US citizenship

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British Foreign minister Boris Johnson, who was born in New York, has renounced his U.S. citizenship, a United States Treasury Department document said on… Daily Sabah  Alexander Boris Johnson figured in the Treasury list of people who had given up their U.S. citizenship in the… UK FM Boris… Read More »

What’s behind the Great Wall of America?

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Trump’s false advertising routine for a Mexican border wall provides an apt excuse for lucrative militarisation schemes. Belen Fernandez Al Jazeera On the Tuesday after Donald Trump’s January inauguration as president of the United States, journalist Jonathan Katz tweeted in reference to the… What’s behind the… Read More »

Trump reiterates ‘close, long-standing relationship’ in phone call with Turkish president

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President Trump spoke by phone Tuesday with Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan in which he reiterated support as “a strategic partner and NATO ally,” according to the White… Fox News Trump discussed the “close, long-standing relationship” between the U.S. and Turkey, in addition welcoming the… Trump reiterates ‘close… Read More »

Chinese ships sail near disputed Japanese islands

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The sailing comes just days after US Defense Secretary James Mattis reaffirmed America’s commitment to defending Japan and its disputed islands. Brad Lendon CNN According to Japanese broadcaster NHK, protests were lodged with the Chinese Embassy in Tokyo and in Beijing through the… Tensions have flashed numerous times in recent years over the… Chinese ships sail… Read More »

Populism and the complex tyranny of the far right

Populism - IA

In the fight against racism and Islamophobia, the complexities of far right politics need to be examined, writes Sameer Murthy. Sameer Murthy Independent Australia WHEN WE THINK of leaders who makes progressives around the world shudder, the names of Trump, Wilders, Le Pen and Duterte come to mind. Much has been… Populism and the… Read More »

Frozen out: the US interpreters abandoned on Europe’s border – video

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Jamshid and Mati served the US military as interpreters during the war in Afghanistan, but like many, haven’t been granted visas to emigrate to the… Max Duncan, Alice Aedy and Michael Tait, The Guardian With their lives threatened by the Taliban, they joined the migrants heading for western Europe, only to find themselves trapped in Serbia on the… Frozen out: the… Read More »

Here’s How Republicans Can Confirm Supreme Court Nominees Without The Nuclear Option

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Instead of using the nuclear option to kill the filibuster, Senate Republicans can actually confirm nominees by forcing Democrats to… Sean Davis The Federalist President Donald Trump’s nomination of Neil Gorsuch to fill Antonin Scalia’s seat on the U.S. Supreme Court has reignited the debate over the… Here’s How Republicans… Read More »

What Turkey will be looking for when Trump calls Erdogan

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ISTANBUL — When President Trump speaks to President Recep Tayyip Erdogan in a much-anticipated phone call late Tuesday, Erdogan is certain to press his counterpart to reject Pentagon proposals to arm Kurdish fighters in Syria and… Kareem Fahim and Karen DeYoung The Washington Post Trump may want to change the…Meeting either demand could be problematic for the… What Turkey will… Read More »